Homeschool Lessons II


Homeschool Lessons--Blow Job  by Fyre
Darla decided it was time to show Vonnie a little more.   Since that first lesson on how to do a hand job, Vonnie showed me over and over what a good little student she was.   “I have to learn to like the taste of the cum, if you don’t mind, Mr. Johnson,” she would say, opening my zipper, and taking out my dick underneath the table cloth.   We just finished supper and I couldn’t think of a sweeter dessert.
“Mama said that if I make it hard, it’s my job to make it soft. ”  She repeated her Mama’s lesson. Then she would start working my cock, with swift, gentle strokes.   She batted her eyes innocently.   She was sincere.   Her mother, Darla, was homeschooling her, and doing hand jobs on my willing cock was her current lesson.   “I want to learn to do it nice. ”
“You do, Vonnie, you do. ” 
But I was more than willing to give it another shot, to let her practice her skills again.  
Darla came into the dining room.   Vonnie had noticed my erection while I was eating dinner, and she had just dropped to her knees on the floor under the table.

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    “Good girl, Baby,” Darla said to her daughter, studying how she’d encircled my shaft with her small hand.   “That’s the way a man likes it. ”
These two were a trip!  I couldn’t even start to get hard, and they were on it, one of them or the other of them, making sure I “got taken care of. ”  Vonnie was wetting her hands with her mouth.
“Try using some butter,” I suggested.   There was a softened cube on a plate for the dinner rolls.
“Yes, Mr. Johnson,” Vonnie said.  
I scooted back from the table a little to give the girl more room.   She was a slight little thin thing.   She stood and got a pat of butter.   “Is this about right?”  She held the sample out to me.
“That’s good, Vonnie.   Spread it down over the shaft.   Wonderful.

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Darla came over to supervise.   She was making sure her daughter learned the ropes.   Darla knelt between my legs.   She unfastened my belt, and opened my pants so she could take them off completely. “He’ll be more comfortable if he gets his pants off. ”  She explained.
“You ready to learn something new, Honey Child?”
“Yes, Mama. ”
“Okay, Baby Girl, then I want you to learn to use your mouth.   That’s called a blow job.   But you don’t really blow.   Watch Mama. ”
“Yes, Mama. ”  Vonnie took my pants, folded them and draped them on the back of a chair.   She knelt beside her mother.   I opened my legs, my erection boinging between the two eager women.

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    Vonnie hadn’t been very enthusiastic about the lessons when they first began, but as she got more skilled and could jack me with practiced strokes, she was definitely pleased with herself.   She still didn’t like the taste of the cum, but her mother had coached her that a man would expect her to swallow, so she was trying.   I got a little bit of a kick at watching her make the funny faces.   Sometimes her mama made her stick her tongue out to show it was all gone, that she wasn’t trying to spit it out into a napkin.  
“What now, Mama?”
“First, you take it into your mouth.   You want to hold your teeth open really really wide, to make sure they don’t brush against his penis, ‘cause that will hurt.   If you keep practicing, you’ll get it. ”  Darla went on to demonstrate.   “You want to rock your head up and down, making sure you keep your mouth as wet as you can. ”  She wiped her face.   “There’s a little butter on it, so it’s pretty greasy,” she said, “You try it. ”
Vonnie opened her mouth wide, and slid it down over the fat head of my cock.   “Now, Vonnie,” Darla said, “hold your lips close around it, so that you’re stroking it with your lips.   Get a little suction going, but not too much at first.   You can increase it as you go.

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Vonnie was doing her damnedest to follow her mother’s instructions.   “Not too fast. Go about the same speed that he showed that he liked you to use your hand.   Again, every man has his own style, but once you learn it on one man, you can pick up what the next man likes by listening to how he breathes. ”
It was fascinating to listen as Darla told her daughter how to give me head.   It was amazing to see how hard she was trying.   I’d never thought before about how a woman might gauge her performance on the different grunts and sighs a man might make.   I didn’t know that she might use her tongue to feel for the pulse quicken as the dick got really full of blood and ready to blast the cum down her throat.   Darla showed her daughter how to hold her hand at the base of the shaft if it started to go too deep down her throat.   She showed her how to cradle the balls.   Darla held them like they were a cup of dice and jiggled them around.   “Never be too rough with a man’s balls.   He’ll tell you if you get too rough. ”  Darla looked up at me, eyes sparkling, her hand a little tight around the boys, and giggled, like she was threatening to get too rough.
I cleared my throat nervously.

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    Darla definitely had a teasing streak.  
I still had yet to have sex only with Darla.   That first time, I came over, and it got to be a homeschool lesson on how to jack me off, and Vonnie was persistent about making sure I didn’t get hard (without getting soft with her help) for the rest of the night.   We’d ended up in bed, all three of us.   I couldn’t even get a boner in my sleep without Vonnie’s little fingers stroking the shaft until I came.   I left in the morning, quite exhausted.   I called in sick, went home and crashed for the rest of the day.
Thereafter, every time I came over, since Vonnie was homeschooled, she was around.   Whenever her mother started to get me aroused, Vonnie would come and at least watch, as her mother “took care of” my hard-on.   Vonnie sat in a chair and diddled her clit sweetly, as she watched me do her mommy doggy-style on the bed one afternoon.   When I was about to come, Vonnie told her daughter to come to the bedside and put her thumb against my asshole.   Vonnie didn’t stick it in, but she stroked circles around my anus until I blew my load.   Afterwards, both women licked Darla’s juices mixed with my cum off my dripping cock.  
Darla was still coaching Vonnie on the right way to give me a proper blow job.   “You want to lap it with your tongue while you’re stroking it in and out,” Darla said.

