Jack & Donna.......& Nicole, Chapters 1 & 2


Jack & Donna……. and Nicole
Chapter 1
Jack Larson knew his life was going to change when he returned to his hometown to care for his mother. Now, almost a year later, he could only shake his head at how many things had changed. His life had been transformed into something completely different.
 Jack had been born 42 years earlier. His father was a college professor and his mother was a nurse. Harry Larson taught history at a small Midwestern college for over 30 years. Since most of the freshman had to survive his Western Civilization class at the small school, he pretty much knew everyone who had attended over the years. A quiet man, he didn’t meet his wife, Betty, until he was almost 40. After a short courtship, they married and two years later had their only child, Jack. Betty became a stay at home Mom and Harry continued to teach until he retired. He had passed away six years earlier from a sudden heart attack.
Jack enjoyed growing up in the college town. A good student and athlete, he went on to attend the State University and earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mechanical engineering. After completing the master’s program he was recruited by a major oil company and went on to be a successful project engineer. He made his home in Houston but ended up traveling all over the world to wherever oil was being drilled.

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   Whatever the problem was, the company could count on Jack to find a solution. He was well respected in the company and earned the top salary they paid him.
Although Jack was accomplished and financially successful, the constant traveling had taken a toll on his personal life. There were women to be sure but he never found one who was willing to put up with the demands of his job. When his mother was diagnosed with cancer at age 79, Jack did not hesitate to take a leave of absence and return home to care for her. She needed him and he needed a break.  
The next six months gave him a chance to catch his breath and look at where he was in his life. He had no trouble keeping busy. His mother wanted to stay in the house and he made sure everything she needed was taken care of. He also did some repairs on the house, and tried to think about what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. By the time his mother had lost her battle with cancer, Jack had decided to give up his career. He was financially secure, loved the small town, and knew he had other things to contribute. There had been articles about the need for teachers and his background would allow him to help with the shortage in math and science. He did his research and found all he needed was some education credits and student teaching to get certified.
It was at the Administration office that he met Donna.

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   He had an appointment to schedule the classes he needed and found her attractive immediately. She was in her late 30’s, petite, with short dark hair and beautiful dark eyes. Even in the business suit she wore, Jack could see a nice figure with a firm butt and nice breasts. As they discussed the plan for his classes he noticed the lack of a ring on her finger and wondered if he could work a date into the plans.
Donna was a single parent and had worked in the administrative office for years. A short marriage after college had resulted in a daughter who was named Nicole. Her husband never quite adjusted to the demands of being a parent and the couple divorced when Nicole was only two. A year later he moved to the west coast and there had been no contact with him for several years. Donna put all her energy into Nicole and her work at the college. She had assumed more and more responsibility in the Administrative Office over the years and Nicole had grown into a smart, capable fifteen-year old.
Although she had dated on and off over the years, the demands of being a working single parent and the sting of her marriage kept her from letting a relationship develop very far. Now that Nicole was older she hoped there might be more time for to find someone. She also found Jack to be attractive and felt a slight flush as she caught him staring at her blouse. After he left she found herself thinking about sex. She had enjoyed an active and adventurous sex life with her husband but only two relationships since had developed that far and she had to admit that she missed it.

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Over the next couple of weeks Jack used ever excuse he could think of to stop and see Donna. His initial attraction was physical but he found that his interest in her increased as he got to know her better. She was smart, independent, and had a wonderful sense of humor. She also began to look forward to his frequent visits and they finally agreed to have dinner together.  
Although they both had an initial attraction for one another and the first dates went well, the relationship developed slowly. Even though she felt she could trust Jack, Donna was still guarded. Jack sensed her reluctance and did not try to push things. Even after two months of dating they had not progressed farther than some hand holding and good night kisses. There was also the issue of Nicole. Donna did not like leaving her alone any more than she had to and was a little reluctant to bring Jack to their house. Jack had met Nicole and liked her immediately. She was petite and dark haired like her mother with a budding teenage body. Nicole approved of Jack and was happy for her mom.
The big opportunity came when Nicole was invited to an overnight birthday party at a friend’s house. Both Jack and Donna sensed the anticipation and they agreed to have dinner that night at Donna’s.

