Hidden Cove - Part 5


Chapter 16
As Rick and Mike idled out into the lake towards the opposite bank to do some fishing, the girls gathered up their cooler and sunbathing paraphernalia. They carried their towels and various sun screen lotions down to a patch of grass down by the water, just in front of the large chunk of rock that hid the campsite. They spread out their towels and sat down, rubbing sun screen into their skin.
Alyssa put the cap back on her lotion and looked over at Jessie, who was applying it to her long legs.
"Ok, Jess. Let’s hear all about your little romp in the woods this morning!" She winked at Stacy.
"And we want details!" Stacy giggled and Jessie looked over at them, a guilty smile on her face, then lay back on her towel. Her long blonde hair spilled out around her head.
"Oh, you do, huh?"
Alyssa poked her in the ribs and Jessie grinned. "Don’t make us resort to drastic measures, you loose slut! Spill it!"
She rolled onto her side, facing them. Her eyes glittered. "It was incredible! I’ll never forget it!" Starting with their erotic shower, she told them everything that happened.
"Wow," Alyssa said when she finished. "You two are so lucky! I wasn’t even close to cumming with Jeff. It was over before it really began!"
Stacy touched her arm. "You’ll meet someone, too.

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   Soon. Maybe Rick or Mike have a friend. "
She grinned. "In the meantime, you can take Mike for a ride!" They giggled, then Stacy’s face turned serious. "But only this weekend. I really like this guy. "
Jessie took her hand. "He’s a great guy, Stace. I couldn’t be happier for both of you. "
Alyssa lay back on her towel. "Damn! I gotta get laid . . . soon! You two have got me so fucking horny with your stories!" She looked over at them and added, "And those sexy bikinis!"
Stacy just rolled her eyes at Alyssa’s reference to their bikinis. "You’ve known him a while, Jess.

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   Think he’ll go for a threesome?"
Jessie chuckled. "He’s a guy, isn’t he? His sexy girlfriend asks him if he’s interested in a threesome with her gorgeous friend. Gee, I wonder what he’ll say?"
Alyssa suddenly sat up and removed her top. "No point in getting tan lines!" She lay back, her firm tits flattening slightly. She hooked her thumbs in the waist strap of her thong bikini, raised her hips, and slipped it down over her shapely legs.
"Ahhh . . . ," she said. "Au natural!" She lay back on her towel and closed her eyes. Jessie and
Stacy looked at her. Jessie shrugged and began taking off her bikini. After a few seconds, Stacy did as well. All three were soon stretched out naked in the warm sunshine.
Jessie spoke without moving or opening her eyes.

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   "So you guys are really going to do it, huh?"
"Damn straight we are!" Alyssa exclaimed.
Jessie sat up after a few seconds and looked at her two friends lying naked next to her. Her eyes scanned across Stacy’s sexy, petite body with her perfectly shaped tits. She found herself wanting to fondle them; suck on them.
"I need a drink. How about you guys?" she asked, standing up. Feeling a little self-conscious standing there naked, she glanced across the lake to where Rick and Mike were anchored. But they were too far away to see her.
"Sure. I’ll have a cooler," Alyssa replied.
"Me, too," Stacy said, without opening her eyes.
Jessie went up to the cooler and retrieved three vodka coolers. She felt so naughty walking around naked, but she loved the way it made her feel! She returned to the others and passed out the coolers. They all sat up to drink them, looking out across the lake. Jessie once again found herself drawn to Stacy’s beautiful body, especially those tasty-looking tits!
"Are you sure you’re ok with .

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   . . you know . . . sharing your boyfriend, Stace?" Alyssa asked. She took another drink and continued staring out at the water.
Stacy shrugged. "Sure. It’s only sex. Mike and I have a special bond. We’ll be fine. " She looked over at the beautiful and sexy brunette. "You wouldn’t try to steal him, would you?"
Alyssa turned to her, shaking her head as she swallowed a mouthful of the fruity drink. "No! Of course not! I would never do that to a friend!" She looked Stacy in the eye.

