Denny & His Best Friend's Mother Pt. 3


I hadn't counted on Mrs. Green pursuing ME ! I just assumed that Bobby after calling her a whore and a slut would have made her a little reticent to do so again especially with his former best friend. Fortunately for me, I failed to understand that a woman in lust can be just as dedicated to getting a man as we men could be to getting a woman. She wanted ME ! At first,the phone calls scared me. Knowing Bobby, I wasn't about to take a chance on becoming a soprano. The calls continued. I tried reasoning with her and tried to just hang up. When my mother intercepted the calls, she would try to get me on the line by saying that the nice Mrs. Green wanted me to do some work for her. She teased me by saying that I should be flattered that such an attractive woman kept after her baby boy. She even commented that Mrs. Green was a Loni Anderson lookalike whoever that was. Even though Mom knew Bobby she never suspected what kind of WORK Mrs. Green wanted me to do. She just assumed that Mrs. Green knew that I was a better worker than Bobby.

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  Little did my Mom suspect ! One day after coming home from school, I was just getting out of my car when Mrs. Green pulled into the driveway right behind my car. She motioned for me to come to her. Of course, I immediately got worried and nervously started looking around for Bobby. Satisfied that he was no where to be seen , I stepped up to Mrs. Green's passenger window which she had rolled down. "Hi handsome ," she purred in that sexy voice . "We need to talk. " I looked across at her and once again her beauty made me start to get an erection. If Loni Anderson looked half as good as Mrs. Green, she should be in movies and on television. I looked from her golden blonde tresses to the prominent jutting of her breasts in the tight pink sweater. It was obvious that she had just come from her place of business as the white suit jacket that matched her white skirt was tossed casually into the back seat. Sitting in the driver's seat, her tight skirt had ridden half way up her legs just enough so that I could just barely see the tops of her stockings. Glancing even farther down I could see that she was wearing stiletto high heels which for the life of me I still can't understand how a woman can drive with these on let alone walk in them.

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   But I certainly appreciate it when they do. Some of the guys call them "come-fuck-me-pumps" and I could certainly see why. Mrs. Green exuded SEX ! Watching my lingering appraisal, she smirked and teasingly raised her right leg slightly. This caused her skirt to ride all the way up to her panty line. I could see that she was wearing pink underwear and I wondered what colour bra she was wearing. This made my cock swell even more. I knew I was fighting a losing battle when she said, "Don't be afraid of Bobby. He's sick in bed at home from all the drinking he's been doing lately. Get in , lover. We need to talk but not here. It wouldn't look good for your nosey neighbours to see the block's young hunk sitting in the driveway with an older woman. I'm not sure I could stop myself from fucking you right here. Wouldn't that be a sight for your mother to come home to ?" Picturing this in my mind, I hesitated but only until she reached across the front seat to open the passenger door. This brought her ample cleavage into view.

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   Looking down into the valley between her breasts I knew that I was too weak to resist and decided to throw caution to the wind. I sensed that getting into her car was going to lead me to heaven or to hell ! I pulled the door open,had one last look around and climbed in. Mrs. Green inhaled which of course made her chest push the confines of her sweater to its limit and used that sexy smile that always made me weak-kneed. My cock took it all in and expanded on its own . As she backed out of the driveway, I was lost again. We drove in silence but I couldn't take my eyes off her hiked up short skirt which exposed her long stockinged legs. "Like what you see ?" she asked. I answered by reaching over and placing my hand on the nyloned knee. This caused her to have a sudden intake of breath. She looked down at my groin and knew the answer without my having to respond. The corners of her mouth formed that devilish smile again. She knew she had me hooked. She left the neighbourhood and turned onto the thruway ramp and picked up speed. It didn't matter where she was taking me I was getting caught up in the moment.

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   My hand slowly moved up and under her tight white skirt and felt the nylon panties. She inched her rump up slightly to allow me better access and my fingers found her womanhood. She was sopping wet already ! I forced my fingers past the lips and started to stroke them in and out. "Raise your ass up!" I ordered. "I want to take your panties off. " She surrendered them without a whimper and I pulled them down and over her shoes. I put the frilly pink underwear to my nose and inhaled. The smell of her sex intoxicated me and I couldn't wait to stick my tongue and then my cock into the well. I stroked her clit and pushed two of my fingers into her glory hole and she started to groan. I could tell that she was going to cum and for the first time realized that we were doing 55 miles an hour! We were an accident waiting to happen ! When I tried to pull my hand away she locked her thighs around my hand and pleaded for me to finish her off. Imploring her to pay attention to the road I continued my tactile assault on her pussy. When she came she gushed a torrent of fluid and groaned in ecstacy but somehow kept the car under control. At the same time I looked up above and out her window to see the driver of an 18-wheeler looking down at us. He had a huge grin on his face and winked his approval and gave me the a-ok sign. Embarassed I moved back over to my side of the car.

