Going a little too far - Part 2


It seemed like Kayla got off on messing with me. Every little chance she could she flashed a breast, or rub against me, never in an obvious way but subtle. I knew that I could not and would not do anything but she made it difficult. I would still swim with the girls, but it never when as far as it did the first day. They enjoyed trying to take something from me, a pool noodle or toy, and would climb up me trying to grab it. I was secretly rewarded by having her boobs pressed against my face or her warm crotch on my arm. A couple of times she would start to wrestle with me inside.

One time in particular, in the fall, she tackled me while I was watching TV and was trying to bite me. I let her bite me on the neck once, the feel of her soft lips and probing tongue was pleasant but interrupted quickly by her sharp teeth. It really hurt.

I flipped her on her back and held her arms down. She moved her head over to my hand and started to bite my wrist. I moved her arm up, out of reach of her mouth and pinned her.

“Kayla, if I let you up you have to stop. ”I admonished her. The wild look in her eyes told me that she would not and she snapped her teeth at me and laughed.

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  I put both of her arms over her head and held them together with one hand. Pointing at her face I told her again that I would only let her up if she stopped. She strained her head forward toward my finger and tried to bite it. I held it just out of her reach.

“Kayla, you have to stop. ”I pressed my weight against her stomach and she grunted but still kept at trying to get my finger. She stuck her tongue out, trying to touch it. I playfully tapped her tongue with my finger and she laughed. I set my finger on her tongue and slid it around. She opened her mouth and I could see all of her perfect teeth and her throat. My cock stirred at the look of her. I grabbed her tongue with my two fingers and held it. She laughed and tried to pull my fingers in her mouth.

I was surprised how strong and dexterous her tongue was, and long. I moved my fingers around her lips rubbing the saliva on them and making them wet.

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  She was still trying to nip at me and lick my fingers. Her tongue out again I slid my fingers down her tongue, she would not be able to bite me with her tongue out. Her eyebrows rose as my fingers slid back into her mouth, farther and farther. A small smile formed on her lips as I waggled my finger on the back of her tongue. I expected her to gag but she did not.

My cock was raging hard and I decided to see how far I could go. I slid my fingers back a little farther and her lips started to close around my fingers. She closed her eyes and lifted her chin a little. I pressed my two fingers farther, slipping down her throat. Her breathing was a little ragged and I withdrew slightly. She took a deep breath and pushed her neck forward, I pressed my fingers in her throat as far as they would go. I could feel her throat massaging my fingers and her tongue lapped at my hand. Her lips engulfed the base of my fingers, I nearly came.

She started to heave slightly so I pulled out. She gasped and swallowed, laughing.

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  I could see tears in her eyes as she opened them. My fingers were wet with her spit, I stared at her my fingers on her lips. Before I could move them she bit them in her teeth and held them there, hard enough for me to cry out. I pulled back and she wrapped her legs around my shoulders, trapping my head and arm. She released my fingers but now had me fully in a triangle choke. She grabbed my head and pulled it forward, squeezing my head with her legs. I realized that I could get out easily by just standing up, she was a very small girl. I was about to make my move when I smelled her sex. She was pushing my head into her croch and arching her hips. The thin fabric of her shorts was pressed against my neck. I let her push my head down further and she arched her hips up to my face, placing my mouth directly over her pussy. I inhaled her scent deeply.

“Say uncle,”Kayla said, holding my face pinned to her crotch.

I tried but it just came out a muffled mess, my lips moved against the thin material and I could taste her also. I could feel her shudder when I said it again, only this time I pressed my tongue out a little more on the l sound, licking slightly.

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  She grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled down again, arching her back.

“Not good enough,” she breathed. Say it louder.

I could feel the thin material slip to the side a little and I could feel the wispy hair from her pussy against my upper lip. I said uncle again, louder. Exaggerating the movement of my lips, my tongue touched flesh.

“Sing the star spangled banner and I’ll let you go. ”She said her breath gasping a little.

I shook my head no, I could feel the fabric move a little more and I felt wetness on my lips.

“Sing it,” she said a wicked smile on her face. “Sing it. ”

I closed my eyes and started to sing. My lips were moving over her bare pussy lips, I could taste her in my mouth, her juices. I was eating her out, the game was going too far, but I could not stop. Part of me pretended that this was just still wrestling.

