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I had the bike turned into a nice long bend, and as I could see the shape of the bend opening-up, I was just preparing to wind on a handful of throttle. Suddenly as the road came into view, I could see someone running down the middle of the road towards me. I throttled back, and squeezed the brakes on, bringing the bike to a standstill about 5 yards from the girl who was running full tilt towards me. Yes I could now see it was a young girl, maybe about 18, dressed in only a flimsy cotton nightdress. No shoes, and if the nightdress had been any shorter, I’d have been able to see if she had any knickers on. I lifted my visor and shouted, “Hey! Slow down. What’s wrong?”She gave me a wide berth, as if she was going to carry on straight past. Then she stopped and started blurting out, “Help me. Come quick. It’s the sisters. We can’t wake them. Please help us. ”“Calm down dear. Of coarse I’ll help you. Where are your sisters?”“Come quickly”. And with that she turned and ran back the way she’d just come.


  I followed slowly alongside her, and we got to a large gateway where she turned to go up the long flint drive. The gateway was in a very high brick wall, which obviously encircled the whole property. Either side of the gate were signs warning of danger of high voltage, and instructing all visitors to use the intercom system to contact the main reception. There was a big sign saying, “The Sisters of St Katherine’s Girl’s School for the Blind”. The gate itself was a large iron one that slid sideways, and at the moment was fully open. The drive up to what looked like a big old country manor house, was about 300 yards long, and made of sharp flint stones. The girl must have had to run all that distance already, her feet were cut to ribbons, and she was almost flaked out. I stopped at the edge of the road, and shouted to her, “WAIT. COME BACK HERE A MINUTE”. She stopped and turned-around, “Please don’t stop. We need your help”. “No! I’m still going to help you. But it’ll be quicker if you get on the back of my bike”. She came back to where I’d stopped, “How do I get on?”“Just put your foot on the peg, and throw your leg over”. “Where’s the peg?”Then the penny dropped, she was blind, she had no idea where or what the foot pegs were.

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   I thought, now what? I quickly got off the bike, and pulled it up onto its centre stand. “Ok my dear, I’m sorry I hadn’t realized you couldn’t see. Can I lift you onto the back?”“What do I have to do?”“Nothing love. I’ll put my hands on your waist, and lift you across the seat. You will need to lift your legs open, and when I put you down on the seat, you can then put them down either side of the bike. Do you think you can manage?”“Yes. But please hurry”. I put my hands on her waist, she was only a mere slip of a girl, and I lifted her with ease. When I’d got her lifted up in the air, I said, “Lift your legs open wide”. I’d got her held up in-front of me, so as she lifted her legs, she had to spread them either side of me. As I lifted her onto the pillion of my bike, it was impossible not to get a full view of her sweet little pussy. Even the sunlight had picked-up on the slight glistening in her damp slot. I got an instant erection, and found it difficult to keep my mind on the poor girl’s plight. I snapped myself out of it, and told her, “Put your hands onto my shoulders, while I put your feet onto the foot rests”. She did as instructed, I placed her feet on the rests, got onto the bike, and we were away, her arms clinging tightly around my waist.

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  I gently made my way up the drive, not wanting to scare the already frightened girl, but within no time we were at the big manor house. Then I realized that I couldn’t use my centre-stand on the gravel drive, the bike would just fall over. I needed the bike on the stand to enable me to lift her off. “Hang on tight”, I said as I rode my bike up the dozen or so stone steps that led up to the big front doors. I pulled up on the stone area in-front of the open door, and pulled the bike back onto its stand. I got off, and said, “Ok are you ready for me to lift you?”She reached forward, put her hands on my shoulders, lifted her legs high in the air and swung around on the saddle to face me. “Is that ok? Can you lift me now?”The view she was giving me, almost ripped the zip in my fly wide open. I’d got a hard bulge that was clearly visible, even though I was wearing leathers. “Yes dear, that’s great”, I answered, as I lifted her down onto the floor. As soon as her feet touched the floor, she was up and running. I followed, removing my helmet as we went. As soon as we were inside the door, other girls were coming towards us, all dressed (or should I say undressed) about the same as the first girl. “Jenny, who have you got?” asked one of the approaching girls. “I don’t know, but he’s going to try and help us”. “My name’s Barry.

