Fun with Rick and Jane


This is my first ever recount of one of my experiences, it’s one of far too few! To introduce myself, We’ll call me Rick, I’m six foot four and rapidly getting buff. I used to be such a twig so now that I’ve started growing and working out my luck with girls is definitely improving! I’ve got brown hair and deep blue eyes that the girls love. My dick isn’t the biggest, only about seven inches but it was definitely enough for this story.

So this is a story of how my two friends who were long time girlfriend/boyfriend started to use me and my body for fun. Names are changed in this of course, but Jane is about five foot eight, slim, blonde and pale skinned. Her boobs are probably about a full C, maybe a D. As I found out to my delight, she keeps her pussy shaved. Mike is about six foot, fairly well muscled and a pretty handsome guy. I always thought they probably had a great sex life, seeing as they’d been together all through high school. Guess I was wrong, or I wouldn’t have had the fun I did.

Now I’d moved away to a different city to get a job abut a year before this happened. I got a job, settled in to independent life. I was so busy I never had time for girls. With work, study and fitness I never met anybody, so it was really important for me when I got a weekend off to go back to my hometown and catch up with my friends.

On one weekend we were actually celebrating Jane’s birthday. I’d come up on the coach Friday night but unfortunately my accommodation fell through.

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   I was going to stay with an ex-girlfriend but her parent’s vetoed the idea at the last minute. When Jane and Mike heard, Mike was happy to have me stay at his place.

So I showed up at their place well past midnight. Mike’s mum and brothers were all asleep, but Jane was there so the three of us went upstairs and just started talking, catching up. Jane was cold so she had Mike hold her close. They were on Mike’s bed and I had a blow up mattress on his bedroom floor. There wasn’t space anywhere else but I was fine, so long as Mike could handle my snoring!

We were talking as old friends do, just catching up when Mike got up. “ Do you need a shower mate?”
“Nah, I had one before I left. I might need one in the morning though?”
“No worries, if you can get up early enough to fight for the hot water. I’m going to grab one now. ” He said, and Mike grabbed a couple things and went off to have a shower.

Jane and I got back to talking, but I noticed she was shivering. She had a thin t-shirt on and obviously no bra, her nipples were starting to harden and poke through the shirt. I ignored it; she was my mate’s girlfriend and a good friend of mine too. As we talked I stood up and grabbed a jacket for her out of Mike’s closet.

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“Thanks, it’s freezing in here!” she said. I grinned and winked at her.
“A pity Mike isn’t here to keep you warm, that must be why you don’t have a heater in here. ” She laughed, tossing her hair back and laying back on the bed. The short pyjama pants she was wearing rode up and revealed more of her creamy thighs, but again I tried not to stare.

“Mike does a lot for me, he’s pretty much the best boyfriend I ever had. ”
“Yeah? I guess things are going great then. ”
“Oh, maybe not great…” I was shocked, and she must have read it on my face because she started laughing again.
“What’s so funny? You going to break up with him or something?” I knew that would crush Mike, he worshipped Jane. But Jane shook her head and smiled.
“No, I’d ever break up with Mike. I love him, and we’ll probably get married in a couple years. It’s just, he’s not the best in bed. ”

Now I was speechless. I’d never heard of any problems between Mike and Jane, and for all we were great friends I never expected to be sitting here with his girlfriend discussing how poor his performance was.

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“That’s, that’s umm, nice to know. ” I joked weakly. Jane sat up and leaned forward, her breasts now clearly outlined, as the shirt was pulled tight across her chest. She must have been sitting on the bottom edge to pull it so tight. She traced a finger lazily across her cleavage, smiling at me all the time.

“It’s a pity. ” She said, “Because I have so much to give. ” Comprehension dawned and I stood up angrily. If she thought she was going to cheat on Mike with me, she was sorely mistaken!
“For fuck’s sake Jane, he’s just gone to have a shower! Are you trying to get me to do you or something?” I didn’t yell, I didn’t want to wake the people in the house. But I was angry and she knew it. She shifted and her t-shirt relaxed, her breasts less clearly defined. Much as I didn’t want to, the sight of her breasts had made me grow hard. Stuck in my new city without friends, it had been too long since I’d had sex.

