Early Experiences - A Young Man Finds His Way (continued 4)


Of course, my first ‘experience’ with Ruth was discussed in great detail between Mervyn and myself and talking about our various encounters often preceded our mutual wanking sessions. We now had absolute freedom to do what we liked in our den and were never bothered. Needless to say, we put that to good use and spent many a happy hour there! Merv still stayed over at my house, and we still shared a bed and had some great sessions there – I think we liked the ‘danger’ aspect of it all!Anyway, the next encounter with Ruth came about because Merv and I were talking to her one day; several days after my initial experience with her, and we had been telling her about how comfortable it was there now and suggested that she come and see it. I don’t think either Merv or I had intended we all go together (or maybe we did!), but that’s what ended up happening!Comfortable in our little hideaway, candles and stove on and the door locked tight against possible intruders, we were all sat on our fabulous mattress, just generally chatting and having a laugh and trying to lead the conversation around to the subject of sex! We didn’t have to try to hard, as I said earlier, it seemed to be one of those topics of conversation you just naturally arrive at. Eventually, Ruth wanted to know what we ‘got up to’ in our hideaway. I think we were pretty evasive at first, just saying ‘stuff’ and ‘things’ and not being very forthcoming. Ruth wasn’t very convinced and asked us how many other girls we had let in to our special place. We told her the truth; she was the first!‘Yeah, I bet. ’ She said. ‘I bet you get up to all sorts down here and I bet you have a pile of dirty mag’s and everything. ’Merv and I had just laughed but she persisted and Merv eventually told her that we had ‘one or two’ but that, mostly, we just went down there to ‘smoke and have a laugh. ’I remember that Ruth asked if she could see them and Merv, never being the shy one, got a couple and gave them to her. The whole atmosphere was changing; it all got pretty tense. The breathing was getting heavier, the laughing was getting more nervous and it was an odd but great feeling. Ruth was flipping through the pages and commenting on the tits and bums like she was ‘one of the lads’. ‘Do you play with yourselves when you’re looking at these?’ I remember her asking; very casually.

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   Merv and I nearly choked on our cigs. ‘What?’ Merv said. ‘I bet you do. ’ She said. ‘Nah, don’t be daft’ he said, and I mumbled something about ‘what a stupid thing to say’. She wasn’t having any of it and kept on. . . ‘I bet you do, I would!’Well, neither of us had expected that and I’m sure we nearly choked again. ‘Yeah right!’ Merv said. ‘No, I would. I love looking at this stuff. It’s just a pity there’s not more detail. Julie and I often look at them, when we can get hold of one. I had some really great pictures once; old black and white photos that I found in an old envelope, up on the tracks once.

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  ’‘What were they like?’ I asked her. ‘They were great. You could see everything; willies and everything. ’‘And did you play with yourself?’ Merv asked, really quickly. ‘I might have done!’ She said. ‘Well, did you?’ I said. This banter went on for ages and eventually, she admitted that she had. We were giggling like crazy and it all seems very odd now that I think back on it. As I said, the atmosphere, I remember, was incredible. It still makes my stomach go tight, just thinking about it!Merv asked Ruth if she had enjoyed it. When she said ‘Yes, of course. ’, he asked her if she felt like that now. She said that she did, a little bit. Of course, Merv being Merv, asked her if she do it now and let us watch. I was even more surprised when she said she would; but only if we did too.

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   Merv and I couldn’t believe our luck, I don’t think. There we were, the three of us, all sat on the mattress, about to indulge in some mutual wanking. Merv had agreed straight away but I have to admit that I was a little more nervous! I wasn’t really convinced that it was going to happen at all. ‘You start, then. ’ Merv said, and without hesitation, Ruth slid her hand up underneath her skirt and we could see it start to move about under the material. ‘Now you two. ’ she said. ‘That’s not fair. We’ll have to take ours out and you’ll be able to see them. We can’t see what you’re doing. ’ I had to agree with this statement, especially as I was now as hard as a rock. ‘So what do you expect me to do?’ she said. ‘I think you should at least pull your skirt right up so that we can see too. ’ Said Merv. ‘I think you should take your pants off too.