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   Can you tell me what’s happened?”The first girl, who I now knew was jenny, never stopped, but as we were running said, “Come on it’s this way. We don’t know what’s happened. We need someone who can see”. At this point we arrived in a large dining room, with a big long table down the middle. There were six nuns seated at the table, well when I say seated. I can only guess they must have been seated originally. Some were slumped forward faces down on their unfinished breakfast plates. One had fallen sideways off her chair, and one looked as if she’d slid down the chair, and ended up under the table. What had happened to them?I looked at the food on the plates, and it was a traditional English fried breakfast. Bacon, eggs, tomatoes, sausages, mushrooms and fried bread. Now I know that fried food is considered an unhealthy option these days, but it doesn’t usually kill you before you leave the table. But then it came to my mind, mushrooms! Were they actually mushrooms? Or had they picked toadstools by mistake?I sniffed at the remains of a mushroom on one of the plates, but now it was cooked, it was impossible to tell. “Do you know what’s happened to them?” asked Jenny. “No not really. Have you phoned the police?”“No.

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   The phone isn’t working, and the electric has gone off. That was why I came out to find someone”. “Ok don’t get too upset. Are you and all the rest of the girls ok?”“Yes. Some of the younger ones are getting panicky, but there alright”. “Ok. Now I don’t know what’s happened to the nuns. But it looks like they've eaten some bad food. You stop here, and keep the rest of the girls’ calm, while I go and get help. Don’t worry about the phone and electric, it’s just storm damage, it will all be fixed soon. ” I turned, put my helmet on, and run back to my bike. As I got on, i lifted my visor and said, “I won’t be long”. I blasted down the drive, almost loosing it on the loose shale drive. I could tell before I got to the gates, that they were now shut, and the flashing beacons either side were warning not to come near. There was no way I was getting out of those gates, but who’d shut them? I turned and rode back to the house.

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   I took my helmet off, and left it with my bike. “Why have you come back?”“The gates are shut. Where are the controls for it?”“They must be in the Mother Superior’s Office”, said the other girl, who I’d found out was called Christine. As I followed the two girls, I was getting very hot in my leathers. As we rushed towards the office, I unzipped my leathers down half way, and tied the arms around my waist. We arrived at the office, and the girls were reticent to enter, it is regarded as the private domain of the mother superior, and even in these circumstances, they didn’t dare open the door. “This is her office, but we’d get skinned alive if she knew we’d been in there”, said Jenny. “Don’t worry. I’ll take full responsibility, she won’t skin me alive”. And with that I opened the door, and went in. The two girls followed me. I looked all around, and then spotted a PC standing in a corner of the room, screen flashing “Enter Password”.
    A line at the top of the screen said, “Security System Controller”. This was obviously the reason the gates were originally open, and had now closed. When the electric power had been cut, the system would shutdown, but would have a built-in fail-safe that would cut the high voltage to the gates, and open them, in-case of emergency.

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       Now the power was back on, it had re-closed the gates and electrified them as well. “Do either of you know the password?”They both said they had no idea, so we weren’t getting the gates open in a hurry. I was now feeling the heat, as I still had my thick one-piece full leathers and leather bike boots on. Even though they had the arms tied around my waist, I was sweating profusely. I looked at the girls, and thought, they can't see me anyway. “Look girls, I can’t get into this computer, so I can’t open the gates yet. It looks like I’m stuck here with you for a while, and this suit of mine is getting me very hot. Is there any men’s clothes I can borrow around here?”“No. you’re the first man we’ve ever had in this school”. “Well I’m going to take off my leathers and boots. I hope you don’t mind?”“No. we think that would be a good idea”. I removed my boots, unzipped my leathers and slipped them off. Boy did that feel better. When on the bike you never even notice you’re wearing leathers.