But Jane just rolled her eyes at my anger, and took her shirt completely off. With no bra, her firm breasts were clear to see.

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   I couldn’t help but stare, they were as big as I’d imagined and with a perfect teardrop shape. In the cold night air her nipples had hardened to rosy buds, a sharp pink against the milky expanse of her tits.

I tore my eyes away and glared at her when she suddenly started to laugh. Not a giggle, but full-blown fits. I couldn’t help but notice her breasts heaving as she gasped for breath. I was about to say something when she leant forward and planted a finger on my lips.

“You are so full of yourself Rick! So righteous…so silly. Mike knows he’s not the best in bed, and he doesn’t mind me getting my thrills of someone else so long as he knows them. We’re not going to break up, and you’re single and I know you’re in drought. Mike told me to tell you to do your best to make me happy; he hates to see me unsatisfied. It is my birthday after all. And afterwards, afterwards I’ll sleep next to Mike and you’ll sleep here and tomorrow we’ll go meet up with everybody for my birthday and you won’t tell anyone. In exchange, I’ll get you to do this again sometime. ”

She was being totally blunt with me, and I couldn’t do anything but stare as she picked up my hand and brought it to rest against her tit. It was warm, and firm and her skin was so soft.

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   I squeezed it instinctively and Jane smiled.
“There you go. Now, let’s get these clothes off you. Mike would probably prefer if we finished before he got out of the shower. ”

Alarm bells rang again and I wondered if she hadn’t just made it all up, if she might be cheating on Mike behind his back anyway. But then her hand closed around my dick and I was lost. In frenzy I stood her up, towering over her as I took off my clothes as fast as I could.

I bumped into her taking off my pants and she fell onto the bed, laughing as she removed her pyjamas. Soon we were both naked, me standing, her sitting. She giggled and reached out to stroke my now almost fully erect penis. With slow strokes she tickled and squeezed her way up and down, her eyes big. She asked me how big it was, I told her. Her technique was amazing, and I swelled to my full length. With a little gasp of arousal, she leaned forward and took me into her mouth.

It felt heavenly, all warm and wet.

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   Her teeth were kept well back and her tongue made lazy swirls around my tip. With one hand massaging the base of my shaft and my balls, the other dipped low and she fingered herself. I could see her pussy; it was pink and tight. Her folds were beautifully formed; you could tell she hadn’t had very much sex in her life. I know everyone says cougars are the best, but I’ve found their pussy can be in very poor condition. At nineteen, Jane had a flawless, unspoiled body.

With her on the bed, and me standing she was at the perfect height to suck me off. She started going to it with gusto. I could feel myself striking the back off her throat, but she had her gag reflex well under control. She lifted herself up off the bed, titled her head and took me all the way into her throat. The angle as perfect, I had never had a blowjob like this!

As I moaned my approval, she lifted her head off my dick and lay back on the bed. I brought my hips low and got ready to penetrate her but she crossed her legs. Holding her breasts, she chastised me with a pouting look.

“Not until you play first. ” She said with a wicked grin.

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   I smiled and got onto the bed, on my knees and elbows. She was so small compared to me now, so strange since she used to be taller than me!Stranger still that I was here, doing this, with a girl I had been a friend with for years. We’d never had any romantic feelings for each other, but here I was taking a breast in each hand, and a nipple into my mouth. As I kneaded her breasts gently she writhed beneath me, her legs coming up to press against my chest. As I looked at her quizzically she giggled and start to stroke my dick between her feet.

It was amazing, her feet soft and smooth, not at all like I would have expected. I didn’t forget my task though, as I switched nipples and started to lick and suck like a babe on a bottle!

She groaned as I furiously attacked her boobs with my mouth, swapping from nipple to nipple, licking up and down her cleavage, blowing hot air over her moist skin and watching the goose bumps rise. Her feet picked up tempo and I swear I could feel the heat radiating from her vagina.