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   Seems only fair to me. ’ I said. Then, looking straight at me and lifting her skirt so we could both see her white panties and her hand down between her legs, outside of her panties, Ruth said ‘If you want these to come off, you take them off!’I was gob-smacked! However, I wasn’t going to pass up an offer like that and as she laid back on the mattress, I moved a little closer and reached for the waist of her knickers. In no time, I had dragged them down, off her feet and discarded them to one side. ‘Now you two. ’ She said as her hand went back between her legs and against her, now bare, pussy. Merv and I didn’t just unzip; we just pulled everything straight of and we were all naked from the waist down in no time at all. I think we were just so amazed at what was happening, we would have done anything so that it didn’t just suddenly stop. We were both hard as rocks and Ruth just looked from one to the other as she rubbed at herself. ‘Go on then’ she said, ‘play with them. ’Well, you couldn’t have stopped me with a team of wild horses! I couldn’t wait to get my hand on my cock and I reached down and started pulling at it, nice and slowly. I looked over at Merv and he was doing the same. ‘I can’t see what you’re doing’ said Merv. ‘will you open your legs wider, so we can see properly?’ With this, Ruth spread her feet wider and raised her legs a little and we had a great view of her now wet and puffy lips and could easily see her fingers rubbing up and down between them, opening them further. After several minutes of this, Ruth started to push her finger between the folds of her lips and it slowly disappeared up inside her.

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   I almost came on the spot! It was a fantastic sight. ‘That looks really good, Ruth. ’ I said (or maybe something equally as daft). ‘It feels really good too’ she said back. ‘but not as good as when my sister does it to me!’‘You mean you let Julie touch you there?’ Merv said. Ruth then started to tell us how, as she and her sister shared a room, they would often just sleep in the same bed an how they would often play with each other and had done for ages. Before I knew it, Merv blurted out that they were just like us! I could have killed him!Of course, Ruth’s ears must have perked up at this. . . ’So, you two play with each other too, do you?’ It was too late to deny it by now, so we both just told her our ‘story’ too. We had all stopped playing with ourselves by this time and were really just talking about sex. Ruth then said that she would like to watch us doing that and would we do it for her now. It seemed pretty ridiculous to refuse; she now knew we did it, we had all been playing with ourselves anyway and Ruth said that we could both fuck her afterwards, if we wanted. Well, I certainly wanted to have a repeat of our previous performance and I agreed straight away. There’s a surprise!We were all sat pretty close together on the mattress so it didn’t take much effort to reach out with my right hand and grab hold of Mervyn’s hard cock.

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   Looking at Ruth while I did it, I started to pump my hand up and down his length. I always did enjoy the feeling of cock in my hand but it’s so different when it doesn’t belong to you! Merv also reached out and started to do the same with my now incredibly stiff dick. Again, it feels very different to have someone else’s hand on your cock, particularly when it’s a male hand. Very exciting and very horny. As this continued, Ruth had gone back to fingering herself and we were all enjoying the mutual show. There was lots of heavy breathing and grunting going on and everyone was very obviously very turned on. In fact, it wasn’t too long before Merv said that he was very close and that we should probably take a break if we wanted to get around to doing anything else. I was pretty close myself and was probably beyond the point of caring. Ruth was putting on a fantastic show; her legs were now bent at the knee and very widespread and she had one hand holding her very wet pussy open while the other hand was very busy, rubbing and fingering and occasionally pulling at her clit. She said she wanted to see us cum and that there was plenty of time, we could get around to the other stuff afterwards! That seemed like a reasonable idea and Merv and I continued rubbing and pulling at each other’s cocks, while watching Ruth doing herself. I could tell by Merv’s breathing that he was getting very close and the thought of that, combined with watching Ruth working away at her pussy, not two feet from my face, started me off too. I felt Merv harden in my hand and knew he was about to do it and sure enough, with a grunt, Merv started to shoot his load. One initial and hard spurt followed by several smaller, less projectile spurts, that ended up all over my hand and the head of his cock. I could feel it all pumping up the length of his cock. Ruth had watched this and from her repeated swearing and erratic breathing, I knew something was going on in her department too.