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   They enjoyed a quiet dinner with soft music, wine, and some candlelight and then settled onto the couch with another glass of wine. Jack put his arm around her and pulled her close; breathing in the wonderful scent of her hair and feeling her snuggle next to him.

    Jack broke the silence, “I feel really comfortable with you. ”
    “I like being with you too. ”
    He lifted her head and looked into her dark eyes. She smiled and he kissed her, softly at first. “You really are a beautiful woman. ”
    She turned toward him and they kissed again, mouths open, tongues touching. He could feel the swell of her breast pressed against him as they kissed and his hand caressed her soft neck. They kissed and caressed for several minutes, with Jack’s hand finding her soft breast. Donna moaned as he touched her and she kissed his neck. She kissed her way to his ear and whispered “I want you. ”
    He stood her up, held her close and softly said, “I want you more than anything. ”
    He took her hand and they made their way upstairs to her bedroom. He held her, looked into her eyes and slowly began to undress her.

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       Jack lifted her shirt off and gazed at the hardened nipples pushing through the lacy bra. His fingers reached out and lightly her soft breasts.
    She breathed in as he played with her nipples, “I love your touch. ”
     He reached behind and undid the bra and she let it fall to the floor.
    “You are so beautiful. ” He kissed her mouth, her neck and down to her breasts, taking one nipple and then the other into his mouth, gently sucking. Donna ran her fingers through his hair as he sucked and she felt the wetness between her legs. She had an urge to reach down and touch herself but she wanted to wait for his caress.
    His hands moved down to her pants and he undid them pushing them down. She sat on the edge of the bed and he pulled the pants off while he looked at her white panties with the shadow of her dark bush showing through. He moved closer and she ran her hand over the swell in his pants.
    “Is this for me?” He nodded and pushed against her hand enjoying her caress. Jack lifted his shirt off as she undid the pants sliding them and his boxers down his legs. He kicked them away and stood naked in front of her.
    Donna took hold of his hard cock.

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       She ran her hands up from his balls, over the smooth shaft and then let a finger trace the swollen head. It had been a long since she held a man like this and she wanted to savor the moment. She loved the feel of his hardness in her hands. “It’s beautiful. ”
    She leaned closer to look at him while her hands slowly stroked him. Jack leaned his head back and moaned. He gazed down at her as she slowly took him into her mouth, running her tongue over his head and then gently sucking him. Unconsciously, he slowly moved his cock in and out of her mouth as she sucked, his cock now wet with her saliva. The feeling was incredible and he had to stop himself before he filled her mouth with his cum.
    He pushed her back on the bed and ran his fingers over her panty covered pussy. “I need to see you too. ”
    Donna lay back and opened her legs for him wanting to give herself to him. He slipped her panties off and kneeled between her legs. Her pussy was beautiful and he stopped to admire it. A thick dark bush framing the soft lips already wet from her arousal.


       Dark hairs ran down to her tight brown rosebud ass.
    “I want to taste you. ”
    “You can have anything you want. ”
    He moved closer and traced her soft lips with his tongue. For several minutes he explored and teased her with his tongue. Pushing inside, running up and down her slit, and sucking gently on her clit. She softly told him yes, yes as she responded to his attention, her body moving as her excitement grew.
    “I need you inside me. ”
    Jack joined her on the bed and moved between her legs. He kissed her mouth and slowly guided his cock into her wetness. She tasted her juices on his mouth and felt his hardness fill her.
    “Oh my God you feel good inside me. ”
     He paused and looked into her eyes, told her how incredible she was, and began pushing in and out of her. She moved to meet his slow thrusts wanting every inch of him inside her. He really tried to make it last but the urge to cum was too much.