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       But as soon as you get off, they are the most uncomfortable and sweaty things known to man. So now here I was stood in-front of two teenage girls, dressed in just my ‘Y’ front underpants, ‘T’ shirt, and socks. They both had on very short cotton nightdresses, and in the case of Jenny, I also knew she had no knickers. The situation once-again got to me, and my erection pushed the front of my underpants outwards, like a tent pole holding up a boy scouts tent. I did my level best to put the thoughts to the back of my mind, and tried to think what I could do to help the situation. I’d given up on trying to get-into the computer to open the gates. I then thought I wonder if I can find out what had happened to the nuns. “We’ll leave the gates for now; I’ll go and see if I can do anything for the nuns”. I made my way back to the dining room followed by the two girls. When I got to the room, I first went across to the nun who had been sitting at the head of the table, judging by her habit, I guessed she was the mother superior. This was the nun who’d slid down her chair, and ended up under the table. I got down on my hands and knees with the intention of checking her pulse. The view that greeted me, stopped me in my tracks. As she’d slid down, her habit had been pulled up around her waist. She was now laid on her back, feet tucked under her bottom; knees spread wide open and fully bent.

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       Her panties were the skimpiest I’ve ever seen in the flesh. Not what you would expect to find a nun wearing. It was what is known as a thong, and only had the thinnest piece of pink ribbon running down in-between the bulging lips of her pussy. Where I’d have expected to see her mound of curly hair, it was carefully manicured to form a crucifix. I had my face about 10” away from this wonderful piece of juicy flesh, and the smell got my erection back to full steam. I thought, come on Barry, check her pulse. I reached for her wrist, and held it, putting my finger on the vein. I could feel no pulse, but in truth, I didn’t know what I was doing, or what I was expecting to feel. I thought I’d listen for her heart beat, and I put my ear to her chest. She was probably about 35 years old, good looking and a pair of tits to die for. The habit she was wearing covered her to her neck, and I pressed my ear against the outside. I could hear or feel nothing. I moved back to her lower end, where her belly was totally naked, and her pussy was still looking so inviting. I pressed my ear against the naked flesh of her tummy, and I could feel or hear no pulse, but it felt so warm, and the smell was wonderful. I sat back up, not knowing if she was dead or alive.

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       I was still transfixed by the view of her pussy lips, when I suddenly remembered I'd got my digital camera with me. I got to my feet, and Jenny must have sensed or heard me. “Is she alright?”“I. I don’t know. I can’t find her pulse, but I’m no first aid person, so I could be doing it wrong. I’m just nipping back to my leathers to get my camera, I need to take photo’s to show the police and ambulance men when they arrive. You two stay here, I won’t be long”. I dashed back and got my camera, and I was soon clicking away taking close-up shots of this beautiful pussy. I even moved the thin string to the side of her crotch, and took some more pictures. I was just going to place it back, when I gave-in to the irresistible urge. I gently placed the first two fingers of my left hand on her lips, and spread them, showing the wet pink flesh inside. Then I slowly worked the second finger of my right hand up inside. She felt so good; I couldn’t believe she could be dead. How long I fingered her for, I don’t know, but I was brought back to my senses by Christine. “What are you doing? Do you know what's wrong with them yet?”I pulled my finger out, and sucked it clean, she tasted so good; I wanted to get my face in there and lick her out.


       But no, I pulled her string gusset back to the middle of her now glistening pussy, took one last picture and then got up. I went around each of the nuns in turn, and they all appeared as lifeless as each other. The last one was the young nun the other side of the table, huddled on the floor. She was on her side, curled into the foetal position, and hands clutching her tummy. I got down and checked her pulse, still no sign. I tried the same thing I’d done with the mother superior, putting my ear to her clothed chest, but I could hear nothing. I could see her top button had popped open on her habit, so I thought; I’d try to feel her heart beat with my hand. I slipped my hand inside, running down her silky flesh, and inside her bra. I cupped her tits, and the nipples were firm to the touch. I caressed both her breasts in turn, and then moved down to the hem of her habit. As she lay on her side, the full material of the habit covered her up adequately. But I wanted to see her pussy. I quickly checked to see the girls weren’t watching, and not being able to see, they weren’t even facing my way. I took the hem and lifted it up over her back. Her knickers, for that was what they were.


