Early Experiences - A Young Man Finds His Way (continued part 2)


As you might expect, many of our conversations revolved around sex, girls, sex, girls, sex girls and more sex and somehow, sometime, I’m not quite sure how it happened, Mervyn and I began to discuss our ‘solo’ wanking sessions. You know, what we did, where we did, preferred techniques and so on. Before long we were comparing the size of our dicks and trying to figure out who had most hair – I won on that score, otherwise, we were pretty evenly matched. Then, of course, it suddenly became necessary to find out who could cum the most and a mutual wanking session was decided upon. I’m sure you can imagine the scene. . . . ‘I will if you will’ & ‘I’m not scared’ etc. Anyway, it was decided that we should do it the next afternoon, in my house, while my mum was still at work and that’s all there was to it. The next day at the appointed time, we were in my front room. I was sat in the armchair, Mervyn on the couch, tissue box close by and we simply dropped our trousers and pants and sat there and wanked ourselves until we came all over our own stomachs! It seemed to be all over quite quickly actually and we were both satisfied that we had delivered about an equal amount and that was it. We got cleaned up, made ourselves decent and got on with our usual day’s events. However, although we often indulged in similar sessions over the weeks, we never actually touched each other and it was never mentioned. That all changed one night, when Merv was staying on one of his nights at ‘Auntie Marion’s house’. Although he sometimes slept on the floor in my bedroom, it wasn’t all that unusual for us to share my bed.

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   Sometimes we would sleep ‘top to tail’, other times just normally side by side. Sometimes on top of the covers and sometimes not. It didn’t really seem to matter and the details were never discussed, it just seemed to get worked out. However, although my mum was always fine with us sharing a room or a bed, she would insist that I wear shorts or pants to bed. I usually slept naked and had done since the age of three or four. I just couldn’t seem to keep pyjamas on at night and would manage to wriggle out of them in my sleep. I would complain to mum that it felt like going to bed in an overcoat. So, eventually, she stopped buying PJ’s and I would sleep naked. As I said, when Mervyn stayed over, we both would end up wearing shorts or something. This particular night, we were sharing the bed, mum was already in her room and fast asleep – her snoring gave her way, I’m afraid, and I was moaning and complaining about the shorts being too hot. Mervyn said that if they were that bad, I should just take them off. I was a little uncertain about it all really but after he insisted that he would, if I did, I guess I just whipped them off and he did the same. It didn’t seem to be a problem – we weren’t actually touching bodies or anything horrendous like that, so it was fine and we went on chatting in whispers about the day’s events. Then I suppose the inevitable happened and the subject got round to our regular wanking sessions, how much we enjoyed them and planning the next one and so on and before I knew it, Mervyn said something about ‘why wait?’ and I was off for some tissues so we could do it there and then. We had never actually been that close together while wanking before and the idea of it seemed to make me even more excited.

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   It was a dark night anyway but with the curtains drawn, it was almost pitch black and we decided that as we couldn’t really see what we were doing, we didn’t want to risk getting our cum on the sheets. . So there we were in the dark; naked and laying reasonably close together, breathing quite heavily, with the sheets pushed down past our knees. I remember Mervyn whispering and asking me if I was hard yet. I said that I was and, inevitably I suppose in hindsight, he said ‘Are you really?’‘Yes, really’ I said. ‘I don’t believe you’ ‘Well, I am. Turn the lamp on and have a fuckin’ look if you want. I’m not bothered, you’ve seen it before. ’ I whispered at him. ‘No, we might wake your mum. ’‘Well, you’ll just have to believe me then, won’t you? Why wouldn’t I be hard?I guess I should have seen it coming really but I didn’t. God I was dumb! ‘Let me touch it. Then I won’t have to put the lamp on. ’I think I just went very quiet for a while and Merv must have taken that as a sign of agreement because the next thing I knew, he reached across with his left hand and grabbed my cock. I was stunned.