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       He closed his eyes, pumped faster, and begged her to cum with him as his cock exploded.
    The hot wetness of his ejaculation shot into Donna. She cried out and felt the first wave of her own orgasm hit her. Jack felt her body convulse as he pumped into her. She was crying out, her hips were moving with him, and she continued to cum as his cock moved in and out of her wet pussy. As her orgasm slowly subsided he felt his cock soften and he pulled her into his arms, holding her tight.
    They lay together afterwards, holding each other quietly, enjoyed the closeness. Donna had never felt the openness and acceptance that Jack gave her. She knew she could do anything or tell him anything and it would be ok. He loved her for who she was. Here she was lying naked with a man for the first time and she felt completely comfortable and at ease. Donna loved his body. He was trim and fit for his age and his cock was perfect. Circumcised, nicely shaped and the perfect size. She always had a fascination with penises.

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       It wasn’t just something to fuck. She loved to touch them, look at them and more than anything, to suck them. It gave her a wonderful sense of power, and with Jack, a way to show her affection.
    Her hand was on his chest and she caresses him as they lay together. She slid her hand down and began playing with his soft member. She explored everything with her hand; his wiry pubic hair, heavy balls, and back to his ass. He responded to her caresses and she felt him harden, growing to his full erect six inches. Moving down, Donna guided him into her mouth and sucked him. She wanted to taste him and to please him, to show him how she felt. Jack moaned and stroked her hair, reveling in the wonderful feeling she was giving him. Donna increased the pressure and held him in her mouth knowing he was going to cum. He jerked his hips, cried out, and filled her mouth with hot, salty semen. She swallowed and kept sucking as he came until he finally lay quietly.  
    Chapter 2
    In the days and weeks that followed, they got together when they could. There was an intensity to their love-making that neither one had ever experienced.

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       Jack became a frequent guest at Donna’s and he got to know Nicole better. He liked her immediately.
      She was smart, pretty, and had a quick wit. He had never spent much time with a 15-year old and it took some time to get up to speed on the lifestyle, the music, the clothes, and the language. Nicole liked Jack too and she knew how much her mom cared for him. It was different having a man around but she adjusted.
      Jack made himself useful by doing some minor repairs around the house; a leaky faucet, clogged gutter, and a bad electrical outlet. When Nicole complained about a problem with her computer, Jack volunteered to look at it. He went up to her room and quickly identified the problem as spy ware. The next day he picked up some software at Staples and returned to fix the problem. Nicole was at a friend’s house and he found himself alone in her room. After he installed the software and got the annoying spy ware removed, curiosity got the best of him and he snooped around the computer. Donna had told him the kids spent all their time talking to one another on the internet and he located Nicole’s AOL account. He made a note of her screen name, “Nikki0523”, figuring he might look her up sometime when he was online.
      Jack forgot about her computer until one evening later in the week when he was paying some bills with his online banking account.


         He also had an AOL account and searched to see if she was logged on. There she was and to his surprise Nicole was in a chat room, “Town Square 375”.   He didn’t want her to think he was spying on her so he made up a new screen name, “Zack_ZZZ”, and logged on. He entered the chat room and waited to see if she was involved in the conversation.
      He followed the chat for several minutes but her name did not appear. He wasn’t sure if everything being said was appropriate for a 15-year old but he knew things were different these days. Feeling bold, he decided to IM her, wondering if she would respond.
      Zack_ZZZ: Hey, what’s happening?. . . . I’m Zack
      Nikki0523: Hi, I’m Nicole
      Zack_ZZZ: I love that name
      Nikki0523: Thanks :)
      Zack0523: What brings you to this room?
      Nikki0523: Just hanging out
      Zack_ZZZ: Tell me about yourself
      Nikki0523: What do you want to know?
      Zack_ZZZ: Where are you from, how old, what do you do for fun?
      Nikki0523: Well, I live in Ohio and I’m 15
      Zack_ZZZ: I think I’m a little old for you; I’m old enough to be your dad. You’re probably looking for someone your age to chat with. I better let you go.
      Nikki0523: Most of the guys my age are rude and the older guys tell me I’m too young.

