Friends 4 ever


     My name is Chris, im 15 years old, your average guy, though i never was into the perversion that most guys fall into. Most likely because of my 15 year old best friend Lisa, always kept me busy with extra activities. We would always go to the movies or the mall, or sleep over each others houses and talk about who we liked, your average teenage stuff. She had always been there when i needed her, even when i couldnt talk to my family about problems in my life, i love that girl. . . . . . as friend.     Today was me and my girlfriend Kimberlys anniversary. My friends said i needed one so i figured id go for the best looking girl i could find. She would sometimes seem like she'd have something else on her mind when i talked to her. But today i bought her a nice beautiful necklace that had her birthstone in it engraved C&K. I figured i'd surprise her at her house after school, so i speeded over as fast as i could holding the necklace case knowing she'd love the gift. I arrived at her house and noticed it was unlocked, perfect for a sneak up surprise.

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      Sadly i looked on the couch and saw that. . . . that whore kissing some guy from school, saying she loved him. . . . . she never said that to me, no once. I wanted to bust in and just scream at her but that would solve nothing so i merely walked out and ran home, glistening tears of shame and incompitence in my eyes. Why did she love him and not me. . . .

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  . was'nt i special? The moment i got hom i went up to my room and just punched the wall a few times to let some anger out. I decided she wasnt worth the pain so i just took a nap till about 8 o clock.     "Chris honey come down and help me with the groceries", heh it was my mom finnaly home from work, and as a treat my lovely Lisa was right behind her with a slight frown on her face. "I know you arent gonna make to ladies carry all these bags to the kitchen" said Lisa. "*sigh* no never that ill be right there". Once all the food was unpacked i went in the living room to watch some t. v and clear my head. Of course right when i sit down lisa jumps right on my lap. I felt a little ashamed because i felt myself start to have a erection, so i started to think of earlier today to get rid of the feeling. Although it helped i couldnt keep my eyes off of lisa's luscious chest. They were a good C cup size not to big not to small, the perfect size. Why was i looking at my best friend like this, but i couldnt help myself she was just so, dare i say, sexy. . .

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  .     Just the thought of that made me feel so cheap, i just hope she doesnt realise what im doing. "Okay well i have to go out to the sales meeting kids, apparently some dumbass at the office couldnt make it, sigh ill be back tommorrow, youll can take care of yourselfs" my mom said. "Okay cya mom". So that just left me and Lisa for the rest of the night seeing as it was a friday we could stay up as long as we want. "Okay i waited till your moms gone to ask you this but. . . . . . what the fuck is your problem" Lisa said. That caught me off guard, crap she must have seen me staring. "um. .

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  . . what are u talking about" I said trying to act dumb. "dont bullshit me Chris", "not stopping by after school then acting as if you arent paying attention to me, then not calling my house as usual" Lisa said. swooh i was safe. . . . . sorta but she deserved to know why.     "Look Lisa i havent done any of that today because I have been upset over that whore Kim cheating on me". She had a shocked look on her face and was STILL on my lap it was killing me i couldnt resist my erection much longer. "i see. . .

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  . im sorry Chris. . . . . i. . . . i didnt know. . . . .

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  now i feel bad" she said. "no no its not your fault about how you felt you jsut didnt know, but at least your here, that makes me feel better". I said with truth in every word. "Chris. . . . . . why. . . . ". what did she mean by why? " why what Lisa?".

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   "why. . . . . did you never ask me out. . . . " she said with a bit of sadness in her voice. "I would never cheat on you. . . . .

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   plus im still a pure virgin. . . . . im not a whore. . . . what wrong with me? why dont you like me?". she said with tears in her eyes. "Lisa. . . .

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   i. . . . " i didnt know what to say. . . . i could only react by kissing her on the lips. She blushed and seemed happy as our lips met but suddenly pulled away and got off my lap to sit next to me. "STOP. . . . .

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   you dont really want this you just want to make me feel better, please Chris dont toy with my emotions like this. . . . " she said with such uncertainty.     I couldnt believe she said that so i decided she needed to be reassured to know how i feel. "Lisa. . . . . you have no clue how bad i want you. . . .


