Emily was lay in her bed, under the covers. As she shifted in her sleep, the sun from the crack between the curtains caught her face, and she woke unhappily from her sleep, tossing the covers to one side and screwing up her eyes as she stretched a little. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt, showing off her C cup breasts. Her smooth midriff showed between the bottom of her t-shirt and the top of her tight pink shorts, which highlighted the luscious curves of her ass and her sexy long legs. Her chestnut brown hair was in a ponytail and rested on her shoulder where it stopped. Her soft pink lips opened as she yawned, and more light was shed on her creamy complexion as she moved. Her beautiful brown eyes slowly opened and adjusted to the light. When she was stretching, she noticed a familiar wetness in her shorts which she smiled at and, like any developing 16 year old girl, she moved her hand between her legs and began to rub herself. As she was beginning to enjoy it, she turned her head to the side and noticed the clock. Suddenly, she jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom down the hall, not wanting to be late again.
When she finished showering, she quickly dried herself off and ran, naked, to her room, past the open door of her 18 year old brother’s room. Back in her room, she picked up the first underwear she found – a white lacy bra and matching thong – and put them on, followed by her school uniform. This was a white blouse, black top over this, a short, black, pleated skirt and knee-high black socks. When dressed, she messily put her hair into a ponytail, grabbed her bag and ran down the stairs and out of the house, only stopping to answer her brother’s call of ‘bye, sis’. As she walked quickly to school, a breeze kept catching between her legs, urging her to finish her interrupted work. However much Emily wanted to, she couldn’t stop, because she needed to get to school on time and avoid being late.

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As she ran into her form room, her chest heaving, she narrowly avoided a detention once again, and asked permission to go to the bathroom to sort herself out. Her heavy breathing attracted attention from some boys in the corridor, but Emily carried on to the toilets and fixed herself in the mirror. She took her hair out of the messy ponytail it was in and put it into plaited pigtails – she had geography with her favourite teacher, Mr James, that morning and had to look her sexiest for him. As the bell rang, she walked to her mostly uneventful first lesson and spending it bored as her friends talked to her about pointless things that Emily wasn’t interested in. The lesson seemed to drag on forever, but when the bell finally did ring, she rushed hastily to geography.
In this class, Emily sat at the back with Jack. Jack was a tall guy, with light brown hair, a gorgeous face, sexy smile and skin that seemed to be permanently tanned. He was one of the few guys in her year that Emily thought was worth a second look, and she did a lot of watching him. However, in this lesson, her focus was usually on the man at the front of the class. Mr James was about 6’3” and all the girls wanted him. He was a relatively new teacher, and had started just the year before. He was 24 years old with a nice smile and, from what Emily could tell, a great body. His hair was spiked and blonde, and in all of his classes, the girls focused on him while the guys just talked. Emily just watched him as he spoke about tectonics or something, she wasn’t concentrating on his words, and soon, she was feeling that wetness coming back between her legs. With the combined troubles of her sexy teacher, hot friend sat next to her and having not got off that morning, Emily thought she needed some fun.

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She looked sideways at Jack and he smiled at her, so she smiled back. She shifted her chair a little closer to him, unnoticeably, and put her hand on his thigh. He looked to his thigh, and then to Emily, but she continued to look forwards smiling. She began to stroke up and down his thigh, her fingers getting closer to his groin with each stroke. His mouth was open slightly and he was transfixed, watching this sexy girl coming on to him. As she reached the top of his thigh, she squeezed and looked into his eyes. They seemed to plead for more from her. She smiled again and undid his trousers. She pulled down the zip slowly, so that nobody would hear them if they were close. She pulled out his semi-hard penis and admired it lying on his leg. He shifted in his seat a little to let her know that he was ready for her, and she slowly began to stroke his shaft up and down. His cock quickly hardened and she sped up her stroking a little, pulling the foreskin up and down to allow the breeze to tease the head of his dick while she stroked him. She brought her face closer to his and he kissed her face softly a few times, and went to her neck as she continued to stroke his 7” hard cock up and down. As he kissed her, Emily unbuttoned the bottom of Jacks shirt so that she could see his hot body. He had a very nicely developing stomach, and this was just as tanned as his arms and gorgeous face.

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   She ran her free hand over his chest and abs as she turned in to kiss him on the lips. They were startled by Mr James shouting at another pupil, and though she kept his dick in her hand, she felt it best to be less obvious about what was happening. She resumed her stroking and the wetness between her legs was still building. Soon it got too much for her, and she leaned over Jack. Her head went to his crotch, and she took 6 of his 7 inches into her mouth, sucking on his cock like a lollipop. As she bobbed up and down, Jack moaned softly and then quickly bit his lip to prevent any more. He let her continue and then whispered to her that he was going to cum, as he thrust his hips a little off the seat to get deeper down her throat. She pulled her head up from his cock and pulled him into a kiss, furiously stroking his dick again. Their tongues danced in each others mouths, and this suppressed his moan as he came over Emily’s hand and his still exposed stomach. He pulled away from their kiss and pecked her on the lips once more, smiling that sexy smile to give his thanks. She smiled back and lowered her head to his stomach, licking up his cum and swallowing it down her throat.
As Jack buttoned up the bottom of his shirt and Emily tidied herself up, the bell went to tell them it was their break. However, as Emily and jack were ready to leave;
“Emily, could you stay behind please. Jack, you can go to break. ” Mr James said.

