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He was wearing a fox racing jersey and looked really casual, Sarah of course loved the look, it was really him. It went great with him deep brown eyes that you could almost lose yourself in. Suddenly she heard the door open and Brad climbed up into the passenger seat. She smiled and said she was really looking forward to the date. He told her she looked really great. There was only small talk on the way to the movie that started at 8:30. They got to the movie and got some soda and popcorn. They sat down in the theater and the movie finally started. The movie started out boring and didn’t really get any better. Sarah leaned toward Brad and reached for his hand. When she took hold of his hand Brad looked at her and smiled. Sarah really liked that smile………she wanted to see how crazy she could drive him. She let go of his hand and replaced her hand on his knee. She ran her hand up his leg slowly. In what seemed like no time she had her hand on his zipper. She slowly pulled his zipper down and felt his cock getting a bit hard.

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   That totally made her horny. She slipped her hand in his boxers and rubbed his cock until it was hard and sticking out of his pants. Brad tilted his head back and softly moaned, then leaned over and tried to kiss Sarah on the lips. Sarah pulled away slightly and all he could manage to get in was a peck on the cheek. She stuck her hand back in his pants and rubbed his balls a little. She then took her hand out of his pants and set it back in her lap. Brad was so shocked when she stopped, he really liked what she was doing. Brad leaned over and went to put his hand of Sarah’s thigh and she grabbed his hand. “Not until we get home,” Sarah teased. “Fine, your call, let’s leave right now,” Brad said as he grabbed her hand and led her out of the theater. They were soon out to the car and Brad pushed Sarah up against it and kissed her hard right on the lips. Sarah put her hands on Brad’s chest and started rubbing his nipples threw his shirt. He let out a few groans and grinded into her. She felt his cock get harder and harder threw his pants. She unzipped his pants again and let his cock out.

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   She started rubbing his cock again and he tilted his head back and told her how great it felt. Brad leaned in and kissed Sarah. He ran his tongue around the inside of her lips and then into her mouth. She met his tongue with hers and wrapped her arms around his waist. He pressed her up against the side of the truck, grabbed her ass, and lifted her right off the ground. Brad slid Sarah’s skirt up, moved her thong aside and slipped his thick, hard cock into her. Sarah moaned and leaned her head back, up against the side of the truck. As Brad slid it in and out of her Sarah moaned to his rhythm. Sarah grabbed onto Brad’s shoulders and Brad walked her over to the back door, opened it up and laid her on the seat. Sarah reached up and pulled her shirt and bra off while Brad pushed her skirt up and pulled her thong off. Brad once again slipped himself inside of her and began fucking her. As Brad entered Sarah, she let out a moan. Brad grabbed a hold of Sarah’s hips and began fucking her harder and harder. Sarah’s round, full tits bounced around to Brad’s pace. Sarah moved her hands to her chest and started rubbing and gently pulling on her nipples.

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   Brad leaned into her chest and took one of her nipples in his mouth. He began licking and sucking on it and Sarah could feel her pussy tightening up. She slipped her hands onto Brad’s chest and began rubbing and gently twisting his nipples. The combination of Brad’s licking her nipples and his hard cock driving into her really got Sarah’s sense alive. Sarah’s hips started bucking and she started moaning louder and louder. Brad sat back up and rubbed Sarah’s hips and thighs, while holding them down. Sarah began rubbing her nipples and then alternating to rubbing her clit. She pressed her shoulder blades down and started raising her back off of the leather seat. She couldn’t keep rubbing her clit while he was in her, it was unbearable, the feeling was so intense, she immediately started shaking and didn’t want to orgasm so soon.
    Meanwhile, Brad was having the time of his life. He had his hands on Sarah’s hips, pushing her down unto his cock while he rammed it into her. Sarah began tightening up her pussy and it drove Brad wild. He started moaning and fucking her even faster than before. Brad leaned into Sarah and Sarah pulled him down a little closer and kissed him. While she kept their tongues busy she also rubbed his chest.

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       The three amazing sensations drove Brad right over the edge. He came extremely hard and moaned louder than Sarah would ever imagine. As soon as Sarah felt his warm cum in her, her back automatically lifted up and her hand went straight for her clit. She began rubbing it and she knew it wouldn’t be long until she came. Brad sat back and enjoyed the show while he settled down. Sarah took one hand and spread her pussy lips wide open while she rubbed her clit even faster with the other hand. Sarah started moaning and she got louder and the moans soon turned into a much louder scream. Sarah kept rubbing her clit while she slipped two fingers into her pussy. Brad leaned forward and began licking Sarah’s pussy clean. She let out a few more moans and told him how amazing it felt. After Brad had cleaned every drop of their cum out of her tight pussy he kissed her tits and then her mouth. He told her how he really liked her and how he’d love to spend more time with her but they both had to get home soon. Brad and Sarah got dressed and Sarah took Brad home. They shared a long passionate kiss before Brad got out of the truck. They decided on seeing one another regularly and maybe even having a few “get-togethers” at school.

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