I first met Evie at church. We went to the same church, and both
of us attended Youth Group, Sunday evenings. I was almost 18,
and it turned out she was barely 14.
We enjoyed talking to each other, and I found her fairly attractive.
She was a brunette, rather short - about 4'7", and still a little chubby.
Anyway, one Sunday after chatting a bit, we drifted out to the
yard next to the church building, which was not visible from inside.
I don't remember which of us initiated the kiss, but we both quickly
got into it. Soon, as we kissed, I was squeezing her little tits and
rubbing her crotch through her woolen dress. She eagerly pressed
her budding breasts into my hand, and hunched up against me,
while I rubbed her pussy through her dress.
Getting a bit bolder, I unzipped my pants. She needed no promp-
ting, stuck her little hand into my open fly, and started squeezing
my cock, smiling up at me while we kissed even more deeply,
licking each other's tongue.
Soon, we had to break for air, and I said, "Evie, would you like to
take a little drive?"
"Sure!" she answered, and after I zipped up,we walked hand-in-hand
to where I had parked the family car. When we got to it, she said, "Wow!
This is a beautiful car! Let's go!"
I took us to a nearby parking lot, deserted at that time, where we
had a clear view in all directions but couldn't be observed. On
the way, Evie slid over against me, and squeezed and rubbed
my cock some more.

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   I was hard as a rock, by this time.
I noticed she was wearing a small, heart-shaped locket, and asked
her idly, "Where did you get that?"
"My boyfriend gave it to me,"she replied. "But it's OK! We aren't
going steady, or anything. "
I didn't press her further, because we got to the parking place I
had in mind, and we got back to business. She unzipped my fly,
this time, and reached into my briefs, easily finding my stiff prick.
Meanwhile, I felt her little breasts some more, and started parting
her knees, reaching up between her thighs in search of her little
cunt. She gladly cooperated, and even raised her ass up to pull
off her little black panties, which she tossed on the floor.
However, all I found on probing further was very stiff fabric!
I looked at her questioningly. "Sorry!" she said. "If I had known
we would be doing this, I wouldn't have worn this girdle! But you
can still reach my pussy!" She spread her thighs as far as the
girdle would allow, and my hand quickly pressed into the very
constricted gap. I did, barely, find her little twat, which was very
wet, and I began finger-fucking her, as much as I could.
"Doesn't that thing come off?" I asked in frustration.
"Yeah, but I would have to strip," she replied, "and we don't have
time for that. "
"Well," I said, pushing my finger as far into her as I could reach,
"If I could get to it, I would love to give you a little head, first. "
She looked mystified.

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   "What's that?"
I shouldn't have been surprised that there still were a few things
this 14-year-old didn't know. "You know, go down on you, eat
you out, lick your cunt. "
Her eyes widened. "Really? Would you really like to lick my pussy?"
"Oh, yeah!" I answered. "I love pussy, the way it looks, the way it
smells, the way it feels, and the way it tastes! The girl who taught
me to fuck began teaching me to eat pussy, and gave me my first
blowjob, too. "
"I wish you could do that on me," she said after a pause. "Next
time, I won't wear a girdle!"
"Well, it'll be my pleasure, and I'm betting you will love it, too. For
now, though, I guess this is all we can do. "
Then a thought struck me. "Do you come to any morning services?"
I wondered.
"Yeah, I usually come to the 9:15. Why?"
"OK! From now on, I'll meet you when it's over, and we can pick up
on unfinished business! Right? And then meet again here at Youth
"Oh, yes!"
"And no girdle, right?"
"Not for you any more, Honey! Now finger my little pussy some more.
Well, that was an invitation I couldn't pass up. I fingered her and tickled
her little clit until we decided we had better get her home. She pulled
my cock out of my pants and stroked it all the way to her house, and licked it a little, but didn't want to suck me - yet.