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   Mrs. Green started to speed up and said "We've got to find a spot to park !" Fortunately there was a rest stop just up ahead and Mrs. Green raced into it and parked as far back into the woods as possible. If they cared to look, anyone from the other parked cars must have wondered why we were parked so far from the info booth and washroom. Mrs. Green had her reasons. She was a woman on fire. No sooner had she turned off the ignition when she was all over me. Her tongue was in my mouth and her hands were undoing my zipper and pulling my cock out into the open. "Let me do this,Dennis ! Let me take care of you ! I've thought of nothing else since that idiot son of mine broke in on us. Just sit back and enjoy!" Her hands stroked my shaft as she pulled my balls out of the confines of my pants. All I could do was enjoy the sensation. She had the magic touch. She would squeeze the shaft and rotate her hand around it as she pulled it up and down. Her other hand fondled my sac and playfully jostled the nuts from side to side.

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   She sure knew how to thrill me. She squeezed my sac and the balls swelled outside her grip. Playing around on dates, all teenage boys knew what 'blue balls' were but mine took on a reddish colour in her clasp. . I watched her in action and once again was amazed that such an attractive woman who could have any man she wanted seemed to desire me, still a teenager. She watched my reaction and smiled again. God I loved that smirk. She knew she had me in the palm of her hand literally as well as figuratively. I pulled her top up over her head revealing those marvelous mounds. I was surprised to see that she was wearing what appeared to be just half a bra to my untrained eye. It was pink in colour but because it was under the breasts,it pushed them up and out. I started to maul them and tried to bury my face in them. "You and I are going to do this whenever and wherever we want and nobody is going to stop us !"she cried. In the heat of the moment, I would have agreed to anything she said. There was no thought of Bobby in my mind at that time.

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   I too was caught up in the sensations that she was giving me just with her hands. I knew that soon she would devour me with her mouth. She must have read my mind as she bent over, touched the head of my cock with a nipple and teased the opening. It seemed like she was trying to push her nipple into the urethra itself. She wrapped both her firm tits around my shaft and proceded to squeeze her tits which felt wonderful on my manhood. Doing so she stuck her tongue out and duplicated what she had been doing with her nipple. She licked each drop of pre-cum. That elicited another groan from me. I grabbed her head and forced her to take my cock deeper into her mouth. I really didn't have to force her because that's obviously what she wanted. Her head bounced up and down on my shaft as my hands helped dictate the speed. I guided her head up and down with my right hand and reached down her back trying to get my fingers inside her tight white skirt. She sensed what I wanted and without letting my cock-head out of her mouth ,she reached down and unzipped her skirt. This enabled me to push my fingers inside and fondle her ass cheeks but that wasn't my real goal. I pulled her pussy lips aside and allowed my fingers to do the walking as they say.

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   I reached down into the crack of her ass and stuck a finger into her anus. This made her jump and she bit my penis in surprise . I hadn't meant to stick my finger there but it seemed to be having an interesting effect as she went back to sucking voraciously on my staff. She stopped briefly to let it loose and saliva spilled out and down over her chin. "Fuck my face,Dennis ! Give me your cum ! Cum in my mouth you son-of-a-bitch !" She seemed to be in the throes of several mini-orgasms but wouldn't stop obviously until she got what she and ,more importantly, I had to have.
    I needed to release my seed and I wanted to do it now. My right hand was now forcing her head up and down faster and faster. Some part of me saw boys and girls staring at us and their parents shooing them away out of eyesight . I suppose they could see the blonde hair reappearing ever so briefly as Mrs. Green's head bobbed up and down. Finally the rocket flares in my head started to go off . "OH FUCKKKKKK ! I'MMMM GONNA CUMMMM ! MRS. GREENNNNNNN ! YOU'RE GONNA GET A MOUTHFUL !!!! EAT IT ALL YOU FUCKING. . .