       Full cotton knickers, with legs in. They were what I would call French knickers, very full wide bottoms to the legs. They only had elastic around the waist band. As with the habit, the knickers covered her up, so I carefully eased the material of the leg from in-between her tightly closed legs. I was then able to stretch it down, uncovering her pussy and bottom. That’s the beautiful part of the design of a woman’s body; even with legs tight shut, when the knees are pulled forward, there is a neat valley shape to the top of the legs that leaves the pussy accessible. I was soon fingering this hole, and using two fingers, she was wet in seconds. My prick was sticking out of the front of my underpants, and I was tempted to start wanking. “What are you doing?” said Jenny, who was approaching me. “Nothing. I’m just finished”, I said getting up rapidly, and leaving the poor nun laid on show. As I stood up, Jenny walked into me, her hands as always feeling in-front of her as she went. Her hand had first made contact with my bare leg, but she quickly ran it up my flesh until she’d wrapped her hand full around my protruding erect prick. “Oh! I’m sorry”, I said to her, thinking I’d frightened her. But she didn’t let go, and she was squeezing and pulling it.

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       “What are you doing? Come on. I’ll get into trouble”. I said as I pulled myself free. “I’m sorry Barry, I just walked into it”. “That’s ok. But we’d better go to the kitchens and look for some of the un-prepared food. It’s the mushrooms I’m interested in”. The girls led the way, and I followed, trying to get my prick to stay inside my underpants, but to no avail. When we got there, Christine said that some of the girls had picked the mushrooms fresh, only yesterday. I asked where they were, and she said in the cane basket on that shelf up there. “How do you know, if you can’t see?”“Because that’s where the mushrooms are kept, silly.
      You don’t need to see them to know where there kept”. I suppose there was some logic in what she said. “Have you got some steps so I can get the basket down?”Jenny was carrying the steps across as I spoke. “It’s ok.

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         I’ll get it”, she said. “I’ll do it”. But I was too late, she was already climbing up the steps, and revealing her cute bottom and pussy with every step she took. She pulled the basket down, and was using two hands to carry it. As she stepped back, her foot slipped, and as I was stood directly under her looking up at her pussy, she fell towards me. I caught her with one hand up the inside of her legs, stopping when I got a handful of her pussy, and the other arms wrapping around the front of her chest. Her weight overbalanced me backwards and we ended up on the floor. I was on my back, and so was she, but she was laying on-top of me. She sat up, facing down towards my feet. I thought she was going to stand up, but instead she rocked onto her knees, and shuffled back, pushing her naked pussy in my face. I couldn’t speak, as she pushed hard down on me. It was then I felt her mouth around my stiff prick. Even if I’d wanted to protest at first, now there was no turning back. My hands grabbed the cheeks of her bottom, and I spread her wide, my tongue licking the juicy pussy. Oh god! She was soooooooooo sweet.

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         I licked and licked like a dog trying to get the marrow out of a bone. She was sucking my prick, and I shot my first load of cum within less then a minute. She lapped it up, every drop, and then sat up so she could lick all around my balls. This had now opened the flood-gates, and when she lay on her back, and held her arms out to me, I could do no other, than respond. I mounted her, sliding my prick up her virgin pussy. I’d only just got it located inside when I felt a slight resistance, as my prick met her hymen. But I was now aroused, and this was one barrier that would have to fall, and my prick ripped its way through it until my brush met hers. I rammed her as if I’d never had a fuck for years, and in fact, I hadn’t had one as tight as this for decades. As I was ramming her, Christine had got down to where we were, and was pushing her pussy into my face. This was like going to heaven, and having all the angels to fuck. My tongue stretched as far as it could to try and do something for Christine, while I was pumping away at Jenny. I was soon cumming again, and I shot it up her, without any hesitation. There was no sense of waiting until I thought she was ready to cum, and timing myself to aid her climax, I wanted my oats, and boy was she a good fuck. As I lifted off, Christine laid down and said, “Now me”. I mounted her, and like Jenny before, I could feel she was tight, but this time I eased in gently, the rush was subsiding, and I was now prepared to take my time.

