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"Hey guys i say, ashley is comming right now with some of her friends. "Alright everybody shouts. "lets get some music going rob says"After about five minutes ash and her friends jenny, meg , and o yea robin show up. We toss around some beers at start the dancing. All of the girls get to the middle a start freakin with each other. It was hott. I was the last to jump in the pile, but luckly i found robin in the middle dancing with no guy behind her. SO i position myself up behind her and start grinding. Her it those hott tight pants and extremly small shirt was such a turn on. and with her wiggling her little ass in my crotch i felt my cock harden slightly. After a long while of dancing we stoped to grab a drink. While i was taking a swig i could see steam comming from the patio. I walk up to the door and see rob and ashley making out in the hot tub, both probabley nude. And for a go thing haveing a good time. "Hey brett, Me and Jenny are going to split says mike. ""well dude see a later have a great time i say", glancing at jenny whose nipples were popping out of her shirt.

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  I go back to the living room to find only robin there sitting in a chair. "Where did matt and meg go i ask?"oh they left once you went to see who was in the hot tub. ""Well, i guess it's you and mean i say with a smile. "We sit and drink some beers for a while and talk. Hearing moans from the hot tub our converstaions got to be about sex. I found out that she was not a virgin and firgure out she is a wild girl. Although i had to say that i was a virgin. She just smiled. Sudenley the patio door opens and rob and ashley come out with their clothes one backwords. "Hey Brett, me and ashley are all heated up, can we use a room. " "oh my god, rob seriously i shout""Yea dude he remarks""Fine go ahead i say""dude you awsome he flares", as he heads towards the guest room. "well robin now its difiantly you and me i say""thats ok, she remarks," wile getting up and putting some music on. She starts to dance and boy can she, her tight little bodie moves just right. Seeing that she is getting bored with herself, i motion towards the hot tub. "You want to take a dip i ask?""I don't have top on under my shirt, she says""well i defiantly don't mind i gasp"OK she saysShe turns away from me and takes off her pants revealing a nice thong.

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   She throws her shirt off and jumps in with out even letting me get a glance of her titties. "Well get in she says"I strip to my boxers and slide in. We sit close for a few minutes drinking a beer. telling that she is under the effects of the alchol i make a barve attempt. "Robin, i say, can i kiss you?""yea sure"I lean over and kiss her hot lips and slid my tounge into her mouth and wrestle with her tounge. We seperate and look at each other for a moment and finally she speaks. "brett, ive always wanted you"With That i grab her waste and pull her on top of me resting on the sid of the hot tub. She stands up a little and i get a view of her tits, they are so nice, and i can tell they're getting hard. We start to make out and i start to direct my kisses downward towars her nipples. I circle it with my tounge and then start to suck her boob, while grabing and twisting the nipple of the other tit. "oh that feels so good brett"I feel her hand slide donw towards my boxers and she grabs my now harding rock. "Do you want to take this to another room Robin?""Hell yes were not stopping now"We get to my room up stairs and i throw her half naked bodie down on my king size bed. I quickly kiss her on the lips a start kissing my way down. I pop my head up from her stomach and start to remove her thong, revealing her shaved pussy to my waiting mouth. Diving right in i start to lick her clit.


   Robin is now moaning urging me on with words"Suck me, o yes brett don't stop"She moans in extasay and i can tell she is near an orgasm. So i so as hard as i can a finally she exploded her loves jucies right into my waiting mouth. I grab her waste and pull myself up to her mouth and let her taste her cum. "That felt so good brett now its your turn"Robin pushes me to my back and slides my boxers off. "wow brett your cock is so large"with that she grabs on to my 8 inch shaft and starts sroking me whlie licking the head of my cock.
    She then engulfs my whole cock into her mouth and give the best blowjob i could imagin. After about 2 minutes i blow my load down her throat and she swallows it all not losing a drop. "That felt great robin""Oh you think that felt good robin says, you just wait. "With my erect prick still in her hand she kiss me full on the mouth adding some toung. "Get ready she says, your going to feel nothing you have before. "She brings he driping pussy over my cock and eases her slit on to my dick. and starts riding my cock. "oh man robin this feels great, fuck me bitch"Picking up speed she moans "oh i fuck you"Slowing to a stop she kisses me again and gets off my throbing prick and gets on her back. "Take my legs over you shoulder, and fuck me she moans"OK i grunt. I lifte her legs in the air and slam my hard on into her wet cunt.

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       "Harder, faster she shout, bucking her hips at my dick. "I pick up speed fucking her as hard as i possibly can. Feeling my loins begin to tighten i slam my dick is hard as i caN INTO HER, im cumming brett, im cumming, with those word i let loose and exploded my seed into the back of her pussy. Falling on top of her my now limp cock out or her slit i kiss her and we just lay there. "shit i say""what wrong she asks looking at me""Robin i wasn't wearing a condom""don't worry brett, im on the pill"We get dresses kissing every few minutes and head down stairs. Rob is kissing ashley as she heads out the door. Robin gets her coat and walks over to me and kisses me with a little added tounge, right befor she lets up her hand drifts to my crotch and she gives me a little tup. "See you later brett""Bye i say. "She heads out the door and i turn towards rob. "well it looks like you had a good night too brett""Yea, it was great. "Me and rob both chuckel and grab a beer going to the tv for some video games. THE END.
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