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The hottest girl I have ever seen has lived up the street from me for a good chunk of my life. She is 15 brownish, blond hair, and a high B cup, perfect in my eyes. Well we never really talked much but we were on a firs name bases but this all was to change. One day over the summer her father asked me if I could watch their dog, I of course said yes not thinking about her but of money because I was 16 and always can use cash. So I went the day before they left to get the run down of what to do, so I walked in the house with her dad and he is babbling about when to come and all that kind of stuff but my attention was on her, she was sitting at the kitchen table and when I walked in she gave me the hottest look and said hello. As her father showed me where the food was she went up stairs to I woke up early because the dog ate in the morning and at night but I had to play with him three times a day, this was not that big of a deal because that’s more money for me. So I open the door and was greeted by the dog so I let him out and while outside we played catch and other dog games. Soon though it started to get hot so we went inside  I fed him and on the way out I stopped by the stairs and I thought to my self would they know if I went up there, only thought of going in to her room. Then I thought not this time. On the walk back to my house I thought about the best times to do it first I thought night then I thought I would have to turn on the lights and everyone outside could see me. And the afternoon was out because there were a lot of kids out in the street playing. So morning was it, the only people who could see me would be the people going to work but they were not focused on just the one house. So the next morning I got up earlier than before and did the whole dog thing. Then I went up the stairs as fast as I could. Her room I knew was the first door on the right because I had been in there once before when I was younger. Not much had changed sense the last time I was in there, a few more posters on the walls but not much.

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   When I got in I went right for the dresser to get my hands on her panties. The first drawer I opened was tops, the next was pants, but the next was pay dirt. It was full of panties and bras of all different colors and kind. The hottest blue thong and some gray booty shorts and others and a bunch of bras, then something caught my eye. I turned my head and there was the hamper and what was on top but a regular pair of panties and a sports bra. I was in heaven, I took a sniff of them and they were definitely her work out panties they had a salty sweet smell. By this time I had a huge hard on so I when to the dresser and grabbed a pair of panties that looked like they hadn’t been used in a while and I took her workout panties, I took my pants off releasing my dick letting it stick freely up in the air. I sat on her bed and wrapped the workout panties around my face and the other ones around my dick and continued to jerk off. When I came it was the biggest load I have ever shot in my life I quickly cleaned up putting things back where they were as well as I could remember and I A few days later I got a call from my neighbor I was freaking out knowing that I had been caught, but no he asked if I could watch the dog next weekend too I again said yes…. The weekend rolled around and I woke up early to go do the dog. I did the normal bathroom play feed deal but on the way out I figured why not one more time in her room. So I ran up the stairs now knowing which drawer I went right for it. I opened it up and my heart skipped a beat, all the panties where there but there was also a Kevin I know what you have done and I’m not mad Give me a call on Tuesday when I get P. S have fun with this
Along with the note was a picture of her naked body. I again beat off into her panties blowing another huge be continued if liked email me what you think

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