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      . . COCKSUCKERRRRRR !!!!!! At that moment I didn't care if I hurt her, I had to release my seed. I forced her face onto my cock as it exploded like a Saturn rocket. I drove my hips upward to meet the downward thrust and I could hear her whimper but I didn't care. Over and over again I spasmed. Mrs. Green never released her vice-like grip. She took it all and swallowed every drop. Finally I was spent,totally exhausted. But Mrs. Green continued to lick and suck even the specks of jism that slipped out of her mouth. She was a demon and even in my present state I could feel her hump her ass against my fingers. As I tried to recover my equilibrium, she pulled up her skirt , slid around to face me and believe it or not mounted my slowly deflating rod. She reached behind and started to fondle my balls as she bounced up and down trying to get some life back into my cock.

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       She stuck her tongue into my mouth and voila ! I was hard and ready to give her the ride of her life. She shook her blonde tresses and implored me to give her the fucking of her life. What could I do ? The lady was in need and I was randy enough to fulfil her wishes . After all she had given me a stupendous orgasm. It was the least I could do. Minutes passed and I could feel her having orgasm after orgasm by the way her cunt would tighten on my now erect cock. She would gasp and carry on. "KEEP FUCKING ME ! OH ! YOU BEAUTIFUL LITTLE BOY ! FUCKKKKK MEEEE ! DON'T STOP ! OH MUTHERRRRRR ! AAAAAAGHH ! I'MMMMM CUMMMMING ! OH ! OH ! OH ! JESUSSSSS ! YOU GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKER ! THAT'S ITTTTTTTTT!" My own climax occurred at the same time . "I'MMMM CUMMMMING . . TOOOOO!" I screamed. With that I drove my groin up into her as far and as hard as I could. My hands , which were on her hips , pulled her cunt into my cock with so much force that she cried out . In pain or ecstacy ? I couldn't tell and at that instant I didn't care. I was only interested in one thing - driving as much of my seed into her as my balls could produce ! "HERE.


      . . IT. . . . . CUMMMMMS !!!! TAKE. . . . IT. . . .

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       ALL. . . . BITCH ! FUCKKKKK. . . . MEEEEEEE!" We hung onto each other like we were in death grips. Spasm after spasm racked my body and I could feel the same happen to her. Finally she went totally limp and for a split second I thought that I had hurt her. She finally opened her eyes and started to kiss my face all the while stating, "Lover,you are the best fuck I have ever had ! You can do me any time, any way , any place!" Now that was an offer that I knew I would take to heart. After all I was a horny teenager still with very little experience in the game of love or should I say sex. Here was a beautiful woman offering to teach me all that she could. My experience had been with magazines and porn movies.

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      My active imagination was already working overtime. I had heard about anal sex. Could I get her to let me do it with her ? Would she willingly let me stick my cock up her poop-shoot ? I loved rubbing myself up against a woman's buns ? Could I do that to her in public ? That would be such a turn-on. Even though I had never had the nerve to go to a hooker, I wondered if she would wear a mini skirt that barely covered her sexy ass, high heels and dress up in black underwear with black stockings held up by a garter belt for me ? Would she play the prostitute role for me ? My imagination knew no bounds. Would she give me blow jobs whenever I wanted one ? If I told her not to wear panties, would she do that for me ? What if I wanted to share her with another man/boy ? I started to ask her these things but decided to spring them on her one at a time because yes , fear of Bobby , or not , I was going to keep seeing her. This sex thing was just too delicious. Mrs. Green rearranged her clothes,checked her make-up and went to start the car telling me that she'd better get me home as she had to go back to work. I decided to test her for the first time by demanding that she let me drive. She hesitated but surrendered the keys to me and crawled over me into the passenger seat while I slid over behind the wheel. As I started the car and drove out of the rest area, several couples watched us go with either looks of admonishment or looks of envy on their faces. I think the men looked envious. When we got back on the thruway, I started to feel pretty powerful. I was driving and had a beautiful woman sitting beside me with her hand on my knee. My Johnson came to life when I had an idea.

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       "Suck me off while we're driving. " I suggested. "No Dennis,now's not the time or the place,"she responded. "You said 'anytime, any place, any how'. Didn't you mean it ? If not I could never trust you again and this will be the last time I'll let you near me,"I bluffed. Mrs. Green could tell that I was serious so she shrugged her shoulders, reached over, undid my zipper and pulled my rapidly hardening cock out into the open. "Could you at least call me Joanne instead of Mrs. Green this time ?".