We all just gotten into the car and were on our way to pick up Maria, and Cassandra.   My parents had been extremely annoying and had not let anyone know what the sisters looked like.   So I was hoping for the best results, not some fat chick with zits, braces, and big glasses.

We reached the airport and went to stand by the gate.   My little sister had a stupid sign reading “Italians, we come in peace” which I thought was lame but my parents laughed their stupid asses off over it.   Just great I thought the first glimpse they get of us they will turn and run.

Just then the plane landed and moved towards the gate.   It was some weird air line that I had never heard of “Alitalia” I think it was.   I was sitting in a chair with my headphones so I really didn’t notice that the plane landed.   Also since I had been woken up and 5 in the morning, after going to bed at 2, I was really tired so somewhere I had nodded off and was sound asleep.   But evidently the sisters and come off the plane and were greeting my family, while I slept in chair.  

But my parents had to be funny so they sent Cassandra over to wake me up.  

This became the reason that I was roused by a hand on my shoulder shaking me, saying something that I could not understand, from the thick Italian accent and my music.   But when I was finally roused I opened my eyes and looked into the most beautiful face I had ever seen.  

She said “High my name is Cassandra” and I sad something that sounded like “pbusdfngsdfasd. ”  She had eyes that were like a glossy black that you could stare into for hours, a round face (absolutely no pimples), and small cute nose, and pure black hair that looked like it had been weaved by God himself.

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    I was dumbfounded until by little sister pinched me saying “Mommy Kevin has sleeping. ”

This shook me out of my dream state and I shook my self and stood up.   Just then seeing Maria who was almost a double of here sister only older.   They were both about 5’6” and around 120-130 pounds.   I introduced my self to both of them and we headed off to get their luggage.

On the way down Maria talked to my parents and sisters while Cassandra seemed content to walk behind them next to me.   I started asking her questions about her life and what it was like in Italy, if she had any friends, the usual.

She responded in the sexiest voice I’ve heard; “Italy is nice, I live in south Italy just south of Cosenza”.    I was surprised at how well she spoke English when I had been expecting her to only speak the basic, but she could speak about as well as my little sister.  

We talked for most of the trip to the luggage and the ride home.   I was just so amazed that such a beautiful girl would be this interested with me.   At school most girls I liked ignored me, I did hangout with a group of girls but none were what I was interested in.   When we got home they threw their bags in their respective rooms.   It was only around 12, lunch time for me, but the sisters were extremely jet lagged and just had something to drink and eat then both went to their rooms.

For the next week they had about the same patterns, they would be up form 11pm to 12 am, so my sister and I changed our habits to keep them company.


    But after the first week they settled down got into the normal swing of things again.   It was really fun to talk to them, I learned that Cassandra had been an avid football (soccer) fan, so we spent most of the summer playing soccer, and that Maria was a competitive gymnast, so she taught my sister and I some basic moves, like back flips, front flips, and multiple layouts.   IT was so much fun but then school started.   I brought Cassandra to school and my friends went crazy.   My best friend Rick was at my side when ever Cassandra was around and when she wasn’t he was commenting on her figure.   Which as it works out was in its self astonishing.   The had a decent pair of boobs, around a 36B, and perfect ass that looked like two globes that stuck out about half a foot from her body.   I had a hard time ignoring her figure for the first month but soon got over it.  

Things went fairly routine; Maria had a pair of 32 C tits and an ass that was slightly smaller that Cassandra’s but still equally gorgeous.   I could barely keep my hands to either one of them.   But nothing really happened until spring break.   My parents decided that they were going to take the whole week off and go down for Sun River for like a second honeymoon.   So for the week we figured that my older sister and I would stay home with the Italians while my little sister would spend the week and my grandparents.   Originally we would all spend the week at the grandparents but my sister talked us out of it saying how we all had plans with our friends.   I hadn’t any plans but I later found out that my sister had big plans for spring break.

