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On an average night Bobby Dick would take in over two thousand dollars, and although he had overhead, he cleared at least half what he took in. What he needed, however, was a new girl, because one of his bitches was about to turn nineteen, and he needed to replace her. He always wanted to make sure his whores looked young and fresh, because he was convinced they made more money in the long run! All of his girls were runaways, most from the Midwest, and most from broken homes, and while most of pimps tried to pick them up at the bus terminal, Bobby had always found that if he could get them maybe a week later, they were a lot more hungry and scared, and much easier to take advantage of! A few blocks over was a string of seedy run down bars and diners, just the place that someone with a belly full of hunger might gravitate to. He could always tell when he had a live one when a girl would just be hanging around the entrance to a cafe. He slowly drove past the swarm of bodies cruising the sidewalk, when he saw her, a thin white girl, walking slowly with her head down!He parked the car a little ways ahead of her, got out, waited until she was about to pass him by, and then said softly as she passed him, "You hungry, baby!" She stopped and turned to see if someone was talking to her, and Bobby Dick moved quickly to her side and asked again, "Are you hungry!?!" She nodded her head yes, and Bobby took her by the arm and led her into a all night lunch counter and said, "Order anything you like. " She looked at him a little suspiciously, but she was hadn't eaten in over two days, so she threw caution to the winds and ordered a couple of burgers. While she placed her order with the waitress behind the counter, Bobby looked her over carefully, checking to make sure she had the figure to be one of his girls. Even though she wore an old leather jacket, Bobby could see that this little slut had a big chest, and he easily pictured her standing on the corner bringing in heavy cash on a nightly basis! When the waitress walked away, Bobby stuck out his big black hand and introduced himself, "Hi, baby, my name's Bobby Dick Parker, and you!?!" She spoke for the first time since they met, and she replied, "I'm Cindy, Cindy Jackson. " "Well Cindy Jackson," he said easily, "been in New York long!?!" "Almost a week," she answered quickly! "Out of money," he asked? Without answering she just nodded her head. The sandwiches arrived, and like a hundred times before, Bobby watched as a starving young girl practically inhaled her food! When she finished, Bobby led her back to the street and ushered her into his car. When they were moving, he asked, "have a place to stay???" "No," she replied, "I've been staying in the lobbies of hotels until they kick me out!" He didn't say anything for awhile, and then slowly remarked, "It's none of my business, but I'd like to help you out, so I'm gonna let you crash at my pad until you get on your feet, free of charge of course!" "I couldn't," she protested, "You've done more than enough already!!!" He lifted his hand and gave it at flipping motion and said, "It's no problem, baby, glad to do it, I'll just take you over and drop you off so you can get some sleep! When she didn't reply, he knew he had her!!! After several days in Bobby Dick's apartment, Cindy started getting used to the good life, plenty of food, cable television, and the new clothes that Bobby bought for her. All that, however, was about to come to an end, because that evening while sitting on the couch watching TV, Bobby reached into his pocket and pulled out a small vial that contained a white powder. He poured some of the powder onto the glass topped coffee table, and using a razor blade, formed several small lines. Using a straw, he quickly snuffed up one of the lines into his nose snorting a little, making sure none of the powder was wasted. He handed the straw to Cindy and said, "Try it, baby, it will make you feel so gooood!!!" Hesitatingly, Cindy took the straw, and doing as Bobby had done, she too snorted the cocaine into her nose! Almost immediately Cindy felt herself starting to float around the room!!! Bobby had been right!!! It was absolutely fantastic!!! When Bobby began removing her clothing, she offered no resistance, in fact she laughed as he struggled with the hooks on her bra strap!!! "Here, let me silly," she said gaily, while unclasping it for him! Her large breasts fell free into the evening air, an Bobby instantly attached his mouth to one of her no erect nipples! While she wasn't a virgin, and at eighteen, Cindy was not the most experienced girl in the world, but the combination of cocaine and the insistent sucking of her nipple made her pussy drench itself in anticipation of sexual relief! After at good ten minutes of sucking, Bobby pushed Cindy back onto her back, and then he stood up and let his pants drop to the floor. As was his custom , Bobby never wore underwear, so his huge nine and a half inch pecker flopped out right in front of Cindy's face!!!Cindy had never seen a black cock before, let alone any cock the size of Bobby Dick's, and as most females were wont to do in this situation, she instinctively reached for it and pulled it to her mouth! As he had planned from the first time he laid eyes on her, Bobby knew how to handle a young impressionable woman! First gain their trust, become their friend, ply them with coke, and then get them addicted to his massive black penis!!! To Cindy, all that mattered now was to have this horse cock for herself, and never in her short life had she felt more like a pussy, so female, as she did when she had Bobby's erection in her mouth!!! God, he tasted good, so thick and long, this was a cock that could take care of her every need!!! Bobby was content to let her suck him off, but he knew that to really hook her, he had to fuck her cunt, so he pulled out of her mouth and positioned himself between her spread legs.

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   "What does my baby want," he asked teasingly, while rubbing his smooth head up and down the length of her drooling slit!?! Now growing delirious with desire, Cindy reached down and tried to grab the thick cock in her hand and force it into her pussy herself! Bobby just chuckled, and in one hard thrust, rammed all nine and a half inches into the tight little blonde haired pussy! "Jesus, fucking christ," she shrieked, while her orgasm ripping through her cunt on Bobby's first stroke!!! The little white girl from Ohio was now totally over the edge, and begging for the black giant to fuck tight little pussy harder!!! Bobby continued to bang away at his prey, bringing Cindy to at least four more climaxes in the next five minutes!!! When he was ready to shoot his own load, Bobby pulled his pecker out, and shoved it back into Cindy's mouth, where upon she swallowed a torrent of hot cum in two big gulps!!! Like most white whores, Cindy didn't want to give up her prize, and she continued sucking even after Bobby's prick had grown soft in her mouth!For the next two weeks Bobby got Cindy hooked farther and farther on cocaine and his huge hardon. Soon, when ever she was around him, she begged him for more coke as she unzipped his pants and sucked him off. This was what he was looking for, a conditioned response, cocaine and cock, like ham and eggs they just went together, and soo she was on the street!!!THE END.

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