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  Her hips rocked and I felt her body spasm. Suddenly my mouth was filled with liquid. She shook and squeezed my head harder. I stuck my tongue out and lapped up her juices, forgetting the song all together. Her squeezing started to cut off my air but I lapped away. I felt myself getting a little woozy but did not want to stop. I felt her hands in my hair and she bucked her hips against my face, then the world slipped away and I passed out.

I woke up a minuet later alone in the front room face down on the carpet. Kayla was gone and the back door was open. I sat up and caught my breath. Was that all a dream I thought. My hand went to my face and I felt the moisture and smell from her pussy.

“Oh shit,” I said out loud. I stood up and felt wetness in my pants. Did I just piss myself I thought?I went to the bathroom and undid my belt; I must have cum in my pants when I passed out.

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  I slipped out of the underwear and cleaned up. I was worried about what would happen the next time I saw Kayla. I tried to rationalize that she was the one holding me down, but I could have stopped it any time I wanted to.

Later that day Kayla came by with Sara while I was cooking dinner.

“Hi dad,” she said and gave me a hug. She acted like nothing had happened so I followed suite.

It was a couple of months before I saw Kayla again. School kept her away and she had gone to visit family in Wyoming for winter break. She was at our new year’s party, but Sara and her had boys over and stayed outside until late. I felt a little sad at the fact that I was not the center of her attention; however I knew that it was for the best. There was no way we could have a relationship, even a purely sexual one. She was still only 17 years old, way too young for me, not even legal yet.

Her flirting had stopped also; it seemed as if I was not even there to her anymore. I had started working out more and playing some sports. This kept me away from home during my free time.

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  Kayla had also begun cheerleading and swimming. This came with a class in gymnastics three times a week that Sara would go to with her. Although I thought it would be nice to go and watch, I was always busy and my wife would take them. I thought that our little tryst was over. I was glad in a way, I did have pangs of guilt for not being stronger in the face of temptation, however secretly, I loved every second of it and would frequently replay each scenario in my mind. Even while making love to my wife I would picture Kayla in my mind.

The next summer my wife and kids took a trip up to visit family in another state. I stayed at home and was planning on flying up to meet them then flying back early while they stayed at a cabin for the remainder of the summer. Being home alone was always a little tough for me. I did not have any plans and all of my sports clubs were shut down for the start of the summer.

The first day I moved all the liquor into the house and set up a little bar in my office. I had decided to take some time and try and finish the novel that I had started five years ago in college. After four hours of writers block I poured a drink and ordered some Indian food. I settled back with a drink and looked at the keyboard.


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Not one word came to mind for my story. I got up and poured another drink then sat back and looked out the window and tried to free my mind. I was watching the birds fly around the trees in my backyard when I saw Kayla’s head poke over the fence. All of the memories of our indiscretions came to my mind. I could almost smell her scent. I took another drink and watched her, thinking of how sweet she tasted.

Kayla looked around my backyard then jumped up on the fence and climbed down the ladder. She was dressed in her usual short, shorts and stylish t-shirt, no shoes of course. She walked to the back door and I heard it open. All the lights in the house were off, I always wrote better with the lights off.

The door closed and I could hear the patter of her feet on the tile, walking toward my office. I sat still, wondering if I should say something but not wanting to, I did not want this to go anywhere and I was unsure if I could control myself to any advances in my half drunken state.

The patter of feet stopped and I heard the door to the garage open and close. SO that is what she is here for, to take my liquor again. I had noticed that some of the bottles were disappearing and some seemed lighter than others.

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  I never really opened the box; I would just slip some into a glass and put it away before getting caught. This is where it must have been going. I stood up and walked to the door of my office, directly across for the door to the garage. I could hear some boxes opening and closing. The sounds stopped and the garage door started to open again.

Kayla appeared as the door opened and turned shutting the door behind her. I stood in the doorway and took another drink. The ice clinking in my glass caused her to turn suddenly, pressing her back against the door in shock. Her wide eyes relaxed when she saw it was me.

“So,” I started, “that is where my liquor has been disappearing to. ”I took another drink.

