I Need Her


     Well were to start, my name is Patrick and im a 16 year old african american male, i have a nice well tone body not to muscular and a 6 pack that i love to show off for fun, im not really into compliments. It was during the summer that i found the girl that i fell in love with. I was merely playing outside with my friends shawn and marcus, after about a few hours of just doing stupid stuff they head on home. As i headed back in my house i saw this kid looked about my age but i never saw him around here. I walked up to him merely asked his name, he had short cut hair, and was a chinese 14 year old male (15 now). "yo what is your name, you new here or something?". i said trying to be friendly. "Yah man. . . names mike" he said calmly. i laughed a little, "cool name so uh. . . when did you move here?". i wondered.


   "we just moved here a week ago, we used to live in canada, that place was nice but heh guess i got to adjust to living here".     "Okay well ill talk to you another time, cya around mike". "You to uh. . . . . whats your name?". i laughed a bit i hadnt even introduced myself "heh o yah names patrick but you can just call me pat, see you around". From that day on me and miked talked to each other everyday constantly making jokes about each other and our friends, it was a fun, then one day he introuduced me to the most pure girl ive ever known at this age. By pure youll know what i mean. "Eh my nigga whats up" mike said with his usual greeting now adays. "Shut your retarted twinkie cat eating ass up" i retorted as a usual joke between friends, anyway um whose that,  your girl friend?".     "Eww man dont even joke like that its my sister carmen". he said with a bit of laughter in his voice.

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   "Your sister huh?. . . . . well hi uh. . . whats her name?". "its carmen and wasup. . . . uh. .

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  . pat right?", she said with a bit of awkwardnessshe was chinese of course like her younger brother 16 at the time, 17 now, nice brown hair and wore contacts, looked nice on her i must say, her breast i didnt really pay attention to, there a average size like C cup i liked the length of her hair the most, pretty sexy but not enough to amaze me. "Yep, didnt know i was so famous in your household. " she let out a bit of a giggle"haha sure man. " To be honest i didnt think much of her at the time i mostly was like whatever and went back to playing online games with mike at our houses. After a few weeks mike started to play another online so i mean i didnt really feel like quitting  survival project, the game we had played together, as i had been playing it for so long and had so much stuff on it. Anyway seeing as his sister started playing around the time i figured id just play it with her. I learned alot about her during that period, her attitude her friends, it was a pretty fun. I learned she never had a boyfriend or been kissed, which i was surprised about even though shes a little bitchy im surpised no one want to be with her, i also learned she was a virgin, probably the first that i know that im actually friends with, she wasnt perverted at all, opposite of me cause im your average beat off, porn watching guy, which i surely had no problem admiting to. When i told her this she was whining saying little girl stuff such as "EWWWWW SICK PAT SICK" which i only laughed at, though shes used to it now adays. I began to become real close to her like best friends, and though she wasnt as "retarted" as mike she was still fun to be around. I found myself starting to fall for her involuntarily but i didnt know how to tell her. So one day i figured i might as well. "yoz carmen whatcha been up 2". "hehe not much i went shopping with some friends and now im poor, so wasup"usually i never had a problem asking a girl out but she was different, knowing i could be her first everything, and she could be my first in bed really put a whole bunch of things on my mind.

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   "um nevermind hehe ill talk to yah later okay buddy" i said like i little punk, i couldnt believe i ahd done that. "cool. . . . i guess. . . " she laughed a bit then walked away       Later that day i saw mike and we talked, i figured it was only fair that i told him how i felt. "Eh nigger whatcha been up to" mike said in his usual dumbass greeting. "Well mike um i want your sister. . . . .