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When spring break did roll around I had completely forgotten about what was happening so Saturday when my parents work me up to say goodbye I was confused like none other.   Then I remembered their plans and how I would be staying home, they gave me bunch of numbers and then left.   They had to leave around 8 in the morning to get down my grandparents who were about 6 hours away and then get to Sun River before 10.  

I went back to bed and woke up a few hours later.   My sister had left me a note saying how she had gone out with Maria for the day to do some shopping.   SO it was just me and Cassandra, who was currently outside sunbathing.   I went up stair grabbed some cereal and went out to talk to Cassandra.  

We talked about the usual things that we normally talk about.   But suddenly she got up saying “I think I’ll got take a shower to clean up, I’m all sweaty. ”  With that she left to take a shower.   I don’t know what it was but I suddenly had an idea.   I was going to sneak in on Cassandra, she had been taking showers the entire time she was here and I had seen her running around in a towel, same as her sister.   They were defiantly not shy about their bodies.   So I went inside and turned on the TV until I heard the shower start.   I waited about 5 minutes and wandered over to the bathroom.

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    And saw that the door was slightly ajar.   It was rather weird because normally she closes and locks the door.   But at that point I didn’t care so I slowly opened the door and looked in.   I could see through the gap in the curtain, the first thing I saw was her brown smooth back, then sliding down her wet hair to that shining back, I saw her ass, the brown globes of heaven just made my cock jump.   I was rock hard in record time and I could already feel a small damp spot from the pre-cum

I just stared and then she turned around, her eyes were closed and she was soaping herself up.   I saw those beautiful tits with the dark half-dollar size areola, with nipples that looked like chocolate mini marshmallows (the ones that go in hot chocolate).   I just couldn’t resist I reached down and slowly start stroking my dick and I scanned down further.   The next sight almost made my blow my load, just above the tiny slit was a small triangle of black hair, and then there was the thighs, the think muscular thighs of and girl who did sports, there was no hair on her legs and they were perfectly smooth.   She just then moaned, and I jumped a little but her eyes were still closed, then I say here hands which were pinching and pulling those amazing nipples.   Then she started kneading her breasts moaning louder.   Slowly her hands moved lower, slowly circling her body until she reached her twat, which was already swollen and looked like the liquid coming off it was more than just water.  

Watching this I unzipped my fly and reached in to get better access to my raging hard-on.   I started stroking hard as I saw Cassandra slip a finger in to her pussy.   Sliding it in and out, in and out.   All the while her moaning got louder, I was amazed that she was doing this cause she was moaning so loud that I would have heard her if the door was closed.

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    The other hand she had alternate between both nipples and the thumb, on the hand with now 2 fingers deep in her sopping pussy, was rubbing the small tiny nub at the tip of her little love gap.  

Still beating my cock I could feel the familiar tingle in my dick, making me increase my speed.   I had started to sweat and I had a lot of trouble holding back the moans trying to escape my lips.   Then I noticed that she must have been feeling the same sensation.   Because she slipped 3 fingers into the pussy and the other dropped down to squeeze that tiny clit.   Her moans came quicker and louder and I could see her chest rise and fall of her tits.   I wanted to cum with her so I made sure I was ready.   Her chest was heaving then suddenly she let out a squeak and her body seemed to tighten up, I released the flood gates and let the warm jizz splash out all over me boxers and pants, I was careful to not allow any to get on the floor.   I looked back at her and she was sitting down letting the water drip of her body, the pussy was swollen and she still had her hand buried in it.  

I decided it would be best if I left or else she might see me.   I quickly backed out and closed the door.   I then walked quickly to the upstairs bathroom where I cleaned myself up and got some fresh shorts.  

By the time Cassandra walked out of the shower I was sitting downstairs in front of the TV again.  
“Enjoy your shower” I asked
“It was like any other. Why”
“Well from the amount of sound you made I was surprised that you didn’t explode in the shower, no pun intended.

