Innocence lost, love gained


  Chapter 1 – New School, New Hobby

Sean opened his eyes to the sun's rays shining in his face. The chill of the morning air rolled over his face which made him have second thoughts about pulling off the covers. His brain eventually won out and Sean slowly pulled the covers off of his body. His body cursed him as he moved through his bedroom to get ready for the day ahead.

“Sean are you up yet?” called his mom from downstairs.

“Yeah, I'll be down in a sec. ”

Sean threw the rest of his clothes on and headed downstairs. There was a bit of excitement about this particular morning. Sean hadn't been to a new school in almost eight years. He just hoped things didn't go as rough as last time. Pretty much the only thing he wanted was to be accepted. But, as Sean had found in his short life, that was sometimes too much to ask for.

After getting ready, Sean headed out the front door to the bus stop. There were a few kids hanging around the bus stop that appeared to be waiting. As Sean walked up, on of the younger boys walked up to him.

“You new in the neighborhood?”

“Yeah, we just moved in this weekend” said Sean.



“My name is Jason” said the boy who stood before him. He was very dark skinned. A huge change from the country school that Sean came from. About the same height as Sean, roughly 5'-0”. Both boys stood around the bus stop and waited for the bus to arrive. The bus arrived shortly and everyone got on and took their seats.

“So where did you come from?” asked Jason.

“Central Community Junior High in Middleton. ”

“Well the first thing you are going to notice about this school is how different it is from those redneck schools out there. The best thing you can do to fit it here is just try not to stand out. ”

Sounded pretty tough, considering Sean's outfit looked like it was about 5 years out of date. Sean knew he was going to have to start making some modifications to his clothes before “blending in” would ever work. Sean was snapped back to reality as the bus pulled into the school parking lot. Loads of kids were filing into the school. This had to be three times the amount of students that went to his old school at least.

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   He was definitely right about one thing, these kids looked much different then he did.

“Come on Sean, we need to get to your first classes. ” said Jason.

As luck would have it, Sean didn't have any classes with Jason. That wasn't too bad though. Sean met plenty of people that seemed pretty nice already. His last class of the day was art. He wasn't really too good at artistic things but he enjoyed the creativity of it. His teacher was Mrs. Turner. She was a pretty nice lady and didn't seem to treat her students like the rest of the teachers did. So it came as no surprise to Sean, that he was very willing to sign up for the after school Art Club.

“What the heck do I have to lose?” thought Sean.

He could meet some new friends and not have to go straight home everyday. He would just have to get his parents to approve this little decision of his and then he would be set.

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“Why do you want to sign up for Art Club? You don't even like art!” asked Sean's mom.

“Mom, its not that I don't like art. I just am not really good at it. I was hoping to get better by joining art club. ” retorted Sean.

“I'm not sure that joining an after school club is such a good idea. I mean you haven't even had a chance to get acclimated to school yet and now you want to start using time for homework to go to an art club. ”

“Don't worry mom, I won't let it mess with my grades, I promise. ”

“I will agree to it for now. But if I see your grades starting to suffer, I will have something to say about it. ”

Sean thanked his mom with a kiss on the cheek and went up to his room to think about all the things he was going to get to do with his new found hobby. Little did he realize, that art club would change his life forever.

Chapter 2 – Meeting the irritant

Sean had settled into his first couple weeks of his new school just fine. Art club, on the other hand, was not so easy. Sean loved doing all the art projects.

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   He even enjoyed most of the people that he hung out with. There was one person who he couldn't stand and her name was Candice. Sean had enough fill of hanging out with loud mouthed girls at home from his sister. He didn't want to have to deal with another one at school. She irritated him so much sometimes, doing everything that she knew would upset him. He did admittedly get a little enjoyment out of putting her through as much irritation as possible. But what he did paled in comparison to what she was dishing out.

“So Sean, did you purposefully sculpt that face to look like crap, or did that just kinda come about naturally?” asked Candice.

“It probably happened the same way your face ended up like it is now. ” added Sean.

Candice shot him the kind of glare that could kill. Sean was half expecting something else, but she turned and walked away. Sean had won the battle for now, but he half expected to not survive the war. Someone wasn't going to make it to the end of the year in this Art Club. Sean suspected that it would be him who would be taking the early exit.

