Hot for Teacher...


I walked into the classroom after school on a hot June day. It was nearing the end of the year, and mine was Mr. Bartlett's last student/teacher conference of the week. The window was open, and I could hear the track team running the field. The door closed behind me and he looked up with that beautiful smile on his face.
"Hey Dani, how you doin' today?" I caught a whiff of his cologne and had to stop to catch my breath. That smell had haunted my dreams since the first day of class. You have to understand, this man is beautiful. He's 6'2" and slim but muscular, mid-length blonde hair and gray-blue eyes, dark tan skin, some sort of heavenly man-scent, and a deep love for his wife. It was a complicated situation, but since the first time he said a word to me, I wanted him.
"I'm fine, thanks. " I sat down in the chair, trying to be conscious of not showing him too much of my white panties from underneath my shortest pink skirt. "How am I doing?"
"Oh, fine, just fine. You did really well on your last essay, and if you pass the final with a B, you should get an A for the semester. " He swivled towards me and scooted forward in the chair. "The bottom line is that I think you have potential.

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   You have a drive that I've never seen before. "
"Well, thank you. " I blushed a furious red and ran my hands through my hair and down the front of my shirt and across my C cup boobs - a nervous habit from my childhood. "I'm just trying to get to graduation, you know?" He laughed and placed his hand on my knee.
"Yeah, I do know. Not too long ago, I was a senior in high school too. " He was staring at his hand on my leg, like he didn't quite know what to do with himself. I saw my opportunity. Whether or not he was married, I wanted him. And now I had the chance. Who am I to ask questions when fate gives me something good?
"Whatever that cologne is that you wear, it's amazing. " I inched my hand closer to his and leaned over to nearly bury my face in his neck. "I have dreams about that scent. " I breathed into the back of his ear, and I could see him shiver. He placed his pinky finger on my hand and leaned into me.

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   My boobs brushed against his chest, and my nipples hardened immediately. He ran his other hand through my hair and grabbed a lock. He smelled it deeply, like I had his neck.
"I've had dreams about that smell," he said, "God, what am I doing?" He stayed there and moved his hand down my back to my waist, rubbing small circles into my t-shirt. I grabbed his other hand and brought his fingers to my mouth, gently sucking on just the tip of his index finger. I looked up at him and his lip was trembling.
"We don't have to do this. I mean, I want to. I've wanted to for a long while, now. But we don't have to. You are married, after all. . . and I'm technically still your student. " I continued to suck and nibble on his fingers.

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   He still hadn't answered, so I slowly took two of his fingers all the way into my mouth. He let out a heavy sigh, stood up and walked away, letting his fingers slip out of my mouth as he went. I was mortified. I should never have tried to get with him. I started to pack my things as he went to the door. I stood up and turned toward him just as he locked the door and closed the blinds.
He walked slowly over to me, took my bag and put it on the ground, grabbed my face with both hands and bent down to kiss me. His full lips met mine and he slipped the tip of his toungue into my mouth just once. He pulled away and I reached around his back and pulled him towards me again. This time the kiss was hard, wet, and long. He was running his hands all over my back and down to my ass. He squeezed it through my skirt and kneaded my cheeks together and apart. Each time he moved it, I felt my clit being rubbed by the skin around it. He broke the kiss and started to take off my shirt. He lifted it over my head and kissed and licked me on the chest.

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   He reached around and unhooked my bra, then stepped back.
"Take it off. Show me those beautiful tits. " I smiled and slowly let the bra slide off my arms and to the ground. He sighed and grabbed his cock through his pants. I could see him rubbing the balls. I turned around and bent all the way over to the floor, letting the back of my skirt ride up and show off my round ass to him. He took off his shirt and belt and walked over to place his hand on my butt. He rubbed it around and finally smacked it. It was small and firm, but not painful, and not weak. It was perfect. He leaned over and lightly kissed it, then buried his nose into my pussy, smelling the sweet aroma of my juice.
He hooked his fingers into my panties and slid them down my thighs and calves. He unzipped my skirt and pulled it down after the panties. I kicked them off, and just as I was about to take off my matching pink stilettos, he stopped me.

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"You look amazing with those shoes. Leave them on. I want them on. " I turned around and got down on my knees, unzipping his pants and pulling down his boxer briefs. His 8 inch cock sprang into action, and I couldn't help myself. I took it in my hands and licked the head. I ran my toungue over the little hole at the top and he jerked his whole body back. He stopped me and told me to get up and lie down on his desk. I laid down on my back with my head off the edge. He stepped towards me and sank his cock into my mouth all the way. I nearly gagged, but it was amazing. He took it all the way out and slammed it back in. Soon he was fucking my mouth like it was a pussy, and I was loving every minute of it.
He leaned over and spread my legs, exposing my shaved pussy to his loving fingers.
    He gently spread the lips and rubbed around the clit.

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       I moaned into his dick and he rubbed a little harder. He slipped one finger into my hole and circled the insides of my vagina with it, and pressed his thumb onto my clit. He pressed and pressed, and when he inserted his second and third fingers into my cunt, I came all over his hand. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and looked into my eyes as he licked his hand clean, except for his index finger, which he fed to me.
    "Yeah, you like that? Huh? You like how your pussy tastes?"
    "Mmmhmm. I bet I'd like the taste of your cum even better. "
    "Oh yeah? I guess we'll see, won't we?" He slammed his cock deep into my mouth again and fucked it harder and harder. I reached around and grabbed his ass, spread it apart, and put my finger into his asshole. He spasmed and I felt his cock tighten and release as he let six streams of cum empty into my throat. I kept my finger there until he slipped out of my mouth, still fully hard. He walked around the desk so he was straddling me, and he kissed me deeply, letting me share his come with him. He moaned and started kissing his way down my body, pausing at my tits to squeeze them together and suck on my hard nipples. It felt amazing. He swirled his toungue around my nubs and gently nibbled on them. He licked his way across my stomach and paused to smell my cunt.

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    "God, you're beautiful. " He dove into my pussy, lashing my clit with his toungue, and immediately making me scream with pleasure. My yelps rang through the room, and he kept at it. I was concerned about the track team, but he didn't seem to care, so I just let myself go. I started humping his face and grinding my clit into his nose. He fought back with his lips, sucking my entire twat into his mouth. He circled my hole and, without warning, plunged into my pussy, fucking me with his toungue.
    I came three times before he got on top of me, slid his cock into my tight twat and fucked me silly, grabbing onto my nipples. He picked me up with his dick still in me, and pushed me against the wall, fucking me so hard that my back ached. He held my ass cheeks in place and rammed his cock into me so hard that tears leapt to my eyes, but it felt so good I didn't care. I just screamed at him for more.
    He took me down to the floor and moved his entire body on top of mine, rubbing his pubes against my pussy lips, fucked me to another orgasm, and pulled out. He jerked himself off until he came all over my big tits.
    He laid there on top of me and kissed me.
    "Thank you for that.


       It was amazing. "
    I couldn't respond because I was still shaking from my five orgasms, but he knew I was pleased.
    "I guess you get an A, right?"
    I laughed and said: "It doesn't much matter if we can get together this summer. "
    "I think we can arrange that. " He kissed me again, we got dressed, and he drove me home while I sucked him off in the car. We met up once a week for the next two years. I haven't seen him in a month, but I got an A that semester, and I finally got to have my teacher.