Here We Go


Cursing my ill luck, I trudged to the stern and put my hands in my pockets, watching the white water churned up by the ocean liner’s giant engines. The breeze and the sound of the rushing water were soothing, and I soon closed my eyes and leaned back against a wall. I was so relaxed, I didn’t even here footsteps as someone approached and leaned over the back railing. That is, until I heard her voice. “Is very beautiful!” I heard, and my eyes shot open. I stood up straight and saw before me the very girl I had just been daydreaming about. She looked back at me from the rail and smiled warmly, her accent foreign and intriguing. Trying to evaluate the situation and keep a lookout for her father, I walked up and joined her. “Yes, it’s really nice out here. ” I said nervously. After a moment’s pause, I put my hand out and said, “Hi, I’m Joseph. ”“Kristina. ” She replied with a smile, taking my hand in her warm mitten. I looked into her deep, brown eyes then, and found myself at a loss for words. Her beauty was captivating, almost more so that I couldn’t see most of her. We looked back out at the water and the scenery behind us, my mind racing for something to say.

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   She, on the other hand, seemed perfectly happy to sit in silence, and just watch the waves. At the same time I tried to come up with a good line, I felt she wasn’t going anywhere. “So, where are you from?” I asked over the sound of the water. She turned to me and brushed a strand of hair from her face. “Vladimir, in Russia. ” She said. Even the way she pronounced the words was amazing, and I wanted to hear more. “Say something in Russian!” I said, hoping it wasn’t a stupid request. I figured she probably got that a lot, but she was happy to oblige, and spoke a long series of seamless, poetic words. She smiled afterwards, and turned quickly back to the water. I couldn’t be sure because of the wind and the cold temperature, but I thought she was blushing. I was about to follow it up when her sister came bounding around the corner. She grabbed Kristina’s hand and pulled her away, speaking very fast in a high-pitched voice. Kristina nodded and said something back. I watched her being taken away from me, and almost ran after her, but I could do no more than smile as she turned back to me and waved, saying “Sorry, bye!” as she rounded the corner.

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   I listened as the sound of their two voices trailed off, then turned back to the sea and pounded the railing with my fist. That evening, my father was whale watching with a big group on the observation deck, and I was left to fend for myself in the tiny cabin. I ate a few snacks I had brought, and laughed at the summer reading books my mother had packed as a reminder. Die Hard was on TV, but I couldn’t really get into it, so I left the room and roamed the halls. Eventually, I came across a flyer for a teen meeting. Normally not my style, I headed in the specified direction on the off chance Kristina would be there. Once at the door, I peered through a small window and saw about a dozen bored-looking kids, most younger than me, and an overly perky college girl in the front, reading from a pink pamphlet. I scanned the room, but didn’t see Kristina inside. I left and meandered up to the main deck, where the pool was. I cringed at the thought of swimming as I tucked my hands deeper into my pockets and headed back for the door, realizing I didn’t really want to be cold. But before I got there, something caught my eye. For a second, I glimpsed a figure walking past on the upper deck, and I was sure it was her. I ran up the stairs and rounded the corner, finding myself in an almost blinding arctic wind on the bow of the ship. I squinted and scanned the area as best I could, and spotted the form again, this time heading back towards the stern. I jogged after her, and when I was close enough, called out.

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   “Kristina!” She stopped and looked around, and her face lit up when she saw me. “Jyoseph!” She said in her charming accent. I ran up to her and stopped, realizing I didn’t really have anything to say. I was about to ask how she was, or some such banter, but thankfully she spoke first, looking at me with concern. “Are you cold?” “Nah,” I said with a dismissive wave of my hand. Actually, I was trying not to shiver so much, but it was a useless struggle. She took my hands in her warm, fuzzy mittens once again, and looked up at me. “But you are cold!” She pronounced, and she quickly turned and led me down the stairs and inside. We went into the elevator and she rubbed my shoulders with a worried smile. “Be warm!” She said, and I couldn’t help laughing. We stopped on the 4th floor and got off. From there, she led me down a hallway, and I realized we were going to her room. As she stopped and produced a key from her jacket, I asked the obvious question with as much tact as I could. “Is your father. .