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We planned to get together next after the 9:15 service, the following
Well, the 9:15 service came along. I searched the congregation repeatedly,
but saw no sign of Evie. After the service, I kept looking for her, but
without any luck. Feeling frustrated, I hoped to see her at Youth Group,
that evening.
After getting hornier and hornier all day, I went in to the church, full of
hope. She wasn't there. I waited for half and hour, then decided I might
as well go home and jerk off. As I walked out the side door, there she
was, getting out of a car.
I waited until the car pulled out of sight, then met her as she was coming
"Where have you been, all day?" I demanded.
"I couldn't get a ride, this morning," she replied, "and don't expect to
get anything off me, tonight!"
"Why not?"
"I've just been having it out with four boys," she answered, "and my pussy
is full of cum. "
I have to tell you, that didn't turn me off. Far from it! The thought of her gangbanging four guys really turned me on, big time. I didn't at all mind being last in line, as long as I got some pussy from this little teenie nympho! I did abandon the thought of eating her out that night, though.

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"Oh, come on," I pleaded. " I've been waiting for you all day! Give me a little? OK?"
She sighed, and said, "Well, I may as well make it an even five. Let's go somewhere. "
My spirits, and my cock, rose again, together. We went to my car, and climbed in. Evie immediately pulled up her skirt and stripped off her black panties - so far as I could tell, they were the same pair I had seen, before. I took this as an invitation, and moved over to feel her little cunt.
"You don't need to do anything to me!" she said, pushing my hand away.
I thought a moment, and realized she needed no more stimulation, after fucking four boys, earlier. I pulled the car into a small grove of trees next to
the parking lot, and cut the engine.
"Do you want to do it up here," I asked, "or get in back?"
"In back. Come on!" she prompted, and began climbing over the seat back.
As little Evie swung her leg over, I got a good look, finally, at her little pussy, with very sparse hair above it on her mound of Venus. Her cunt was all wet and glistening, whether with her juice or guys' cum I don't know. Probably both.

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   Anyway, by the time I climbed over, she was laying on her back, legs spread wide, while she smiled up at me.
I wasted no time in kneeling between her thighs, and started to position my dick at her pussyhole.
"Do you want me to put it in?" she grinned.
I thought for less that a second, and said "Yeah! stick it in your pretty little cunt for me!"
She reached down between us, gently took my stiff prick, which was about the same size then as it is now - 7 1/2" long and 5 1/2" around - and put the head in her wet little twat.
All of a sudden, I thought of something. "Don't you use rubbers?"
She snickered. "Oh, no. I don't need them yet! Now come on and fuck!"
I did.
After so long without fucking, her hot, wet little pussy felt delightful! Hell, it probably would have, anyway.
We fucked for several minutes, as I pushed into her and she humped back.
Then she asked me,"Is it all the way in?"
Since I had been grinding my pubic bone against hers for a few seconds, I thought surely she must know, but I answered anyway, "Yeah, you're getting all I've got!"
"OK!" she replied, like she just wanted to be sure I wasn't keeping any hard dick from her, and settled back into our fuck rhythm.
We went at it for a while longer, with me pumping away, while she pushed back and exclaimed, "Oh, yes! Do me harder! FUCK ME! COME ON!" Her little cunt felt so good, I wanted to do it all night; but suddenly I came, squirting my load into her already full little pussy.
Oh, something I just remembered: while we were screwing, another car pulled out of the parking lot and turned our way. I panicked for a second, but Evie just kept humping away, although we were a pair of brightly lit up fuckers, for a second or two. I figured if it didn't bother her, it didn't bother me! Anyway, the car turned off to the exit, never stopping.

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After I finished cumming, we climbed back into the front seat, she pulled her panties back on, smoothed down her skirt, and I took her back up to the church door. When we stopped, I asked her if she had time to do it some more, since my cock was rapidly hardening, again.
"No, thanks," she replied. " I'd like to, but my mother is coming to pick me up in a little while. Besides, I have to get home and douche all this cum out of me!"
As she got out of the car, she turned and said, grinning, "Thanks for a great end to the evening!" That should have been my line, but I was slow. Then she went inside.
That, unfortunately, was the only time I got to fuck Evie. I did go by her house once, but her little sister was home, and Evie ran me off. After that, things got too complicated for us to get together; but I think of her once in a while. I heard later that she became a full-time slut, fucking anybody, any time, anywhere. Except for that once, though, I missed out on the fun.

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