Doing the cleaner


My family is moderately wealthy, not filthy rich, but rich enough to have a cleaner come to our house once a week. Some of our cleaners are total rubbish, or theives etc. So we seem to have a new cleaner every few months. We had recently gotten rid of our old cleaner coz she stole $250 of us. Our new cleaner's name was rebecca. She would come on tuesdays from 9 till 5 or 6. I usually got home around 4 and my parents wouldnt be home till at least 6 or 7.

So i come home on Tuesday, not even realising that the cleaner is going to be there and went straight into my room. I was 17 at the time and had the urges that a teenage male has to deal with, so i opened my laptop and pulled out my 7 inch dick. I started watching a video and after a?" 10 minutes i was done, i cleaned up and went to the kitchen for a snack. When i got there i saw the cleaner, she was gorgeous!

Rebecca was about 5ft 7 with long blonde hair, blue eyes and legs that went on forever. She had a beautiful ass and a perfect set of 36C breasts. She was tanned and had a flat, toned stomach. I was 5ft 11 at the time with big arms and nice abs, i was also tanned from going to the beach.

I walked past her and she greeted me warmly, "Hello, I'm Rebecca your new house cleaner, how was your day?" "My day was okay i guess. I'm Callum by the way.

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  " "Nice to meet you Callum. "She went back to doing the dishes, i couldn't believe that my cleaner was so hot! i sat on one of my kitchen stools, half-eating, half watching Becca.

Twenty minutes later she finished work and i suggested me shoot some hoops, she eagerly agreed and we went outside and stared playing. After half an hour of this, she asked if she could take a shower, as she was sweaty after the game. I told her it was no problem and pointed her in the right direction. She accidentally forgot to close the door properly and i peeked in to see the most perfect set of tits ever and a completely shaven pussy to top it off. She started turning in my direction and i quickly left. Later that night i wanked over what i had seen and came harder than ever before.

It seemed like Tuesday would never come, but finally i was on my way home to see rebecca again! I basically sprinted home. She must have heard me come in this time as she called out hi, i said hi back and dropped my bag off in my room. I had cleaned up heaps the night before so she would finish early this afternoon, and it worked. I came out and she was sitting down she said "Thank god your here, I've been so bored, there isn't anything left to clean!"

I laughed and told her that if she wanted something to do she could help me fix the hose outside. She quickly agreed and came out with me. I showed her the broken nozzle and she started fiddling with it. After i while she called out, "Hey i fixed it!!" I came down and turned it on to see if it worked, not only had she fixed it, but when i turned it on it sprayed her square in the face.

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   She spluttered a bit and i started to apologize but she took the hose and sprayed me from top to bottom, so i quickly wrestled the hose from her and returned the favor, we continued to spray each other for awhile and then went back inside, i offered her some dry clothes and she was quick to agree.

I gave her some clothes and told her she could get changed in my room, she emerged 10 minutes later wearing the tight blouse and mini skirt i had given her and i knew she was wearing the red lace lingerie i had given her underneath. "Sorry about the clothes, they were the only ones that aren't in the wash. " "That's alright, they are fine for today. "

I went to the couch and turned on the TV, she followed and sat next to me on the couch. She was watching the show so luckily she didn't see my raging hard-on and i managed to cover it up. She lay down on the couch with her feet at my end, not realising that i could see straight up her skirt! I enjoyed this upskirt so much that i couldn't take my eyes of her panty covered pussy, and she caught me staring up her skirt. "Enjoying the view?" she said as she readjusted so i could no longer see. "Sor. . sorry i didn't mean to, you are just so beautiful. . . " "That's okay Callum i understand. " She stood up and went to the kitchen and started doing a few dishes, i couldn't take it anymore and i crept up behind her, and pushed her against the counter.

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I reached round and started fondling her tits, "Stop Callum! You can't do this!" I put my hand up her skirt and felt a wet spot on her panties, "Your pussy is saying otherwise. " As my hand started rubbing her crotch she gave in and started moaning softly. I carried her to the couch and laid her down, she took off her blouse and and bra and i pulled her panties down and off, leaving her in only her pink miniskirt. "Fuck me hard stud, we dont have long before your sister gets home!" "You asked for it!" I slide my dick into her tight pussy and started slowly pumping in and out, i picked up the pace and starting pounding into her cunt hard and fast, her moans were echoing through the house. She pushed me backwards and mounted my cock sliding down on it and then bouncing up and down, the sight of her tits bouncing around and her cunt muscles squeezing my cock was enough to push me over the edge. "Oh Becca I'm gonna cum!" "Me too big boy, fuck me hard, fuck me, FUCK MEEEEEE!!" we both came harder than ever and then collapsed together on the couch, that's when i saw my sister watching us through the door and fingering herself. . . .

More to come later. . . .

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