Kayla smiled and shrugged, “Sorry, but it’s hard to buy when you’re underage. ”

“Underage is the key word. ”I said.

“I think I’m old enough, even if I am…underage.

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  ”She smiled that seductive smile and moved toward me.

I turned and walked into my office, putting my desk between her and I. I took my seat; she had followed me into my office and was standing behind one of the chairs facing my desk. Her eyes turned to the liquor that I had set out on my book shelf, my new mini bar.

“So, that’s where it is. ”She said, “Do you mind?”I shrugged and she walked over to the bar and opened a bottle of schnapps and raised the bottle to her lips.

“Don’t be an animal. ”I quipped. She stopped and smiled and reached for a glass. She dropped some ice into the glass and started to pour the schnapps.

“Don’t be such a pussy either. ”I said with a smile. She stopped before a drop left the glass and looked at me, a little bit of playful anger in her eyes. I toasted her with my scotch and slugged back the rest then held my glass out to her.

She stood still for a moment and stared at me with narrow eyes.


  Slowly she put the cap back on the schnapps and walked over and took my glass from my hand. Setting the glass down she picked up the scotch and nodded toward me. I smiled with approval and she poured two four finger glasses full. She stirred hers with her finger and sucked the excess off, then picked up both glasses and walked over. She handed me my glass and put her finger in it stirring with her wet finger, smiling at me.

We both sat in silence as sipped our drinks, looking at each other. After a few minutes I reached over and opened the drawer to my desk and fished out two cigars from my stash. I had a small humidor hidden in the back. I also took out an ashtray, my cigar cutter and lighter. Clipping the end off, I moistened one with scotch and lit it. I offered it to her, after I had a good cherry on the end.

She leaned forward and took it from me, “is this what guys do when they are left home alone?”She asked.

I lit my cigar, “among other things. ”I said and sat back puffing.

I blew some smoke rings and she tried but failed and we both laughed.

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“So, what are you doing home, I thought you were all out of town. ”Kayla asked.

“SO, what are you doing sneaking into my house stealing my liquor?”I asked back.

Before she could answer the doorbell rang. I picked up my wallet and walked out of the room, “Hungry?”I asked. The Indian food had arrived, the delivery man walked in and set it on the counter, unpacking the meal for me and making small talk. I paid him and he left. Kayla appeared around the corner of my office door. I noticed that she had a fresh drink in her hand.

“That smells great. ”She said walking toward me. She handed me her cigar, passing her hand across my chest as she walked by. I shuddered.

She sat at the table and started eating from the boxes with her hands. I put the cigars out in the sink and set them on the counter for later.

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  I pulled up a chair next to her and started to eat with my hands also. The food was great and I was famished. I had not been eating well these last few days, just mainly snacking.

She held out some meat dripping with sauce to me, “try this. ”I opened my mouth and she put the meat on my tongue letting me suck the sauce off of her fingers.

She smiled and laughed. We took turns feeding each other with our hands. Juice dripped down her chin and mine making quite a mess. After a time I cleaned up and took her glass and went into my office to pour us another drink. Kayla followed me.

She sat in my chair behind my desk and spun around in my chair. I put her drink on my desk.

“Do you want to finish you cigar?” I asked.

“No, I’ve got a better idea. ”She said.

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  She stopped spinning and reached into her pocket she had to stand up because her shorts were so tight. She pulled out a little plastic bag and dropped it on my desk with a smile.

I sat forward and picked up the bag, knowing already what it was but not believing it. Inside was about four buds and a small clay pipe.

I opened the bag and was rewarded with the smell of some really good bud.

“Wow,” I said, “that is a smell that I haven’t smelled for a long time. ”I pulled out the pipe and one bud. I crushed it and packed in and took my lighter. Holding it out to Kayla I asked her if she wanted the first hit.

“Be my guest,” she said.

I took a long hit from the pipe and sat back holding it in as long as I could. I handed her the pipe and she did the same. I exhaled with a cough and took the pipe again from her. She did not cough at all, but held her drag and smiled at me.

I took another big hit, already feeling the rush of the pot mixed with the alcohol and handed it back again.

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  We smoked the whole bowl together. In the end we were both sitting in the chairs staring at the ceiling fans and laughing.

