Happy Birthday Amber


Casting a glance down at her phone, Anna glanced around the slowly trickling remnants of the student body. “It’s almost 5, where the hell is he, my mom’s going to come soon. ” She sighed in that cute little way, lids sliding over her beautiful amber hues momentarily in exasperation. In doing so she also momentarily lowered her guard, something she should’ve known better than to do.
In this instant of silence he leaned around wrapping both hands around her waist, at the same time canines sank into the crux of her neck. Her face flushed and a quick moving hand covering her mouth muffled her scream. He let up, he could feel her heart racing wildly inside her small bird like body. He’d made sure not to bite too hard and to make up for it, kissed the teeth marks gently.   Calming her self she twisted within his steadily loosening grip and smacked him playfully.
“Why do you always sneak up on me?!” She said, doing her best to suppress the blush and keep from smiling. He shrugged, returning his hands to his pockets. “Why do you always like it so much?” She glared at him, and he cocked his head at an odd angle, smiling devilishly. Leaning down to his curly headed Amber he kissed her lips softly, feeling her press into the kiss he moved his hands around behind her back.
Clad in a black tank top, and a opened zip up hoody, along with a pair of tight clinging blue jeans. Leaning out of the kiss just long enough to appreciate the view he gave her ass a nice squeeze, despite her stoic capabilities and strong demeanor she always seemed to fall apart around him, and he loved it. Smacking him again, he rubbed is cheek laughing.

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   Turning to walk away he snatched her hand up in his own and pulled her along with him.
Pouting, trying her best to be unhappy and obstinate as he wandered around the small almost abandoned school. “Why are you leading the way, you don’t even go here. ” She said, looking away unconsciously closing her grip on his hand a little, one of her many subtle ways of actually showing she cared.   “On the contrary I’ve ended up being around here a lot, mostly because of you. Damn meatball. ” He mumbled in his own sense of mock anger. “I never asked you too. ” She shot back, he only responded with a glare, a glare that silenced her…. “Sorry. ” She said glancing down.
“No worries, he said pecking her on the lips and continuing his trek through the dimly lit hallways of ridgewood. Finding a random opened door he glanced around the room before pulling her in and closing the door behind him. “Though you can make up for it. ” He smirked and pressed her up against the wall, immediately he began kissing her passionately, she kissed back hard pressing herself into his chest.

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   He lifted her, she responded wrapping her legs around his waist and kissing harder.
As things continued to progress he moved and went to remove her shirt, she paused for a moment then deciding to be caught up in the moment pulled it over her head, her small rounded breasts now only hidden by a confining and small bra. He kissed his way down toward her chest biting at the edges of the rounded mounds and relishing the delicious responses of breathy gasps and soft moans.
His own sexual organ pressing against the confines of his pants he felt her rubbing it through his jeans and through his boxers with her petite body moving up and down effectively dry humping him. He moved over to a desk and sat her on top of it. With a twist of his fingers and a pop her bra was removed and her small yet perfect breasts hung free. Eagerly he leaned down cupping and massaging one with toying with the nipple of the other with his tongue and teeth alike. Shaking with pleasure he could tell she was insanely wet at this point, he reached down and began unbuttoning her pants.
Confining a wonderful ass the pants slid to her ankles quickly, with a zip, his own monster was unleashed and he felt her small hands massing his vein filled cock to the point he feared he would burst before he ever entered. The crotch of the red thong she wore was already visibly soaked and he smiled pressing his fingers against her mound causing her to cry out. She was forced to hide her own pleasure for fear of getting caught, he was far beyond the realm of caring.
Sliding the crotch of the thong to the side he slid in two fingers, twisting his wrist spasmodically to imitate a vibrator, which he did rather well. She moaned and convulsed beneath his muses and he smiled leaning over to kiss her deeply feeling her hot breath against his face, his eyes beyond this world, beyond rational thought. “Now, now. ” He could hear her mumble between breathy moans and unintelligible mutters.

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   “I want you inside me NOW!” she said lifting herself using his body as a base.
She forced his nine inch monster inside her small vagina, closing her eyes she moaned hard forcing him about half way in a single push. She moved slow, sliding down his pole gently. He eased it in comfortably controlling himself for the moment. He leaned around, her arms gripping his shoulders tightly as if holding on for dear life. Sliding out of her slowly he began moving back in, slow until he was at the base, she whimpered over his shoulder.

    Suddenly he bit her neck hard, he heard her gasp and felt her nails scratching at his back through his shirt. They both knew what it meant, he humped like a crazed animal, thrusting his massive size in and out of her as hard as he could. She moaned and screamed uncontrollably under the assault on her delicate sex, but she relished as much as he did thrusting with her hips just as hard.
    In her thralls of pleasure she tore at his back, the pain caused him to bite her back, and the violent sexual circle continued, which just caused them both to thrust harder. Sweat clouded her brow, as auburn curls bounced around her face, giving her the eerie guise of Annie doused in blood. “HARDER” She roared in a commanding tone forcing herself harder and him deeper, now it became a battle of endurance.
    Both of them held in the urge to cum and fell deeper in the depths of pleasure, he kept going harder and harder, old boxing training giving him strength. Eventually she finally caved and allowed herself to cum, she closed her eyes, dug her nails deep into his flesh and convulsed hard enough to nearly knock them both off balance.   As the walls closed around his cock he was literally milked of his fluids, he plunged deeper and came hard, moments after her.

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       But he wasn’t spent, he continued to thrust inside of her, accompanied by the awkward sensation of his cum dripping out of her and down his balls.
    She didn’t let go either, but now more sensitive than ever she came a second time, even more violently in less time. Leaning down he bit the side of her small breasts enticing her through subtle pain to move even faster. Now both of them dripping with sweat they continued their love making, and as Izzy sat down, Anna came down on top of them, eyes widening as she in one thrust forced all 9 inches of him inside of her. Spent they both backed off and he lifted her to her feet, standing unsteadily she planted a kiss on his ebony forehead. “On hell of a birthday present. ” She managed to mutter as he stumbled to a nearby chair to sit down herself. But that was only the beginning and she could tell, but she had no idea what would be in store.

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