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  ? You know. . . ” She thought for a moment, trying to remember the word, then said, “He is at casino. ” Ah. “And your sister?” “Mmm, she go to children meeting.
    ” Kristina nodded at her description and opened the door, revealing a room exactly like ours. Not sure what to expect out of her, I sat down on one of the beds and tried to look relaxed. She shut the door and opened the tiny closet, taking off her scarf, then mittens, then jacket. Underneath, she wore a light blue fuzzy sweater, and she shut the closet door, kicking off her boots. Without hesitation, she plopped down on the bed next to me and lay down, grabbing the TV remote. As she turned the tube on, I gestured to the bed and asked, “Is okay if I. . . lie down too?” I almost hit myself for accidentally talking like her, but she didn’t seem to care or notice.

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       “Yes. ” She said with a smile and a nod, and I carefully lay down beside her. It was a task not to accidentally touch her on the small single bed, but I managed, albeit uncomfortably. She rummaged around behind the bed, and soon produced a small book. She opened it and began to read, and I looked over at the television, then back. “Weren’t you going to watch TV?” I asked, a bit puzzled. “TV is for you, book for me. ” She turned to me again and smiled that gorgeous smile. “But, why did you bring me back here then?” She put the book down and looked at me like I was being silly. “I like you. And you were cold!” She put her hand on my arm. “Are you warm now?” She asked, and remembering what had happened earlier, I chose my answer carefully. “Well, I’m still a bit chilly. . .

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      ” I said, and I got the reaction I had hoped for. “Oh, be warm!” She said, and put her arms around me. She held me close, and after my surprise subsided, I hugged her back. It was so peaceful and warm there in her arms. She smelled sweet, and the fuzzy fabric that seemed to adorn everything she owned was soft and inviting. I sighed peacefully, and she rubbed my back a bit, then pulled away, looking at me again with a smile. “Better?” She said, seeming to know I was never really cold in the first place. I nodded, and looked into her deep, dark brown eyes again. “You’re beautiful. ” I said, not thinking at all before I spoke. She sat up and looked at me with a surprised smile. She blushed and shook her head, saying “No, not beautiful!” Drunk with the moment, I sat up too, and put my hands on her shoulders. “But you are!” I insisted. “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen!” We looked at each other for a moment, thinking to ourselves. I was worrying about how she might react, and she seemed to be weighing the odds of something in her head.

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       Slowly, she nodded, then did so with affirmation. “Okay,” she said with her trademark smile, “I think you are beautiful also. ” Though not particularly eloquent, it was perhaps the kindest sentiment ever expressed to me. “Thank you. ” I said genuinely. We stared at each other for a moment like a couple of star-crossed movie stars, and I took her hand in mine. It was small and soft, warm like her fuzzy mittens. But unlike with the mittens, I felt an electricity when we touched, and I knew she felt it too. There was desire behind her dark eyes, and I knew mine didn’t hide it nearly as well. “Can I kiss you?” I asked, trying to kindle the flames. She paused, then suddenly pulled me towards her. It all came together; we met and kissed like two people denied contact with the opposite sex for decades. My initial surprise faded quickly, and I closed my eyes, holding her tightly. She leaned toward me, and I lay back onto the bed. She pulled back a little and began to unbutton her sweater.