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It was a normal Monday and Sean had Art Club tomorrow. The third quarter of school had almost ended and Sean was getting quite accustomed to his new school. He and Jason had become good friends and the thorn in his side provided him with good banter in Art Club on a weekly basis.
“So why don't you ever ride the bus on Tuesday nights?” asked Jason.

“I have Art Club on Tuesday nights. ”

“Oh thats cool, so you meet any hot girls in class?”

Jason always seemed to be on the subject of girls. Up to this point in his life, Sean didn't have much use for girls. They only seemed to get in his way. But the question brought the thought to his mind.

“Not really, I mean, there are a couple decent looking girls but one of them is taken already. ” replied Sean.

“Then what about the other girl?” asked Jason.

“Well there is a pretty decent looking girl but she is way too irritating to be interesting at all. Her name is Candice Donaldson” said Sean.

“Yeah, I have met her before.

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   She is pretty irritating at times but she also looks pretty good. ” added Jason.

“I guess she is pretty cute. I just can't put up with her sometimes. It's like she makes it a point to get on my nerves as much as possible. ” said Sean.

“Have you ever wondered why she continues to irritate you like that?”

“No, I didn't really think anything about it. What do you think its all about?” asked Sean.

“She might be trying to mess with you so much because she likes you. ”
Chapter 3 - Candice's point of view
Opening her eyes, Candice took in the morning view around her. A wet feeling between her legs brought her back to the dreams from the night before. She had experienced sexual dreams before, but this one was different. This one was about a boy from school. She had been flirting with Sean from art class for the last few weeks. He was a pretty cute guy.

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   It was definitely different from the big city boys she was used to. Candice had just recently moved from the suburbs of Chicago. Her dad was a civil engineer who took a job on a big highway project across town. She pretty much had been raising herself since they had arrived. Her dad woke up at 5:00am and was gone by 5:30 everyday and he didn't usually get home till 8 or 9. She had gotten used to fending for herself since her mom passed away a couple years ago. Candice's alarm snapped her into reality as it started to go off. She pulled herself out of bed and slowly dragged herself down to the bathroom for her morning shower.
As the water ran down her young body her mind floated back to the dream from the night before. She remembered Sean's smooth hands touching her all over her body. His tongue explored her mouth and her breasts for what seemed like hours. As she continued to think about the dream her hands drifted down to her pussy and began to explore the areas that she wanted Sean to touch so despritely. The water began to cool before she could bring herself to orgasm, so she resigned to waiting till later. She needed to get ready for school anyways.
Candice began to walk up the front steps to her school when she saw Nicole in the distance.

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   Nicole had befriended her the first day she got to school. They had not gotten too close as they only had one class together. Nicole's looks were in stark contrast to Candice's small frame and cream colored skin. Nicole was 5'-2" and a curvy 125lbs. Her 34C breasts stood out proudly for a girl who was only in 9th grade.   Candice was a much different 105lbs. Her 32B breasts we're nothing to look at. But her strong point was in her ass. She carried most of her weight in it, and drew the attention of many a teenage boy in her classes.
"Hey Candice! How are you doing this morning girl?" Asked Nicole.
"I'm good, although we have some stuff to discuss. "
"Really? Well let's head inside and you can tell me on the way to class. " Replied Nicole.
"I would rather wait, what are you doing tonight?" Said Candice.
"Nothing really.

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   Do you want me to come over and hang out? I bet I could persuade my mom to let me spend the night since its Friday. "
"Ok, try that. " Said Candice.
The day seemed to slowly drag on for both girls. Candice needed to get the details of her dream out to someone before she burst and Nicole wanted to know what was so important that her friend couldn't discuss it at school.
Finally the bell rang and both girls made their way home. After doing her homework and chores, Nicole started to make her way over to Candice's house. She finally ended up over at her friend's house at 9:00.
"Just in time," said Candice. She led her friend into the nicely furnished house. It seemed as if everything had been bought out of a catalogue. It all seemed to fit in so nicely, almost as if nothing had been hand picked.
Noticing her friends curious stair, Candice offered an explaination.
"After my mom died, my dad just started leaving the decorating up to the Ikea catalogue. I think he felt a little inadequate for the job himself.

