Goddess in the Making


It’s not that I’m a prude, I was just one of those girls who didn’t know too much about her sexuality. Being 17 years old and attractive with rich auburn hair and green eyes, I had of course lost my virginity years ago. But I had never been very experimental and neither had I experienced an orgasm. I’m sure I had come close a few times, but my partners didn’t seem to have the stamina to make sure I came as well. Having sex with guys was always fun and I enjoyed it a lot, but it was never amazing. . .
            I was in my junior year of highschool. Sitting through History class third period on a Friday was always a drag, but at least I had good scenery to enjoy. Adam Jansen. He’d transferred to my school from out of State with his twin sister Cassie at the beginning of junior year. Cassie and I had become best friends after being grouped together for a presentation in English Lit the first week of school. She was probably one of the most vivacious, alive people I’ve ever known. She sparkled with mischief and adventure from the roots of her curly blonde hair down to her shapely ankles. She had no secrets and I loved her for her outspoken tenacity. Whenever I was with her, I always felt a little more invigorated.

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            Adam, on the other hand, seemed to be her complete opposite. His eyes and hair were a dark contrast to Cassie’s fair coloring, and while Cassie was short and curvy, Adam was long and lithe and at least a head taller than his sister.
            The bell rang and everyone began to pack up for lunch period. I watched Adam while absently tossing my textbook in my bag. He had eyelashes any girl would kill for; so long and curly and perfect, just like the rest of him. I guess he sensed my gaze because he turned and looked straight at me, smiling and waving a little as he moved with the rest of the students toward the door. My stomach fluttered lightly and I smiled back, knowing that my face must be turning an attractive shade of lobster. Oh well, it was lunch at least, which meant I would be finalizing my plans with Cassie for our girls’ night tonight.
<!--[if Later that night, Cassie and I were watching chick flicks and eating popcorn in her living room. Her parents were away for the weekend, as they often were, and the only other person in the house was Adam. I hadn’t seen him for hours because he’d holed himself up in his room to play computer games and listen to metal.
            “I hate watching these cheesy romance scenes!” Cassie exclaimed, throwing a handful of popcorn at the couples caught in a tender embrace on the screen.
            I laughed. “Why’s that?”
            “It’s just so fake! I wish they’d be more real about it, you know?” She sat back into the couch, tucking her legs beneath her.
            “I dunno, it’s kind of cute.

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  ” I was imagining myself and Adam as the main characters in the movie. Knowing he was in his room just down the hall made it seem like a more realistic possibility.
            Cassie snorted. “When was the last time you kissed a guy that hot and didn’t end up in an orgasming heap on the bed?” Nothing Cassie said surprised me anymore. I shook my head in amusement at her melodramatics and sighed. “Never. ”
            Cassie almost choked on the vodka she had been drinking straight from the bottle. The only thing that amazed me more than her ability to handle her liquor was how she always seemed to have a ready supply of it, despite us being vastly under-aged. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she passed the bottle to me, saying “What do you mean ‘never’?”
            Taking the bottle she offered, I coughed down a mouthful and then said, “I’ve never had an orgasm. In my life. ” Although I had only consumed a few mouthfuls of Vodka, I had a low tolerance and was already feeling the familiar un-coordination that came along with the first stages of drunkenness. My hand was a little unsteady and wobbled as I passed the bottle back to Cassie. She promptly drained the last of the clear, potent alcohol and planted the empty bottle on the coffee table in front of the couch.
            “Not once?!” she breathed, clearly horrified by this revelation.
            I shook my head.

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   “It’s no big deal, though. I mean–“
            ”No, Jess, it is a big deal. . . ”
            “Maybe I just don’t orgasm. ”
            “Maybe you’ve never been given the proper chance. ” Cassie moved a little closer to me on the couch.
            Perhaps it was the alcohol or maybe a need much deeper down, but suddenly I wanted to experience what I’d missed out on for so long. I looked over at Cassie who had edged closer still. “D’you think. . . ” I started.
            Cassie nodded, already knowing what I was going to ask. She reached over and traced my lips with the tip of her fingers, silencing my unspoken question.

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   A tiny shiver crawled up my spine as I focused on the feeling playing over my lower lip. With a sparkle in her sky blue eyes, Cassie raised her brow. “You sure you’re ready for this?”
            I nodded and she caught my bottom lip between her fingers and pulled my mouth towards hers. For a moment I thought about backing out. This was crazy; I had never kissed a girl before and considered myself entirely straight. But my second thoughts disappeared as quickly as they had come when Cassie’s tongue began to play over my lips. Letting my eyelids drift shut, I sighed and moved closer to her until my breasts brushed against her. Cassie thrust her tongue through my now parted lips and playfully stroked my tongue with hers.
            A sudden jolt of electricity coursed over me as her hand rested lightly on my thigh. Slowly it crept upwards, finding it’s was under the edge of my tank top. Her fingers were cool against the heat of my skin, and I thrilled at the sensation of them as they skimmed around to my back to unclip my 36C bra. I forgot now that it was Cassie touching me, and instead I gave over completely to the feeling growing inside me. I was already tightening in anticipation.
            Cassie’s hand had moved back to my front and her fingernails played lightly over my nipples, making them grow hard into peeks of sensitivity. I gasped as she pinched my left nipple hard, moaning softly into her mouth as she continued to kiss me.