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         I took off my jacket quickly, almost worried this dream would end before I could have fun with it. As it sailed across the room and crumpled to the floor, it was quickly joined by her fuzzy sweater, then my shirt, which she pulled off. I pulled her down on top of me, holding her close as we kissed again. We rolled over as best we could on the tiny bed, and I pulled back, looking down at her beautiful form. She was slim and gorgeous, her plain white bra covering flawless, perky breasts. I slid my hands up from her stomach and cute little belly button, over her bra, to her sides as I leaned in and kissed her again. I never wanted to part with her soft, sweet lips, but she pushed me back a little and looked me in the eyes with an expression that conveyed both her desire and the seriousness of her words. “Jyoseph. . . ” She said, and we kissed again, rolling a little so we were on our sides. Our lips parted once more, and she spoke with the same tone. “Will you stay with me?” She asked, seeming a little worried. Her words weren’t perfect, but I knew exactly what she meant. “Of course!” I whispered in her ear as I unzipped her jeans and began to pull them down.

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         I sat up and tossed them onto our growing pile of clothes, staring like a kid in a candy store at her smooth, elegant legs. A pair of white cotton panties adorned her waist, and as I went to add them to the clothes heap, she sat up and held my hands. “You promise. ” She said. She wasn’t worried, and even smiled a little, just wanting to hear me say it. “I promise. ” I said honestly as I looked into her eyes, hard as it was to keep my own eyes from wandering. I couldn’t imagine even wanting to leave her for a moment, so the promise was an easy one to make. Smiling happily, she unhooked her bra and tossed it over her shoulder. Time seemed to slow down enough for me to notice my eyes get bigger, look down at her bouncy, playful breasts, and get wider still. She laughed at my expression and practically jumped on me, wrapping her arms around me as we kissed again. Still in each other’s embrace, we rolled off the side of the bed and came to a rest on top of the crumpled bedspread. Pulling back from her kiss, I slid down to her warm, perky breasts and licked around one of her sweet nipples. While my left hand ran itself through her black hair, my right hand descended to her panties and began to caress her. She was so warm and soft down there, it was the greatest feeling in the world, even through the fabric.

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         With a sudden burst of energy, she sat up and leaned me back against the side of the bed, pulling my pants off. She threw them aside and slid up to me with a smile that warmed my heart and made me lust for her even more. As she kissed me, this time more passionately than ever, she straddled my legs and rubbed herself against me. Without thinking, I immediately pushed my self toward her, and held me tightly and bit my lip a little, perhaps by accident. She breathed in heavily, and I grabbed her a bit roughly by the ass and pulled her toward me. Her ass was firm, but easy enough to get a handful and sink my fingers in a little. Perhaps a bit startled, she let out a little squeak and looked at me with pleased surprise. Pulling back, she stood up and hopped onto the bed, lying down. Needless to say, I quickly followed, and I took her hands-behind-head position to indicate she was ready to move on. I wasted no time in getting on the bed with her, and I slid her panties down, getting another eyeful. With only a light bit of fuzz above them, her lips were pink, sweet, and glistened with wetness. She giggled as I kissed her leg, moving up until I reached the target. I licked her up and down, and she shivered a little, grabbing the bedding with her hands. I kissed her lightly, then licked my way up to her stomach. I sat up enough to pull down my boxers, then slid up and kissed her on the lips, slowly pushing myself inside her.


         The feeling was like none other, and we kissed and held each other with such longing, it felt like we had become one person. As I moved out and back, there was so much to take in, and so much going through my mind. All I really could make out was that I was utterly fulfilled being inside her. Everything I had ever wanted was right here, and this was it. She closed her eyes and clasped her hands behind my back, and I held her tightly as our souls intermingled, all perception of the world fading. The moment we came together lasted an eternity. She slowly opened her eyes and we looked at each other like that for a long time before either of us moved. Eventually, I pulled back, though it felt like we each came away with part of the other. We lay beside each other for a long time, still coexisting blissfully. I don’t know how long it was, really, for we both fell asleep. Kristina’s smiling face was the most peaceful sight in the world, and it was the last image I saw as I began close my eyes. “I love you,” I heard her say after they were closed. I looked back at her, but she was asleep. Smiling to myself, I repeated the words and drifted off as well. .

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