Day At Work


Topic: Day At WorkTo start, My name is Sabrina Cyrus. I'm now 17, but this happened when I was 16. Underage, yeah. But hell, who isn't under-aged half the time. Well, My mom insisted I get a job to get my own car. So, for her sake, I got a job working down at the store. Nothing big, but it satisfied her. My manager, Nick, was kinda an ass all the time. He had short, spiky black hair, green eyes, and was twenty. Here goes. .

I was falling behind one day. It was a fairly hot and sunny day. It seemed as if I was the only one working. I trudged into the back, leaning on the cold wall in the dark room. I twirled my hair and scanned the room.

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  I then jumped, seeing the door open and my manager, Nick, walk in. "Sabrina!What are you doing?!"He asked, not really angry, just in a simple way"Your supposed to be working. You know, you've not been doing good today"He walked over to me and crossed her arms.
I looked up from the ground to him, eyes gazing over his body. "I. . I'm sorry, sir. "I looked back down"I'm just tired, and, and have alot of my mind. . "I glanced up then down again. Nick stared at me, I felt it. "Well, How do ya' suppose you make up the hours you've lost today?"He asked, but a slight tempting tone in his voice.
"I. . I donno.

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  Please don't fire me, Nick. I know I've been falling behind alot"I sighed heavily, thinking"I'll do anything if you want, just please don't fire me. I need the job, the money. . "
Nick, being who he was, smirked"Anything, you say?"He asked, slight eye raise"How about we make a deal, Sabrina?"He grinned as I shrugged. "Have sex with me. You do, I'll pay you for the lost hours, and, extra. ". My eyes widened as I looked up at him and shook my head"No. . I can't. That. . That's not right. .

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  "I stuttered, for one, I was still a virgin. Two, I was abit afraid. I never meant that.
"Do you want the money or not?"He asked"This is your only chance"He said, defiantly. I swallowed hard"Fine. . "I whispered. Though I didn't say anything else, I was scared. I saw him grin and moved closer. He pushed me back against the wall and started kissing me. I shivered, getting goosebumps, tears rolled down my face as he kissed me more and slowly pulled my shirt off.
After he got my shirt off, I went to cover my breasts, but he moved my hands to the side. He started rubbing my breasts through my shirt, kissing and sucking on my neck now. I let a moan escape my lips, it felt good. I started getting wet and moved my arms around his neck, toying with his hair.

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Nick slid his arms around me, picking me up and took me over to a table that was back there, a place most of the slackers would sit, smoking and other stuff. He layed me back on it as he unclipped my bra, pulling it off. I shivered again and looked up at him, spreading my legs apart. He pulled his own shirt off and leaned in between my legs, kissing from my neck, to my breasts and starting sucking and biting gently. I couldn't help but moan.
Next, he stood back up straight and undid my pants, pulling them off along with my shoes, leaving me in only my underwear. But, he also pulled them off, tossing them down with the other clothes. "Nick. . "I went to say something, but then, felt warm breath against my shaved pussy. I got goosebumps again, a slight smile crossing my lips. He began running his tongue up and down between my pussy lips.
I layed my head back and closed my eyes, arching my back, moaning as he did so. He stopped at my clit, sucking and licking on it, playing with me. I quivered, excitement rushing through my body.

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  I reached my hands down, toying his hair again as he continued. I then felt his warm tongue go inside me. I moaned again and bit my lower lip, hard.
After what seemed like hours, in reality was only a few minutes, he pulled his head back, licking his lips, grinning. I let out a long breath and opened my eyes, chest heaving. I leaned up, knowing it was my turn to favor him. I leaned off the table abit and undid his pants, them falling to the ground. I looked up at him, then hopped down off the table, getting down on my knees in front of him. I slowly pulled his boxers down.
I pulled them down, him stepping out of them. I took his erect cock into my hand, taking a deep breath as well. I licked my lips and took the head in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it, then started going further down. After abit, I got faster, more intense, my head bobbing back and forth. I heard him groan and glanced my eyes up, then back to what I was doing.
Nick soon cummed, in my mouth.

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  I had no real choice but to swallow. I stood back up and looked at him, still feeling abit shy though. He layed me back on the table again and started kissing me again. I returned the kisses, then gasped as I felt the tip of his cock at the door of my pussy.
"You alright, Sabrina?"He asked, I nodding quickly. He nodded, leaning on me abit, kissing and sucking my neck. I wrapped my arms around him, breathing hard. I felt him pushing in more, I kept in the squeal of pain, biting my lip and closed my eyes tight. He pulled back abit, then before I knew it, he shoved in me. I couldn't take it at first, yelping out in pain. Nick looked at me, then felt something and glanced down, seeing blood"Oh shit. . "He realized what had happened"Sabrina, why didn't you say anything?"He asked.
I shook my head, holding back tears"Just. .

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  Continue. . Please. . "I breathed out. He sighed, nodding abit and started kissing my neck again, starting to thrust. I grunted abit with each thrust, nails digging into his bare, warm, smooth back. But soon, it started feeling good. I started moaning, nails still digging in though as he thrust in me. He raised his head back, looking at me as so. I shuddered, feeling an orgasm coming on, he apparently did too. I moaned, laying my head back. He kept thrusting, harder and faster.
He groaned, letting hot stream after hot stream of cum out. He cummed again, breathing heavy.

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  I layed there, out of breath.
Long moments passed as we regained each other, got dressed and cleaned up the mess, talking as we did so. I started thinking as I pulled my shirt on"Oh my god. . . "I suddenly said and gave him a worried look"No. . You didn't use protection did you?!"I gasped out. Now, before you say anything, yeah, I know it was careless of us not to. But it was happening so fast. That's what I had started to ask him, but he wasn't listening. Plus, I figured a twenty year old would have known to at least use some protection by now.
He said to not worry about it and walked out after giving me my money. I sat on the table, sniffling slightly. I sighed heavily, my shift was over, I got my money.

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  I got up, walking out and going home.

A few months later, I got a pregnancy test. It proved positive. I haven't talked to Nick about it yet. My mother is starting to catch on, seeing I'm gaining weight and all, getting more moody, and everything like that.
Well, anyone want to talk about this, feel free to email me at Jrariks02@hotmail. com - You may notice it has 'Julie' as the name, but don't worry, me and my friend share hers. She doesn't read mail for me. Please do email me for anything.

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