I looked at Kayla as she stared at the ceiling fan. She was very cute, borderline beautiful. She has small features, great nose and her lips are thin and youthful. One of her best features is her eyes. The are deep and have a naturally playful/seductive quality. Her hair has had many phases, from blond to black over the past year. I thought that she looked good in them all. My eyes wander down her body as she lies with her eyes closed in the chair, lost in her high.

Her shirt was low cut in the front; I could see the swell of her breasts and a little light blue fabric from her bra. Her breasts had grown in the last year, but were not big. I guessed a B cup, perfect in my book. Her flat stomach led down to her mound, the shorts hugged it tight. She was usually in some form of cutoffs.

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  Her legs were smooth and tan, strong from the cheerleading and gymnastics and well formed. They were not long legs but well formed and proportional to her body. I decided that if I could change anything about her it would be her legs. Her feet were small and bare, as always. The nails painted nicely. Even though she was almost always bare foot they never seamed dirty. I had a sudden urge to suck on her toes and kiss up her leg.

I sat up and shook my head and typed the word HIGH on my screen.

“Why are you home alone anyway?”Kayla asked eyes still closed.

“I have to work; also I am trying to finish a novel that I started in college. ”I answered. “What do you have going on this summer?”I asked.

“Nothing, I am all alone almost all summer. My parents are working and will be gone on conferences almost all summer. ”Kayla smiled at me, “I thought I would be hanging out here, now I don’t know what I will do.

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I did not answer; I did not know what to say. I thought about offering to have her fly up and spend the summer with Sara in the cabin, or of offering her a job doing grunt work for me. I knew that my wife would not want another kid, not her family, to be up there with them. I wondered if I wanted to be around her all summer, if I could handle it. I sure as hell wanted to ask her, but I did not have the guts.

Kayla stood up and stretched, giving me a good look at her bare stomach.

“I’m going to swim,” she said and walked out of my office to the back yard.

I sat back and took a deep breath, the pot and alcohol had my head swimming. The sight of her stomach had caused my cock to swell a little. I looked out the back window as she walked toward the pool. It was evening but it was still light outside. She dipped her foot in the water, testing the temperature. I knew that it would be a little cold. Later it would feel like a bath tub.

She spun around looking up at the sky with her hands out to her sides, smiling.

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  When she stopped she stood for a moment before pulling her shirt over her head, revealing her small light blue bra. She undid her jeans, facing my window but not looking at me. I stood and walked closer to the window.

Blue panties that matched her bra, her body was fit and shapely, she had matured a bit since I last saw her. She dipped her feet in the water again and splashed a little, her hands covering her chest instinctively. I adjusted my growing cock in my pants and continued to watch. She stepped into the pool again and walked down the steps immersing herself fully and swimming to the other side.

I walked to the mini bar and fixed two fuzzy navels in tall glasses. I then turned on the stereo and activated the outside speakers. I opened the back door and walked out, it had gotten darker already; it always surprised me how fast that happened in the summer. I walked to the pool, my eyes adjusting and set down the drinks. Then I pulled up a chair and sat next to the pool. Kayla was at the other side of the pool; she turned and swam slowly to me, her body hidden in the water. She took her drink and sat on the step, her breasts just below the waters edge. We sat in silence for a moment and drank, watching the stars appear in the night sky.

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Her voice finally broke the stillness, “do you want to get in?”She asked quietly, almost hesitantly, as if she was asking something else.

I sighed and took a pull from my glass; I decided that honesty was the best course at this time. “You know I do. I want to get in there more that anything right now. ”

“But,” She said for me.

“Kayla, since the moment we met things have been…. too much. Some of the things that have happened…. well, I let things go to far. I feel like I should not even be talking about any of this. I want to, but you are too young. Too young and I don’t want to be that guy. ”I laughed, “Just me being out here makes me that guy, but this is as far as I can go. I’m sorry. ”I mumbled the last under my breath.

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Kayla sat in silence sipping her drink. I sat feeling stupid for having said anything, what if she did not know what I was talking about. BUT how could she not?She is nearly naked in my pool!I have tasted her. BUT we have never really DONE anything with a premeditated, thought out, planned…goal.