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   I’d had Sharon’s hand on my cock, of course, but this was different! Very different. Merv didn’t move his hand at all. He just laid there holding my dick. ‘You can touch mine, if you want. ’ He whispered. I wasn’t sure that I did at first but I was curious about quite how it would feel to have someone else’s cock in my hand.
    I knew what mine felt like and I wondered if it would feel any different, I didn’t really see how it would. So, gingerly, I reached across with my right hand, found his cock and wrapped my fingers around it and that’s how we stayed for several minutes, not moving at all. It did feel different, of course. I could feel the warmth, the hardness and the skin, the same way I could when I held my own but that was it because I couldn’t feel the pressure of my hand as I could on my dick. I hadn’t really thought about that and it did make it feel very different. ‘It feels different. ’ I whispered. I remember that my mouth and throat were quite dry and I had a little trouble talking at all. ‘Yeah, it does.

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       It feels odd. ’ ‘Yeah, but kind of nice too. ’ I think I admitted. ‘Do you want me to let go now. ’ Merv asked. ‘I’m not sure. ’ ‘Or I could just do this for a while, if you like?’ and with that, he started moving his hand up and down the length of my cock. Wanking it slowly. Again, I don’t think I was too sure if this was OK. I think I was a little scared at first – probably a little embarrassed too but it did feel OK and I just lay there and let him continue while I wondered what to do. ‘But you have to do mine too. ’ and I felt his right hand cover mine and start moving it, just the way he was moving his up and down my cock. Then he let go and I continued wanking him and so our first mutual session had begun. Needless to say, we continued pumping each others cock until we both, quite quickly, shot our loads, breathing very heavily and grunting as quietly as we could as we both exploded. I remember that it felt very different to the time I had cum when Sharon touched me.

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       I guess that was because this was purposeful wanking for just that reason – to make each other cum. The incident with Sharon was totally different and ‘cumming’ had almost been an accident rather than an intention. I also remember that I felt just as embarrassed afterwards with Mervyn, as I had with Sharon but for obviously different reasons. After ‘cleaning up’, we put our pants or shorts back on, went to sleep and didn’t talk about the incident till the next morning, which I remember was a Saturday and mum had gone off to work as usual, leaving us asleep. I should explain that apart from the fact I was always pretty mature for my age, mum worked in a shop at the top of the street we lived on and so, wasn’t very far away. I was only about 11½ by then but mum had always worked and I hadn’t really needed a ‘sitter’ for some time. It was an arrangement we had – she needed to work (there was only her and I) and I needed to act in a mature enough way that she didn’t need to worry about me being on my own. The arrangement worked pretty well and I don’t think I ever let her down. I had needed to ‘grow up’ quite quickly from an early age. From when I was aged about 3 or four, until I was about 9, mum was often very ill and it wasn’t unusual for me to come home from school to find a lady in a uniform waiting to take me to foster parents because mum had been admitted to hospital yet again. This happened on a frequent basis and although they were quite often dreadful experiences that I recall with a lot of anger, some of the foster parents and homes were atrocious and I was often very badly treated, I guess they hardened me and perhaps gave me some of the determination and principals even, that I have today. I remember a time for example, when mum had had to come out of hospital because there was no one at all to look after me and the illness she had, had left her temporarily blind. At 5 years old, I was having to help her prepare food, make drinks, lead her around the streets so shopping could be done, count out money, help her to the toilet, and a hundred and one other things that a five-year old shouldn’t have to experience. As I said, in hindsight, I’m sure that all those experiences made me the person I am today and as grim as they may now seem, I don’t think I’d change very much of the events that took place during those years. Of course, I wouldn’t wish all those bad things on my mother again but I think you know what I mean.

