I'm in love with my best friend part 2


"So--you still wanna blow me?" He asked again. I looked at him "I--don't know--Ive never done it and I don't want to be bad. "He smirked "practice makes perfect"I rolled my eyes "I can't- I'm too chicken" I admitted, even though I really wanted to have his dick in my mouth. His lips tasted so great why shouldn't the rest of his body? He just stared at me, "I, can't make the first move" I lied through my teeth. I could, if I wanted too most of the time. But I was so afraid I was going to screw up that I didn't want to. Tyler smiled gently then lifted my shirt grabbing my belt and unbuckling it as well as unbuttoning my pants. "enough of a first move?" He asked smiling slightly. God I wanted him, he knew that I wanted him. He's known how long I've wanted him. I stared at him, worry must have washed over my face, "I just--can't" I said covering my face. "Listen, I'm not going to force you into anything. " I smiled as he spoke. "what do you want?" he asked concentrating on my face "you" I answered simply. "Take me then" He replied. 'Take me then' He made it sound so easy, so simple, but most of all so pain free.

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   I sighed hating my heart right then, "I want to and I know if I don't take this chance, I'm going to hate myself" I looked down at him. "You might hate yourself if you do" he added, I nodded "I want you really---really bad. " I stared at him as I prepared myself for the next thing I was about to say "I just don't want it to mean nothing to you" That would be the worst, this thing that meant everything to me by far, meaning absolutely nothing to him. He stared at me for a second, "It would mean a lot to me. " his answered sent my heart on a rampage. Thumping loudly in my ears. I stared at him almost unaware that I heard him correctly. "Are you just saying that?" I asked awaiting his answer, watching him carefully. He shook his head "as long as you don't expect me to change" I looked at him confused "I don't want you to change, your perfect the way you are" He smiled lightly grabbing my face in the warm palms of his hands, pulling me forwards and kissing me hard. His hands traveled lightly across my body. I pulled back and looked at him. His eyes asked the question again. "I'm so afraid" I said softly. Tyler's hands gripped my face again, he stared into my eyes "here-" he said pulling me towards him "when were making out-feel on me" He said as though this was my first time. "like this" He added kissing me.

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   Sliding his hand down into my jeans and then into me. I gasped for air as I felt his fingers go inside me, he pulled his hand out and pulled away from me "see" he smiled a little. Once the room wasn't spinning anymore I leaned in and kissed him. His kiss was filled with tension as my hand ran down his body. My fingers trailed his waist and I lifted myself lightly to reach in his shorts. My hand quickly found him, I wrapped my hands around his base. I couldn't breath. My heart pounded hard, I retracted my hand and slowly pulled away from him. He smiled before opening his eyes. I kissed him again wasting no time exploring his body, Finding him again I wrapped my fingers around him. My lips pushed furiously against his, my heart raced pumping fire though my veins. I pulled his cock from under his shorts and sat up, he smiled up at me. I looked down at his throbbing cock then back up at him. "so" he asked with anticipation. I rolled my eyes playfully and slid back a little, his cock still rock hard in my hand.

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   "Don watch me" I looked up at him. He laughed placing his hands over his face "there" I looked down at his cock, I was terrified. I wanted to make him feel amazing. I looked back at him and he was looking again "Nooooo don't watch" I laughed. He obediently covered his face again. I wrapped my lips around his massive erection and started to work, massaging my tongue lightly against his shaft. After about five minutes I sat up to see his surprised face. I laughed lightly, and stared at him with questioning eyes. "wow-" he managed to get out. "good?" "Better than I thought"I smiled, glad he enjoyed it. "It didn't hurt" he laughed holding his hands up "high five" he smiled. I rolled my eyes and high fived him pinning his hands behind his head. I layed flat against him and ran my cheek against his "I still want you" I whispered into his ear. "Take me then" he whispered back. I closed my eyes, I didn't think my heart could take 'taking him' any longer.

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   It was so tired of pumping blood so hard. "why don't you take me?" I replied. His hands traveled down my back, gripping my ass lightly "take off those tight ass jeans and I will. "I was wrong; my heart would work even harder with him taking me. When would I truly understand the power this boy had over me? Most likely never. I got off of him and slid off my pants, watching Tyler grab a container with some condoms in it. He looked at me "want to pick?" he asked holding out the container. I shook my head and watched as he grabbed one. He held it out to me "want to put it on?" Again I shook my head. My body was so stiff. Everything around me was spinning. I wasn't actually comprehending what was about to happen. My brain couldn't handle what was going on. He looked at me after he rolled the condom on "why are you shaking?" he askedI was shaking?!? I wasn't even aware of my own bodys trembling, I shrugged as Tyler's hand rested lightly on my waist "You have nothing, to shake about" he said in a calming voice. He pulled my underwear off with a quick motion of one finger and grabbed my waist pulling me on top of him.

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   to be continued. . . . .

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