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   "Stacy, if you have even the slightest doubt about doing this, just say the word and we’ll call it off!"
Stacy studied her face. She knew Alyssa would never do anything to hurt her, or jeopardize their friendship. "No, I have no problem. I trust you. " She smiled and took Alyssa’s hand, raising her fingers to her lips. "And I think I can trust Mike. " Alyssa smiled at the cute blonde, then looked over at Jessie, a mischievous twinkle in her eye.
"Ok, then! What’s the plan?"
Before Jessie could respond, Stacy moved towards Alyssa. "Well, I thought maybe we could start . . . " She crawled around behind Alyssa, pressing her tits against her bare back and leaned over to whisper into her ear. ". . .

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   with a neck massage!" Alyssa sighed and closed her eyes as Stacy’s hands began kneading the muscles in her neck. Stacy kept this up for a few minutes as Jessie watched, then moved her hands around to Alyssa’s large tits and started caressing them. "Then maybe, some of this. " Alyssa leaned back against her and sighed with contented pleasure.
While Stacy worked on Alyssa’s generous tits, Jessie began stroking and caressing her long, slender legs. Alyssa leaned further back into Stacy’s arms as Jessie’s hands moved up her thighs. After a nudge from Jessie, Alyssa spread her legs wide. Jessie licked her finger and slowly rubbed it along Alyssa’s already swollen pussy lips. She sucked in a deep breath as Jessie worked her finger into her tight opening and began a slow, deep finger-fuck.
Alyssa began moaning louder and Stacy grinned down at Jessie. She leaned over and kissed Alyssa’s neck. Alyssa turned her head, her mouth seeking Stacy’s. Their lips met and they kissed, softly at first, then hungrily as their tongues danced together.
Jessie moved one of Stacy’s hands from Alyssa’s tit and began sucking on her erect nipple while she continued plunging her finger in and out of her wet pussy. Then she kissed her way down to Alyssa’s sweet pussy and pulled her finger from it.

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   She held her wet finger up to Stacy, who broke off her kiss with Alyssa to suck the tasty juices from it.
"Mmmm," she murmured, savoring her first taste of another girls’ pussy. "You taste good!" They resumed their passionate kiss as Jessie crawled between Alyssa’s spread legs and lowered her face to her dripping snatch. She bent over and began licking and sucking on her swollen labia, her cute little ass stuck up in the air. Alyssa’s moans became louder and she began to squirm as Jessie’s tongue found all of her sensitive areas.
Stacy wanted in on the action, too. After sampling Alyssa’s juices from Jessie’s finger, she wanted the real thing. She moved back, gently lying Alyssa’s head on the towel, and crawled down next to Jessie.
"Can I have a taste?" she asked. Jessie looked up at her, her lips and chin glistening with Alyssa’s juices.
"Mmmhm," Jessie replied and gave her a long, wet kiss. Stacy ended the kiss by licking some of the pussy juice from Jessie’s chin. She smiled and smacked her lips. "Tasty! But I want the real thing!"
Alyssa lifted her head a few inches off the towel and looked down at them. "Someone please lick my pussy!" Jessie grinned and moved aside so Stacy could have a turn.

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   Stacy quickly scrambled between her legs and looked down at the dripping, pink flesh. "Please!" Alyssa cried. "I’m so close!" Stacy lowered her face to her lips and tentatively licked them. Alyssa dropped her head back to the towel.
"Yes! Oh, god! Don’t stop!" she cried, thrusting her hips upward.
Jessie smiled at Stacy. "Just do whatever you think would feel good!"
Stacy licked a few more times, then dove her tongue in as far as she could and swirled it around. Alyssa’s moans became whimpers of pleasure as Stacy’s tongue teased her sensitive pussy. Jessie lay down next to Alyssa, took one of her engorged nipples into her mouth, and began sucking and nibbling on it.
Stacy was starting to get a feel for pussy licking and licked hungrily at Alyssa’s sweet snatch, lapping up all her juices and getting very turned on by Alyssa’s reaction. Alyssa started crying out, her hips jerking wildly. Stacy licked up to her erect clit and Alyssa went wild. Realizing that this was a very sensitive area, Stacy locked her lips around the little sex organ and teased it with the tip of her tongue while she sucked it between her teeth. When she pushed two fingers into Alyssa’s pussy, her body went rigid and a strangled groan escaped her lips.
Suddenly, her body began jerking uncontrollably, her voice straining as she tried to cry out.

