Dirty After my Shower


I had stayed home that day from school and work I had been sick for the most part. I had been alone and bored most of the day so i found myself masturbating, twice. The second time being absolutly amazing. So, afterward i decided to jump in the shower and wash up. My boyfriend had come over later that night to give me some get well wishes and see me. I walked out of the bathroom in a skirt made of terry cloth so that it was like an after bath type towel and a white tank top without a bra. I walk into the kitchen to see my boyfriend had arrived and that my mother was home. We all talked and hung out for awhile until we decided to move to my room away from my family. I had thank you cards to finish up and he watched TV while I wrote. He had noticed earlier by sticking his hand up my skirt in the kitchen that i failed to put on any underwear. I was on my last thank you card when i decided to change how i was sitting. Instead of my legs spread straight in front of me I bent my knees to my chest and began to write the last card. By sitting like this my pussy was completly exposed. I could feel the cool air on my wet cunt. I began writing and then I notice in my parifial vision that he had glanced at my pussy. We've had sex already but something so subtle like that still gets me hot like I've never touched him before.

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   I glance up pretending to look at the TV and I notice him grab his cock, that was now hard, and reajust it. It had excited me so much that with one look he gets hard. Hell it makes me hot when he gets hard when I don't even do anything. Makes me wonder what's in that head of his. He then looks over at my pussy again and asks "when will you be done". "Soon, I'm on my last one. " I respond acting like I don't know what is going on. He then decides to reach over and rub his finger lightly up and down my wet slit. I look up and smile. "Why aren't you wearing any underwear?" He asks "I don't know, i'm lazy, i got out of the shower and didn't feel like it. " I then set down my book and paper. I look in his eyes and crawl over to him. I glance and see that I had already "accidently" closed the door. (The door is not allowed to be closed). "Well, hello.

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  " he says. I turn and lay down next to him and hug him noticing his erection inches away from my face. He reaches down to my crotch and begins to look for my clit. I spread my legs to give him more access. My pussy was completly wet at this point. He started to rub my clitin circles and then began to rub right on top of it. Meanwhile I was moaning in exstacy and bucking into his hand. I absolutly LOVE when he rubs my clit. It's probably the easiest and simpliest thing he could do but i melt like puddy in his hands when he does. I began to sigh and breath really loud. "Shh. . . you can't be loud. Everyone is home.

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  " he said. "Ohh, please don't stop. I am about to cum. " He then began to kiss me deeply so i could scream and moan as loud as i wanted. I finally came. I was out of breath and now SUPER horny. I wanted him so bad but i knew sex wasn't happening. I love pleasing him though. I would jack him off even if I didn't get anything in return. He however is the type of man that won't allow that. Although, it's happened a couple of times because of circumstances. I knew i wouldn't be able to completly take his dick out of his pants. So I kissed him sticking my tongue in his mouth and reached my hand down his pants. I absolutly love just getting back to the basics of jacking him off. With sex both partners are breathing heavy and making noise.

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   Most of the time my moans drown his out. When I jack him off he kisses me like he never has before. He says some of the greatest things it gets me hotter than ever. So, I reach my hand down his pants and take a hold of his thick cock. The feeling in it in my hand that I'm in power makes my cunt drenched. I started to slowly jack him off. My hand is moving up and down inside his pants. He starts to moan a little and kisses me deeply. I giggle in the fact that I'm in control. "You're so hard. " I whisper. "Well, you're not wearing any underwear. " he said. Then he begins to massage my clit yet again. I start to moan instantly.

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   "Oh, I wish you were inside me. " I moaned through a breathless voice. "You have to be quiet. " he said as I moaned and jerked him. The smoothness and girth of his dick gets me so hot and how he was rubbing me was such a turn on. Anyways it's my house and he was telling me to be quiet. So I know he loves it when i moan so I sit so that I am moaning in his ear. This put him on the edge. "Don't stop. Mmm, that's so hot. I'm going to cum. " he whispered in my ear. At this moment he decides to quicken the pace on me as he was moaning louder that he was about to cum. As i began to rock my hand up and down the length of his thick cock he was quickly reaching climax and decided to press and rub my clit really hard which almost made me scream in his ear but i controled myself to loud moans. I then felt his hot cum meet with my hand and he rocked my crotch with his hand so we both came at the same time.

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   I collapsed in his arms. I looked up at him. "What?" he said. "That was good. " I said between pants. I then look at him and smile. "What?" he said. "That was good. " I said with a giggle this time. I couldn't stop thinking about how i wanted to fuck him. He then ran his fingers along the slit of my pussy lips. "Wow, you're really wet and sticky. " he said. "well, yea. Did you think I was faking it or something.

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  " I said sarcasticly. "No. You're fucking hot. I'm tired now. ha, i'm going to nap. " he said. "Hah. My mom is freaking home too. " comment at MERPA102@cs. com.

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