First time.


I was on a social networking site when a friendship request popped from a guy we had 3 friends in common, and they were my mum, brother and brother's friend, I looked through his pictures and he was lush. I was only 14 at the time and his age said 16. I accepted the friendship request and he popped up nearly straight away. He talked about the most random-est of stuff and he was a really nice guy and very funny. I asked my brother about who he was and he said that he was a close mate. After a few weeks, he asked me too meet him and his brother in town, afraid and embarrassed to go alone, I took my best friend, Katie. I had a great day in town that day and at the end of the day, he kissed me, JESSE ACTUALLY KISSED ME!! He passed me his cell phone number and told me to give him a ring. Later that night I sat staring at his cell number so I grabbed my cell and gave him a ring. 'Hey, Jesse. I was bored so I thought I would give you a ring' 'Yeah that's fine Steph, what you doing now?'
'nothing, sat on my laptop nothing to do, so bored. ' 'fancy coming over the RJD field?' 'what now?' 'yeah but just me and you this time aye?' I agreed and met him at the RJD field which wasn't that far away from my house. He waved me over to where he was standing behind a shed. I jogged over to the shed and he pulled a pack of fags, I never knew he smoked. 'fag?' 'I don't smoke, Jesse. ' 'Just try a drag, don't like it don't do it again. ' I pulled the fag off him and sucked the end and blew out the smoke, the burning in my throat was pretty nasty but addicting, I coughed a bit but continued smoking.

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   When I finished I threw at the floor and stood on it. 'So, what do you want to do now?' He didn't answer he raised an eyebrow and winked he led the way into the shed and there was nothing in there except a blanket. He grabbed hold of my waist and pulled my face into his lips, they were nice and moist. He pulled me over to the floor and ripped of my skirt and top and I pulled of his jeans and top I undone my bra and pulled down my thong and he slid down his boxers I could already see his penis standing tall and erect. I slid onto his penis letting it push its way inside of me I moaned with pleasure as I slid up and down on his penis it felt great. I felt him cum inside of me, the best feeling ever. I got off and gave him head as he rubbed my boobs then I positioned my pussy over his face and he licked me clean. After a while we stopped and got changed we snogged once more and left. Now, i'm 16 and he's 18 and from that day we are still together although there is a new addition coming our way:').