Emma rehearses her part


Emma Kirby had enjoyed acting from her first steps on stage at her primary school. She played in all the Christmas shows, and had acted Mary in her local Cathedral, when her class was chosen to perform on Christmas Eve.
But that was eight years ago, and now she was sixteen (nearly seventeen – as she said to her friends), and she was now at sixth form college where she was starting to study theatre more deeply.
And she had a real advantage now as she looked like Keira Knightly as that actress had in Bend it with Beckham. The same hair, the same small breasts, and the same long legs, which she all too often displayed through her designer slashed jeans which always displayed her blue or red thongs. But Emma seemed not to be aware of the virginal sex she oozed, which made the male students drool, and her male tutors wish they were younger. They also knew that her boyfriends were not around for long. She decided that no one was going to get in her way of her profession. Yet!
Her being chosen by her form tutor to audition at the local theatre for a part in a studio production was no surprise to her friends, but she was in the dark about the part and play as it was a new work which had won a grant.
Her tutor told her that she was chosen because they had asked for a natural, attractive girl to play a rebellious daughter in the play.
‘Just go for it’ he had said, reminding her that she was good at emotions which were not part of her make up.
So, three days later, she arrived at the theatre, and was met at the box office by a girl who appeared to be wearing the contents of a local Oxfam shop.
‘Hello darling. You must be Emma’. she said taking Emma’s outstretched hand and pulling her to the door to the back stage area.
‘I’m Gabby.

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   You will be seeing Dee for your audition’.
Emma looked blank.
‘You know, Dee Harris’
Emma looked a bit blank.
‘Oh you know. Deirdre Harris. The author. She wrote that best seller ‘E male’ said Gabby as they rushed around the dark backstage areas.
Emma knew the book, which was about a very open affair by two e mailers.
Gabby continued ‘It’s a very open play. Bit naughty. That worry you?’
‘No’ said Emma, but with some concerns.
They reached the door to the studio, and went in.
It was dark other than a couple of working lights which were focussed on a sofa which was shrouded in a dust cover.
A voice came out of the dark. Female and friendly.

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‘Hi Emma. Hey Gabby go and sort out the seating for the first night will you. I’ll sort out the audition. And Jeff is here, so he will read his part’.
Gabby spoke in a whisper to Emma.
‘Hell. You are the lucky one. I normally read at audition, but you get the best. Jeff Lezard. Lucky you. ’
Emma gasped. Jeff Lezard, the 30 year old handsome English Actor who had won two awards for recent films.
Gabby went out, and from the shadows came a middle aged lady in a long housecoat, followed by a slim man wearing a white shirt and black jeans.
‘Im Dee, and this is…’ said Dee, but Emma rushed out the words. ‘Jeff Lezard.

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   Im such a fan of yours, Wow, This is my dream’.
He walked up to her, looked her up and down and turning to look at Dee said. ‘This is her. She’s the one’.
Dee looked at him, and nodded. They gave her a script and she sat for a few minutes to look at it. It was playing the part of a devious tease babysitter looking after the child of the man Jeff was playing.
The audition went well. Better than she hoped. She reacted to the words from Jeff. She was good.
Dee cam up to her and told her that she was in. She would go and sort things out, and could she stay and read through the script with Jeff.
She knew that there was no way she would leave. Then said ‘I’ll be an hour’.

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   Then we can try the first act.
After she had gone, Jeff said they should try the most difficult part, on page 60 where she tries to entice him.
She looked at the page, and read the directions. She noticed Jeff took the dust cover off the large sofa, and removed his shirt.
She looked at him. ‘ Sorry’ he said ‘Its hot in here. ’
But really she was admiring his body. He continued ‘Take that jacket off, we can’t get into the part with you looking like that’.
She undid the coat and took it off. Her white shirt showed her small blue bra. Jeff looked, and his eyes dropped to her bare tummy with the trace of blue lacy thong ‘My God’ he said ‘You are stunning!’
‘Why thank you kind sir’ she said.
‘Mmmm. Well lets get on with it. ’
They sat down and following his directions they started to read the script. In this bit of the play her part was to try to seduce him.

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They worked through the script and she really felt in command. Then as she had to slide toward him, her line was ‘Well kiss me you bastard’.
He reached over, grabbed her and pushing her back onto the sofa ground his mouth onto hers.
She gasped, and he pulled away, quietly saying ‘Im so sorry.
    I couldn’t resist. Please don’t complain about me’.
    She looked at him. ‘I’m not complaining’ she said and pausing briefly said ‘lets carry on’.
    She read the next lines and heard him respond. Them she saw the stage direction, which said she was to stand up and undo her shirt to excite him, and that would be the end of the act.
    She stood up, and started to undo the buttons. He looked at her and said ‘You don’t have to if you don’t want yet’.
    She shook her head and continued. And slowly dropped the shirt. She stood in her white bra. 

       Her head tilted to one side.
    She looked at the last line in the script. The next line she said in her own voice.
    ‘So what are you going to do next. ’
    He stood up and dropped the script. ‘I’ll show you. ’
    He moved to her and gently put his hands behind her and undid the clasp of the bra. It fell down her body, while his hands moved down and pulled her zip down on her jeans. She moved her hands to help, but he said no, and lowered them while he lowered himself in front of her. She stood in her blue thong and he looked up.
    ‘Perfect’ he whispered.
    The he pushed his head to her mound and licked through her lacy covered pussy.
    She moaned and her legs started to buckle.
    He gently lowered the thong and stared at her hairless pussy.
    ‘I like it shaved so I can wear a leotard’ she whispered.

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    ‘I love it shaved. It is so easy to kiss. ’
    He slowly and gently licked around her slit and knew that she was starting to moan toward a climax.
    When it came she slowly buckled back onto the sofa. he stood and undid his jeans, and she at once noticed he went commando.
    She saw his cock which was not overbig, but to her it was what she wanted.
    he lowered himself and knelt in front of her, his cock lined with her pussy. he shuffled forward and gently rubbed it along her pink pussy lips. He moved forward and gently opened her. She sighed and felt a warmth she had not known from her own use of a vibrator. She knew there wouldn’t be much pain. She had burst her own cherry with the vibrator.
    He slid more of his cock into her until he reached her depths. Then he stayed still. He moved his fingers along her slit.

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    She looked at her thighs, where they joined his, and gently said.
    ‘Please just fuck me with that thing. I am ready’.
    To show him she lifted her hips and he felt her grip him. He responded, and slowly pulled out. he watched her lips gripping his cock. He pushed back and stared to move in and out.
    ‘Ooooh……Mmmmm…. . Ohhhhhhh’ Her gentle moans finished him and he started to go fast and deep.
    She felt a knew warmth and saw him start to stare at her. She knew he was close, and then with a deep gasp his warm fluid sprayed into her pussy.
    She gasped and yelled in a new climax.
    They stayed joined while he stroked her breasts.

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       That was some rehearsal. ’ he said. ‘Im glad you got the part. ’
     ‘And I’m glad I’ve got your part’ she said gripping his cock in her warm wet depths.

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