She stood up and walked past me, dragging her hands over my arm as she walked by. Behind me I heard the bubbles and jets for the hot tub go on. I sat for a couple of minutes facing, I was facing away from the hot tub, and sipped my drink.

“Come get in the hot tub,” She asked, “please…. ”She lengthened the please, making it sound like begging.

I got up and walked over to the tub. It was dark outside, too dark to see. I hesitated, I don’t have a suite on and I don’t want to get in naked. I kick my shoes off and step in with my clothes on.

Kayla laughed, “nice swimming suit. ”

“I’m not going to be the only naked one in here.

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  ”I answer.

“Is that an invitation?” she says.

“No,” I said.

“Is that a dare then?”She quips back with an evil glint in her eye.

“Not a dare either, just a fact. ”I state again and smile.

Kayla jumps up and reaches behind her back, “Was it a threat?”

I look up at her, “How could that be construed as a threat?”

She puts her hands on her hips, “the fact that you can still say construed means you need another drink…as so do I. ” She leans over and pushes my glass up to my lips, “Drink up. ”

I stare at her cleavage as I drink. She takes the glass and stands and I can see the outline of her pussy in the thin fabric of her panties. She notices and smiles and sticks her tongue out at me licking her lips.

I smile and shake my head no and slip under the water. When I surface she is out of the hot tub and walking into the house with our glasses. The panties are plastered against her ass, accenting the firm roundness and crack. I watch each cheek bounce slightly as she strolls into the house and disappears.



I try not to think about anything, when she is gone. A little voice keeps telling me to get up and go inside and end the night. However, a bigger voice is telling the other to shut the fuck up and enjoy, nothing is going to happen, just have a little playful fun like before.

Kayla walks back out a couple of minutes later with two tall glasses. He hands me mine then climbs back into the tub. Her nipples are standing out and her body is all goose pimples. She sits next to me and toasts my glass. I take a sip and almost spit it out. It is straight alcohol, what seems like a mixture of everything with a splash of coke.

“What the hell is that?”I ask?

“Good old high school kamikaze!What do you expect; I don’t know how to mix drinks. ”She sips some of her own and coughs at the strength of it. “Maybe I did make it a little strong. ”She laughs. She sits next to me and toasts my glass and takes a big slug, I follow suite. I am already tipsy and the pot is still in my system.

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“You better take it slow; you don’t want to get too drunk?”I say.

“Maybe I want to get too drunk,” She says. She takes another slug and sets her glass down on the side of the hot tub. She turns to me and laughs, “do you know that you are still fully clothed?At least take your shirt off. ”

I shrug and reach over to set my glass down but she stops me.

“Keep drinking, I’ll do it. ”Kayla sits up and starts to unbutton my shirt, she takes her time, moving from button to button and dragging her hands down my chest and stomach. She presses her hands against my hard cock while undoing the last button. I instinctively stiffen to her touch, gritting my teeth in pleasure.

She runs her hands up my chest and shoulders, taking the shirt off, one arm at a time. IN the end she is sitting across my legs facing me. She stands up with my shirt, placing her pussy inches from my face and wrings the shirt out over my head, covering me with water. Laughing she tosses the shirt onto a pool chair. I look up at her, across her toned stomach up to her breasts and smiling face looking down at me. She leans a little closer with her pelvis, her pussy now just inches from my face.

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  I sit back a little farther and pretend not to notice, taking another drink.

“Sit forward. ” She tells me while stepping to the side, ‘to the edge. ”

I do what I am told and she moves behind me, rubbing her pussy over my shoulder as she steps over me and starts to rub my shoulders and back. Her strong hands feel so great on my stiff muscles. I groan in pleasure. She works her way down my back, rolling her knuckles into my muscles and scratching down with both hands repeatedly. It feels out of this world, I take another drink of the kamikaze, not so strong anymore, and enjoy.

She begins to run her fingers through my hair, I sit up slightly and my butt scoots back against her. She rums her fingers around my ears and neck, then under my arms and around my chest, massaging my chest. My cock again grows as I feel her moves her hips into me a little.

“Do you like that?” She asks softly.

