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When Julie and I were about to go to the gym, Mrs. Taylor walked us to the door with her hand touching me in a friendly, escorting manner. She became a little bolder and placed her open palm on my midriff as my blouse raised when putting on my jacket. “I am sorry”, she whispered nervously, stammering an apology, “I was afraid you’d leave and I just wanted to see if that skin of yours is as soft as it looks… I mean somewhere other than your arm. ” Julie seemed to be busy looking for something in the closet so I reached up and brazenly fondled one of Mrs. Taylor’s huge breasts. “Thank you for a delicious dinner”, I smiled up at her while squeezing her tit and realizing our size difference (she 5’10” and 150lbs, me under 5’ and 92lbs) Mrs. Taylor was taken completely by surprise. She stood silently for the longest 10 seconds of her life, flushed all over her neck and face. I hefted her breast in my hand, weighing it, groped it all over and as a parting gesture pinched her nipple hard, holding it until she yelped and pulled away. Julie turned to us donning the coat she wanted and I walked out the front door as she kissed her mom goodbye. A week later, when I knew Julie was in Houston visiting her father I went to her house. I knocked and heard a vacuum, so I knocked again more loudly. As the vacuum motor sound trailed away I heard steps approaching the door. Mrs. Taylor swung the door back, wiping her hands on a towel.

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   She said hello and while explaining what I already knew about the reason for Julie’s absence, took in my short wraparound skirt and open necked blouse. “Oh, that’s right, I forgot”, I said, disappointedly, looking at the clothes I had draped over my arm. My face brightening as if just thinking of it I asked, “well, maybe you could give me your opinion. Help me choose something to accentuated my skin. ” “Come in, Kita. Have a cup of coffee and we’ll see. ” Mrs. Taylor’s color was beginning to deepen. She was excited already. I had brought some nice little outfits with me suitable for work or school. I also had an assortment of sexy skirts and blouses, a few bras and panties, all for me. I had something for her to wear too, a hard, pointed, 50s style bra with the nipples cut out… and another surprise. I walked back to their den unbuttoning my blouse. Mrs. Taylor followed as I talked to her about nothing.

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  . . girl talk as if she were my own or her daughter's age. She was 38 and had five children but was a very handsome mature woman. My blouse was a white three-button thing of shiny satin. The bra was shiny too but was a very low-cut push-up that all but allowed my breasts to loll out over the top of the half cups. As I turned to ask where I might spread the clothes I pulled the blouse off of one shoulder. Mrs. Taylor gasped and turned a deeper red than before. She stared at my breasts and said nothing so I continued the show. "Mrs. Taylor, you almost make me embarrassed. I am afraid, though”, stripping my blouse down my arms, “that I am a very free spirit". Mrs. Taylor only licked her lips, unable to take her eyes from my breasts.

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   Turning to the clothes I held up another top and handed it to her. When she took the hangar from me I reached behind my back and unsnapped the bra. As if the most natural thing in the world, as I slid the straps down my arms I wiggled my shoulders, jiggling my titties. Giggling at Mrs. Taylor’s open mouthed expression I explained, “even a tiny bra feels confining” letting her look all she wanted but forcing her to say something. “But they are sexy, don’t you think", I waited while holding up the bra I had just removed. Finally, as if coming back from a dream she muttered, “y-yes, they are confining… Kita… and sexy. ” Laughing teasingly at her I put an arm through the second blouse as she held it up for me, a lavender-colored silk that fitted my curves like skin. "This one should be worn braless, I think. It sure feels good on my nipples. . . see?” I held her palm over one of my breasts to show her how my nipples hardened. “This material really makes them stand up”, I smiled up at her and wiggled under her touch as if the tingling in my nipples were too much to bear. Doing a high leg kick & acting as if I had pom-poms, I mimed a short cheer, " this would be a good top for the cheerleading squad!” My high firm breasts swayed and jiggled under the top as I made the subdued motions of a cheer.

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   Mrs. Taylor was licking her dry lips. "Lets look for a matching skirt, Mrs. Taylor, how about this one?" I held up a micro-mini that she took from my hands. “This should take their eyes away from my nipples, don’t you think?” I unwrapped my skirt and let it slide to my ankles. Again I mimmicked the choreographed movements of a cheer, sans skirt, with a sexiness that would take eyes from any game the boys played! I ended by sliding to the floor in a split that pulled my white bikini panties tight across my pussy, outlining my fat little hairless majora and slit perfectly. While on the floor my legs spread wide, I was at eye-level with Mrs. Taylor’s white shorts. Her big woman’s pussy lips were split and spread over the seam of her thin denim shorts, wetting them through, showing her arousal plainly. Letting out a “yow” as I sat there, I grabbed at my neck and remarked while rubbing it, “I’m not in the shape I used to be. ” If there had been any pain I would have forgotten it when Mrs. Taylor knelt beside me. Her hands flew to my neck to massage, exclaiming in real concern, “Oh, Kita! Are you all right?” I relaxed as I felt Mrs. Taylor’s hands squeezing the tenseness from my muscles. I stayed on the floor for a few minutes while she massaged my neck.