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   but i got trouble telling her. . . " i was waiting for his protest. to my surprise he merely said" um ok so get her. . . . . its not like shes with anybody" he said calmly like it aint matter. "so um u dun care?" i said with much curiousity. "naw ive always wanted a black guy for a brother" he said with a laughi couldnt help but laugh "man you are so fucking racist, our lucky your cool with me" i said jokingly. I figured to start thinking ahead just you know to see his limits. "So mike what would you do if you saw me having sex with carmen in youlls room?" i was so ready to laugh at this retard to get mad at me. "well i'd just say, nice job pat, and go play guild wars, GUILD WARS MAN!!!!!.

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  " i just looked at him and started laughing like crazy my stomach was hurting so much after i finished. I figured since no one objected whether online friends or real life friends i had it in the bag all i had to do was ask her out. So that day our online friend asked me to ask on msn so they could see what she says.     "hiya pat, so what is it you wanted to talk to me about homie" she said like she aint have a clue, which i bet she didnt, theres no way she would guess i fell for her.     "well carmen we've known each other for a while and. . . . eh beating around the bush aint me" i was nervous but im not used to pussy footing    "um pat. . . . . . .

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   what are you saying" she said with a bit of discomfort.     "well technically im asking you carmen would you like to be my girlfriend?, i mean we are a bit opposite but im sure i could make you happy" i said with a confident smile on my face sure she would say yes.     "pat. . . . . im sorry but. . . . i cant. . . .

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  . . why. . . . why cant be just be homies?" though this made my confidence go down a the time i aint stop.     "I want to be more then that, why cant we be more then friends?" i typed kinda embarrased that our online friends were seeing this. While my one friend darren was trying to convince her to say yes. however in the end i didnt get my desired result.     "I m sorry pat, im really sorry, i see you as a homie i can talk to and joke with but. . . i . .

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  . im just sorry. " i was so sad. . . . sigh rejection well  i was able to suck it up for a second anyway and i faked a nice response.     "hehe its okay carmen no need to say sorry just chill" but i was killed inside which i was hoping she didnt know. her friend helen laughed at me thought it was funny, i cant wait till something like this happens to that bitch, ironically shes my friend to, but still. . . . . . anyway my other friend tried to tell me its okay she was a ugly bitch anyway.

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   Though she may be a bitch she wasnt ugly, and she never truly got mad at me, and i knew she never would.     i put on a fake smile for a while then i questioned her did she truly no like me? and if not why? she made every exscuse she could, she even said AGE, and the girl aint even more then a year older then me, some exscuses were funny. One day late at night i broke her down i just asked out of boredom cuz the day was lousy and i was tired, and yah she told me, i could tell she was very nervous. "FINE PAT FINE, i like you a little okay man, but im scared to be with you, i think youll call me your bitch and try and own me like you do now. " she said with nervousness, i was shocked. . . . i couldnt believe thats the reason i would never do that to her i only play around with her. "thats why, thats why i spent 3 months trying to get you because you think ill try to control you, you should know im not like that i just play around with you. . . . " After that it was total awkwardness so i decided to end the convo.        We talked a bit less after that then my feelings for her faded, so i thought, so i could flirt with her and it meant nuthing because it was innocent fun.


   After a while i started to fall for a older women. . . . . . much older heh. Her name is Amy, i loved her so much, i still do to this day. Shes white and 22 years old, im not proud how i got her. . . . . but im glad i got with her. We fell in love with each other and i couldnt be happier, i started to think of carmen and wish and pray for her to have this happiness, ive never told her that i did this though.


   I had to make sure she didnt have feeling for me, if she did then id feel so bad for loving amy, i asked her she did her sorry pat no and tried to be sympathetic. i loved that part of her, despite her being a bitch she cared about my feeling and me alot. shame she didnt love me as a lover and not as a home boy. I didnt mind at all i was so happy i was in love with amy and she loved me back, i was hoping that this lasted for ever.               sadly i shouldnt have been naive as our relationship started to crumble, i took her crap her shit, till i finnaly told her ass off, but we still love each other even though we technically arent together, i love her and hate her and want to be with her, she loves me and wants to be with me, and wants to be with someone else i believe. I had upset her extremely when i told her i loved carmen still but i recovered and told her i didnt mean it the way she thinks. Im getting a little ahead thought, because during this time carmen found a boyfriend. At first i thought it was a rumor but nope she had one. My sweet carmen actually had her first boyfriend, sigh at least shes happy, as long as she stays that way im okay with it. . . . . i think.     Each day amy would drive me more over the edge i started to want to kill her or rape her just so i could see the bitch cry, i remember i told carmen this her response surprised me.