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            “Do you like how that feels?” She whispered, her full, rosebud lips now close to my ear and feathering wet kisses down my neck. I nodded, not trusting my voice. “Here, let’s get you out of that shirt. ” I lifted my arms as she pulled my shirt over my head, taking my bra with it. My nipples were hard and stood out in sharp, pink little buds on my firm breasts. Cassie cupped the left breast with her hand, rubbing and pulling at my nipple as she lowered her lips to the other breast. My breathing became quicker as her tongue flicked over my right nipple, sending a new cascade of shivers across my skin.
            “God, that feels amazing. ” I moaned, arching my back to encourage her attentions. I could feel my pussy juices begin to flow, soaking into my panties and the thin pajama pants I wore.
            “We’ve barely even started,” Cassie purred. She pushed gently against my shoulders, indicating I should lay down on the couch. I looked up at her and watched as she took a moment to massage her own very erect nipples, and I found that watching her touch herself aroused me even further. I imagined how her fingers had touched my breasts in the same way and squirmed with pleasure. I realized that she was as turned on as I was and she smiled when she saw me watching her.

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            “I have to admit, I’m getting pretty turned on, but tonight’s about getting you off, right?” She bent toward me and rested a hand on either of my thighs, letting her right hand gravitate toward my now sopping wet cunt.
            “Good Lord, Jess,” she sighed as her hand began caressing my pussy through my clothes. “You’re already soaked right through. ”
            I didn’t have the capacity to answer coherently, so I just nodded. My breath was coming faster now and my breasts heaved with each new desperate gulp of air. The combination of sexual arousal and alcohol coursed through my veins like fire and every part of me was buzzing and throbbing with need. I couldn’t remember when I had last been turned on so thoroughly and so quickly.
            A whimper escaped my lips as Cassie eased my pants and underwear down over my hips. The cool air caressed my liquid hot pussy in its own way while Cassie pulled my clothes all the way off. She then lowered her mouth back to my breasts and continued toying with them as her right hand began to slowly stroke my inner thighs and pussy. Concentrating on breathing was getting harder as Cassie’s finger brushed over my hard little clit. I groaned and told her not to stop even though it was driving me wild with need. Cassie’s slender fingers were rubbing my clit now, sending shocks through my body that turned my legs to jelly. My juices were running freely now, and Cassie’s fingers slid effortlessly into my pulsing slit. One finger, two fingers, three fingers and I was rocking my hips up to meet the slow rhythm of her hand.

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            “Damn, you feel good. So tight and hot and wet. ” Cassie murmured, sitting up and letting her left hand play with my clit while she continued finger fucking me with her right. The pressure building inside me was unlike anything I’d ever felt; it was as though I was going to explode into a million pieces and never be able to put myself back together.
            “Oh God! Holy shit!” I half-groaned, half-screamed as I began moving faster and faster against Cassie’s hand.
            My back arched with tension as a new sensation registered in my brain. Cassie had replaced her left hand with her mouth and was stroking circles around my clit with her soft, wet tongue. I could hear her moaning and licking hungrily at my clit and her fingers drove even deeper into me.
            I was losing my mind, stringing gibberish and profanity into strained cries. “Come on, Jess! Almost there!” Cassie chanted as the pressure mounted to unbelievable heights. I felt like if I couldn’t find relief soon I was going to go completely insane.
            And with one final thrust of Cassie’s fingers, it was like she had opened a floodgate and I cried out as the most incredible feeling of release coursed through my body. I tensed and shook uncontrollably as I came and came and thrilled in the purest pleasure I had ever felt in my life. Cassie lapped up my juices, heightening the sensation of my orgasm. After a few moments, she sat back, watching me recover my breathing and regain composure.

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   I felt like I would never walk again.  
            “So. . . ” I managed shakily. “So, that’s what I’ve been missing out on?”
            Cassie laughed out loud. “Pretty amazing, huh?” I nodded in response. “I’m gonna go get some water and something to eat. You want anything?”
            “No,” I said, swinging my legs to the floor and testing them out. They still quivered faintly. “I’m going to go clean up. ”
            Cassie nodded and disappeared in the kitchen while I made my way a little unsteadily toward the bathroom down the hall. Adam’s door was still closed and I could hear his music filtering through it. I paused for a short moment at the thought of knocking on his door, naked and aroused. Shaking my head, I pushed the bathroom door open instead and blinked in the intense glare of the vanity lights.

