Inkslinger's Hut


“You asshole, she is too young for that. I know exactly why you want her to come after closing. Maybe I should stick around to just to keep you in line. So did you get those vibes in or what while we're bullshitting about them?”“Yeah. Yesterday we got a case of 12. ”“Give me 8 of ‘em”“Fuck you I have other customers too you know. ”“So order more. You knew I wanted to try out my rungs with those bad boys. ” I said referring to another of the works Jamie had done for me. I have an 8 rung Jacobs ladder, and in case yalls don’t know what that is, imagine the cock. Now see it with 8, 3 gauge 11/2 inch long studs running perpendicular to the shaft from the root to the tip. Not to brag, but I am blessed with a long, thick shaft. I never really thought it was that big until Jamie told me that most guys can only get 4 or 5 rungs and 11/2’s are usually too long for them, where as mine don’t reach the edge of my cock. Jamie went back to work on my back. The shop was unusually not busy today. I was the only canvas in the place.

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   Travis, Jamie’s helper and a pretty good slinger on his own came in just to bullshit since he was off today. “Hey Trav, what’s up?”“Nada con queso. ” Travis replied with his usual answer to that over used question. Nothing with cheese. What the fuck was that supposed to mean anyways. That is Travis, very intelligent, maybe too so, and so very much the smart ass. “ This mother fucker wont sell me 8 of the vibe studs. What the fuck is up with that shit?”“ Nah, man, Jamie is just jealous cause is ladder only has one step. ”“What the fuck ever, bitch” Jamie answered as he changed needles to get the thicker lines going. Christ this tat was going be a year in finishing I mused while I continued to bullshit with Travis. Jamie told Travis about the piercing at 8. We discussed different plans on how we were going nail this little girl. You see Travis was freshly divorced, and had not been laid in weeks most likely. Jamie was married and never got laid. It had been since that morning for me, but they didn’t need to know that.

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   Mostly I kept the nights conquest a secret cause I had been banging Jamie's little sister all night long only to be woke up by a wet and sloppy blow job. That little girl could suck your balls right up though your dick if you were not careful with her. But I digress yet again. It was about 5 by this time and Jamie had vowed to get the outline done by 8. I’m not sure that we had decided by that time if we were going gang up on the girl at 8 or if that just sorta happened, but I knew I wanted to taste of her love juice. I knew by that time that I was going to fuck her. I always get what I want when pussy is involved. 8 comes around and the girl comes back in, this time she has a friend with her. Her friend is about the same age but very short and almost no tits. What she did not have on her chest must have grown on her ass. She had this perfect bubble butt, high and firm. Slightly heart shaped with her waist being at least 6 sizes smaller than her hips, and those were quite small also. She had me hot and hard. It was the other one, the first one, Samantha, that really had me all worked up. Jaime put his needles and shit up.

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   Told me that it would have to get done later. Poor Travis was tripping all over himself at Samantha’s little friend, Ashley. Ashley could hardly contain her self, eyeing Travis up and down, stopping on his crotch with each up and down pass. “Samantha this is Travis. And this is Mike. ” Jamie told the nervous little girls“This is Ashley. ” Samantha introduced her friend. “Well, Samantha, may I call you Sam?” I asked her“ You can call me what ever you want to call me, Mike” She flashed that heart stopping smile as she said that. “Sam, Mike and Travis have never seen this done and are going to help me. Mike is our fluffer, Travis will be watching only to learn. If you have a problem with either of these guys let me know and they will stay out. ”“ What does a fluffer do exactly” she asked“Well, basically Mike will be licking your pussy to get you ready. Your clit has to be standing tall in order for me to get to it properly” Jamie told her“Excuse me? So this is sex on top of a piercing?”“This not sexual, just the proper way to get this done. Mike eating you pussy will be for legit reasons only. ”“ No, anytime my pussy gets licked I get laid.

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  . ”Travis and Ashley had already went into the back room, where the couch was. He was playing the fuck music (as he liked to call it). “Guess Travis wont be watching you. He is in the back exploring your friend pussy right now. ” Jamie stated matter of factly. We went behind the curtain that Jamie had set up. Sam started to remove her skirt. I stopped her saying it was part of my job to remove her garments. I walked up behind her. Ran my hand down her sides. Hooked my thumb under the waist band of her skirt, my large hard cock bumping her ass through my shorts. I gently nibbled on her neck and ears as my hand found it’s way to her, already, wet spot. I gently rubbed her clit with my left fingers and massaged her tits with the other. She reached back and pulled my shorts down.


       I bent her over slightly to the chair. As she was in the right position my cock slid into her pussy. She cried out on pleasure, the ladder had a special purpose, the stubs rubbed right in the good spots inside a pussy. I continued stroking in and out as her juices poured out of her pussy and down her thighs. I stopped it as suddenly as I started it. She was pissed that I stopped but after she fell into the chair and realized I meant to suck on her woman hood, she calmed down. Her pussy was bald, I could tell she shaved it recently, either this morning or the day before. My tongue ran up her slit, I found her clit and sucked and bit on it. She wiggled in joy. Juices pouring out her cunt, she was quickly sitting in a puddle. I had surprise waiting for her so Jamie took over for me. He devoured her whole pussy, covering it with his mouth. I left to get my surprise put in. In the back room where the vibes were I found Travis with his cock buried in Ashley’s tight little ass. I stopped to rub my cock on her mouth.

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       She smoothly did what most woman could do. She took my whole shaft down her throat, I let her suck me and taste her friend’s pussy. I pulled my dick from her and changed my studs to the vibes,Back to Samantha, I was almost running. I walked in to find Jamie fucking my little girl like it was last pussy he would ever get. Pounding her tight cunt relentlessly. He grunted, pulled out and shot his goo all over her back and down the crack of her ass. This sight excited me to where I was almost to burst. I realized it was 9:30 now. Ashley walked in all bow legged before I had a chance to do anything to Sam. Ashley looked at her friend and decided she needed more cum. She went to Sam and slurped all of Jamie’s decorations off her friend. I saw her tongue ring then as she let it glide over Sam’s sweet pussy, searching for more man goo. I turned all the vibes on and strode up, pushing Ashley out of the way. My human vibrator dove deeply into Sam’s pussy. At first she was confused, then she was screaming as I fucked her hard and fast.

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       The vibes worked great, she shook through about 20 orgasms. Her pussy oozed her cum out and it ran down her leg. I fucked harder, faster. The way her ass looked, as I stuffed my man meat into her cunnie, so very delicious that I had to push my finger into it. She bucked back to me, Ashley was standing to the side rubbing my cock and balls on my out stroke. “ She likes it in the ass, Mike. ” Ashley helpfully told me. “ You want me to fuck your ass Sam?”“Oh My God yes. Stuff my ass with your huge dick, Mike!!”I pulled my dick out and leveled it with her ass. One firm push and I was deep in her. She screamed, shuttering through more orgasms. Her ass was so tight I was afraid my studs would tear her. She was so soft and tight I came right in her ass. She felt it, moaned, and asked me to stop. She could take no more.

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