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Topic: Having a hot lucious nightIt all began that thursday on springbreak, me and a few other girls were invited to arrons sleepover. We all get there (me, steph, sibrina, and bri) at arrons house at around 7:30 and while going into her room me and a few others say t. w. , arrons fairly cute, semi-muscular 14 year old brother.
 So like all other sleepovers we talked about boys at our school, and well, bra sizes. I myself have little perky tits about the size of an orange, steph just a little bigger, sibrina were a B cup, bri was flatchested, but arrons were massive, a 32d to be exact. Her brother came in a minute later or so looking for something he left in her room yesterday and i saw his hardon, it looked massive and right then i wanted nothing more then his cock.
At around 11, we went to bed still whispering, then at about 12 all others were asleep except me and i went to t. w's room just to see him sleep, but to my surprise and delight, he was up and masturbating. I couldnt help myself and i became wet and my nipples felt like pebbles, he must have heard me because he looked up and saw me then tried to put his dick away, but i came in and sat beside him saying i wanted it. He smiled for a second and pulled out his 7in cock again for my pleasure. And i did just that, i started stroking it and about a minute later went to work sucking him off best i could. I must have been loud for next thing i knew  the rest of the girls were in his doorway staring including arron. I looked u and started stammering and blushing but they started coming forward and undressing.
Steph pushed her Little breast into my mouth and bri unbuttoned my jeans and started licking my clit, and man did it feel good, luckily the parents werent home and i moaned as loud as i wanted while trying to suck on Steph's succulent breast.
I then see sibrina fondling t.

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  w. 's balls and aaron licking sibrinas pink little asshole. They switch positions and so do me, Bri, and Steph. Soon we are all moaning and to my surprise i see aaron mount her own brother screaming in delight as he 7in dick presses into her swollen cunt. Soon they are going at it fast as he rams her hard and fast and she gets off so start sucking him off tasting his precum.
We all eventually get a turn to ride him and when it first goes into me i scream in pain then pleasure as all 7in go deep inside of me. I scream at him "YES, YES, FUCK ME" and next thing i know he shoots his thick hot spunky load in me and i get off. I bend over and let everyone else lick his cum right out of me and then i felt a sudden rush of strange fetishes and asked them all to spit in my mouth and piss in my mouth, and they did just that. I gargled all of their spit tasting leftover cum from t. w. and sucked on their clits as they pissed tasting the hot, salty liquid. We all fall asleep exhausted with stephs hot cunt still in my mouth, and arrons still in mine, with sibrinas mouth still with t. w. 's cock in her lucious mouth.
We all woke up the next day, and gave it one quick round with all of us getting into a large orgasm as the girls came on t.

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  w. and him to the rest of us,  we all promised to have another fun night again