First time


The phone clicked and she slid it shut glancing at the time as it flashed across the screen. Nearly 10 pm and he was still 20 minutes away. She sighed and walked into the bathroom. She had been ready by 9:30 but with nothing else to do she would touch up her hair. Brittany was cute if nothing else. She had wavy shoulder length blonde hair, soft green eyes and  great curves. 34 C breast, a 26 inch waist and an ample ass. Her phone rang once again so she hurried to her room. She knew with out glancng at the id who it would be.
"Hey sexy. Nearly here?" She told him the street address and began walking out to the front door. She waved bye to her mom, who was freaking out about her going out so late, and went to stand by the curb so he wouldn't get lost in his drunken state.
His red car rumbled to a stop infront of her. It ddn't sound too safe but she climed in and shut the door. "Hey guys ready to go?"The car sped down the street.
She'd never really got a good look at I sassis with his glasses on.

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  In school he never wore them, she didn't even know he'd had some untel she sat down. But he looked sexy the light frame showing his eyes, but she didn't have long to look as his friend in the back seat handed her a beer and dared her to chug it. The rest of the ride to the party was a blurr filled with spanish music and beer as she tried to catch up to the guys.
At the party Isassis parked the car and they all piled out. But as she headed tourds the house he grabed her arm. "Nah B your gona stay with me for a while. " He opened the door and gently pushed her tourds the back seat.
She knew what he wanted and it sent sparks through her body. She moved giving him room to sit next to her then cuddled up next to him. His hands moved over her side then under her shirt. He played with her through the thin fabric of her bra before pushing her back.
"Strip. " There was no questioning his voice, it was an order that she would follow. He wasn't mean and she'd never been afraid of him before but she sat back and pulled off her clothing quickly not looking at him. His hand pushed her chin up and he puled her to him.


   The kiss was hard, demanding. "Undo my belt. " Another order and again she followed. His hard 8 inch cock sprang from his boxers. "Kiss it. " She bent her head over him and softly kissed its head. " Again. " She lowered her lips once again but as they touched it softly he pushed the back of ther head down.
In shock she opened her mouth and took him in. He held her head down untell she pushed on his arm. "I'm sorry B it's just. . . ya know. .

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  . where's the condom?Reach around to the dash board and grab it I don't want kids. "
"Neither do I, and we don't need a condom, I'm on birthcontrol. " She still turned and felt along the dash board but it wasn't there. " Sorry I can't find it up here. "
" Well look again. "
She turned and sat herself on his lap, his cock pressed against her stomach. " Look I promise there will be no kids. "
"And what if you do get pregrant?"
" Then I'll figure somthing out, I won't tie you down and I swear I wont get pregrant. Okay? So can he start before Satiago comes back?Please. " She slowly trailed kisses down his cheek, grabbing his hands and placing them on her breast.
He slid his hands down to her waist and picked her up placing her down again on his cock. She gasped, gripping his shoulders digging her nails in. He paused worried he'd hurt her, but she pushed down burring him inside of her. His hard 8 inches pulsed inside of her.

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   They locked eyes as she slowly rose up almost pulling him out of her then pushing hard back down. A sexy smile danced across her face she she went faster and faster. Quick gasps fell from her lips each time she impaild herself upon him. She grabbed his head and steared his mouth tourds her now errect nipples. He understood what she wanted and began sucking and kissing both breasts making her moan louder.  She quickly organismed and fell against his chest.
" No kids?" He questioned once again as she pressed her body against his.
She got off of his lap before answering. "No kids for me tell after I stop birthcontrol so no kids for you while I'm on it alright?" She grabbed his jacket off the back of the seat and wraped it around her.
"Right right. Now come here B. Take that off so it doesn't get dirty I'll warm you up. "He wraped his arm around her and began kissing her ear and jaw teasing her slightly.
They kissed untell Santiago came back and knocked on the window. " HEY YOU TWO DONE YET??" He suddnly started laughing and fell against the hood.

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   Brittany pulled her cloths on slid out of the car to let Santiago in. Isassis never redid his pants as he crawled from the back seat to the drivers seat. The car roarded to life and they pulled out onto the road.
Santiago loudly sang along to the music Isassis turned on.
"B kiss it again. " He ran his fingers through her hair pushing her head tourds his simi hard cock.
" No I don't like doing that.
    " She pushed his hand away but he put it right back and forced her head down.
    " B this is just one more thing, this or next time it's up your ass. "
    "Please. . . "But she was cut off as he once again shoved her mouth down around his cock. She gaged and pushed against him but he held her there. She pinched his arm afraid of what he would do if she bit him and thankfully he let her up.

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      "DON'T. . . " He cut her off again by pushing her head down, but she pinched him again so he let her up again.
    " Don't do that B!"
    "Then stop that Isassis! I said no!"
    "Well then next saturday you don't get a say. "
    She stopped fighting with him, the thought of anything up her ass scared her so she slowly lowered her mouth around his cock.
    "There now thats better, just do your best B I'll tell you when I'm gona cum and your gona show it to me then swallow it all, alright?"
    She looked up into his eyes and nodded slightly moving her head up and down quickly sucking softly. He moaned and pushed her so that he was all the way in her mouth and into her throat making her gag slighty.
    "Hold it there as long as you can B, I'll let you up when you tap on my leg then I'll push you down again in 10 seconds. " She quickly tapped on his leg and he really let her up, but only tell her lips touched the tip no further. She gasped for breath hardly able to fill her lungs when he pushed her down again. This happened many times before he finally wouldn't let her up when she tapped. He pushed her down bouncing her head up then down. She heard him groan as the first shot hit the back of her throat making her gag. He pushed her down again as he shot his load into her mouth.

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    " Now show me. "
    She sat up and opened her mouth showing him the pool in the back of her throat.
    "Good girl now swallow. You know what this makes you right B?"
    The taste was terrible but she swallowed it all and opened her mouth to show him again. " No, what?"
    " My Bitch. "He smiled at her.
     Just then they pulled onto her block. She hurried out of the car and tourds the house.
    "Wait B come here. "
    She slowly went back to him.
    " Santigao wants to have a turn next time. "