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   It was all too much for me, I let go of Merv’s cock and leant back on my hands while he pumped me faster and faster. After a couple of more second of this, I exploded in much the same way Mervyn had. There was cum everywhere; down my thigh, over my cock and over merv’s hand. That was one hell of a cum, I can tell you. Ruth had been going berserk on her pussy and, I know now, from the grunting she was doing, she had also reached the point of no return. As we began to calm down and as the initial embarrassment started to set in after our joint session, I began to root around for something to clean up with. Afterwards, Merv and I just pulled our pants on and Ruth simply let the hem of her skirt fall to cover herself. The next thing was that we all started to giggle a bit and I guess we were just trying to get over that uncomfortable embarrassment. After a short while, a slurp or two of coke and a cigarette, we were almost back to normal and starting to talk about what had just happened. Merv and I were particularly concerned that Ruth didn’t let on to anyone that the two of us made a habit of indulging in mutual wanking. She assured us, quite sensibly, that if she were to let on, it would probably be pretty difficult to explain her part in it all. Eventually, Ruth admitted that she really enjoyed watching us and that she had found it very exciting. We had to agree the same about her of course. It had been a first for all of us, I think, and we were keen to talk it through and, in doing so, it didn’t become such a big or embarrassing issue. Ruth was very anxious to find out all about the ‘cum’ side of things and kept asking what it felt like for boys to do that.

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   She also wanted to know what the actual substance felt like; was it warm, was it sticky etc.
    We told her she should have found out before we had cleaned it away. She didn’t seem to concerned and reminded us that we hadn’t finished yet! Merv and I were both pleased to hear that!Ruth also told us that the pictures she had mentioned earlier, included some of women sucking cocks and men licking pussy etc. She admitted that her sister had often done that to her but she had never had a cock in her mouth. This seemed like an excellent time for her to try it and as we had never had that done to us, we suggested a mutual exchange of experiences. Merv and I had never even thought about licking a girl ‘down there’ and were quite keen to find out what it was like. We had seen some pictures of our own, so we weren’t totally ignorant to the concept!With little encouragement, Merv again dropped his pants and I could see that, already, our talk had started to stir things and he was again, well on the way to another hard-on. He sat back and encouraged Ruth to ‘have a go’. She didn’t hesitate! Straight up on her knees, head forward and down and I could tell by the groan from Merv, she had taken him straight in her mouth. After several seconds of bobbing up and down, she let go of his cock long enough to state that it felt ‘funny, but nice. ’ I have to admit that, as she got more into it, watching her head bobbing up and down in Merv’s lap was certainly having the desired effect on me! I had another hard-on myself and was starting to stroke it lightly; not wanting to rush things too much. I knew from previous experience that both Merv and I seemed to be able to cum repeatedly without too much encouragement! What ever happened to that ability?Merv asked Ruth what it felt like to have a cock in her mouth. I guess I should have seen it coming but maybe that’s only because I am looking back and am not as naive as I was then! Ruth said ‘Why don’t you find out for yourself?’ ‘What?’ ‘Well, I’ve already told you that my sister and I do it to each other. You and John wank each other already, why don’t you try sucking his cock and see for yourself what it’s like? Anyway, I’d really like to watch you do that too!’You may have worked out for yourself that, although only slightly older than us, Ruth was pretty experimental and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. I have to say that I warmed to this approach very quickly!I could see that Merv wasn’t too keen on this idea but I have to admit that the idea had occurred to me once or twice before, during our sessions when Merv had stayed over at my house, but I hadn’t mentioned it.

