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I woke up in the morning and got ready to skateboarding. I called up my girl and told her to meet me at the skatepark. "Okay, Ill be there in an hour" she said"Okay, no problem. I love you" I said back "Love you more, bye" she said back hanging up the phone. So I got in my car and drove the three miles to the skatepark. I got warmed up by doing a few kickflips and nollies. I got up on the quarter pipe and dropped in. Time must have gone by fast cause I jumped back up onto the quarter and saw Stacy(My girlfriend) pull up in her car. She stepped out of the car and I got an instant boner. She had on just a sports bra, and a short and I mean short skirt. When she bent down to get her board out of her backseat I could see her ass. She walked over. "Your not going to skate in that, are you?" I asked, jumping down and giving her A tight hug and kiss. "Yeah, Im going to put my knee pads on though. " She said. She looked down and could see my dick bulging out some and looked back and smiled.

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   We skated for a while and then walked over to the showers in the park. We both went into the womens shower and there was like 4 naked women standing around. "Hello ladies. " I said. "Hey T, whats going on?" Jenny asked. "Nothing" I said, checking out her gorgeous body. "Do I get a hug""Yeah" She said back and came over to me and gave me a hug. Her big firm titties were poking my chest. We let go and I followed Stacy into one of the shower stalls.
    We always take showers together. I sat down in the chair that was in there and took my shoes off and put them up on the shelf. She did the same and I sat there and watched her strip. She came over to me and sat on my lap facing me. "Please let me fuck you. I wanna take your cherry.

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       I wanna marry you. " I said to her felling her soft ass"No. " she said back. "Why the hell not?" I asked "Im scared of the pain. " She said looking down. I picked her head up and looked her straight in the eye. "whatever. Lets get this shower over with. " I said standing up and pulling my clothes off in about 5 seconds. I turned the shower on and stacy stepped in. I went in behind her and grabbed the soap. I set the soap on the shower shelf and walked up behind her. We were both getting rinsed when I slid my hand down into her shaved slit. I could tell she was getting turned on because she didn't make me stop when I slid my middle finger into her hole. I finger fucked her kissed her neck and played withher right tit for about 1 minute.

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       My dick was hard and in her ass crack. I bent her forward and and finger fucked her from behind. What an amazing view. She had beautiful curves going all the way down to her ass. IU pulled my finger out and grabbed my dick and slowly rubbed the outside of her pussy. At that point is when she realized what I was doing. "Stop, don't do it" But it was too late.
      I was to turned on. I pushed the head into her pussy. "Stop don't do it" I saw tears start to fall from her eyes. I pushed it in about 4 inchs and hit a wall. "Okay, heres how its going to be. I either fuck you in the pussy or the ass. They will both hurt about the same. But either way im going to fuck you.

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         where do you want it. " She thought about it for a second and was shaking her head no. "I won't take it up the ass. I think thats disg-" She didn't have time to finish. I pushed my dick in ass hard as possible and broke through. She screamed in pain and pleasure. I put my hand over her mouth and pulled my dick out. There was a steady flow of blood coming out. I could tell she was in pain but I stuck it back in. I forced it in again and pulled it back out. I stuck it back in and took my hand from over her mouth. I put both hands on her hips and started thrusting. Everytime Id go in she would give a soft moan. After about to minutes her body started to tense up and her pussy tightened up. I pushed my dick in and she tried to scream but nothing came out.

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        "Oh my god, im cimming. " She said. I felt her juices hit my dick and she about fell to the floor. I put my arm under her waist and kept thrusting. She sonn was able to stand on her feet and I let my load go in her. I pulled my dick out and spun her around. We I stuck my tongue down her throat and she returned the favor. I grabbed her ass and picked her up and leaned her against the wall. She grabbed my dick and lined it up with her hole and I thrusted it in as hard as I could. She screamed out and I just kept fucking as hard as I could. I soon let out another load. We decided we would.
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