Hamilton Road Part I: Becky


“Hey Adam. ” “Hey, Dad. ” “What’s Up? “Just hanging out dad. Thinking about going over to Jason’s house tomorrow. ” “Well that’s what I came to talk to you about son. ” Adam’s smile fell. “Your mother and I were hoping you would stay here this weekend so we could go out tomorrow with Simone and Ryan. ” Simone and Ryan were the neighbors across the street. Their two little girls were so annoying always running around pretending they were little house on the prairie or something. Suddenly it hit him and he had to ask. “Why do I need to be here for that dad?” he eyed his father suspiciously. “Well, son we were hoping you wouldn’t mind watching Simone and Ryan’s kids. ” “Oh fuck dad. Why do I have to do it. ?” “Cause the normal babysitter is too pregnant to be watching the kids. It will be fun.

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   We’ll rent you some movies and buy pizza. I’ll tell you what son if it all turns out ok I’ll give you twenty bucks. ” Adam started thinking about it. With those twenty bucks he could get Jason’s brother to buy him some more porn. “Okay dad I guess if it helps you out. ” “Thanks son. ”Adam followed his dad to the door to his bedroom thinking of the porn he would buy. God now he would have to jerk off. After his dad walked out he quietly locked his door and turned off his lights. He walked to his bed taking off all of his clothes as he went. He crawled naked across his bed the moonlight from the window glinting across his young handsome naked body. His short brown hair falling gently over his green eyes. He reached into the drawer of his nightstand. And pulled out a pair of binoculars. Then he sat cross legged in front of his window letting the moonlight bathe him as he started to gently tug on his penis.

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   Waiting. It would happen tonight. It usually happened about every other night. He tugged on his cock a little faster in nervous anticipation. He saw the spark of light and his breath caught. He picked up the binoculars while still pulling on his dick. There she was. Becky. His next door neighbor. She was a year younger than his 15 years of age, but neither his parents nor Simone and Ryan liked her because of the way she dressed. Right now she was wearing a halter-top. Its spaghetti straps barely containing her budding breasts. Her read hair hangs down around her head as she bends to light another candle. Adam catches a small sight of her rounded breasts. Tugging his dick harder.

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   She was wearing a pair of sweat shorts as she leaned across her bed to light another candle, Adam could se the bottom roundness of her fourteen year old ass. He watched intently precum forming as she slid out of her shorts. Fuck! Her panties were blue tonight. As she sat on her bed she took off her shirt. Oh god no bra. He stared through the binoculars at her erect nipples, he was gently stroking his rock hard cock now. She started to oil herself. Adam watched as she caressed her young tits and stomach. He imagined her moaning his name and she started to rub her panty line. He watched as she slid her panties down around her knees and started rubbing her young flower. Oh holy shit he moaned quietly as he dropped the binoculars and tried to pry his right hand from his cock with his left. He picked up the binoculars with both hands not trusting himself. What the fuck? She had never gone this far before. He watched as she pushed something in and out of her glistening young pussy. His right hand moved back down to his cock and he started beating it fast as she started moving back and forth against her hand.

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   Her dark blue panties were still wrapped around her knees as she rolled over on her stomach and started humping her hand. Adam was furiously stroking his cock his body glistening with sweat as he watched her beautifully round ass move up and down. Oh fuck he couldn’t stop and even as he watched her start to convulse he felt the warm liquid flow over his hand as he felt the immense sense of pleasure. Becky smiled to herself her head buried in her pillow her fingers buried in her pussy. The small cigar tube she had started out with long since forgotten. Oh god she was so wet. She hoped the boy had had fun. She blew out her candles, her panties still around her knees as she rolled back and fell asleep….
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