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   Emily and Jack exchanged a slightly worried glance, but he smiled at her again as he closed the door behind him. Emily became quite flustered. After her fun with Jack during the lesson, and now being up close to a fantasy of hers, she was very hot between the legs.
“Now Emily, I think you know what this is about” Mr James went on. “You’re far behind in class as it is; I need your full concentration in lessons. ” ‘Phew’, thought Emily, he hadn’t seen what her and Jack were doing.
“Yes Sir, I know, but I find it hard to concentrate in class sometimes…” Emily replied.
“Well maybe I should move you next to a person that you’re not going to get on with as well as Jack, someone who you won’t have as much fun with. ” Emily was shocked. Not only because Mr James had seen what she had been doing with Jack, but now also because he had a noticeable bulge forming in his trousers. She eyed it hungrily, and he saw her looking.
“Sir. . . ” she was interrupted by Mr James
“Call me Phil, Emily” he said as he stroked a few stray hairs from her eyes.

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“Ok then, Phil, I’m sorry, if you leave me where I am, I promise to pay more attention in future, it’s just today I…I wasn’t really…thinking for myself” but Mr James had stopped listening. He stood up and met Emily’s lips with his own. They were in a deep embrace, and she could only smile. One of her biggest fantasies was coming true. As they pulled away from the kiss, Phil pulled down his trousers while Emily unbuttoned his shirt. She was right about his body. As his shirt slid off his shoulders, his muscled chest and stomach were exposed. She couldn’t help running her hands over his chest and licking his body, paying attention to his nipples. At this he moaned and squeezed Emily’s plump, sexy ass in his hand.
Mr James, stood only in his boxers, pulled off Emily’s top and blouse, and stared for a short while at her amazing breasts, just screaming for his attention. He once again kissed her full on the lips, and unbuttoned her skirt at the side. It fell to the floor and she looked fantastic in her sexy underwear and those knee high socks, Phil thought. He stroked her legs, squeezed her ass and kneaded her tits through her minimal clothing, and she was loving every second of it. Her thong was soaked with her juices from the eventful day so far, and she needed more than ever to be satisfied. Moving his hand round to her back, Phil unsnapped Emily’s bra and her boobs stood proud from her chest.

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   She stood in awe as he moved his mouth to her hard pink nipple and he sucked on it as he massaged the other breast. He had a process of swapping between her breasts and licked outwards on them, to stimulate her more. She welcomed this with lots of moaning and she stroked his hair as she pushed his head onto her waiting breasts. Soon, Phil lowered his tongue down her stomach and he ripped down her soaking thong with his teeth, inhaling the sweet smell of her teen pussy as he did so. When this was done, he probed her pussy with his tongue, licking and sucking on her clit, before delving into her pussy deep, causing her to moan and call out his name.
”Oh Phil, baby, please, suck me dry baby, fuck me with your tongue, come on baby. ” This gave Phil even more incentive and arousal to get the job done and he sped up, flicking his tongue over her clit more often. As her breathing quickened, she spoke to him again;
“Oh Phil, please baby, fuck me now, I want you inside me while I cum, I want your nice hard dick tearing me apart. ” This was enough for her teacher, and he jumped up and bent Emily over his desk. He tore down his boxers and thrust into her soaking wet pussy, passing no resistance. ‘Hmm’, he thought, she’s done this before…’ This turned him on so much, he just smiled and rammed into her as hard as he could. She was screaming for his cock, wanting more and more from her sexy teacher, and this brought Phil ever closer to his own building orgasm. Soon, she called out loudly and her pussy contracted against his 8” dick, squeezing it hard as she came over him;
“Oh Phil, fuck me, fuck me hard, yeah, come inside me sir, fuck your slut of a student hard, oh yeah, baby, fuck that’s good…’ Emily’s orgasm and dirty talk forced Mr James into his own huge orgasm, deep inside Emily’s pussy.
“Oh Emily, fucking hell…I’ve never had suck a nice, tight pussy around my dick, oh baby I had to cum in you, fuck yeah…” His thrusting slowed and he pulled his softening cock out of Emily’s pussy, covered in their mixed juices. As they kissed again, she tasted her own sweet juice on his tongue and they both squeezed the other’s ass.

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They watched each other dress back into their clothes, kissed once more and Emily left the classroom, just as the bell rang for her third lesson. Outside the geography room, Jack was waiting for Emily.
“Hey baby” he said as he leaned in and kissed her. “You didn’t get in any trouble for what we did, did you?”
“No baby, don’t worry. Me and Mr James sorted everything out” replied Emily with a smile.
“Oh good” said jack, relieved, and he pushed Emily against the wall and kissed her passionately once more. “We’ll have to carry on our lesson sometime, won’t we baby?” said Jack happily, a smile playing across his lips.
“Hmm, definitely baby” she answered, laughing and grinning to him. He smiled back, and put his hand on her ass, squeezing lightly as they walked to her next lesson.

Let me know what you think, it’s my first story. Email any suggestions or improvements to arlopinkstaff@yahoo. co. uk     It’s my first story so go easy lol,.

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