He Looked So Damn Good I Had To


But all of a sudden one summer day when I was dressed in a pink mini skirt and white halter top did he really notice me. He was driving me home from the last day of school and we were talking about how much things have changed over the year since we've known eachother. He is always so good at making me laugh. When we finally reached my house he asked me if I wanted to hang out this weekend and come over and watch a movie. "Sure! That would be awesome" I said as i fixed my skirt so that it looked a little shorter. "Alright ill come pick you up on Saturday around 8?" he said as he looked at me. "Thats perfect. " I gave him a wink and got out of the car letting him see that I had a thong on. _____________Saturday_______________It took me forever to pick out what I was going to wear. I didnt want to look to hot but I wanted him to lick him lips. hehe. I took a long shower shaving my legs and my pussy. Shaving my pussy to look like I have a little heart as a patch was difficult but it ended up looking beautiful. I got out of the shower and went to my room closing the door behind me. It was 7:00. "Oh good I have a whole hour" I said to myself as I dropped the towel on the floor and went to put on lotion.

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   I rubbed the lotion onto every inch of my delicous body. "Matt will go nuts tonight" I said as I screwed the lid onto the bottle. I walked over to my dresser completly naked as I searched for my red thong and bra to match. Once I found them I placed my bra over my supple breasts with my nipples hard from the cold lotion. I smiled and pinched one a little and laughed. I clasped my bra and slide my thong up my smooth shaply legs. "MM I love how thongs feel when their pulled high and tight in my ass. " I thought to myself as I tightened the ball on the top of my belly button ring. I walked over to my closet and began rumiging through all my jeans and tops untill i found the perfect outfit. A blue halter top and low cut jeans. I walked back over to my dresser and examined myself in the mirror. "well I guess i have to change the straps on my bra. " I said to myself as i unclasped it and changed the straps so that it was into a halter top shape. I then stopped and looked at myself again. "god matt is so sexy, I just want him to fuck me" i said as I began rubbing my breasts and slowly moved my right hand to my thong.

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  I went underneath the material and began to slowly rub my clit. I began to rub harder as I fell back on the bed and closed my eyes. "mmm. . . . . . . . . . . oh yea" I said quietly as I slide two fingers into my tight little pussy. I began thrusting my fingers in and out of my soaking wet pussy.

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  "Yea mmm Matt fuck my pussy harder. ""MMM HMM. . . . . . . . . . . Yea thats it finger fuck me" I moaned loudly as I began to ram them in and out faster. "YEA YEA MMM OH YEAAA" I screamed as my fingers became drenched in my cum. "Omm Fuck yea" I said as I opened my eyes and saw that my thong was soaping wet.

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   I smacked my pussy and moaned a little more as I got up. " Well i guess I have to change my underwear" I said to myself as I went rummaging through my underwear draw once again. "How about black?" "That matches red"I slide them on and put on my top and jeans.
    A little bit of my belly ring was showing and I knew he would flip. Since he thought they were a turn on. I looked over at the clock it now said it was 7:30. I then toweled my hair and scrunched it and let my golden curls dry. I put my makeup on and my black sandel high heels and walked out of the room. He ended up comming early about 7:45. I was busy watching tv with my dad as the door bell rang. I got up and went to the door. He looked better than ever. Standing there with his short sleeve muscle steelers t shirt on. He is a big fan and jeans with black tims. I could have melted right there.

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       I looked back at my mom and she said"Have fun!" "Be home before 1. " He then took my hand and walked me to the car. He opened my door and closed it after I was seated. I was so wet that I thought you could probablly see the wet spots on my pants. "you look amazing" He said as he turned the car on gazing me up and down. I dont think I could have pushed my tits up far enough but I knew he liked them. " Thanks. . you do too" I said as I blushed and looked at him. God I wanted to just fuck his dick so hard but I couldnt. He had to make the first move not me. "So what movie are we watching?" I asked as we walked into his house. "Umm I dont know, how about you decide. ""Alright" and I wont pick a chick flick. "Haha Alright.

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      " We walked into his room which was lit with a few candles and packed with steelers stuff. "Wow you are a big fan" I said as I looked around and just stood there. "Come here and pick out a movie" he said as he sat down on the couch. I walked over to him and bent over letting my halter top hang down showing him my tits. "MMM how about "Get Over It"?" I asked as I caught him blankly staring down my shirt. "Ughh oh yea thats fine""Alright how do you put it in?" I asked as I looked at him over my shoulder"Here just sit down ill put it in. . . its kinda complicated" He said as he got up and put it in. I went and sat down on his couch. It smelled so much like him. He walked back over to me and sat down. "Come here, I dont want to sit alone. " I smiled at him and cuddled up close to him as he turned the lights of and we began the night he'll never forget. This was my frist story.

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       please dont be to to harsh in your comments if you didnt enjoy it. ThanksManda.

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