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  "i see. . . . i understand pat but please i know its hard but you can make it through i know you can. "It was then i just told her i still loved her that i wanted her so badly and wanted her love in return, not of a friend but of a lover. "Pat im sorry homes please understand, i've never felt this about a guy please homes i know its hard but im sorry i cant return your feelings, im sure theres some girl out there for you. " Sigh i knew that was coming at least this time i was prepared, i started letting my dark desires take over there i never told her. Why did she pick him. . . . . . im the one that knew her and went through the trouble of trying to get with her, its complete bullshit.

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   I was pissed though i didnt show it to anyone. I was going to make that girl mine one way or another. It was Christmas break and mike and thier parents decided to drive to canada to spend most of christmas but carmen decided to stay, along with her boyfriend. This however helped my plan to make carmen mine. i knew i wasnt in my right mind set, id regret this later but she had to be mine i wasnt gonna accept it another way. I decided to go over there, i didnt buy all that gag shit, naw i was simply gonna over power her, i wanted to see what was her limit for what i can do to her before she resist. I was right outside her house, i knew i would feel bad later and i apologized silently before she answered the door. She was at there standing with the door open, wearing a pink t-shirt and her pjs, i could tell she just woke up because her hair was ragged and she was yawning, she aint even wash her face, i couldnt help but laugh. "eh pat wasup buddy" she said with a happy smile"not much just thought id hang with my girl" leaving out the home girl statement out on purpose. "hehe of course, just let me change" she said and hurried to her room upstairs. "hehe can i watch?" i said jokingly, but a little serious. "o haha very funny pat i suppose you plan on barging in" she said sarcastically, she was gonna get what she asked for even if she was joking. "well im here. . .

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  . . . aww you didnt even start changing :(" i said with a laugh and dissapointment"HA i knew u'd try and peak, glad i know you so well" she said with pride. I looked at her she was against the bed backed up against the railings, i decided it was now or never, so i moved up to her my body front touching hers. "um. . . . pat. . . wha. . .

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  . what are you doing. . . " she said a bit nervous. man i dont want to do this to her. . . . and yet i do so very bad. "carmen im making you mine. ". She seemed a bit confused "pat. . .

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   what do u mean?" with that i pushed her to the bed and slammed myself on her. "OMG NO. " she said realising what i meant. I began questioning "WHY NOT CARMEN?" i started to feel all the residing pain come back, it showed in my face. She looked and started to feel bad. "pat. . . i. . . . im. . .

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  . please im with someone already. . . . i love him. . . . . . . your my homie dont do this. " she still wasnt getting it "no carmen im your lover and im going to make you admit how you feel about me one way or another" i couldnt believe what i was doing but i knew i needed carmen. "Pat i dont want to have to fight with you.

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  . . . but. . . . " she said a bit timid. heh i wanted to see her retaliate. "cmon then carmen but if you do i swear i will not hesitate to slam you into that wall and rape you harshly. . . . . " she looked at me and wondered am i serious or not, i know she is hoping this to be a big joke but no today i make this girl mine.

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      i didnt hesitate i quickly stole carmens first kiss i wanted her to kiss me back so bad even if it was just a little i felt her just accept it not pulling away or anything. . . . this shocked me to no end. what else can i get away with. I didnt want to look into her eyes, they were so big and pleading for me to stop. "Why does it have to be like this?" she asked on the verge of tears. i wanted to apoogize over and over but i had to keep control. " because you are mine carmen so stop and accept it". i then kissed her neck, i swore she moaned. . . . i cant believe it how can she enjoy this? "carmen .

