Dear Diary: September


September 5Dear Diary,Survived my first week as a senior, a major accomplishment!!! Made two new friends this week, Hillary and Emma, they're both a little nuts, but who isn't! Our schedules just seemed to mesh, so we spend a lot of time together walking between classes and eating lunch together. Emma said we're together so much that we ought to adopt the nickname of the "Three Amigos"! Like I said, they're a little nuts!!! Going to a party tomorrow night, all three of us are invited, hope it's fun. That's all for today, seeya later, bye!September 10Dear Diary,Had a blast at the party, drank my first beer of the year!!! It was an out door affair, by the host's pool, really neat! The only trouble came when one of the guys got pushed into the water, and before ya knew it three more followed him in!!! Geri's dad, came out and broke it up and sent those four packing!!! It was really funny though! Started gym class this week, I was pretty nervous in the locker room, being so skinny and all. I really hurried to get changed, but some of those better developed girls liked to parade around naked, it was a little embarrassing!!! I had to admit, that some of them have great bodies, and a tall brunette named Jennifer is built like a Playboy model!!! Her chest was huge and her pubic hair was shaped like a perfect vee! One of the other girls kept kidding her about the size of her clit, but even though I tried to sneak a peek, I couldn't see that hers was any bigger than anyone elses!!! Well, I have a lot of homework to do, so good night, bye!September 12Dear Diary,Last entry we talked about the brunette with the perfect body, well today I saw it for myself!!! In the shower when her pubic hair was wet, you really could see her clit sticking out!!! I told Ems and Hills about it, and they laughed themselves silly as they joked about her "condition", as Ems described it!!! Another odd thing happened, the brunette with the clit and the girl that was kidding her last week, well when no one was watching, the brunette let the blonde touch her "down there"!!! It happened really fast, but I'm sure that she stuck her hand right in there!!! Another odd thing, when she did it I felt a little stab in the pit of my stomach, holy moly, I hope I'm not queer!!! Well, nighty night, that's all for today, bye!September 16Dear Diary,I told the Amigos about "Miss Clit", that's what Hills calls her, and they told me to keep and eye out and see if she lets the blonde touch her again!!! I took a locker out of their sight and kept peeking around the corner to see if they would try it again! Oh wow, you should have seen it!!! When they thought everyone was gone, the blonde and Miss Clit actually kissed each other, and then, you're really not gonna believe this, she got down on her knees and kissed Miss Clit right on her clit!!! I was hardly breathing, and when she kissed her clit, I could feel my own, this is so unreal, I could feel my own clitoris start to throb!!! Again, though, it only lasted a few seconds and was over!!! I reported back to Ems and Hills, but I don't think they really believe me, it's just too weird!!! Well, gotta go now, bye!September 18Dear Diary,After school today we went over to Ems place. I kept telling them about Miss Clit and the blonde, and to convince them I was telling the truth, we went to Ems room and well, to be honest, the talk of her clit and how she was getting it kissed, it made all of us a little excited!!! It was then that Hills suggested we show each other our private parts to see how we measured up with the brunette! I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing, but the other two talked me into it! We decided that the best plan would be to strip completely naked, so we turned our backs to each other and took off our things!!! When we were all ready, we turned around to see what we had!!! We all giggled, but it was a funny serious kind of giggle, and there was an under current of sex in the air!!! Three eighteen year old girls standing naked together and comparing body parts, very erotic to say the least!!! Hills was the first to sit down, spread her legs, and open her vagina to show Ems and me her clit! I said no way was she nearly as big as Miss Clit at school, so immediately she demanded to see both of ours!!! Ems and I both plopped down and spread our lips as Hills looked each one over before announcing that we were pitiful examples of woman hood!!! We all roared with laughter, until Hills suggested we try the kissing the clit trick! We all looked back and forth at each other, not sure how to proceed from there, until Hills again, naturally it would be her, offered to kiss mine first! I said okay, as long as it was a quick kiss, and Hills agreed to make it a fast one! I spread my legs wide, carefully opened my lips, and before I knew it, Hills had planted a wet kiss right on my pussy!!! It happened so fast I hardly had time to feel it, but before I could say anything, she leaned back in and gave me a much longer one!!! This one I did feel, and what can I say, it felt fabulous!!! Ems spread hers apart, and quick as a cat, Hills was down there giving her clit a kiss too!!! I decided to be the first one to kiss Hills, and much to her delight I gave her a nice long wet one!!! That's when Hills asked if any of us had ever had an orgasm! We both shook our heads no, and then she asked us if we'd like to try one! We both shrugged our shoulders and said sure! She picked me to go first, and had me spread my lips just like before! She then went down to give me what I thought would be another kiss, but was I in for a surprise, instead of kissing me, she actually licked my pussy all over!!! The feeling was just like the one I felt when I saw the blonde kissing Miss Clit, but this was so much more intense!!! Hills licked me all over, but finally she settled on my clit, and let me tell you, diary, my first orgasm was revelation!!! Of all the things you can experience on this earth, there is nothing that matches the power unleashed between you legs when you climax!!! I then did Ems, and she did Hills, and each of us all experienced really hard orgasms in our pussies!!! Well, I've rambled on for a long time now, gotta go, it's late, bye!September 23Dear Diary,The Three Amigos got together at Ems house again last night! We logged on to her computer and found some hot sex sites! None of us had ever seen a cock before, but seeing them so big and hard stuck inside those tight pussies, well it was enough to make us all wet!!! We didn't have much time, cuz Hills had to get home early, so we just dropped trow and ate each other out quickly! Now that we know how to work a clit, we can make each other cum in no time!!!September 28Dear Diary,After seeing those pictures of men with big hard cocks, it's become an obsession to see one for real!!! We don't want to take a chance with someone from school, cuz we do value our reputations, but I have to admit that the desire to see an erection is almost over powering!!! What we three do together is fun and interesting, but when you see those big cocks, well, it just makes you realize what really turns you on!!! I wonder if other girls are as enamored with the thought of seeing a cock as much as we are?!? I'll bet they are, cuz it's almost like a giant magnet pulling you, getting you caught up in its field and capturing you!!! Well, anyway, the Three Amigos met again two days ago to discuss a way to see a naked cock! We kicked around a few ideas, but didn't come to a decision yet. We were just sitting around talking, when Hills picked up a candle and began fooling around with it! 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