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       Well, there we were Saturday morning. Still in my bed, the flat to ourselves and I think both of us were unsure of quite what to say or do! We just seemed to stay where we were after mum had gone to work, talking about anything except what had happened the night before but both of us so obviously not wanting to get out of bed yet. Eventually, I suppose I figured that one of us had to say something about it and I asked Merv if he had enjoyed what we had done. He said he had and that he wouldn’t mind if it happened again. I agreed that it had been good and that I wouldn’t mind either, if he wanted to.
      I told him I was already hard anyway and that I’d had my hand on my cock for the past ten minutes and was going to wank anyway so we might as well do it to each other again and enjoy it. With that, Merv pulled back the covers to look to see if I really did have my hand on my cock and, sure enough, my hand was inside the waistband of my pants and gripping my cock firmly!‘Dirty bastard. ’ Merv said. ‘Nothing dirty about it. It feels good and we’ve wanked in front of each other enough times before. ’ I said. ‘Yeah, I suppose so. ’I have to admit that I actually couldn’t wait to get my pants off and get my cock in Merv’s hand or to get my hand back on his cock. It was just such a different experience and felt so good, I wanted to do it again. I just raised my hips and slipped my shorts off and watched while Merv did the same.

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         As I lay there on my back with my hand on my hard cock, Merv said he wanted to get into a better position this time and that he found it a bit awkward before. I told him to do what he liked, there was no way we were going to be interrupted, so it didn’t matter. To start off with, Merv just sat up, threw his leg over mine and knelt astride my legs and started to wank me slowly with one hand while stroking his own cock with the other. Then, after a while, I reached up and replaced his hand with mine while he started to feel my balls. I did the same and cupped his balls in my left hand, stroking his cock with my right. Then Merv asked if he could try holding both of our cocks in one hand. He didn’t give a reason but I guess he just wanted to feel them rubbing together and I didn’t object at all. So that’s what he did. He just hunched himself forward slightly, leant down a little and our cocks touched together – it was an odd sensation but, once again, I liked it. Then he put his hand down and gripped both cocks together and began to wank them both at the same time. The length of his cock felt so warm against mine and the feeling was so nice. I could feel the warmth and the hardness of his cock against mine and, as I watched them rubbing together, I could see the pre-cum starting to leak from both of us. I didn’t know it was called pre-cum then of course, but it looked good anyway and as the juices mingled together, it made it all feel very silky and nice. I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I came and I was a bit disappointed because there were other things I thought I wanted to try but I have to admit that this felt so good, I didn’t want that to stop either. I told Merv that he better slow down or stop because if he didn’t, I was going to cum.

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         He said he was pretty close too and carried on wanking our cocks together side by side. I was just laying there, not knowing quite what to do with my own hands and thinking I ought to do something. In the end, I reached around with my right hand and tried to cup our balls in my hand – it was a bit awkward and I couldn’t quite do it properly but I could still manage to stroke them as Merv wanked us both. Then, we were both breathing very hard and Mervyn was wanking faster and faster and I started to cum and as Merv saw it start to shoot out of my cock, he grunted and I watched as his spunk started to join mine. Most of it shot across onto my stomach, while the rest went over Merv’s hand and fingers. It was fuckin’ fantastic. There was spunk everywhere and what a feeling? Merv’s cock throbbing against mine as we both came, almost together. Merv kept hold of our dicks as they started to wilt and that felt pretty good too. The softness of the skin and the feeling when the hardness has gone, was great. I still like the feeling of my cock when it starts to soften and everything feels so sensitive. Pretty soon, we were both grinning all over our faces and looking around for something to clean up with and that was pretty much the end of our experimenting for that day. From then on, we shared many similar experiences together but it still never went further than mutual wanking and touching. Wanking our cocks together like that proved to be a favourite and we would often take turns in being the one doing the work! During those early days, we didn’t experiment very much further because I don’t think we needed to. Maybe, we were also a little frightened too – who knows? We were having fun and that was all that seemed to matter at the time!. has the huge list of babes and escort services in Brussels!

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