I got caught by her mother.


The worst moment of my life.

I was 14 and I had been fucking one of the girls who lived up the street for a few months. She is called Sally. She is two years younger than me and already she had started to let me fuck her. Her sister called Sarah was 16 and I had fucked her a lot of times. She always let a lot of boys around here do it to her, often she let four or five boys do it to her one after the other. Some boys took her out just to fuck her.

I had fucked Sally a few times before and she liked me doing it to her she told me. She said I was nice to her when we fucked. One of her cousins did it to her the first time and had just pushed her down and fucked her and was rough and called her a slut. He was the only one to have done it to her other than me.

I always asked her if we could fuck together and she always let me. She let me kiss her when we were fucking. Her sister would never let you kiss her – she said only sluts let you do that – she wouldn’t admit it but she was one.

If I kissed Sally at other times with our clothes on she always liked it when I got hard and she could feel it in my pants. Then she would say you want to fuck me don’t you.

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   I always said only if you want me to – and she did.

One day after about six monthswe were fucking in her lounge room doing it together on the floor – we both had our pants off. We had done it once already and she wanted to do it again. She loved it when I had my cock inside her. I always took my cock out when I was ready to cum and she either sucked my cum out or I wanked it off and shot it on her tummy or cunt.

Because it was the second time we were fucking that day I was taking longer to cum and the both of us were really enjoying the fuck. We had been doing it for about 20 minutes I suppose when I felt my cum starting and just as I was getting ready to pull it out we heard her mother coming in the front door and I did it inside her – We were both completely shocked when she walked in and found us fucking and me cumming. Sally had said just as she walked in – ‘You did it inside me – I will have a baby now’. Neither of us knew what to do – I didn’t know what was worse getting caught by her mother or me cumming into her.

Her mother just stood there looking at me on top of Sally pulling my cock out of her all covered in cum.

She said what the hell do the two of you think you are doing – don’t answer that. Its perfectly clear what you are doing now get off her and get up.

I was standing there with cum dripping out of my slack cock and Sally had rolled over onto her tummy and wouldn’t move.

Get up you little slut she told Sally and she started to cry.

Her mother said I cant believe this – how long has this been going on.

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Neither of us said anything.

I gather this is not the first time is it.

I said ‘No’.

Then she sort of calmed down and said to Sally – I am sorry don’t be angry with me this is a bit of a shock. Coming home and finding my 12 yo daughter making love on the floor. I had no idea you were doing it as well – I know Sarah does it and I have made sure she wont get pregnant – fortunately you cant yet – you have to have a period first.
I knew about periods and stuff but I didn’t realise you couldn’t get pregnant until the girl had one.

Then she looked at me and said go and clean yourself up – you and I are going to have a talk.
I went to the bathroom and washed my cock and when I got back Sally was standing up talking to her mother, still with her pants off. Then her mother said go and wash yourself. Then come back – there is something we have to discuss – all three of us.
I put my pants on while Sally was gone and her mother said well how long has this been going on. Don’t lie I will find out the truth myself if I have to.

I said a few weeks, we have done it a few times but this is the first time I have cum in her – I always take it out but today when you came home you distracted me as I was just about to and I came before I knew what was happening – I am sorry.

Never mind she said – there is no harm done fortunately – she cant have babies yet.

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When Sally came back her mother made us sit down and I held Sally’s hand and she talked to us about sex and about what we had done together. Fortunately we had only fucked and masturbated each other. She was very frank about what we did and used words we used. She wasn’t cranky or anything but she was concerned about what we were doing and our age, particularly Sally.

After about 15 minutes of talking – she asked Sally how much she liked me and if she had ever let another boy have sex with her. She hadn’t apart from her cousin who had virtually raped her. Just wait until I get my hands on him her mother said – he will be sorry he did that.

Then she told us that once you start having sex you never stop and find ways of doing it together and ultimately you get found out. If anybody else knew we were fucking she would be in big trouble and so would we.

Then she said I am not going to stop you. Whenever you are going to do it – you have to promise that you will only do it in Sally’s bedroom- not on the floor here and nowhere else – not even my place.

I was shocked – she was going to continue to let us fuck each other and Sally would tell her if we had done it. When she was older and had periods she would get pills for Sally to take and stop her getting pregnant – the same as Sarah. Now I knew why Sarah never worried when I came in her. I never told her mother I had fucked Sarah as well.

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   I think she knew Sarah did it a lot and she didn’t seem to be worried about her. She was older and she wouldn’t get into trouble if she was found out.

After that she told me to go home and think about what we had talked about. If I wanted to know anything about sex I was to ask her.

I left and when I saw Sally the next day she said her mother hugged her after I left and was really nice to her. She was really concerned about her and what she might do so that’s why she is going to let us fuck together so she wont be tempted to do what Sarah does.

A few days later we decided to fuck each other again – we were a bit worried for a couple of days about her mother and when we did it we realised how much we liked each other.

That day was wonderful – we knew we would not get into trouble and we both got undressed and did it in the nude on her bed which was much better. We did it a few times and I even came inside her the last time. It was an amazing feeling doing it inside her. Sally felt really good about my cum being inside her. After we had finished we both went to the bathroom holding each other hand and washing each other. It was amazing.

We got dressed and were having a soft drink in the kitchen when her mother came home.

She said well have you two been at it again.

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I blushed and Sally said yes – in my bed.

Good she said – I am happy. Then she went away and came back with a magazine that had different positions you can have sex in. She said seeing you two are going to be lovers you may as well enjoy it. You will have a lot of fun doing these. I know I do.

She was a divorcee and it seems had lovers as well. Now she knew Sally and I were also lovers she told her about some of the men she had been in bed with. That was after I left and Sally told me the next day her mother had sex with at least three of the men around here, even though they were married. She said she will never bring them home and they go to motels to have it. I gather like mother like daughter and she has two of them. After I started with Sally and only doing it with her, I never asked Sarah to fuck with m again – but she knew Sally and I were fucking and where. A couple of times she had a boy in her bedroom when Sally and I were fucking. She told us we were never to tell her mother she had a boy in her room.

That was the beginning of my sex life.

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   It lasted with Sally for about two years then we both got interested in other people and began to fuck them. Twice we had two friends fuck with us and we both swapped about and had an orgy. It was great fun.
Sally and I remained friends and with her mother too.