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   She came over and over, soaking Stacy’s face and hand as her cum was forced from her spasming pussy. Stacy released her lips from her clit so that she could lick up some of her juices. Alyssa continued to cum non-stop as Stacy’s tongue flitted and dove around her pussy. When she started back for her clit, Alyssa put a hand on her head and pushed her away.
"No! P . . . please! No more!" Alyssa’s breath came in short gasps, her face was red and wet with tears. Stacy paused and looked up at her.
"What’s wrong?"
Alyssa looked down at her through glassy eyes. "If you keep that up, I’m gonna pass out!"
Jessie grinned at Stacy, her finger gently circling one of Alyssa’s engorged nipples. "You made her say ‘uncle’!" She smiled seductively. "Do me next?"
Stacy licked her lips and leaned over to kiss Jessie. "Ok. Just give me a few minutes to rest my tongue.

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Jessie grinned and nodded to Alyssa, who was panting for air, her eyes closed. "No problem! As long as you can turn me into a quivering pile of flesh like our friend, here!"
Alyssa smiled, her eyes still closed and her ample chest heaving. She waved a hand half-heartedly. "Th . . . that about describes me!" She reached down between her legs and gasped as her fingers touched the wet skin of her still very sensitive pussy.
Stacy lay down next to her, taking her trembling body in her arms. She kissed her cheeks and forehead, then pulled her head to her breasts, gently stroking her long dark hair. Jessie looked over Stacy’s tight little body again and this time decided it was time for action.
"Lay back, Stace," she said as she knelt at her feet. "While you’re resting your tongue, let me give you a taste of your own medicine!" Stacy released Alyssa’s head and lay back, spreading her legs for the beautiful blonde. She crawled between her thighs and lowered her mouth to Stacy’s sweet little slit, now dripping with moisture. Stacy sighed and closed her eyes as Jessie’s warm tongue slipped inside her.
Chapter 17
Out in the boat, Mike and Rick were relaxing at the far end of the cove, near where they had entered from the main lake.


   The fishing had been good, as promised, and they had more than enough nice sized lake trout for everyone to have a good feed. They lay back in the boat in the warm sunshine, using their life jackets for pillows. Each held a fishing rod in one hand and a cold beer in the other. Suddenly, Rick’s line jumped.
"Got another bite!" he exclaimed and dropped his beer into one of the fold down cup holders Mike had fastened in strategic locations around the boat. In a couple of minutes, they had added another twelve inch lake trout to the cooler.
"That makes eight," Mike said as he closed the cover. They had caught many more, but threw back any that were under ten inches. "Should be plenty for dinner. "
But Rick wasn’t paying attention to him. His gaze was fixed on the grassy area by the big rock where the girls were sunbathing. "What the . . . ?" he mumbled more to himself than to Mike.

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   "Mike, hand me the binoculars, would you?"
Mike passed him the camouflage colored binoculars and shaded his eyes as he tried to follow Rick’s gaze. "What’s up?"
Rick trained the binoculars toward the rock. "I’m not sure, but . . . " He stopped in mid-sentence as he focused on the girls.
    Jessie’s bare ass was clearly visible as she knelt between Alyssa’s legs. He knew it had to be Jessie because Alyssa was locked in what appeared to be a very passionate kiss with Stacy.
    "What?" Mike was saying. "What are they doing?" He squinted against the glare of the sun on the water and tried to focus in on the girls.
    "Holy shit!" Rick whispered.
    Mike was getting anxious. "Let me see!" He grabbed the binoculars from a stunned Rick and quickly looked through them toward the girls.
    "Well, son-of-a . .

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       . she was serious!" he exclaimed.
    Rick turned to him. "You knew about this?"
    Mike lowered the binoculars. "Not exactly. " Rick waited for an explanation and he continued.
    "Stacy told me she was . . . curious about . . . you know, sex with other girls. " He paused, wondering if he should say any more. She had sworn him to secrecy, but that seemed moot now, considering what they’d just witnessed.

