in need... part one


I am now 20 yo. After 10 months of a self mostly – sex usage relationship with a fellow 24 yo older than I, we finally reached at the edge of all ending time, well, it look like it at that time… so we took a long weekend off. Being a highly sex addicted girl since I was 16 yo, I was in need, so I went into action for raw sex. I called an old friend of mine, Miguel, and invited him for lunch; being cautious about not being so evident… after all as a girl, I most respect my own ass.


After a half an hour of none sense talking I took the grip… and intentionally asked him about his divorce… about being lonely… and so it did well. He got his self hooked into that sensual talking exposing his need, which happened to be as urgent as mine. He asked me to company him home so he had to send some work e - mailed stuff.


Not long before we got to his place, unexpectedly two friends of his came to invite him out in some sort of “male” activities; in spite the surprise to us all, Miguel just did not know how to “react”, I mean he could just not help preventing them to stay. I did not what to do at first but to calm down the heat between my legs. I had already fantasized to what may happen next…


There we were indebted in a classical stupid talk. I did not realize that Miguel had attended his bathroom needs so he had just disappeared for about 4 mins. or so… as I had to do the same I walked to the bathroom and stepped in with some kind of rush… not knocking at the door. There he was peeing… I just could not helped but to stare at his wand, so I stay there for seconds wide opened mouth as a shocked response to my urgent needs of sex. He noticed immediately and reacted at once at my obvious reaction… with a silly smile he approached to me and with a gentle soft toned voice he wrapped me from my wrist and started kissing me, while closing the door.


He proposed me to “play”… “Let’s wait them to leave… by the time being taken off the underwear and show me how playful and discreet you may be… ok?”


So I did… but everything just went out of hands. As I did stepped out of the bathroom not wearing bra and panties I walk to the kitchen.

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   It occurred to me to bend over looking for a glass of water or whatever I may find in the lowest drawer of the cabin, obviously staring proposing to him… he look over his shoulder while the other two gays were attending the pc´s screen. At the time I bend over, I let my ass and crotch to be exposed slightly under the skirt… and so I did repeatedly for about five times in some other attitudes always avoiding the other two to knowledge…



The other two gays were somewhat nice… looking so it just turned me on and on and on… I was so excited that I just act freely… and direct.

I had already fantasized to be gang – bang before… but to shy to ask for it. In the last ten months Francisco has asked me for this but I refused… but today I was in need. I started talking about some sexual items… Miguel did not follow but the other two did… one just turn to me and asked me if I ever had sex with more than two gays, while taking my blouse off and touching me hard. The other one just came close to us and took my skirt off too; he continued to fingering me deep, deep, deeper at each time… paying attemption to my clit… while pushing harder and harder each time.


Miguel and the other two guys (Jorge and Pedro) laid me down on the coach and help me to straight open my legs as much as possible… so they could take times to rim me hard. Miguel went first… I guess he was so, so, so excited that he just cum quiet rapidly… the next “user” came in quite softly, gallantly, playing to be a gentleman… how I hate that… I needed it rashly… but he did quite fine, slowly, caressing at the end… I kind of like it, after all I had no choice at hand and he was already inside my crotch. Besides, I was such in need to argue; in fact, I rather did put my attemption to the dick in my mouth which was delicious at this time… hard as a rock, warm, salty… and must of all bigger than the others, a lot bigger than the others! It was such a delightful big headed, rounded, brown cock! Its master pushed it harder and deeper in every shove… but soft enough preventing me from gagging.


The feeling of all of it… being totally nude, bare, exposed, in heat, juicy as ever, being possessed by (let me say… three non familiar perpetrators) three wands at a time was greater than expected, in fact, it over rode my expectative… tasting three different “flavors”, smells, sizes, hands, was simple delicious! The guy fucking my throat had big balls which hit me immensely delicious in the face… its texture, its smell, its warmth, its rhythm, took me far beyond a multiple orgasm… which made my muscles explode in ecstasy.


As soon one finishes rimming my pussy I let them turn me and position me as they pleased… unexpectedly as they sat me on tops the biggest dick… and I started almost automatically to ride him hard… groaning in desire and ecstasy, one of them rashly penetrate my mouth in some lust desire… while the other one fucked my ass!!!! It caused me pain… I had never done it that way… I had never used the hole… as my rounded skinny ass was shown exposed bare he took advantage of the sole naked hole….

I screamed in both pleasure and pain asking for more… more… more…. Dick to hit the walls of my inner guts!!


I just remember out of all the pleasure at the time… when the all three wand dicks cummed one after another… and the collapsing movements of this three hard rock cocks using my holes for pleasure. The groaning, the need, the acid – smell of cum, the sole scenery, the place made such a time an unforgettable one… of such everlasting pleasure. I was so exhausted that I just let my collapsing body to lay still on the coach… enjoying the humidity in within, the smell of cum in my face, in my mouth, in my tits… as much as I enjoyed the painful – first time feeling of an opened creampy annus while the cum slides of it…


We all rest there for about an hour or so… I barely noticed when the two guys left.

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   When I felt Miguel’s dick ready for “more” hole action… .