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       I guess we probably thought that going as far as that was probably going TOO far. However, this was the opportunity I needed, I guess, and I decided to go for it. I said that I would be prepared to do it to him first and if it was ok, and as I WOULD have done it first, he could try it afterwards. After all, Ruth was right, we had already tried some things, how could we say we didn’t like it if we hadn’t tried it. Merv, still not entirely convinced, relented and agreed. I think that really, he wasn’t any different to me and I’m sure that, like me, he’d already considered this before. He just didn’t want to admit it!‘Anyway,’ I argued, ‘close your eyes and you probably won’t know any different. ’So, that’s just what he did. Leant back on his hands, head back and eyes closed, Ruth continued to bob up and down on him a little, while I moved a little closer. After a while, Ruth lifted her head and leant back to give me some room and I bent forward and took hold of his cock in my hand. He knew we had changed over immediately of course and said so. I told him to just shut up and not look and let me get it over with. He first complained that his legs were hurting and that he wanted to change position, so I moved slightly to allow him to lay down properly and I knelt beside him. I then took hold of his cock again and moved my face towards it. It was the oddest feeling in the world as I put Merv’s cock in my mouth for the first time.

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       I was incredibly excited and my own cock was so hard, it was almost painful. I started to copy Ruth by moving my lips up down the length of his cock as she had done and then, remembering that I was supposed to be actually sucking it, I proceeded to suck quite hard on his dick. I heard Merv groan and I remember feeling his cock throb in my mouth. It was an odd sensation but at the same time, very pleasant. Ruth said it looked great and I continued to do this for a while, still holding on to the base of his cock as I sucked and then I had the idea of wanking him at the same time – it really seemed a natural thing to do. Merv seemed to be quite impressed with this as well!As I was doing this, Ruth suggested that I get in a position where she could ‘do me’ at the same time. So, moving without taking Merv’s cock from my mouth, I ended up with my right arm across his stomach, facing his legs and with my left hand now wanking his cock into my mouth. This seemed to be ideal and Ruth proceeded to help me off with my pants before leaning forward herself and taking my now, extremely hard cock in her mouth. This was great, I couldn’t believe the feeling and like me, she proceeded to suck quite hard as she moved up and down on me. As she did this, I released Merv’s cock with my left hand and replaced it with my right. It was a little awkward but it seemed to work ok. This gave me my left hand free to do some more exploring and I put my hand up and under the hem of Ruth’s skirt, groping my way towards the top of her open thighs and down, in between this very warm place to the wetness that I found waiting there. Almost without trying, I remember that my fingers slipped into her almost straight away and I could feel her press down on my hand as they did so. Needless to say, with all this stimulation going on, we were all very excited and it seemed like, all of a sudden, everyone wanted to try everything! No holds barred. It wasn’t too long before we had changed round and Merv was sucking my cock like crazy, while Ruth was sat over my face, lowering her very wet pussy on to my mouth.


       We changed round so much, I forget who went where and did what! I think we even persuaded Ruth to use one of the candles on herself while Merv and I 69’d each other! Anyway, I do remember that, eventually, both Merv and I took our turn at putting our cocks in to Ruth’s very wet pussy and shooting our load into her while she sucked the cock of the other one. This also gave her the opportunity to taste the cum (and her own juices) that soaked Merv’s cock , while I took my turn and emptied everything I had into her now very soaked pussy. It was another experience entirely to put my cock in to her just after Merv had cum and I think it has left a bit of a legacy because, even now, I really adore a very, very wet pussy. It turns me on so much to feel it soaking and slippery in my hand and around my cock. It makes me hard thinking about it!As I said before, this wasn’t to be the last time we would experience the delights of Ruth but our fun together was to be relatively short-lived, as Ruth and her mother moved away from our area some weeks later. Nothing to do with us, I hasten to add. FoursomeThe next ‘get together’ involving Ruth, also involved her sister Julie and occurred just a day or two later. It also didn’t happen by accident! We had asked Ruth if she thought her sister would like to come and see our den and, knowing what we meant by that, she said she didn’t know but would ask her and see. So, a couple of days later, we all ended up in the basement again, chatting and just generally ‘chilling out’ as we call it now. We knew Ruth had told Julie about what went on before between us but she hadn’t said anything about the fact that Merv and I also played with each other and she definitely hadn’t said anything about us sucking each other. So, we had decided to play it cool and see what developed. After some chatting that had been getting quite smutty, Merv suddenly had an idea and suggested that we play ‘Truth or Dare’. Ruth was the first to say yes, with me agreeing next and Julie a little uncertain but agreeing anyway. Merv suggested that we sort out some basic rules first and said that we weren’t allowed to dare something that could hurt someone, we had to do the dare, couldn’t lie, couldn'tpretend, and we all had to strip down to our underwear! At this, Julie protested a little bit and wasn’t really convinced we meant it, I think. ‘What, strip down to our bra and pants, with you two here, no way!’Ruth said she was prepared to do it though and her sister laughed and said that if Ruth was going to do it and we were going to do it, she wasn’t going to be ‘left out’.

