Early Experiences - A Young Man Finding His Way


I remember that it was hot and sunny, we were both still ‘first-years’ and that we should have been at school but weren’t. We had probably been to school in the morning, disappeared during lunch and hadn’t returned for the afternoon session! Little did I know that was to become a regular occurrence for me throughout my school life. Anyway, we had been walking in the sun, along the disused railway track I mentioned before. The tracks actually ran the length of our town and up into the next town for a distance, I suppose, of about maybe 10 or 11 miles and was a favourite place for many. For those who liked to dodge school, it was excellent and provided many overgrown hiding places, wooded areas, and ‘dens’, where you could spend an eternity and not be observed even by others that might be walking the tracks. Most of my childhood was spent along those tracks at some time and place or another – especially nearer to home as the old, disused station was also less than 10 minutes walk from my house. That too, as you might expect, was a place full of nooks and crannies and a source of wonderment and extreme pleasure and I spent many hours around the place. Hiding up on the very unstable roofs, building dens, playing in the surrounding woods and generally making good use of the available facilities. A fabulous place!Well, this particular hot and sunny day, Sharon and I had been walking the tracks, not far from the school in fact and had branched off somewhere and were sat out in the middle of a rather large cornfield that adjoined the old railway line at this point. I remember that we had held hands and put our arms around each other as we had walked and had stopped from time to time to kiss – how fresh and innocent it all seems now? Of course, as I explored the art of kissing with this girl who did it so well, it wasn’t too long before things got a little hot. I had my first French kiss that day and it blew my socks off! It didn’t occur to me then but I wonder now, how she had become quite as experienced as she obviously was, for someone so young. Odd! However, as I said, it didn’t bother me then and I was very keen to explore anything I could, while the going was good!So there we were, sat in this cornfield, soaking up the sun and generally fooling around and having fun. I remember Sharon was sat, cross-legged, across from me and I would lean over and kiss her from time to time or she would lean across and kiss me. A lovely way to spend an afternoon! Inevitably, the way she was sat, and with her wearing a rather short, school skirt, I caught many a glimpse of navy-blue knicker material stretched across her crotch. Just the thought now of that sudden transition from the paleness of the inside of her thighs, to the darkness of that very special place of stretched material, is enough to make me slightly horny, even now. Then and in those circumstances, I was almost beside myself! Well, before long, I guess passion took over! Hers not mine! During one of those lingering kisses I felt her lift my hand and place it, quite firmly, on her leg.


   To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what I should do from there – Ah, how innocent I was. It wasn’t long before I found out because after a short pause that seemed like a lifetime, my hand was lifted again and pushed gently but firmly, under her skirt towards that lovely, stretchy material I had glimpsed earlier. This was all new to me of course but I think instinct eventually took over and I remember using the back of my hand to rub gently against her crotch. It seems so long ago but, strangely, still so fresh in my mind. It often surprises me, the clarity with which I can remember some details from so long ago. The next thing I remember was that Sharon had reached down herself and pulled the material to one side and I could feel the bare skin of her mound on the back of my hand. I almost came in my pants! As I glanced down, I had my first look at a real pussy and it was fantastic. Of course, there was only just a slight, sparse of blonde pubic hair and that left practically everything on view. I wasn’t sure then what it was but I now know I had my first glimpse of a clitoris too but it was only visible because of the position of Sharon’s legs at the time. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t that well developed then that it was protruding because of her excitement – or maybe it was. Who knows? I could see it and I was fascinated. ‘You can touch inside if you want. ’ I remember her saying that as clear as if it was yesterday. Remembering the instructions I had received al la mother, I knew exactly where to go to find ‘inside’ and as I turned my hand and slipped my finger down across her pussy, I tried to wiggle it up inside where I thought it was supposed to go. Trouble was, I met with some resistance because, of course, she was actually very dry down there! We were only kids, after all.

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   Never mind, I kind of liked where I was and just sat there watching and taking every opportunity to feel as much as I could. Then, I suppose the inevitable happened and Sharon said it was only fair that she should ‘see mine’. I have to admit that I wasn’t so sure about that but I could see it was only fair and it seemed reasonable so, never having suffered from shyness, I unzipped and pulled down the waistband of my pants. I remember her being surprised that I already had quite a lot of hair ‘down there’. It seemed like it was the first time she’d actually seen one with hair around it. I was in no doubt that she’d seen one before though! She reached out and took my already extremely hard cock, as small as it must have been then, in her hand. Well, that was about it! I’m not ashamed to say that without further ado and with only the minimal amount of movement from her firm grip, I exploded. Shit! I couldn’t believe it – I don’t think she could either – I’m pretty certain that was a first for both of us. I was devastated! I wanted her to carry on feeling me forever – it was my first time and I never wanted it to stop. Too late! My dick rapidly headed South while I was left certain I was in love and wanting to spend the rest of my life with her. How funny it all seems now, but this was a big event in my life and it had an instant and tremendous affect on me. I was certain – I was in love! As I said before, we never actually got around to ‘doing it’. I’m not sure either of us were really that brave but over the months, we repeated the mutual masturbation sessions on numerous occasions and she certainly seemed to enjoy the experiences we shared. I know I did! Of course, I had also gained another source of inspiration for my continuing ‘solo’ sessions but, boy, did I ever get mileage out of that first fabulous time in the cornfield with Sharon!.
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