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        “Owe Oh Owe god! You’re hurting!”“Shall I stop?”“No fuck me. Fuck me like you fucked Jenny”. “But if it’s hurting you?”“Please. Don’t stop. I want to be fucked like you did to Jenny. I won’t cry”. “Ok if you’re sure”. I’d already let it slip out, so I put it back at her hole, and pushed hard in one quick stab. “Oh God!” and as I kept going, within a few strokes, she was cooing, “Ooooo yes. Ooooooooo more. Fuck me hard”. All the time as I rammed into her, she was vocalising, sometimes screaming at the top of her voice. I realized the room was filling up with girls of all ages, and they stood in a circle around us, occasionally reaching in to make contact. I said all ages, but I’d guess they ranged from about 18 years down to much younger, but I don’t know, or dare to think how young. I now came again, this was my third climax.

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         Three fucks, in one go; I thought this is not bad for a guy my age. But as I got up, the girls all wanted to hold or suck my prick. There was a girl getting on the floor, and asking for me to mount her. “No girls, I can’t. it isn’t right. Most of you are far too young”. They where pleading with me, all of them, even Jenny and Christine, said that I should let some of the others have a go. I could see I would have to fuck the older girls at the very least, but we were in the kitchens, on a cold stone floor. Funny how I hadn’t worried about that until I’d emptied my balls. “Can we go up to your bedroom?” I asked Jenny. “Do you mean the dormitory? “Yes. That’s it. It will be more comfortable on a bed”. She took hold of my hand, and said, “Come on, this way”. And with that she started running, dragging me with her.

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        We were soon in a large upstairs room, with rows of single beds. She stopped by the side of one of them, and as I stood there, someone pulled my underpants down my legs. I stepped out, and a hand pulled me towards the bed. The girl lay backwards, pulling me down on top of her. I looked into her innocent face, and thought, I’ll go to hell for this. But my prick had no conscience, it was rock hard, and finding its way into her pussy was all it wanted. She was another virgin, as all the others proved to be, but some took it easy, without pain, and she was one of them. Don’t get me wrong, she was tight, and took some stretching, but there was no resistance, or tearing sensation. It was just a nice tight pussy that squeezed my prick, and brought another eruption of spunk. When I lifted off her, she slipped off the bed; I lay down, and turned on my back. Almost immediately I was mounted by another girl, who spread herself wide, and slid herself down onto my waiting shaft. She did all the work, and I only took over at the end, when my hips jerked violently, ramming her hard as the spunk was injected. It all became a blur, one after another, by the end, although I was getting the sensation of shooting my load, I don’t think there was anything actually coming out. But I was more than proud, that I stayed hard until all the girls had finished, by which time it was 4:00 in the afternoon. Which girls had been on me more than once, I don’t know, and I don’t know how old the youngest was.

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         But I certainly didn’t rape them; it was more the other way around. “Let him rest now girls. I think he's completely used up. Once he’s had some sleep he’ll fuck us again”, I heard Jenny say. I lay there, thinking, Wow what a day. But this can’t go on, and I’ll end up in Jail. Suddenly it came to me, escape, the computer, the password. I jumped to my feet, ran downstairs, making sure I wasn’t seen by the girls. I got into the mother superiors office, and lifted the keyboard. “Eureka!” as I’d thought, there was a sticky label with the password written on it. I hurriedly typed it in, and opened the gates. I was soon in my leathers, and I ran back to the dining room to get my camera. I took a last couple of pictures of the young nun’s naked pussy, before covering her back up. I was soon at a local phone box calling the police, where I told them about the girls’ school, and how they were in need of assistance. They of course asked for my name, but I just put the phone down.

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         I read about the incident in the local paper, and apparently all the nuns recovered, it was as I’d suspected, poisoning by toadstools. There was no mention of anything about the girls being raped or molested. And the mother superior was even asking for the Good Samaritan who’d raised the alarm, and helped the girls, to come forward and claim his recognition. Did I ever go back there to see the mother superior? Did I take the part time job as a handy man, that she offered me? Did I ever get to ask her about her skimpy thong? Did I show her the pictures I’d taken? Did she and the younger nuns fuck like the girls did? Did the girls visit me in the stable workshop? Stable! Does that mean they have horses there? Did I review there security, and recommend dogs instead of automated electronics? If anyone is interested in finding out, just email me victoriajohn@hotmail. com and if there is sufficient interest, I’ll take the story in the direction of interest. Thanks for reading. .

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