Dreaming of You


"I know this seems hard for you but remember what you told me, after this year you two will be together forever. "He just nodded to her and then sighed lightly. A single tear sliding down his cheek. "I got fired. . . that means I wont have enough money to go see Katie for Spring Break. "Josh was a senior in high school now. Katie was still only a junior. She lived in Texas and he in Indiana. They had met over the internet while playing a game of some sort. They had been going out since the ending of the summer break. His mom didnt think they would last this long but who cared what she though. He stood up grabbing the phone and walking towards the bathroom. His fingers trailed across the keys as he dialed her up. He could hear her gentle loving voice on the other line.

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   The first words out of his mouth were, "I love you". She knew who it was then. She let out a slight giggle but it soon faded as he told her the bad news. His eyes where locked upon the mirror. His baby blue eyes staring back at him. He wasnt all that bad looking, or so he was told. He had long blonde hair that went to about his lips. His skin was as pale as ivory. His nails where always painted black and for some reason he always wore black. He had no shirt on now though and he could see his well toned arms and stomach. He flushed the tiolet and then wandered out of the bathroom. A smile danced upon his black lips as he talked to his love. "Thats great news! Your serious? Your dad will seriously pitch the money to get me a motel room while i'm there?"Her dad didnt mind him coming down and staying during the day but at night he had to go to a motel. Her dad trusted Josh it was Erin, Katies little sister, that he didnt trust. Josh ran into the kitchen to tell his mom the good news.

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   She didnt look all to thrilled, she never did. She just nodded her head and then walked into her bedroom. Josh hung up the phone and went into his room to think. His room was missing a bed, something he never really liked. Instead he had a couch. He layed down upon the couch and pulled out his cock. His hand gently stroked up and down his meat as he layed there thinking about what would come to happen this time. He remembered all to well the first visit. It was during Fall Break. He had a motel room that was a two minute drive from Katies so it was a ten minute walk at the max. Katie had snuck down there and spent the night with him. He remembered it as clear as if it had happened yesterday. He let the memories flood over him. He woke up with a start as someone was knocking upon his door. His bear feet lightly touching the floor as he moved to the door.

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   He was naked but thought nothing of it. Katies beautiful eyes stared at him and then at. . . "him". He let out a small smile as she walked into his room. The lights where all out and it was pitch black except for the little bit of light from the parking lot street lights. He closed the blinds and then moved to his bed and sat down looking at her. "What are you doing here?"She let out a slight giggle and then moved to the bed to sit down next to him. Her lips lightly touching his cheek. He could feel the tingling that went through his body every time she kissed him no matter if it was on the hand, the cheek, or the lips. His eyes stayed upon hers as he leaned forward gently kissing her. His hands moved to her side as they layed down upon the bed. Both cuddling close together. he loved being near her even if they just laid there in silence.

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   He broke the kiss for a few moments. "We wont do anything you don't want to. As I have told you a million times I will never make you do anything you dont want to. "She nodded her head and kissed him once more. "I know and I love you and I want you to have my body. I want you to be my first and I your first. I have never wanted to do this with anyone else. I never want anyone else but yourself. I love you so very much. "Josh couldnt help but smile as he listened to her. He kissed her again. his hand resting against her bare stomach. She was wearing a sports bra type deal that she wore when she was out jogging. She also wore jogging sweats. His hand moved down the front of her stomach to rest at the waiste band.

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   She smiled and moved her hand upon his and then went ahead and slipped them both into her pants. She slowly moved his hand down to her panties. His finger tips lightly dragged down under her panties. Katies hands had taveled back up his body and rested upon his bare chest. She bent her head back as he kissed her neck. His tongue sliding out of his mouth to lightly touch her skin. He could feel the flames of passion burning inside of him as he held her close to him. One arm wrapped around her back the other down her panties. His fingertips traveled down her clean shaven body and down to her lips. He let his finger tips drag over her sex. A slight smile spreading upon his lips as he kissed her neck. She was already soaking wet. Her hips where thrusting against his hand as he teased her. He finally stopped the teasing though and let his first finger slide into her. He didnt get much into her when his finger lightly prodded her hymen.

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   He looked into her eyes and then pulled his finger out of her. She stopped and looked into his eyes"Whats wrong?"He couldnt help but smile lightly as he looked at the only woman he could ever love, "Nothing. I just don't want to pop your cherry with my fingers. "Understanding went through her mind as she looked at him. She then laid back and looked at him, "then dont. . . But. . . I want to. . . I want to please you and I want you to please me. "He wasnt sure what to do.

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   His eyes stayed locked with her own. His voice came out in a trembling whisper, "On or off?"It didnt take to long for her to decide, "on.
    . . oh god On. "He let a slight chuckle pass his lips as he turned the vibrating studs on. It took him a moment to get all sixteen studs vibrating but he managed it. He stared down at his ladder for a long moment before moving over to her. His body slipping between her legs. Are you sure?Her head nodded lightly, "Positive"He ran his head up and down her slit for a moment and then up against her clit. His eyes stayed locked upon he rown the whole time. He waited till she started to breath again before slowly sliding the tip into her. He pushed in until he felt her hymen against himself. His body was already trembling. He couldnt believe he had managed to hold onto his virginity until he was seventeen.

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       Now he was letting it all slip away. He was glad it was with her though. He bent forward and kissed her neck once more and then up to her chin. Finally his lips came to rest upon her own. As he kissed her he slid forward the rest of the way. All his body weight rocking him forward and driving himself into her until there bodies crushed agianst one another. A scream ripped through her body and he about pulled out and stopped. He had almost gotten his head out when she grabbed his ass. "Dont. Please don't. I am sure it won't hurt any more. " She was blinking back tears even as she spoke to him. he nodded his head with tears in his own eyes. He hadnt wanted to hurt her. That wasn't why they where doing this.

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       He was doing this to show her he loved her and to give her the great pleasure others spoke of. As she told him to he thrust back into her. Each of his vibrating studs hitting every inch of her pussy. He knew he wouldnt last long but he also knew he wanted her to enjoy this. That was the whole reason he was doing this. As he pulled out of her he made sure he pulled out in jsut the right angle so atleast one stud hit her clit. Then he drove back forward into her making sure he hit it once more. As he did that though he felt her walls closing in around himself. He could see in her eyes she was having an orgasm and by what she told him. . . her first. He smiled and let himself go. He started to pull out but th tightness made him lose himself then and there. As he came he fell ontop of her.

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       he didnt stay there long though but instead rolled over and in so doing he pulled out of her. There love juices running down her leg. He kissed her agian and held her close. They crawled under the covers then and cuddled up real close. He loved holding her. There was nothing better than having her in his arms. As he kissed her forehead he dozed off. He jerked forward as the orgasm rushed over his body. He felt his hot cum hit himself in the chest. His eyes opened wide as he looked around himself and noticed he was back in his room. Katie was back thousands of miles away. He couldnt help but to sigh and smile at the memories of Fall Break. Then he let himself drift to sleep.
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