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   Let's head up to my room and get ready for bed. "
After settling in for the evening, both girls curled up in the bed to begin the long awaited discussion.
"You dreamt about Sean!" exclaimed Nicole.
Candice had just finished telling the story and didn't get a reaction she was hoping for.
"It's not like he's ugly. I think he's pretty cute. Besides, its not like I'm going to actually do what happened in the dream. "
"Well do you actually like him? Or do you just think he's cute?" asked Nicole.
"I like him and I think he's very cute. "
"Well then tell him that. Who knows, maybe you can get him to kiss you or more. "
Both girls were starting to get a little flushed after their discussion and Nicole was the one to act first.
"Hold on, I'm getting a little warm. " Nicole said as she took off her shirt and pajama pants.
Candice looked at Nicole with a questioning stare.


"What? Its not like you haven't seen a girl in a bra before. You do get dressed in front of a mirror don't you?"
"Well ya, its not that. Its just that I wasn't expecting that. "
"Well if it bothers you, I can put my clothes back on. " replied Nicole.
"No its ok, you can keep them off. "
"So why haven't you told Sean that you like him yet?" asked Nicole.
"Because he wouldn't be interested in me!" exclaimed Candice. "Besides, I don't know the first thing about relationships or anything that goes along with them. Hell, I haven't ever even kissed a boy let alone do things that I dreamt about. "
"You are telling me you come from Chicago and you've never even kissed a guy?" asked Nicole. "So is that the only thing stopping you?"
"Yeah why?"
"Well if you want, I could show you how to kiss and then if he tried to kiss you, you would be ready for it. "
"Umm, isn't that a little gross?" asked Candice.
"Not really. I mean, its not like we are lesbians.


   I would just be teaching you how to do it, so that you wouldn't look stupid in front of Sean. " replied Nicole.
"I don't know Nicole. I mean, I don't even know if Sean likes me. "
"Look, I don't want to push you into something you don't want to do. But think about it this way. If you learn now, then you won't have to learn again if you start to like some other guy. "
"Ok I guess. But only if its just to learn. "
"Good!" Said Nicole. Inside she surpressed a giggle. Nicole wasn't sure why she wanted to kiss Candice so badly but she felt butterflies in her stomach as she got ready to give her friend her first kiss. "
"Now the first thing I want you to do is relax. Now just close your eyes, pucker your lips, and imitate what you have seen done in movies before. "
Candice closed her eyes and drifted slowly toward her pretty friend.

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   She couldn't put her finger on it, but something told her she was going to enjoy this a little more then she rightfully should.
Both girls slowly connected lips and shared a kiss. At first it was clumsy. Nicole tried to be patient with Candice and just let her do what came naturally to her. Slowly but surely the kiss became more heated and passionate. Candice began to get into it a little more each second and the low moan that escaped from her mouth gave it away. Frightened, Candice pulled away and looked at her friend embassingly.
"That was nnniiccee. A little too nniiccee. " said a shaky Candice.
"Do you want to try it again?" asked Nicole.
Without responding, Candice closed her eyes once more and leaned in. Their lips came together and once again the feelings in Candice's lower body returned. After a couple of minutes Nicole felt that it was ok the push the boundaries a little further. She started to open her mouth and tease Candice's lips with her tongue.

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Although surprised by the feeling of Nicole's tongue on her lips, she allowed it to continue. Eventually curiosity won out and Candice allowed her lips to part inviting Nicoles tongue into her own mouth. Both girls continued to kiss for the next few minutes, although it seemed like hours for both girls. After a few minutes Candice slowly pulled away and looked into her friend's eyes searching for answers to what seemed like the thousand questions that just popped up in her head.
Sensing her friend's plight, Nicole spoke up first.
"Look, I know that was a little more than educational. But thats ok. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Please just tell me that you aren't upset at me for doing this. "
Candice was slow to reply and it was killing Nicole. She hoped she hadn't just ruined her friendship before it had truly begun.
"I'm not upset at you. I'm just confused. Part of me is saying that what we did was not right at all. And the other half of me knows that was one of the most amazing feelings I've ever experienced"
"You did nothing wrong" said Nicole.

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   "But if you want to stop, we can. "
A small smile crept up on Candice's face as she looked at her friend.
"I think I want you to show me more about what you know. "
To be continued. . . .
Tell me what you think, and please offer suggestions on where you would like the story to head. I have a ton of ideas so I am open to suggestions.


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