I respond with a groan, she pulls me against her and I offer no resistance. Her hands caress my chest, a little tweak of my nipples makes me laugh and wiggle a little, she giggles and hugs me tight, her lips against my shoulder, I feel a little bite and her tongue against my skin. I take another drink; her hands on me feel fabulous.

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I imagine her body from the time I was watching her sunbath naked, how perfect her pussy looked. I can feel her bra and breasts against my back, I imagine the heat from her pussy against my back. Her hands are still caressing my chest but she has ventured lower now. Her light touch on my sensitive stomach makes me twitch. She pressed her hands flat against me and whispers sorry in my ear. Her hands rub lower, her finger tips brushing the edge of my pants.

I am lost in imagining her body from the day I wrestled with her, her taste is all I can think of. Her hand dips below my pants venturing close to my hardened cock, her other hand is on my stomach rubbing my muscles. I remember the strength in her legs and let out another moan of pleasure. Her hand dips lower and touches me, just lightly, just the head. She keeps rubbing my lower stomach then dips her hand where she touched me and lifts her fingers off my skin.

The feel of her hand closing around my shaft and the gentle squeeze awakens me from my fantasy. What she is doing feels great but I know I have to stop her. The alcohol is clouding my judgment and I don’t want to make a mistake with her.

“Kayla,” I start to say.

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“I know. I’m too young. ”She said. “I don’t feel too young, at least not right now. ”Pause. “Listen; let’s put this to rest, just so you know, that first day was the only accident. Everything else I wanted. ”

I open my eyes, “you remember that first day?”I asked turning to look at her, her hand was still holding my cock, she was softly stroking and squeezing it. It felt so good I did not want her to stop.

“Yes,” she said looking in my eyes, “I remember, you were the first boy to ever touch me there. ”

“I can’t believe that you had never been touched…there. You were so aggressive. ”I said in disbelief.

“I only said that you were the first BOY to ever touch me there. ”She let the rest linger unsaid.

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  I was a little stunned and did not know what to say. She sat forward, and leaned in to kiss me. I pulled away; she tightened her grip on my cock and pulled forward.

“Kayla, god knows that I want this more than anything else right now, and I can tell that you want it to. ”Her grip slacked on my cock then she let go. I continued, “I just don’t feel like we should do this when you are so young. I have a fear that later in life you will come back and think that I took advantage of you. ”

“But I want you to,” She said, “I am tired of getting fingered, poorly, by Horney little boys until my pussy hurts, only to have to suck them off. I won’t have sex with them, not yet, but I need to be satisfied. I have tried girls and its fun but my body wants a cock. ”

I took another drink and so did Kayla. We both sat back across from another and had a little mini staring contest as we drank. After a couple on minutes she set her drink down and took her bra off. In the moonlight I could barely see her breasts under the water. I smiled and set my drink down and removed my socks.

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  Kayla laughed and shook her head.

Feeling daring I removed my pants and tossed them over the side onto the chair. Kayla nodded her head and we continued to drink and stare at each other. We were both finished with our crazy kamikaze drinks. Kayla offered to refill them but I argued that the one with the knowledge on how should make the drinks. Taking her glass I walked in to the house and made us each a great Margareta.

I returned to the hot tub and climbed back in. Kayla was in the pool swimming back to the hot tub. I took a drink then put my head back to watch the stars. I felt a wet splash on my arm and looked over to see Kayla’s panties. She had thrown them from the pool; she started to laugh as I picked them up and tossed them on the chair. I looked over at her as she walked out of the pool. In the light from the House I could make out the fine, trimmed hair on her pussy, my cock hardened again.

She walked over and stood next to the tub and took a long pull from her glass. I watched her drink and admired the youthful body next to me.

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  She looked in my eyes as she stepped back into the tub sitting opposite me. I could see that she was a little drunk, as was I. I felt her foot on my leg. She slid it up between my legs and pushed against my crotch, grabbing with her toes. Her other foot pushed my leg aside and using both of them she held my cock and massaged with her feet.

I started to speak but she cut me off, “This is not sex, I will not have sex with you until I am 18, ok. The good news is, that’s about one month away. ”

I nodded, her feet were magical in their ability to grab and pull on my cock and balls. She put her feet down and reached over, grabbing the elastic of my boxers and pulled on them. I tentatively lifted my hips and she slid them down and off of my. It felt strange to have my cock fully displayed in the pool with her there. She threw my boxers onto the chair with our other clothes then sat on the edge of the hot tub and spread her legs.