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   Her hands roamed over my shoulders and neck, seemingly enjoying the contact as much as I did. Kneeling beside me while I was in a split position she was much closer than she had been. I became aware of Mrs. Taylor’s shallow breath close to my neck and her breasts against my back. She whispered close to my ear, her voice quivering a little, “Pretty Kita, you can’t imagine what your beautiful skin and body do to me. ” I simply smiled back and up at her, encouraging her to continue what she was doing. “Your hands really feel nice, Mrs. Taylor. ” When she began to work on my back I slid up to perch sideways on the edge of the sofa so as to let her massage more easily. Her face was even with my neck now. Once in a while I could feel her lips pressing against the skin behind my ear or her tongue sliding lightly along the base of my neck, her hot breath clinging to me. She seemed to be in a dream state as I could make out some of what her breathy words were saying, “God, Kita, you are so beautiful my fingers ache to touch you. My lips hunger… thrilled…. savoring… Oh God! Sweet Baby…. Skin so sweet….

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   Need… hunger…” I writhed under her touch. My body responding to words I had never heard. Quickly stripping the top over my head, I turned to face her and lay back on the sofa. My eyes closed and my legs opened of their own volition. "Your hands feel so good, Mrs. Taylor, please do me some more. " My firm, pink-tipped breasts wrinkled and hardened in front of her eyes. Her cool hands started once again at my neck. I was writhing in need. I grasped her wrists without opening my eyes and moved her hands onto my breasts. She began to breathe more deeply as she kneaded my meaty mounds. In a few minutes she began to pinch my nipples hard and her hands roamed lower onto my stomach. Surprising me with her suddenness, Mrs. Taylor's lips grazed mine and her tongue traced all around my mouth as she whispered, “you are so beautiful”. She was trembling uncontrollably as she kissed me as softly as she could.

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   She moved as if to rise from her knees. I stopped her. Whining and pouting my fingers splayed about my panty bulge. "Stay on the floor, Mrs. Taylor, sit on the floor between my legs. " To make sure she understood my meaning, my fingers toyed with her lips and fondled her face, my legs trapping her. She was mine! Her lips were pliant, her mouth accepting. As I finger-fucked her mouth she sucked at my fingers and laved my hands with her tongue. I directed her mouth onto my tummy just above my panties. She exhaled loudly and began whispering her love in a prayerful tone as she feasted on my stomach below my navel. I began writhing my hips. I was in heaven. She was perfect. Her mouth opened wide and covered my wet little mounded slit, blowing hot air all over within my panties, surrounding my pussy. I ground my hips, driving my pantied mound into her mouth.

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   She sucked and trailed her tongue up and down my slit. When my pussy puckered open a fraction her tongue grazed my clit. I exploded in a three throb climax that froze me like an electric current. Hearing her voice from somewhere in outer space I realized she was saying, "I need to see you, Honey. Let me see you?" Raising my hips she slid my panties down my thighs. Cooing and whispering, her lips and tongue grazed a slow path down the hollow inside each hip, down to where my slit was dripping. Her tongue splayed out to lap at the bottom of my soft pussy, pressing the nude cushiony flesh apart so the juice simply ran onto her cupped tongue. She leaned back a bit and savored my fluids and as she looked at me she said, “Kita you are delicious” and some of my own pussy juice leaked from her mouth to drip back onto my quivering pussy flesh. "Kiss my pussy, Mrs. Taylor. . . softly. Love my pussy. Suck my clitty.

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   Eat me, Mrs. Taylor. Make me cum forever! As I spoke, out of my mind with lust, this grown woman savored my most private flesh. She worshiped the fat mound as she shook like a leaf. Her eyes & lips jerked with tics of nervousness as I let her suck me. Soon I grasped her hair and began revolving my hips against her face. She slurped and gobbled at my cunt, “Yes, Baby. Cum for Mama. I need you to cum, Kita. Tell me what to do for you… anything at all. Mama loves her Kita. Sweet Baby girl. Yessss, harder, Baby. Get what you need. Fuck my mouth, Precious.

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   Make me do what you want.
    Make me be nasty for you. Cum in my mouth, Kita. I need you to cum, Baby. I am gonna cry, Baby…. Fuck my suck pussy mouth, Kita. Harder! Make me do it. Fuck suck Baby cum…. She devolved into primitive sounds as she ate me. The look of sheer subservient joy on her face was wonderful. I rolled over onto my tummy and she didn’t hesitate but splayed her tongue flatly & wiped it up my ass crack, lapping at it over & over. . . dragging it from my swollen open pussy up past my little wrinkled pucker. I grasped my butt cheeks and yanked myself open wide… again I yanked at my tender pink cheeks, spreading my ass for her tongue as far as possible.


       She bored deeply with her tongue. . . drilling and twisting it up into my rectum. She wanted my pussy again and was about to turn me over when I stopped her. "I have something for you to wear. " I stood and opened a shoebox. Handing it to her I said, "go, put it on. " As she walked to the bathroom I hurriedly opened her surprise, a special double dildo. Inserting the end that fit up me securely, I strapped the belts around my thighs and waist. The second dildo was 8" and a beautiful caramel color with prominent veins and a head that must have come from Apollo himself. It stood up when I sat and spread my knees leaving no doubt as to what she was to do with it. Mrs. Taylor came back into the room slowly, with her hands covering the cut out holes in the bra. I was stroking the strap-on with my hands, trying to imagine what a man must feel when masturbating.