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  . . . . do you like this? she just kept looking at me in the eyes keeping silent. "carmen take off your shirt. " i spoke in a sweet tone. "no pat thats as far as we go, im sorry i really am but i cant" she sayed with sadness. I had mixed emotions. . . . i wanted her but. . .


   i wanted her to enjoy this a little, i wanted her to want me. "carmen. . . . . dont you have any feelings for me?" if she sayed no i would quit there completely. . . . "i. . . . .


  i do. . . . . . but  i ca" i cut her off with my lips, that was  all i needed to hear, she was mine now. “please just calm down its not as bad as you make it seem just relax ^-^” I said with a cute smile.             She didn’t struggle anymore after that, just looked at me, I could tell so many things went through her head. I didn’t want to torture her mind like this, but I knew this was needed. “Pat man…. . I;ve never done this before, and neither have you so why do you want this?”. I laughed a bit at the comment. “Your so full of it hehe pretty funny, what happened to the o pat I cant”.

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   Her faced turned to a frown, but I couldn’t help but taunt her. “argh…. Why am I even standing here letting your do this to me, im a faithful girl and im not cheating with you…. . let me up pat”. Those words shocked me and angered me, who the hell does she think she is, she forgets who is in command. “bitch don’t forget who’s the leader in this relationship” I said with such anger. “eh who do you think you ar…” a smack was all that was needed to shut her up, then I just laughed. “okay well now that were done that little senseless quarrel shall I get back to the task at hand”. I
Began to kiss along my lovers neck she merely closed her eyes and laid her hands on the bed sheets, heh guess she was done resisting. Using this opportunity I brought my hand to her chest, still covered by her bra, she just looked away in shame. “*sigh* Carmen your seriously overacting its not as bad as your making it seem, I already had you moan for me so I know you like it”. She opened her eyes shocked. “Pfft you’re a liar I nev……. .

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  ahhh” while she was busy making poor excuses I had her bra unhooked and began fondling with her soft untouched breast. “hehe you were saying my sweet”. I could tell she tried to hold it in but it couldn’t be helped she had never been touched like that in her life.               “mmm o pat its……. its so good”. She arched her chest up involuntarily giving me easier access. “Carmen you are such a obedient girl”. She looked away as if disgusted with herself. “its okay girl you have nothing to be ashamed of”. She obviously wasn’t convinced by my words, maybe my actions will help. I began to taunt her by twisting my finger in circles around her nipple; she began to grit her teeth trying to not moan for me. I decided ill take it to the next level and stuck my tongue on her mounds. I tickled my babies erect tits teasing and taunting her with my tongue allowing moans to escape her lips, fueling my erection unbelievably, I loved to hear my sweet moan. I took a second and looked down, her pjs were wet…. .

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   it boggled my mind how much she secretly loved this, I had to check to make sure. Obviously she knew what I was looking at, and what my next objective was. “Pat please don’t look…. ”.   she said with such pleading in her eyes, I was actually going to listen to her and stop for a second, but then I remembered my mission for today. I swiftly brought my hand down to her pjs and quickly snatched them off, I was amazed how excited I had gotten her, her panties were soaked and juices were running down her leg. “oh my god Carmen……you are such a liar, you’ve been enjoying this the whole time”. This was to funny I couldn’t believe she was actually enjoying me doing this to her. Her scent smelled so alluring it was time to touch her sacred area, and for her to touch mine. I removed my pants quickly and my boxers. “please im not ready pat, this is not how I want this”. If she’s not ready to admit she wants me then I have to continue with the seduction. I pulled off her panties and laid 69 position over her. “Its time for you to pleasure me too love”. My dick was its full 6” and ready for her lips.

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   “Pat why are you making me do this”? Why does the idiot think? “I want to feel good to lover”.

