Hot Tub Fun Part 2


I smile as I lead her into the shower, the water covering me, then her as I pull her in behind me. I run my hands over her slippery body and lean her against the back wall. I kiss her neck, and work my way down. I kiss her chest, flick her nipple with my tongue for a second, then kiss her stomach and lick from her belly button to her other button. "Oh wow!" She breathes. I tounge her clit and she pushes her body against the wall. I circle her clit with my tongue and lick back up and kiss her pussy lips, then kiss her belly button and all the way back up. A soft moan escapes her lips when i lick from her shoulder, up her neck, to her ear. "My turn" she wispers in my ear. She lowers herself onto her knees and takes my cock in her hand. God it feels good when she wraps her hot mouth around it and takes it into her throat. Her tongue playes with it as she moves her head up and down on my hard shaft. My fingers gently run along her ear as she sucks. My other hand is against the wall holding me up while she does what she does so well. "Oh my God yes. .

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  . " I manage to get out those words as i blow my load down her throat. She keeps going until I'm done and then she licks it clean. "Geez, feel how wet that made me!" She grabs my hand and puts it between her legs, letting me feel the hot juices running out of her. Her hand reaches down and plays with my balls, then rubs my shaft until im back at full glory.
    "Fuck me" She leans over and wispers in my ear. I put her up against the back wall again and she sets her foot on the side of the bathtub to spread her legs. She's so wet that i slide right into her. I let it slide in and out as i push her up and down against the wall. I suck on her neck and her nails tear the skin on my back enough to leave scratches. I keep sliding her up and down on my dick and soon her breathing starts to get louder. Her knees go weak and i have to hold her up while i keeping sliding in and out of her wet love hole. Her body starts to shake and i slide deep into her and the orgasm explodes through her body. "Wwow" She stammers after she finds the strength to stand. I pull out of her and she looks at my hard cock.

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       "Awe you didn't get off! Well. . . try this. . . "To be continued.

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