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       "She told me she saw Jessie and Alyssa kissing at Jessie’s house before they came up here. But she said it looked awkward, like it was the first time they’d done it. "
    Rick, still in a slight state of shock, took the binoculars and raised them to his eyes again. Stacy now had her head between Alyssa’s legs and Jessie appeared to be sucking on her huge tits.
    After a moment, he said, "Well, they seem to have gotten past the awkward stage. Your new girlfriend’s doing a little muff-diving now!" He passed the binoculars back to Mike. Mike watched for a few minutes, then lowered the binoculars and turned to Rick, a sly smile on his face.
    "You know, if we didn’t use the motor and rowed back along the far shore, they wouldn’t see us coming. "
    "Uh-huh?" Rick said, a slight smile appearing on his face.
    Mike grinned. "If we could sneak up and catch them in the act, maybe . . . "
    "We could join in on the fun!" Rick finished, reaching for an oar. "Let’s go! If we hurry, we can be there in fifteen minutes!"
    Mike dropped his fishing pole into the boat and grabbed the other oar.

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       They rowed furiously for about five minutes, watching the girls until they moved out of sight by the far shore. They slowed down, trying to keep the splashing of the oars to a minimum as they neared the beach by the creek. They quietly rowed into the creek and onto the beach a little upstream, next to where Jessie’s boat was felt her orgasm start to build almost as soon as soon as Jessie began licking her sweet pussy. Alyssa had recovered enough that she was sucking hungrily on Stacy’s firm tits. She leaned down to Jessie. "My turn, baby!" she whispered. Jessie gave Stacy’s slit a few more long, slow licks, then reluctantly moved aside so that Alyssa could take her place. Stacy looked at her and smiled as she knelt next to her.
    "I want to taste your pussy!" she gasped as Alyssa’s tongue went to work on her sensitive vagina. She motioned Jessie closer. "Get on your hands and knees and put your pussy over my mouth!" She moaned as Alyssa’s tongued probed deep into her wet hole.
    Jessie hesitated. "Are you sure?"
    Stacy nodded emphatically. "Yes! Please?!"
    Jessie lifted her leg, being careful not to kick Alyssa, and lowered her cunt to Stacy’s waiting mouth.
    "Move up just a little .

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       . . there!" Stacy said, then pulled Jessie’s moist cunt to her mouth. Jessie moaned and lowered her head as Stacy’s talented tongue dipped and swirled around her labia and clit. Stacy paused every few seconds to moan and cry into Jessie’s hot little cunt whenever Alyssa hit a really good spot. The vibrations created by her cries were bringing Jessie closer to her own delicious and Mike quietly tied off the boat and eased along the beach until they came to the side of the large boulder. The girls should be just around the corner of the rock and it was obvious from the moans and cries that they were still there, and still busy. They peeked cautiously around the boulder. Alyssa had her back, or more specifically her ass, to them. The puffy lips of her pink pussy were easily visible between her slightly spread legs. She was still munching on Stacy’s pussy while Jessie, also with her back to them, was on all fours straddling Stacy’s head. They quietly pulled back out of sight.
    "I think there’s room for us in there," Mike whispered and started undressing. "Stacy and I already talked about hooking up with Alyssa, so how about if I slip up behind her while you go drop your dick in Jessie’s face?"
    Rick thought a second, then nodded and began taking his clothes off. "Ok, then what?"
    Mike grinned and shrugged.

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       "Who knows? Seems like a good place to start!" He paused. "How do you feel about Jessie? I mean, should I ignore her, or . . . "
    Rick raised his hand, cutting him off. "Let’s leave it up to them. I know she’s mine and if she wants to, I think I can share her this one time. "
    Mike nodded. "Ok. Same goes for Stacy. " They shook hands, then dropped their underwear.
    "See you on the other side!" Mike whispered, and slipped around the boulder, moving toward Alyssa. Rick went around the other way to where he could step out in front of Jessie.
    To be concluded
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