Hot wet cheerleader for Mr. Roberts


I got home from work at 5:30pm. I put my keys down on the table by the front door, walked to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of brandy, then sat down at the bar. Today had been a shitty day at the firm, Dan and I were up to our heads in paper work, Mike had screwed up his defense on the stand, and Judge Hammer wouldn’t declare a mistrial on the count of too much evidence. Not only did I lose my case but now I’m stuck with twice as much work to make up for it. Working weekdays 8:00am-5:00pm at Roberts & Fiztersteins Attorney at law firm was really starting to take its toll, I’m so overworked I haven’t been able to start a family, now at 43 I’ve figured that ship has sailed; if the job didn’t pay so well I’d probably quit.
As I was thinking about my day the doorbell rang, I went to the door and looked out the window. It was Jodie Fisher from next door, standing on the stoop popping bubble gum and twirling a strand of her fluffy long blond hair, Jodie was 17 and sexy as hell, she was wearing her cheerleading uniform and holding a stack of hot pink flyers. I opened to door and said
“Hi Jodie what’s going on?”
“Hey Mr. Roberts” she replied in her preppy teen voice “I’m handing out flyers for cheerleading encouraging people to come to Pitman High’s football game this Friday, it’s fifteen dollars per person for admission and everyone who comes gets a free T-shirt that says ‘Go Pitman Pit Bulls!’ you comin?”  Of course I was going, I’ve been to all the schools games since Jodie was a freshman just to see her jump around in that tight little cheerleading outfit; she was definitely a hot piece of ass!
“Have I ever missed a game?” I asked smiling
“No” she giggled popping her gum. I could feel my dick getting hard, I turned around stepping back inside the door frame. “Jodie are you walking all over the neighborhood handing out flyers in this heat?” I asked her hoping she’d say yes.
“Yeah my boyfriends borrowing my car to get to the school, he has football practice at 4:00. Besides, it’s easier to hand them out on foot anyway. ”
“Well would you like to come inside for something to eat or drink?” I asked politely.
“A glass of water would be great, thanks Mr. Roberts!” she said enthusiastically.

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She closed the door behind her and I led her into the kitchen. She stood behind the island as I poured her a glass of water and handed it to her, as she lifted the glass to her mouth to take a sip she tilted the glass too far before it was on her mouth and spilled the water all over her uniform top. The cold water on her white cheerleaders top made her full mature breasts (she wasn’t wearing a bra) visible and her nipples were hard and erect; and so was I!
“Oopsie” she said with a seductive voice as she looked up at me with sexy eyes.
I couldn’t control myself, hunger and lust had fogged my mind and I realized I was charging at her with an intense craving for sex. I slammed into her ramming her against the wall, I clutched a handful of her hair and squeezed her left breast angrily as I violently shoved my tongue down her throat. I had her pinned and trapped against the wall, she kept trying to come up for air but I wouldn’t let her; I was too taken over by my hunger. I threw her on the floor, she was sweating and panting hysterically from being denied air, I quickly undid my pants and threw them along with my shirt into the corner, I got on top of her and ripped off her skirt, then her top and sucked on her hard budded nipple, I rubbed the mound between her legs and could feel her wetness soaking through the thin sheer material of her cherry red thong which had the word sexy on the front in rhinestones. As I was sucking on her tits, pausing to shove my tongue back down her throat, I had ripped off her thong and was pushing my middle and ring finger up her pussy while I rubbed her clit with my thumb, she was moaning like crazy.
    She wasn’t trying to get away she was letting me do whatever I wanted to her, both of us breathing erratically I pulled my fingers out of her and flipped her over and pulled her up so that she was on her hands and knees, I shoved my hard cock into her ass hole, and pumped my dick back and fourth as she screamed in painful pleasure, as I was pumping back and fourth her head kept banging against the wall of the island in the kitchen
    “UHH UHHH UHHHH UHHH!!!!!!” SHE SCREAMED “HARDER HARDER COME ON FUCK ME HARDER!” I pumped harder and harder till I was about to blow, she had cummed all over my kitchen floor; her cum was everywhere. I pulled  my dick out of her ass and turned her around so that her head was at my waist, I grabbed her hair and shoved her head on my dick, she put her mouth on it and started sucking as I kept shoving her head by her hair roughly so she would suck faster. Then I yanked her roughly and threw her onto her back, I pulled her left leg up to position myself then I forced my dick into her cunt, I REALIZED AS I BROKE HER HYMEN AND HEARD HER CRY OF PAIN THAT SHE WAS A VIRGIN! NO WONDER HER PUSSY IS SO TIGHT! I didn’t care; I was going to be as rough as I could. I rammed my cock back and fourth banging her against the wall as I pushed deeper inside her pussy with each forward thrust, I felt my cock quivering and after a few more angry thrusts I pulled out of her as the cum shot out of my cock and all over her face and stomach.
    I got up and went upstairs to my bedroom, I went to my closet and put on my robe, then I walked over to my nightstand and took out my humidor and lit a Don Conti Agio cigar and headed back downstairs. When I got back to the kitchen Jodie was already gone, I saw her get into the passenger seat of her car out front through the kitchen window; her boyfriend in the drivers seat.

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