I moved from her breast to her mouth and kissed her passionately, her eyes wide in surprise. As I pulled away she looked sheepish. “What’s wrong?” I asked, my hands still exploring and teasing her breasts.

“It’s, uhh, I don’t usually kiss, oh, Mike doesn’t like it!” she stifled a gasp as I kissed her again. There was no resistance.

“How many times have you done this anyway?”
“Only, aah, a few times. With, Jesus keep doing that! With Mike’s little brother twice, and Tim once.


  ” Tim was another good friend of mine, and rumour has it he was particularly well hung. I grinned and kissed her again. “Well, you’ve known me longer than them. And you know how I feel about cheating, and breaking up a couple. I’m not trying to split you guys. I just want to have this fun, with Mike’s blessing. ”

She nodded and brought her head up to kiss me. I could tell that even if I wasn’t the biggest guy she’d done this with, she was enjoying this the most. I think with even the most platonic friends there’s a bit of sexual tension, and we were working all of ours out.

“Oh please, please do something about my pussy. It feels like it’s on fire, leave my boobs alone I can’t stand it anymore!” I laughed and gave her a playful slap on her breast, moving myself down her body with kisses and licks in all her sensitive places. I wasn’t much of a rug muncher, but I slipped in a couple fingers and twirled them deftly inside her. She almost screamed; she was so ready. I stood to my full height, looking down at this blonde beauty aching for my cock. She stretched her legs out and locked them behind my butt, pulling me in.



“Do it already! Stick it in me, fill me, fuck me ohhh!” I cut her off by slamming myself in to the hilt. Her pussy pulsed and she came straight away, her body shaking and her toes curling up against my back. Her eyes took on a funny, glazed look.

“Oh yes…That’s what I need. Ohhh, Rick!” She said dreamily, brushing a strand of hair out of her face. She smiled at me, but I wasn’t done yet. In a swift stroke I pulled out, then gently eased it in. She gasped, she moaned and I started to plough her like I was a farmer. With every stroke she bucked up against me, aching and pleading for more.

The door opened and Mike came in. With a funny grin on his face he came and sat down next to us, planting a kiss on Jane’s lips. She quickly made it passionate, and he massaged her breast as they made out with one hand. The other breast bounced as I fucked her, and I focused on that with a hungry look.

Bending over her, I was able to take her tit in my mouth without losing pace. I quickly moved her leg up to one side however, putting it up on my shoulder.

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   It was a good thing Jane did ballet or she might not have been flexible enough for it. As it was, the stretch in her legs only added to her sensations and I could feel her getting ready to cum again.

I pulled back and stood straight again, bringing her other leg up so both her feet were resting on each of my shoulders.
    I had a great angle and I was in all the way with every stroke. I could see Mike had his cock out now too, Jane was stroking him with one hand as she watched me sliding in and out of her pussy. Mike’s dick wasn’t that big, maybe four or five inches. It was apparent his problem too, watching me fuck his girlfriend and watching her having so much fun quickly made him came. He spurted a few times into Jane’s hand and fell back panting.
    She went to lick it up but I stopped her. “Could you get her a tissue mate? I don’t want to taste that later. ” Jane glared at me; obviously she didn’t want Mike to know we’d been kissing. Mike looked a little confused, but then he realised and shrugged. He didn’t seem to mind. With his unspoken permission, I smiled and Jane looked at him lovingly as she cleaned up her hand. I was still going, and she had a hard time as she bounced and swayed on the bed.



    Tired of this position, I paused my incessant thrusting and scooped her up in my arms. I was so much taller than her, I held her with her knees in my elbows, my biceps straining to hold her up. With her legs spread out almost horizontally, I raised my hips and lowered her straight onto my dick. She screamed aloud at getting so literally impaled, bucking against me as she hungrily started to kiss me.