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      Ruth pulled off her white top and slid off her blue skirt. She had on a soft cotton white bra and matching pants that looked fab! I think Julie suddenly started feeling a little jealous from the attention Ruth was getting and she pulled her white cotton top off, her silky blue bra barely covered her boobs! She stuck her fingers inside her skirt and pulled it down and off. She had on matching panties, that also looked a size or two too small. ‘OK, your next! Ruth demanded. Merv and I wasted no time pulling off our shirts, shoes, socks and trousers and sat back down on the mattress. Ruth and Julie were sat on one side, we were on the other. OK, who goes first?’ said Ruth. We decided that as she had agreed to the game first, she should go first. It seemed only fair and I think Mervyn and I both thought that Julie might feel more comfortable if her sister went first. ‘OK, This goes to Mervyn, Truth or Dare?’‘OK, so what happens if I say truth?’‘You have to answer my question honestly, if you don't and we think you arelying, you have to take my dare’ said Ruth. Merv chose to take a dare. OK, I dare you to kiss John on the lips for 30 seconds’Merv and I both protested at that. We hadn’t ever done that before and that really did seem like going too far as far as messing about with each other went. Looking back, I think that Ruth just wanted to start off slowly and get Julie warmed up a bit. ‘Hey, you said it in your own words, you have to do what we dare you to’Well, that did it! We could hardly back out now, could we?With that, Merv just leaned across and rested his lips on mine.

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       That wasn’t enough, of course and Ruth insisted that we had to do it properly AND Merv had to put his tongue in my mouth! I wasn’t sure about this but Merv did it and despite the fact that I didn’t really like it all that much, I could feel my cock start to harden anyway.
      ‘Julie and Ruth were both counting down until, finally, the 30 seconds was up. ‘OK , It's my turn’ Said Merv ‘Truth or Dare?’Ruth said she wasn’t scared and that she would also choose Dare. ‘OK, I dare you to suck Julie's tits for 30 seconds’‘Hey, I didn't tell her to make you kiss John’ Julie said. ‘It's OK, I don't mind, It's just a game Julie, besides, it's not like Ihaven't seen your tits before’‘Yeah, but sucking them in front of these two is another thing. ’ Julie gave up protesting and slowly pulled her bra down past her nipples and Ruth wasted no time bending her head down and kissing her sister’s tits before actually sucking one of Julie’s nipples into her mouth. They had obviously done this before!Eventually, Julie asked us who was counting. To be honest neither of us were, we were too busy watching Ruth sucking on her sister’s nipples but Merv started counting from 15 and when he reached 30, Ruth stopped. Julie was complaining that it was way more than 30 seconds but we all just smiled and laughed, including her. ‘OK, now it's my turn’ Julie looked at both me and Merv. ‘John, Truth or Dare?’I chose truth. Julie asked me if I had ever played with Merv’s cock. I lied and said no and she didn’t believe it for a minute. She said that as she thought I was lying, I had to accept a dare. As Merv and Ruth had just about given away the fact that I had lied, I couldn’t really refuse!Julie dared me to take Merv’s cock out of his pants, put it straight in my mouth and suck it for at least 30 seconds.