She rubbed up and down her thighs then across her pussy. Her hands went up her stomach and she grasped her breasts and twisted the nipples roughly. She licked her hand and stuck her fingers in her mouth then went back to her pussy.

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  With one hand she spread the lips and showed me her clit, placing her wet fingers on either side she pinched and rubbed her clit, rocking her hips and moaning.

My hand instinctively went to my cock and I started slowly stroking to her show. Watching me she started to rub faster, dipping the tips of her fingers into her pussy, deeper each time. I started stroking also, matching her time. I could smell her pussy in the air and I moved closer, onto my knees in front of her. She spread her legs wider and grabbed her breast as she fingered herself. I leaned forward slowly until my head was only 6 inches from her pussy, I could smell its metallic tang. I masturbated faster as I watched.

I leaned in, wanting to lick and taster her pussy, sensing my need she removed her fingers and placed them in my mouth, I sucked them off as I masturbated, my mouth filled with her wonderful taste and scent.

She removed them and I leaned in to taste her but she took my face in her hands and stopped me. “Remember, no sex. ” She said. I groaned and sat back. Not wanting to cum in the hot tub I stopped masturbating but my cock pulsed with my heartbeat. I took another drink.

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  Kayla took my hand and pulled me to my feet, I followed her out of the tub and she led me naked into the house into the guest room.

The room had a large king sized bed for visitors. She turned on the hall light but left the room light off. She walked me over to the bed and pushed me back onto it.

“I thought you said no sex. ”I said, not caring how old she was at this point.

“I know, no sex, you will not get to have sex with me until I am 18. In exchange, we get to fool around a little. No sex, just playing, nobody get’s hurt, is that ok with you?”

I nodded yes. With my agreement she stepped up on the bed and straddled me. Standing above me she danced a little to the music from outside. I could see her wet pussy above me. She bent over and placed her hands on my chest and dug her nails in. It felt good.

Slowly she lowered her pussy down, I thought for a moment that she was going to fuck me right there and I was not going to stop her, instead she sat, trapping my cock against me and her pussy.

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  She sat back and rocked her hips a little, I could feel her pussy lips part and surround my cock, but only on the side, no penetration. She slowly started to slide up and down, rubbing her pussy and clit on me. It felt great, her juices lubricated everything and I started to match her movements. Things got more intense and I reached up and put my hands on her breasts as she rubbed against me.

Our intensity built and I could feel her starting to climax. I looked up and saw her flushed cheeks and pleasure on her face, eyes closed and holding my hands on her breasts. My balls synched as she started to cum. I felt more fluid between us as she came, it caused me to climax also, she cried out as my pulsing cum stimulated her clit and she pressed harder against me. This pressure caused me to cum even harder and I placed my hands on her hips as I thrust between her pussy lips, covering my stomach with cum. Se rocked against each other as our climax subsided. She laid down on my chest and wrapped her hands around my head, holding me as her body shook and spasmed. I was still cumming a little and my cock was very sensitive, her movements caused me all sorts of pleasure and I moaned and rocked my hips.

Our movements were in sync and she started to work up to another climax, I was still hard but no where near being able to cum again. It felt great and I wanted to make her cum again. I kissed her neck and bit the soft flesh of her shoulder, this pushed her over the edge and she came hard.


  Her spasm caused my cock to come out from between us and I felt the tip against her pussy, she was cumming and she pushed back and I felt the tip start to go into her. It was tight and I could feel her virgin hole resisting my cock head. I lifted my knees as she tried to scoot back and put it in farther. She started bucking wildly, rubbing my cock head all over her pussy, the head slipping in and out of the entrance to her hole.

I was unable to stop her and would not even if I could. The sensation of her pussy on the head of my cock sent me quickly over the edge and I came again. My sperm sprayed all over her pussy, a little felt like it went up in her and she cried out at the feel of it spraying inside her. We both came hard the collapsed against each other. After a few moments she slid off to my side and snuggled against me

She looked up at me with tired drunken eyes, “that was close, but I still won’t call it sex. ”