    We were all furious tongues as I lifted her up and down, a slow pace but the deep penetration was driving her wild. I was afraid she would wake the whole neighbourhood; she was gasping and groaning so loud! Mike watched with a smile on his face, stroking his limp cock and egging me on. I turned around and backed up, sitting on the edge of the bed and lifting her off my dick.

    She was a frightful mess, sweat glistening on her body, her own juices dripping down her legs. Her hair was all over the place, and I smoothed it with one hand as I gently directed her to turn around and have her back to me. I pressed firmly against her back and she leant over, almost zombie like as she battled the raging sensations in her body. With a hand on each butt check I guided her back onto me, and she got the message and took to it with vigour.

    She wasn’t building up much of a pace so I soon swapped with her, putting her feet spread on the floor as her torso lay flat on the bed. I took a quick dip into her pussy to refresh the juices on my cock, making it slippery and wet again. I winked at Mike, then without warning started to ease myself into her asshole.

    As soon as she realised what I was doing, she struggled but Mike held her down, laughing and telling her to relax and enjoy it.

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    “She’s never done anal before!” He said with a smile, and I grinned back.
    “First time for everything. ” I said as I pushed the head of my cock in. Immediately she tensed and I knew I wasn’t getting in any further, so I smacked her on the ass. She gasped and her ass relaxed, allowing me to slip in another inch. With a few more playful slaps I had myself half the way in, and started grinding in preparation. She turned her head to look at me, her face a mask of sexual frenzy.

    “Do it! Fuck me in the ass you dirty bastard!”
    “Never one to disappoint a lady. ” I said, and I picked up the pace. She groaned beneath me, turning to a shriek as she panted and gasped at the pleasure and the pain. Her asshole was so tight, I felt like my dick would be squeezed until it burst.

    “ Oh god, Oh god It’s so good. Oh Rick, fuck me; I need you to fuck me! Harder! Harder!” She was almost yelling, I pulled out of her ass and lay her back on the bed, resting above her as Mike scrambled to get out of the way. I quickly covered her mouth with mine. I struggled blindly to get my cock back into her pussy and she guided me in with her hand as our tongues danced in her mouth.

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       She was quieter now as we fucker tenderly in that most basic of positions. I could feel myself finally building to my climax so I reared up and took her missionary. I upped the pace to as fast as I could, Jane writhing beneath me as I mercilessly punished her pussy. Her tits bounced all over the place, it was so tempting for me to touch them but I held off. She started to shriek again but Mike rushed over and started to kiss her, I could her moaning into his mouth.

    “I’m almost there Jane, come with me now. Come with me!” I pleaded, and she pulled away from Mike and looked into my eyes. Her eyes were dancing as she grinded against me. The only sound was our rapid breathing; the slap of flesh on flesh and the bed springs bouncing beneath her.

    With a final push I went in straight to the hilt; her eyes glazed up and she twitched all over as a mind numbing orgasm. The vibrations hit me through her pussy and I gasped as I flooded her with my cum. It felt like a river had been opened; like it had dammed up after so long since I had sex.

    I lay down and she climbed on top of me, putting my slowly softening dick back inside her and curling up against my body. Her soft breasts mashed against my hard chest as she lazily kissed me.
    “That was awesome.

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      ” It was Mike talking. I had my eyes closed, lost in a sea of bliss. Jane was the same, making sleepy noises but I opened my eyes and saw hers were open to.
    “Mike, honey, do you mind if we take the big bed tonight? I might want to go at it again in the morning and I wouldn’t want to wake you. ” Mike looked a little crestfallen, but he stammered an okay and Jane quickly got under the covers. I followed her in a lazy dream as we spooned naked.

    “Mike, you have an amazing woman. I’ll be happy to service her in future, but you know I’ll never try to take her off you. ” He glared at me in mock anger and then shrugged. He knew she would never leave him, I knew she would never leave him. But she needed sex and he couldn’t provide. As I drifted in to sleep with my hands on her sweet breasts and her naked back pressed against me, I knew we were at a new and greater stage of our friendship.

    And did I fuck her again in the morning? Yes, Yes I did.
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