“AND STOP CALLING ME LOVER, WE ARENT IN LOVE”. Those words angered me so I forced myself in her mouth. “God you are full of it but fine ill treat you like a whore for now if that’s what you want”. I opened her pussy lips quickly and stuck a finger inside. Her body shacked like she was having a seizure just from a single finger in her it was incredible. ”Wow you must really love this huh girl?” I said with a big smile, funniest thing is she couldn’t talk since her mouth was full with my cock. What happened next blew my mind. She started to bob her head on my cock, I almost a blew a load right there. ”oh man…. . you are a natural honey”.

            She deserved a reward, I started to dive my tongue in her pussy lifting her lips exposing her pretty clit. I began to lick it intensely and fingering her pussy. <!--[if ahhhh “ was all she could muster.

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            As if competing with me she began to suck my dick faster licking my head, I decided I couldn’t take anymore and we both need to cum, with one final lick I made her splash her juices, while mine released in her mouth. I removed myself from her lips.

“Admit it Carmen you love me”. I said knowing she realized it all that was needed was for her to say it.

“i…. i…” was all she could say

“Guess ill have to finish this and make you mine for good”. I said anxious for her pussy.

            I took my newly erect penis and positioned it over her pussy.

“I wont do this unless you want this baby, may I”? I knew I said I wouldn’t ask but I couldn’t full blown take her virginity I wanted her to let me.

“Pat…i… dun make me choose”. She said I could see pain in her eyes, this isn’t what I wanted.

“Maybe…… maybe I should go then…. ” I said feeling like I failed horribly I began to reach for my clothes.
“Wait…. Pat I want you….

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   I love you…. I need you”. She said so softly

Those words were all I wanted, I turned around with a smile and pushed myself slowly inside her till I reached her hymen.

“Im sorry but this may hurt a bit bear with me baby”

“ok…… please hurry”

With that I quickly rammed it inside.

“OWEEEEEEEEEE o it hurts……. ” She said as a bit of blood trickled

“I know but it’ll be done soon”, I said and kissed her on the lips receiving a muffled moan as the pain subsided in her and the pleasure took over

“O …. . pat harder I never knew how good it felt”

Her pussy was so wet and tight it had my dick squeezed inside her I couldn’t move it and I knew at this rate I would last long. I began to suck her nipples causing her to scream. <!--[if O GOD its to much I cant take it anymore” Carmen said

“cum for me then baby and yell you love me” I said with such a proud smile soon about to release my own load

“O PAT I LOVE YOU AHHHHHHHH mmmm” she screamed and let her juices flow.

My dick was covered in her wet juices. It was to much so I started to pull out as a felt my load come.

“NO PAT NO YOUR CUMMING IN ME, YOU CHOSE TO MAKE ME YOUR WOMAN SO YOUR FINISHING IT”. She yelled with excitement and yet so demanding.

I didn’t have time to object I was cumming for my baby, inside my lover, and she loved it.

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“O carmen……” I stayed silent and gritted my teeth as I felt my hips buck.

“Pat say your love me, that you’ll only cum for me, NOW”!!!! this was shocking I started this “rape” and she’s bossing me, but I listened.

“mmm I love you Carmen you’re the only one ill ever cum for” as my last bit flowed inside her damp pussy, both are juices on each other. ”so what do we do now”? she asked if I actually had a plan after wards.

“um…. . I unno” I simply said

I took myself out of her and just looked at her and she looked at me, and we just started laughing.

“hehe its just like you pat you idiot” she said with a laugh

“o shutup and do as  I command” I said jokingly

“well guess I have to know don’t I” she said with a  smile

“I love you Pat, remember what you told me” she said pleadingly

“I love you to Carmen and ill never forget, no cmon let get cleaned up ^-^” I said happily

We spent the rest of the time alone exploring each other and not thinking of what to do when her family eventually comes home, all that mattered was us.

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