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         She said I had to do it, Merv had set the rules and I couldn’t back out. I didn’t want to let on that I’d done this before but I didn’t want her to think I was chicken either. Ruth, of course, knew I’d already done this but she didn’t say a word, Julie was really grinning and I think she thought I’d back out. You should have seen her face when I leaned over, pulled Merv’s cock out of his pants and closed my mouth down and over it. Her expression was brilliant. After a while I lifted my head up but Ruth said I only did it for 20 seconds and that I had another 10 to go! By this time I wasn’t bothered and I could tell Mervyn wasn’t and I carried on for another count of 10. Then it was my turn and, winking at him, I asked if Merv wanted Truth or Dare. He went for a dare and I dared him to stick his cock in Julie’s pussy and fuck her for at least 5 minutes. Julie said he could but that I had to do the same to Ruth, and at the same time. Obviously, nobody heard me complaining about that and before long, we had all stripped right off and were rolling about on the mattress. After 2 or 3 minutes of Ruth and I playing with each other, she had her hand on my cock and was wanking me while I had my hand between her legs and two fingers buried in her very wet pussy, I looked over at Merv and Julie and watched as he laid between her legs and was groping about trying to get his cock inside her. After a second or two, I assumed that he’d succeeded because I could see his arse moving up and down and the pair of them were grunting away like no one’s business!Before long, Ruth and I were also going at it like a steam train and the basement was full of the sounds of grunting and haevy breathing. All of a sudden, Julie said she wanted to switch partners and again, no one complained. While we watched, Merv and Ruth wasted no time and went straight for a 69 position – I don’t suppose any of us new it was called that then - and Julie and I went for the more traditional ‘missionary’ position. She felt great! Being a little younger than Ruth, she felt a little tighter and her pussy, although quite wet, seemed to grip my cock tighter than Ruth’s.

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         Mind you, my previous experience of Ruth reminded me that she was usually sopping wet anyway. I looked across at the other two and Ruth was sucking on Merv’s dick like it was going to disappear before her eyes. She still found time to tell us that Merv’s cock tasted great with Julie’s juices all over it and then she went back to sucking, and licking every inch of his cock, making sure she got every bit of Julie's juice cleaned up. It suddenly occurred to me that Merv was now licking where my cock had been a few minutes before and I asked him how it tasted. He said that as I had just sucked his cock for real, it was only fair that he should taste mineJulie said that that was very true and as I had been brave enough to do it to him, why didn’t he do it to me?I was a bit miffed at having to pull out of Julie’s wet, and warm pussy but I kind of liked the idea and decided to go with it. Getting up, I moved across to where Merv was laid on his back, with Ruth sitting over him and leaning forward to suck his cock, and just aimed my cock at his mouth, having already had some practice at this now, Merv had no hesitation in starting to suck really hard on my cock and with the view of Ruth’s very wet pussy in front of me, I was almost in heaven. It was so easy just to reach forward and stick two of my fingers straght into her and I was right, she was sopping!This went on for a little while and Julie had even come over and was wanking my cock into merv’s mouth, while, from the noises she was making, I assumed he was also very busy with his fingers on her pussy. Before long, Julie and Ruth moved away and started a 69 with each other, while Merv and I did the same. It was great! You could smell the sex in the air and the grunting and groaning that was going on was also pretty much of a turn on in itself!I happened to say that it wasn’t long before I was going to cum and Merv grunted in agreement. Hearing this, Ruth said she wanted to taste it properly this time and that she wanted one of us to do it in her mouth! Well, she wasn’t short of volunteers, I can tell you! Anyway, Merv (the lucky bastard!) got to her first and so while Merv laid on his back and Ruth again laid over him in the 69 position and took his cock in her mouth, Julie and I went back to fucking like rabbits, right there, next to them, doggy fashion. Needless to say, none of us lasted a great deal longer and I, for one, came really hard and exploded everything I could into Julie’s, still reasonably tight but wet, pussy. She was moaning and groaning like anything and I thought she was having a fit! To say that she was so young, she did herself proud and even pushed back harder onto my cock as I came inside her. When I looked across at the other two, Ruth was busy wiping her lips and saying that Merv’s cum tasted fantastic. Merv was laid there with the biggest grin all over his face, looking very pleased with himself!After that fabulous session, we had one or two repeat sessions before Ruth and Julie moved away, but, to be honest, it would have taken a lot to beat that first foursome session and although great fun, nothing particularly different happened during our next and last sessions. .

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