in need... part three


in need part tree.


I hope that you have read my saga… believe me this all is true. I cannot help enjoying sex.


Three days later from our first sexual game encounter, Miguel phoned me… He had to leave because of his job, so we had this week off. Once back, He phoned me… we both were in need, as far we agreed we should take care of each others sexual needs… He asked me to come over… but I told him that I would rather play, instead of rushing in. He agreed. This was my idea… as we have agreed I was to play the whore role…so he must pick me up on the street… I asked him not to be late thou I was to be somehow “exposed” and vulnerable being alone in the street at night.


I decided to be dressed alike a teen. I brushed my hair with one pony tail, and I dressed up wearing only a short white blouse tied up at the front and a rather short skirt… I would also wear white stockings, but I would surely not wear underclothes. I must tell that the skirt would only cover the upper third of my thighs… so; I would easily show my shaved camel toe for him to enjoy. While I wait for him, I would rather wear a coat…


It happened to be a crowded night… hahaha… well; there I was walking half nude from one corner to another. Before Miguel got there, many cars stopped… to stare at me. Many of them stopped to ask me for a fuck… I was nervous, but I enjoyed it much. My nipples hardened and my love canal got wet… it felt weird and nice to be so wet not wearing underwear, I could felt the air touching my pussy lips as I walk by… it only made me hot!






One car in particular came closer to me asking for a fuck, I was so nervous, but I approached the window as it was lowering down. A not so bad looking fellow asked me…


Him: “How much, dear?”…

me: four hundred… each! love

Him: “anal…?”

Me… “nop…”… as I reply as I unbutton my shirt… “But I’ll do doggy… boy!”

Him: “swallow…?”

Me: “I would suck… if you wear a condom… love”

Him: “…thanks”


They left… I giggle.

I was so hot, that I decided to take the attitude one level up.

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   I “hide” behind a tree, so I took the shirt and the skirt off… So, being barely nude and wearing only a coat and stockings I would be Miguel´s perfect whore. When He showed up, I approached his car as he lowered the window… I let the coat to lose free so I could show my shoulders.


Mike: hi, love. how much, dear…?

Me: four hundred… lad

Him: anal?

Me: yes… why not?

Him: may I have a sneak peak?

Me: …I opened the coat so he could have a full view of mine… “Set to it… dear? He looked at me and asked to bend over… so he could see my tits hanging freely…

Him: will you suck me dry?

Me: yes… love

Him: do you mind… doing doggy?

Me: I would bark for you… love

Him… get in dear!


As I got into the car, I took my coat off… and lean on the seat. I slightly spread my legs for him to see my shaved wet crotch. I could see that his dick was already erect… because of his “tent” in his pant… I unzipped the pant to realize the beast from its captivity. His erected dick showed up… and I kiss his head gently. As we reached the motel, and entered the private room´s parking lot, I got off the car and rush to lay on the bed spreading my legs wide… I was damn hot! but Miguel took his time.

He stood in front of me. He got nude slowly… once nude he let the tip of his hardened cock to play at my pussy entrance.


Me being his whore… I let him play at will. He did not rush to fuck me. He asked me to dance for him instead. As I danced, I got close to him bouncing my hips and bending over for him to see my nudity. He reached his hands to touch me time after time… I finally kneeled in front of him and I started to suck his dick slowly… I started playing my tongue at the tip of his cock… playing his balls with my hands.

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   Miguel started humping slowly into my mouth while going deeper and deeper… I started moaning "Uhmmm… Yes, do it slowly, please!" This encouraged Miguel to go faster, faster…, deeper, and deeper… I could even felt the head of his dick hitting the back of my throat… He jammed his dick as far as it would go down my throat. His balls fell on my nose and choked me a little… his convulsions made me hyper-sensitive.


Miguel stopped, he did not wanted to cum in my mouth, and instead he asked me to get on all fours. Not saying a word, I obey and pounced into position… exposing my nude ass and crotch for him to use easily. Miguel stood over my ass with a foot on either side. He smirked as he pushed my cheeks apart for his dick.




He entered me from behind… thrusting faster and faster like a rabbit in heat. My legs start to quiver and buckle and brace. . . I bucked wildly on his dick. I could felt his balls hitting my pussy entrance as he humps my crotch. I was moaning in pleasure as his cock slammed faster and faster into my opened cunt. Miguel’s haunches were almost a blur, I could feel his dick head hitting inside of me with his every thrust. He stopped… and ordered me to lay on my back at the table… and to spread my legs wide… he wanted to fuck me as Pedro did at her place a week ago… Once at the table, He ordered me to open and raised my legs to reach the “V” position.

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He stood in front of me. His already erected dick was pointing at me. We smiled at each other. He bends on me and kiss me… He then entered me… rashly, so… I could feel his balls hitting my cunt. He was ramming me so hard… I then felt a surge of hot jism get shot into my cunt hole. He continued to hump vigorously as he came inside my crotch. His spunk kept coming… It was filling me up like there is not another day.


He still did not stop, he went harder at every hump of his hips. So I could felt His balls flopping loudly as he pounded my pussy… as his balls were shooting his hot sperm inside of me. plop plop PLOP! He looked at me and said, “Love… I could feel my cum bubbling up in my balls!” He screamed out, "Oh yes. . . yes," as his cock erupted deep inside of me… Therefore, I could felt his cum spewing forth and filling me deep inside. He managed to rocked my swelled wet pussy with three fingers, trying to make me cum in time with his own ejaculation!


The final hump, and then he stopped… He pushed deeper and stayed there on top of me, pressurizing my cunt with his dick, so I thrust hard back against Miguel’s hips… as had done when before when Pedro fucked me at Miguel´s place. He then pulled out and looked at me with a big smile.

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   As he pulled out, his semen was dripping out while my pussy surged with energy twitched from orgasm. He asked me to sit up so he could see his milk come dripped out of me. He reached his hand to catch the sperm… and he took his hand into my mouth, asking me to eat his jism… with no hesitation I licked his fingers.


I reached his dick to clean it with my mouth… I hold his dick steady with my hand and suck his head… He moaned in ecstasy.


He sits next to me… I continued to lay sprawled on the table, cum-stained, sweaty and legs spread. I idly played with my tits and wiped my hands through the cum on my pussy. I was so tired, so Miguel let me sleep for an hour… when I woke up it was about midnight, so we rushed home. I put the coat on and let Mike drive me home… at the porch of my house, when we said our goodbyes… I let the coat loose to fall on the floor for Mike to see his whore… ready for our next sexual - encounter.


I hope as far you have read the saga… and of course I hope you had enjoyed it and like it… I would love to hear your comments! Write to ortorana@hotmail. com, I will reply. Kiss