Ice cream man


I was riding my ice cream truck down a nice neighborhood street. The sun was going down, so soon I would be able to call it a day. I had been selling ice cream summer times ever since my divorce. I needed the extra money for child support and the job at the office alone wasn’t cutting it.

As I turned on a calm street, at the corner of a middle school/high school, I saw two kids. A little boy holding hands with one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. I realized as I pulled up that she was probably barely a teenager. She had golden hair that came down a little past her shoulders, her eyes were green and her skin a fine olive tone. She was wearing a tight yellow t-shirt that was clinging to her small but shapely breasts. She had short denim shorts that barely got to her knee and were very tight. She gave me a sweet smile and “hi” as opened my window.
“It’s on the house, kids. ” I said handing them their pop icicles.
“Thank you. ” She said with her sweet soft voice. The way she looked at me… there was a spark in her eyes.

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   Then she said, “Will you be back tomorrow?”
“Definitely. ”  I answered.
I watched her walk away. She had the most tight delicious bubble but I had seen on a girl.

The next day, at the same time, I drove by the corner of the school again. And there she stood, this time by herself. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt and black tight short-shorts that were barely half way down her thigh. My cock began to swell as I had little fantasies of seeing her naked. She was wearing white tennis shoes and had some sort of kneepads on both her knees.
“Hi again. ” I said charmingly.
“Hi. ” She flirtatiously. I could tell she liked me. I did look younger than thirty.

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“Say,” I found myself suggesting, “How would you like to take a ride with me?”
“I’m not suppose to ride with strangers. ” She said with a smile.
“My name’s Roger. ” I said, “What’s yours?”
“Melanie. ” She answered.
“See, we’re not strangers anymore. ” I said.
“Hmmm. Okay. ” She agreed.
I opened my door and she got in.

She told me about herself as we rode. She was fourteen, had a little brother, and played volleyball. I made a sudden stop as the light turned red, and she fell on my lap.
“Sorry about that.

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  ” I lied. Her butt felt nice on my hardening cock. She got up shyly but smiling.

    “Got a boyfriend?” I asked.
    “No. Daddy won’t let me. ” She answered.
    “Do you always listen to your daddy?” I asked.
    “Yes. ” She answered.
    “What if we pretend I’m your daddy?” I asked.
    She giggled and said, “Then I’d have to listen to you. ”
    The light turned green.

    I drove up a ways and turned on an alley and stopped at the end.
    “what’re we doing?” she asked concerned.

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    I grabbed her skinny arm and pulled her. She fell on my lap again and I began to kiss her little pouty lips. At first she struggled, but when I stuck my tongue by into her teen mouth by force, I suddenly began to feel her moist warm tongue lick mine. She clenched her little hands on my chest, squeezing my hard pecks. I began cupping at her tiny breasts.
    “Oh god. ” She moaned as I felt her young breasts swell a little on my giant hand.
    I began kissing her little neck. It smelled like baby powder.
    I put my arm under her legs and got, carrying her with me to the back of my truck.
    “Want some ice cream?” I whispered.
    I dropped her on the cold floor and then got on top of her, ripping her little shirt which made her breast jiggle in a delectable way.
    “Oh daddy. ” She said.
    “I can do things to ya that your real daddy can’t.

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      ” I said.
    My cock began to bulge up so fast, I unzipped my pants as I laid on top of her. I think that gave her a clue of what was about to happen.
    “Oh no. ” She whispered. But from the sound of her voice, I knew she was horny as hell.
    “Yes baby girl. ” I said. I began massaging her right breast while licking and biting at the other one.
    “Oh yeah. ” She whispered as she ran her little hands through my hair. Then I got on my knees, my cock at its biggest. I pulled her little shorts off. Her legs were long thick and sexy. They had a nice creamy color to them, and pussy was hairless and tight and already dripping some juice.

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       There she was, a thirteen year old goddess naked in front of me. I spread her legs apart. She laid there motionless, just staring at my huge cock.
    “Oh baby. ” I said as I reached out and began playing with her pussy. It was so warm and wet.
      I stuck my the tip of my finger.
      “Ah. ” She moaned in pain and pleasure.
      I bent inward and began licking at her young pussy. Chewing it all over.
      “Oh! AHHh Yes!” She began to yell as juice began to squirt out like crazy.
      Seeing that drove me over the edge and I jumped on top of her and pushed my cock violently into her teen pussy.
      “AHHH!” She screamed, “It hurts daddy!”
      I covered her mouth to muffle the screams and began banging against her. I could feel her vaginal walls spreading as my cock pounced in deeper and deeper, breaking things inside her.

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         With one hand I reached down and began probing at her little butt hole. I pulled out, lifted her by grabbing her by the ankles, and began to fuck her ass hard.
      “AHHH! BABY!” She yelled. I pulled out and began fucking her pussy again.
      AHHHH! AH! OHHH!” Her screams of pain began to turn into screams of pleasure too. Every time I banged her she moaned loudly: “AH…. . AH…. AH!”
      My hand was still near her mouth and she began trying to lick my finger. Felling near explosion, I pulled out and stood up.
      “Get on your knees. ” I said in between breaths. She did so. I noticed my cock had some blood, but I was still horny.
      “Have some ice cream baby.

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        ” I said as I grabbed the back of her head and violently pulled her towards my cock. She began licking all the juices on it.
      “OH GOD!” I sigh in pleasure as I felt her warm tongue all over my dick. I looked down and I noticed she was looking up at me with her little eyes. Seeing her little pouty lips wrapped around my cock like that almost made me spill, but I resisted and pushed her head so my cock would begin to go deeper in her mouth. It was so big it started to go down her throat. I could feel it in there. It was tight inside that little mouth of hers.
      “Breath through your nose. ” I said when I noticed she was squinting. “Just hold it in there baby. ”
      I began to fuck her mouth. Grabbing the side of her head with my hands and pushing in and out in and out. It was so tight and warm. I kept thinking of how it was a teens mouth and that made it hotter till I finally exploded all inside her.

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      I pulled out and tons of cum splashed on her face as she tried to regain her breath.
      “That was the best ice cream I’ve ever had. ” She said.
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