  . its only i have been to scared to show you, but not you will know one way or another how i feel about you my love". the last two words i said filled her with joy and shock at the same time. I decided to take advantage of this and pushed her against the end of the couch. "Its time i showed you just how important you are to me Lisa, and you kept yourself a virgin for me, your so perfect". "Chris. . . . . are you sure you really want to do this to me?". If only she knew, but now was not the time for talk it was time for action.    I started by unbuttoning her shirt pulling her into a deep kiss while lapping my tongue inside her mouth. My love tasted so good, how i longed for her, i wanted her more and more as each moment passed. As soon as her shirt was gone i swiftly undid her skirt and began to kiss along her neck.

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   "o Chris do you really love me, i dont want you to do this if you dont want to. oh my God this was starting to seriously piss me off. "Shutup Lisa just shutup, i love you more then you can imagine, i want you so bad, and now i will have you and make you mine". I said with passion and true love and lust. I continued to trail my tongue down her neck down to her chest, this was the moment of truth.
        Now was the time to sink or swim, placing my hands on her back i unhooked her bra, easier then i thought it would be; lucky me. "O chris please touch me baby" she said with a slight moan. I grabbed her right breast and immediantly my erection came back , harder then before, I placed her my tongue around her pink lovely nipple and began to suck furociously like a animal.     "mmmmm o suck my tit Chris my body has been secured just for you". I had to have more so i immediantly moved my mouth down to her damp panties. They had to go now so with a flick of the wrist they were off her. I stared at her pretty pussy, it was so juicy, i had to taste it so i immediantly put my tongue inside her. "ugh. . .

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      . chris your tongue. . . its to much i cant take it". She was loving it, i couldnt believe she was already starting to cum. She began to grab my head and squeezed my head closed and made me lick deep inside her. "O fuck i cant take it im cumming, please taste me hon". I swear it was the greatest thing i ever experienced, her juices were so sweet, and there was so much, that i even had to lick some off the side of her thigh. "im glad you enjoyed it my sweet". at that point she merely grinned and striped me down completely in what seemed like an instant. "now would be the time i get to pleasure you". she stated with a sweet innocent smile    At first she merely fondled with my dick but then she decided to pleasure me to the extreme and took my cock within her mouth. "mmmm lisa your mouth feels so good". the only reply she gave me was a  "mmm" and fully took my 6 inch dick in her mouth.

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        I couldnt help it, being my first time with a girl it was to much pleasure for me to take and i cummed inside her mouth without warning. I expected a negative reply but she merely swallowed it all  and looked at me with eyes begging for approval. "did. . . . . did you enjoy it?" she said so innocently. "Lisa you are amazing, thank you baby, now i think it is about time to reward us both". I positioned myself  in line with her sweet entrance and waited for her approval.    "Chris please hurry i need you inside me, i want you to make me a women,. . . . .

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      your women". With that i took no time to slowly insert myself into her. Once the head of my erection met her blockade i told her bare with me and rammed myself through her cherry. "im sorry baby itll be over soon". She yelped in pain for a moment but after a few seconds the pain began to fade and it turned to moans of pleasure. I sucked on her nipples and pushed myself inside her wet entrance constantly growing closer to my climax as she moaned more and more.     "keep fucking me chris make me your bitch keep doing it i need more from you". I couldnt hold out for much longer she was so wet and tight i wanted to mark her as mine but i needed to know should i let it out inside her. "please Chris cum inside me i want you to mark me for good". These words shocked me like none ive her before, forget Kimberly this was a real women who I needed to be with.     "ugh i cant hold it no more. . . . .

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       im coming Lisa".    "Yes cum for me like i am for your let it out love i want to feel your throbing dick finish inside my pussy" she said with uncontrollable lust    After she said those words i instantly came inside her and kissed her lips on her pretty red lips. "You are the best Chris I love you hon". "I love you to Lisa. . . . . . but i think we should clean up" i said with a bit of a laugh. Thinking as we showered together, this is the start of something amazing. . . . .

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      . i looked at her and said. . . . . "that i hope will never end". "hmm? did you say something chris?". she said. "hehe naw cmon lets go order some food". THE END =P.
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