I cum for Danny


I Cum for Danny…. .

Oh Danny ---- Oh Danny----- I’m cumming ------I’m cumming ----
OOO HHH FFFUUUCCCKKKoh shit this feels good – keep it going… keep it going …Fuck me hard ,…. Harder…. harder…. oh shit …. oh god this is great………my clit is soooo sensitive… ooohh darling this is amazing. Pinch my tits…. . harder …harder …. oh shyt that makes me feel good…. . ---I cant help it… I am jerking and bucking about so much each time you push that big juicy cock into me……. . you hit my magic button…. And I…… ahhhhhh spasm……… it feels awesome…AAAAAHHHHHH…….

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  . . I cant help it …. It feels like little electric shocks ……. I have never felt like this before when I am cummming ---- it feels awesome. Ohhhhh shit. Your cock is like a magic wand…. . The sensation is beginning to weaken now – pinch my nipples hard…. That’s beautiful… harder …. keep it going…. Oh hell what would I do without tits …. . they make fucking so much better when they are sooo sensitive…. just go slow and fuck me until I beg you to stop.

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   Ohhhhhhhhhhh shh iiiii ttttt. This is the best fuck I have ever had. You are magnificent -----how many girls have you done this to --- are they all like me --- do the scream for mercy when they cum.

Ohhh sweatheart I am done – fucked and done.

Have you cum yet ----- I was so busy enjoying myself I didn’t notice ……. . Have you done it. I cant feel anything in me – your cock has done such a good job on me I cant even feel if you have cum.

You haven’t yet…… Ok then go for it ---- I can handle it until you cum ----- ohhhh god I may even cum again ----- I have never had two in a row maybe this time.

There you are baby – fill me up with that wonderful cock milk --------I can feel it going in now ----- its wonderful----- hey you are really enjoying it ---- those deep throated grunts each time you pump a load into me sounds so sexy……I love it when you cum – either in my cunt or in my mouth – that is the nectar of the gods for me……. . flood my cunt with that wonderful warm baby juice. Take it out just before you empty your balls ---- I want to taste your cum straight from the fountain of youth -warm and fresh – tasty and sticky, the same wonderful juice of life you have put in me one end I want in the other end too…. no not my ass…my mouth silly……. I love it after you have cum inside me…… it tastes even better when I suck that wonderful big cock head and get the last drops of fuck juice of our lovemaking that seeps out of its beautiful slit and then I taste it mixed with the juices my cunt makes and the sweat and cream we make together.

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   The juice of our bodies is never the same – I love the taste…. our fuck juices covering that warm wonderful skin over that cock shaft of delight and making it taste so wonderful as I lick and suck it off and swallow your seed. The scent of our lovemaking is so erotic…. . I am never happier when I am beneath you naked and we are fucking like its the last day of Pompeii. If I could die doing this I would die happier than I could ever imagine.

Ok lover boy – its clean now – do you want to lick me out or should we get into the shower.

Oh fuck… how wonderful you are……. there it is……. I have spread my legs and opened the portals to the door to heaven for you to……… drink from the fountain of love…. . use my pink cup of soft warm flesh. Go down and drink from me ……. . Taste the juice we have made together, suck the nectar of the gods out of my cunt…….


   I want to know what the cocktail of our lovemaking tastes like from me ---- kiss me with your lips and tongue covered in the heavenly erotic cocktail of your semen and my love juices we have made together in my crucible of love. .

Oh god that feel fantastic…sucking me out is amazing . . lick and suck my clit for me -----keep going…keep going … oh shit…. . squeeze my nipples for me …. . harder – harder – fuck…… even harder……… Oh shit…I am going to cum again…. . Oh shit……. . oh shit…suck me…. suck me…suck my clit…. .

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  suck it hard…. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGGooooddddddddd…I cant believe I have cum so soon again.
    You are amazing.

    That orgasm was as intense as the last one – No don’t stop if you don’t want to ……. keep it going I am loving it…enjoy yourself…. . I cant believe I have had two of themost amazing orgasmsI have ever had…oh oh oh …. shit… shit…. . I am cumming again …. keep sucking ohhhhh hell…… oh shit… oh shit ……fuck fuck fuck…. …. . I cumming again …I can hardly bear it – that’s two in less than a minute …. I am having two cums in one …… I am having my first multiple ….


      . I cant help myself…. I am making more juice for you…oh fucking hell…. . STOP……. . STOP…. . oh please stop …… My clit is red raw or it feels like it……Drink what I have leftand enjoy what I have made exclusively for you.

    Oh god I love you………now kiss me again.

    Oh baby you taste wonderful ----- your tongue tastes so amazing – I have never tasted anything like this before I have cum four times in less than five minutes --- you are amazing…. we have excelled ourselves----- we have made an exquisite mixture that can never be repeated ----- it has always tasted good but this is perfect.

    Did you enjoy it…. . If you did get half the pleasure of what I got then its great ---- the taste we have made together is exquisite

    Oh baby – kiss me ….

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       Kiss me …. Never leave me…. .

    My whole body is so full of erotic feelingsI could almost piss myself right here…. …… I have never felt so exhausted in my life……. . I will remember you for ever and our time we have had here……if only we could do this…. . forever and ever……. . Amen.

    That was the first of many such experiences with my man – 8 years older than me and 8 times as experienced. I am his for anything he wants.

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