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            “God, I didn’t know you and my sister were quite that close. ”
            I saw him before he’d finished speaking. He was seated on the toilet lid, erection in hand. Momentarily shocked beyond words, all I could do was drink in the sight of him perched on that toilet lid, topless and wearing only boxers. His penis strained against his hand and he stroked it absently as his gaze wandered over my tight, athletic, and very naked body.
            “We’re. . .
    it’s not what it looks like. ” I stammered, not sure if I should run or stay and try to explain.
                “Oh, I know neither of you are lesbians. But listening to you two go at it was probably the hottest thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. ”
                If I thought that the night couldn’t get anymore intense, I was wrong. Adam stood and took a step toward me. His dark eyes were burning with need.

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       “Why don’t we make the move to my room. ”
                I couldn’t believe it as he reached for my hand and led me to the end of the hall, pushing the door open for me and following me into his room. I had only a moment to take in his typical teenaged boy decor of rock posters and discarded clothing before Adam had me against the wall, one hand on either side of my face. I could tell he was holding back, giving me a chance to back out if I wanted.
                I wanted nothing of the sort.
                I leaned forward and planted my lips hungrily on his, nibbling friskily at his lower lip and pulling him closer to me against the wall. The contrast of the cold wall against my naked ass and the heat of his skin against my breasts sent gooseflesh prickling across my body. Adam’s rock-solid shaft was pressed against my stomach, and I could feel his wildly beating pulse under my lips as they skimmed over his jaw line and down to the base of his throat. He let his head roll back with a growl as I bit softly into the flesh of his shoulder. I was never aggressive during sex, but after my session with Cassie, something new and carnal and powerful was growing inside me and I wanted – needed – to let it out.
                “Damn, Jess, you have no idea how long I’ve been wanting you. Just like this. ” He smoothed his hands down my back and around my rib cage and over my breasts, trying to feel all of me, taking me in. Soon, my cunt was throbbing again and I wanted to feel his shaft against my wet pussy lips. I skimmed my hands down his lean back and pulled his boxers off in one fluid movement.


       Stroking his cock slowly, I felt the pre-cum dribbling onto my finger tip. I smiled wickedly and licked the cum off my finger, slowly running my tongue up and then back down.
                “Jess, babe, you are a goddess. ” Adam sighed as he watched my provocative display. And I felt like a goddess. I felt like I could do anything I wanted and be anyone I wanted to be, and I swung my legs up around his waist with cat-like agility. Adam grabbed my ass and pressed me against the wall as I arched my back and grinded a rhythm against his penis.
                “God, I want to ride you so bad,” I moaned, my voice roughened by alcohol and passion and a driving desire. I dug my nails into his back as his cock slid against my clit driving me closer and closer to that newly familiar pressure. I wanted to feel it again so badly. “Take me to your bed. ”
                He grinned and obeyed, carrying me across the room and lowering me onto the queen sized bed. Adam settled himself on top of me and begin to tease and nuzzle my bruised nipples. On any other night, I would’ve stayed on my back and let Adam do what he wanted with me. But tonight was for me.

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                I grabbed Adam around the neck and rolled him onto his back, crushing my supple breasts against his chest and running my hands over his lean, muscular arms. I twined my fingers into his and raised his arms above his head, holding them against the bed as I kissed him passionately.
                “I’ve never done this before,” I murmured, “But something tells me we’re both going to like it very much. ” I then reached down between our bodies and wrapped my right hand around his dick. I circled his head for a moment with my thumb, and then guided it toward my slick, waiting cunt. Shifting my body slightly, I let gravity do all the work and gasped as his cock slid deeply inside me. I was surprised at how good it felt, how his penis seemed to hit all the right places on the way in, and it took an instant or two before I regained enough to sense to get a rhythm going. I had never felt anything like it. I slid my pussy as far down as I could, impaling myself on his cock, and pulling up again before inviting more of his solid shaft inside me. The control of it was driving me wild and I could already feel the pressure becoming more and more intense.
                “God, I’m going to cum. . . ” Adam groaned, his face screwed up in passionate concentration.
                “Wait,” I practically screamed.

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       “Wait for me, I’m almost there. ” I was rocking faster and faster against him, riding his cock like I was born to do it – and maybe I was. I moved my right hand toward my clit, rubbing it hard as I increased the tempo, higher and faster and harder. . .
                I screamed and my legs gave out from beneath me, and I heard Adam’s ragged gasps as we came together. I felt his cum mingling with mine inside me as i collapsed on top of Adam, heaving and fighting for air and my pulse began to slow again. We were both covered in sweat and our slick skin slid on itself while I tried to navigate my way off of Adam. His hands clasped me around the back and he murmured softly in my ear.
                “Don’t you even think about moving. I need you right here. ”
                I sighed and settled my face against his chest, savoring the rhythm of his slowly steadied breath.   It was the first time I had ended up in an orgasming heap on the bed; Cassie would be so proud. I smiled to myself and let my eyelids drift shut. I could tell things would be different for me from now on.

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       And I was going to love it.
                I was a goddess.       

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