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    “And you want to lick across the head if you take it all the way out.   You can always catch your breath a minute and stroke it with your hands.   Make sure you keep it good and wet. ”
Having all four hands on it was a thrill in and of itself.   Darla cupped my balls, Vonnie lowered her face over my thick cock, both hands encircling the base.   Darla stroked my anus with her forefinger of her other hand.   I was about to blow! 
“Watch his face,” Darla instructed.   “See how red he’s getting?  That’s when he really likes it.   Now you have a choice. . . . you can either increase the intensity and get him to cum, or you can back it off and let him chill a little, then build the intensity again. ”
“What do you mean?”
Darla took over, steering the tip of my cock to the back of her throat.   She pulled off, gasping, “Watch his face, Baby!”  She slid it back into the depths of her mouth.

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    She maneuvered it, using her lips and fingertips, until I was about to lose it.   I started breathing heavy.   She pulled off.   I twitched, almost doubling over with the suddenness with which she had pulled away.  
She started stroking it, not too gently, but not enough for me to cum.   “You want to get him right there,” she explained, “then you back off.   Yep, he’ll get annoyed, and sometimes, he might even cum, but try to give him a chance for the momentum to die down, then you can go at it again. ”  Darla spat on her hand and kept working it, like a lemon against a juicer.   “Always keep it good and wet.   Nice and juicy. ”   Darla looked up at my face.   “See, now he’s caught his breath a little bit, his eyes aren’t so crinkled.   You can go again. ”
She put Vonnie’s face down on my cock and pressed it down with the flat of her palm.   “Take it Baby Girl.

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    Learn to take that dick.   Try to exhale when your head’s up and swallow in as much as you can while you stroke it back down.   You might even get to the point when you can swallow it down your throat. . . depending on how big the guy is. ”
Vonnie gulped, sinking back down on my cock.   Darla went back to stroking my balls, tracing little circles on them.   She reached behind them and rubbed the ridge of my perinium, and followed that strip back and forth between my anus and my scrotum.   Vonnie rubbed her tongue side to side on the base of my penis as she bobbed her face up and down on my manhood.   I was about to blow again.  
“Let him cum, now Baby Doll,” Darla told her daughter.   “He’s ready.   Just keep working it. ”  Darla put her hand back up on Vonnie’s head, guiding her face down.

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    She traced her fingers over Vonnie’s lips, “A little firmer.   Hold your mouth a little firmer around him. ”
Vonnie was hitting it just right.   I was plenty wet, she held her mouth open plenty wide, I wasn’t hitting her teeth, the lips were just right, and lest I forget, Darla had her own thing going while she rubbed my balls.   Right when I didn’t think it could get any better, Darla put her mouth down under me and started lapping and licking at them, at one point taking them completely  into her mouth! 
I was growing harder and harder and Vonnie was having a little trouble keeping it all in her mouth.   She was a trooper though, and she kept up the momentum, using her hand like her mother told her to, when she couldn’t take me all the way down.   I felt the load blast up from where Darla was lapping at my balls and shoot out into Vonnie’s sweet mouth.   The gush must have surprised her, because she gasped a little bit, pulling off me for a split second, then the good girl that she is, she went right back down on it, determined to swallow it all.   I gripped the sides of the chair, holding it under me as I thrust my hard dick as deep into Vonnie’s mouth as she could take it.   My cock spasmed, then I felt the buzzing as the load of cum eeked its way down.
“Now you have to be gentle. ”  Darla instructed.   “You want the man to come down nice, like you like to come down after you cum.   Sometimes the head of his dick is real sensitive. You keep your mouth there, so it’s nice and warm.

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    Let him pulse inside your face.   That’s a nice, nice feeling.   Then you want to lap up the cum, swallow everything you see.   Every drop that came out.   That’s his essence and you take it all.   Don’t back away from it.   But after he cums, you don’t want to suck too hard, you don’t want to make any sudden moves. ”  Darla was studying my face again.   “After he comes, you want to always be nice and gentle. ”
Darla started licking the bottom of my shaft, right above my balls.   She used a fat, wide tongue, and exhaled warm breath against my dick.   “Keep it nice and warm,” she told Vonnie.   “Nothing too sudden.   Lick everything off afterward. ” 
Vonnie obediently followed her mom’s directions.


“That’s really nice, Baby Girl.   Mr. Johnson really likes it. ”
My hands gradually relaxed and I leaned down to pull my pants back up.   Shit!  What a pair these two were!
And Darla liked Vonnie to practice, practice, practice.   I could hardly wait for the next session.     
Author’s Note: If you enjoyed this story, please watch for the next installment.   You might also like my other stories, like Games We Play or Keep it in the Family.   Any comments are welcome and appreciated.   Thanks for reading!

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