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She turned bright red and hid her face, I just smiled
“It’s ok; I do it all the time myself. ”
With this her face lit up and became even redder.  
“Really you touch your self…down their?” she asked like a shy kitten
“I have heard of boys doing that but never know one who actually does it. ”
“Of course you have most boys do it. ”
Then she sat down next to me and looked deep into my eyes and asked
“Would you be willing to show me what it looks like?”
She then stared at me biting her lower lip and I puddle to the ground.   The only problem was that I had just masturbated and I am one of those I time a night kinda of guys.   SO it was my turn to redden.
“I don’t think I can. ”
She looked disappointed and looked down
“Oh ok, I understand. ”
I realized she meant that she was the reason for me not doing it.
“No, no it’s not that, I would love to do it, but the problem is honestly I just did do it and I have to wait for at least 2 hrs. ”
She then looked at me questioningly.
“You mean you did…’it’ while I was doing ‘it’. ” 
I had to admit I had and that just made her turn a whole new shade of red, I’m sure I was as red as she was at the time.
“What made you do it?”
“It was all those sounds you were making I couldn’t resist.

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“Oh you naughty boy. ” She said jokingly.
“Well maybe if you were able to do it just to the sounds I was making, perhaps this will help. ”
With that she stood up and lifted her shirt up, exposing those amazing tits hidden behind a red lace bra.   She threw the shirt on the floor and unsnapped her jeans.   Pulling those down to reveal a matching red lace thong.   I was, at that point, hard as I had been when I was her in the shower.   The bulge was obvious in my shorts and she giggled.
“Looks like you were wrong when you said that you had to wait. ”
I blushed and grinned at her comment, what could I say she was even hotter right now than in the shower.
“Well maybe I can help you with you. . . err problem”
She made me stand up and grabbed my waste band, pulling it down to my ankles, then I stepped out of my shorts, now standing in just boxers and a shirt, she pulled off the shirt and threw it in the rest of the clothes.   The pressure on my dick was immense and the boxers were stretched to their limit.

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Cassandra let out a squeal of delight at the sight of my 10” monster making a tent in my boxers.
“You’re bigger than I guessed. ”
“Oh, yes I have been watching you for the time we’ve been here and I saw the lump in your pants but never figured it was this big. ”

She then dropped down onto her knees as I pulled off my boxers revealing the giant head and other 9” of my dick.   “Show me” she said,
“Wait before I do anything I got to see the rest of the show,” I said playfully.
Giggling like a little girl she stood up and unclipped her bra then let it fall off her showing me, again, those beautiful boobs,  I reached out and put my two hands on them rubbing the to soft melons.   I rolled her nipples and she moaned again.  

I stopped and she looked at me, disappointed, “hey I got to see the rest of the show”
With that she all but ripped her panties off, this time seeing her pussy made my dick jump and the precum oozing out dropped onto the floor.
“Looks like someone is happy with what they see. ”
I just grinned at the remark.   What else could I do, I had a nude goddess staring at my 10” hard-on.
“Well I guess then we better do something, because when I like something I usually do something about it. ” 
With that I reached down and slowly started to jack my shaft while Cassandra watched me.  
“Will this help?”  She sat down opposite me and started kneading her tits while staring right at my hard littler pecker.
“oh yeah, oh yeah”  I increased my tempo and started moaning as Cassandra reached down and licked her little hard nipples.

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    This brought me even closer.
“Oh baby I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum. ”  Then Cassandra stood up and shoved her mouth right over my cock.   The warmth and soft velvetiness of her mouth combined with her swirling tongue I was brought over the edge.   I started shooting the strings of white jizz into her mouth.  
“Aaaaaahhhhhh” I moaned as I came for the second time in the hour.   When I opened my eyes again I saw her looking at me without a single drop of cum on her face or anywhere else.  
“Well from what I’ve seen we will be having a fantastic spring break. ”
With that she stood up and walked downstairs to her room, I watched her smooth ass sway all the way.   That when I realized that I was going to have problems once the break was over.

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