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       She froze when she saw me, a 5' girl with full C cups and a beautiful 8" cock standing at attention. "Why are you still wearing your shorts, Mrs. Taylor? Take them off", I ordered! She was slow to uncover her breasts (huge dark nipples & areoles stickingthrough the cut-outs) so I unbuckled the fabric belt that still held he white shorts and yanked it through the loops. Menacing her, slapping my open palm with the belt as I walked around her. “Take them down”, I screamed as I slapped her legs with the belt. "Ouch!" she cried out, smiling good naturedly. I knew it had stung smartly so I swung it again to wipe the smile off of her face. A devil was in my eyes as I ordered her to remove the shorts "NOW" and swung the belt harder across her thighs. "Show me your tits! Move you hands and get those shorts DOWN. . . STRIP!" I continued to whip her legs harder and harder as she struggled to shove the tight white denim off of her full hips & big ass. My stiff cock wiggled & swayed as I stung her legs with the belt. . .

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       just on the edge of abuse. I grasped her nipples sticking out of the Jayne Mansfield style brassiere and pulled as much of her breast flesh through the holes as possible. I twisted and stretched those 40-DDs maliciously, pinching them hard. She bit her bottom lip and blinked a few tears from her eyes. As they rolled down her cheeks I leaned toward her. As my mouth savored her salty tears my hand found her pantied pussy and slid a finger along her big swollen crack. Her eyes closed and her lips began quivering again. Her knees shook when my fingers pulled the silk aside and assaulted her clitty. I circled it and pulled at the generous flesh of her vulva. Stepping closer I kissed her gently and pulled her panties down. Her whole body was trembling as I worked her to feverishness. Pulling her with me to the sofa, I left her standing when I sat and began stroking my cock. Her eyes opened & looked down at my cock when she realized I was no longer massaging her cunt. "Kneel & suck my cock, Mrs. Taylor.

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      " It was so firm and beautiful. . . she stared at it as if not believing her ears. "Take my dick in your mouth and suck it like a whore. I mean it! Get on your knees. You're gonna suck me off, bitch. ” I reached out & slapped her right across the exposed nipples with the belt. WHAP-WHAP! It spoke as it struck each tender breast. She gasped from the pain. "On your knees! Suck cock! Make me cum! I whipped her across the tits with the cloth belt again. She jumped like was shot! I whipped her breasts several more times until she grasped them and sank to her knees, whimpering. "Now suck your man like a whore. Make sounds like you love it. You do love it, don't you, Mrs.

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       Taylor?" "Y-yes, Kita". "Open your mouth", as my hand with the belt tugged at her chin and the other simply pointed at my cock. I put my hand behind her head and urged her downward. Arching my hips upward I shoved half of my cock into her mouth, groaning, "Ooooh Baby that feels so good. Suck wetly & softly, Baby. . . . show me you love it. Make it cum, Mrs. Taylor!" The bitch began to bob her head for me. I fucked her mouth silly for half an hour. She cooed and groaned as I made appreciative noises. . .

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       soon able to slide my whole cock in and out of her mouth deeply with no trouble. I was beginning to feel the effects of the motion. Nearing orgasm again I stood and bent my knees. Muttering obscenely, commanding her to open her throat for my sperm I approached climax. "Eat it whore! Suck cum, Baby! Take all of Kita's big cock! Swallow it all, Baby! I screamed out her name as I wrapped her hair around my fists and pounded my cock down her throat. SUCK! ME! MRS! TAYLOR! SUCK! ME! SUCK! ME! In time with my hips driving my cock down her throat. She gave me everything. She grasped at my hips and pulled my dick all the way into her throat as my orgasm rocked me. My ass cheeks and my thighs quivered as my loins thrilled with joyful pleasure. With several violent drives forward I milked every last spasm. Collapsing backward onto the sofa, Mrs. Taylor followed me, still nursing at my shiny, spit-covered cock. As I caught my breath she still licked at my juices, leaking out around the base next to my pussy. I slipped her panties on down her legs and stepped around her big woman's ass. Prying those full globes apart I pushed the tip of my cock between squishy swollen majora.

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      . . separating leaf-like minora with my bulbous glans. Just a soft push and Mrs. Taylor’s body convulsed in the most powerful orgasm I have ever seen. I held on as she thrashed about on the sofa screaming for all the world like a woman on fire! I drove my cock into her with all of the strength in my small body. Her pussy sucked. . . I swear, SUCKED at my cock as if needing more dick. I gave it to her for an hour. The sofa was soaked and the floor was wet with perspiration. We both looked like we had been swimming when she could move no more. Lying on top of her bent over form, resting for a while I finally found the energy to withdraw from her. She moaned a little but didn't move.

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       I dressed, boxed up the dildo and stuffed the clothing into my purse. Slipping out the door I walked to the car on wobbly legs and drove home. .

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