As Allyson and Craig tried to endure their hangovers, they took a shower and Craig drove her home. Her mother was not happy, and for the next hour Allyson listened to her bitch. Tuning her out, Ally walked downstairs to her room and grabbed her keys, which Jen had placed on her dresser.
Dave, her cousin, walked out of his room, which was next to hers. He looked at her like she was crazy and shook his head.
"Jane's pissed at you, moron," he said as he lit up a cigarette.
"Do you think I care? Give me a cigarette, bitch," she demanded, holding out her hand. Still shaking his head, Dave tossed her one and headed upstairs. Allyson searched for a lighter, then followed him upstairs.
Jane, her mother, was making lunch. Dave and Allyson sat at the table, smoking and waiting for their food. While they were waiting, Allyson's cell phone rang.
"Hello?" She asked.
"Hey, Al, it's Craig. Um, about last night. .

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   I'm really sorry, you know? I know you were drunk and -"
Allyson stopped him. "Don't worry about it, I've wanted to do it for a long time. It wasn't a drunk thing. "
Craig was quiet. "Well in that case, would you like to go out with me sometime? I know of a party going on in Ames- a whole bunch of college people but lots and lots of alcohol. "
"I'd love to," she said.
That Friday night, Allyson drove over to Craigs, where she parked her car and joined him in his. Awkwardly, he kissed her on the cheek, then shifted and backed out of the drive.
    For most of the trip, he was silent, thinking about what to do now that he had her and she was sober.
    They arrived at the party, and people greeted him, congratulating him on "gettin a hott one". He smiled and kept his hand on Allyson's side, keeping her close. Together they walked over and got beers, then sat on an empty couch.
    As the night progressed, they didn't get very drunk but instead caught a couple bowls being passed around. Not getting very high, either, and assuming it was ditchweed, they finally called it quits and headed home. It was only two, and Allyson didn't have to go home, so they went to Craig's.

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    When they pulled up to his small house, the light in his roommate's room was on, his music turned on. They walked past his door, hearing a girl's laughter.
    "At least we won't have to worry about him," Craig whispered, guiding her to his part of the house. They grabbed fresh beers from his fridge, then sat on his bed.
    They nursed their beers, unsure of what to do after they were gone.  Craig had lost his drunken abandon from the night before, and Allyson wasn't used to taking charge. Finally, as they set their beers down simultaneously, Ally moved closer and put her hand on his cheek. Turning him towards her, she slowly kissed him and leaned back, pulling him on top of her.
    His knee settled between her legs, teasing her as his kiss deepened. When they came up for air, she whimpered and tried to make him move. Craig only laughed, then helped her out of her clothes. When she was finally naked, her perfect body laying before him, he groaned and stripped off his own clothes.
    "How did I get so lucky?" He asked as he pulled off his shirt. Allyson only laughed, helping him unbutton his pants. When together they were nude, they suddenly didn't know what to do.

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    Craig still lay on top of her, his dick hard and lying on her stomach.
      Slowly she sat up, turned around, and knelt on all fours before him. Allyson pointed her ass at him, then wiggled it against his cock.
      Finally Craig's abandon returned, and he grabbed her hips, positioning them where he wanted them. Rubbing his dick up and down her slit, he grinned at the moans that escaped her. When he found her entrance, he slowly pushed forward, slipping in just a little bit. Allyson tried to push back, but his strong arms kept her from moving. Craig sat there, with just the tip of his dick in her, then suddenly pulled her towards him, sinking in and causing her to yelp. Roughly he pushed her away, then brought her back, brutally fucking her. Allyson moaned louder, her orgasm building steadily.
      Just as it hit her, Craig pulled out of her completely, then placed his dick at her asshole. When she felt that, she tried to tell him no, she'd never done that, but he silenced her and slowly entered her, letting her get used to it, the pain subsiding and replaced by a strange new pleasure. As soon as she pushed back, Craig started to slowly move back and forth, still close to his own orgasm. Allyson's virgin ass pushed him over the edge quickly, its tightness engulfing his shaft. With a moan he poured his seed into her, leaning over her back and kissing her shoulder blades.

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         Waiting until he softened, Craig pulled out slowly and rolled over onto his pillow. Laying on his back, he stretched out his arm and let Allyson slither in against him.  He held her, listen to her whimper as the last of her orgasm went through her.
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