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         I was just looking for some advice.
      Zack_ZZZ: Maybe I can help. What is the problem?
      Nikki0523: It’s about sex
                  Jack paused. He knew this was wrong but the curiosity was overwhelming. Talking to a teenage girl about sex. He wasn’t prepared for this and his reaction surprised him. He was getting aroused. He justified it by figuring if it wasn’t him, it would be some other guy and who knows what they would tell her.
      Zack_ZZZ: Ok, go ahead. I’ll try to help.
      Nikki0523: I sort of have a boy friend; we hang out with the same group of kids. His name is Josh.
      Zack_ZZZ: Do you like him?
      Nikki0523: He’s pretty cool. I like being with him.
      Zack_ZZZ: Sounds good so far
      Nikki0523: We made out at a party.

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         We kissed and he felt me up.
      Zack_ZZZ: Were you ok with that?
      Nikki0523: Oh yeah, It was fun.
      Zack_ZZZ: Where did he touch you?
      Nikki0523: My boobs. He wanted to do more but I stopped him.
      Zack_ZZZ: And you’re wondering what to do
      Nikki0523: He wants to touch between my legs and for me to touch him.
      Zack_ZZZ: Maybe you should ask someone at home
      Nikki0523: It’s just Mom and me at home. We’ve talked about sex some but I can’t talk to her about this. I know a lot of girls my age do it.
      (Jack thought to himself: If only she knew her Mom like I do)
      Zack_ZZZ: I know that you have to be comfortable before you take that step. Nobody should ever force you to do anything you don’t want to do.
      Nikki0523: It’s not that I don’t want to. I’m worried that I’ll do something wrong. What will he think of me?
      Zack_ZZZ: How old is Josh?
      Nikki0523: A year older than me, 15
      Zack_ZZZ: Well, I’ll bet he’s just as nervous as you are. I was a 15 year old boy once and I dreamed of someone touching me. No matter what you do it will be okay with him.

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      Nikki0523: I hope I don’t hurt him.
      Zack_ZZZ: Well, it feels really good to a guy to have his cock touched. Just like it feels when your special places are touched…right?
      Nikki0523: (Blushing) :):):)
      Zack_ZZZ: Remember that the head of the cock is very sensitive. You have to be gently with it.
      Nikki0523: ok
      Zack_ZZZ: Stroke him with your hand gently. Use a little saliva if you need it for lubrication
      Nikki0523: ok
      Zack_ZZZ: At his age it won’t take much to make him come.
      Nikki0523: and the stuff will shoot out
      Zack_ZZZ: Yes.
      Nikki0523: Cool
      Zack_ZZZ: Feel better?
      Nikki0523: I think so. You’re great. Can we chat again sometime?
      Zack_ZZZ: I think that would be ok. I enjoyed this. You have to let me know what happens.
      Nikki0523: I will. Can I ask you other things too?
      Zack_ZZZ: I guess so. Not sure all this talk about sex is a good idea.

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      Nikki0523: It’s fun.
      Zack_ZZZ: It is fun but you are only 15 and I’m over 40
      Nikki0523: It doesn’t bother me. You’re nice. Are you married?
      Zack_ZZZ: No
      Nikki0523: Do you have a girlfriend?
      Zack_ZZZ: Yes, I do
      Nikki0523: Is she pretty?
      Zack_ZZZ: She is very pretty
      Nikki0523: Do you have sex with her?
      Zack_ZZZ: Yes
      Nikki0523: Cool, I think about sex a lot
      Zack_ZZZ: I think most people do
      Nikki0523: Are you thinking about it now?
      Zack_ZZZ: LOL, yes I am
      Nikki0523: Is your girlfriend there?
      Zack_ZZZ: No, I’m alone
      Nikki0523: I am too. I’m in my room.
      Zack_ZZZ: May I ask what you look like?
      Nikki0523: I’m 5’4”, 110, with dark hair
      Zack_ZZZ: You sound nice
      Nikki0523: Thanks.
      Zack_ZZZ: What are you wearing?Nikki0523: I’m dressed for bed. T-shirt and panties
      Zack_ZZZ: You must look very sexy
      Nikki0523: :):) Thanks. You say nice things.
      Zack_ZZZ: I like you
      Nikki0523: Can I put you on my buddy list
      Zack_ZZZ: Sure, I’ll do the same
      Nikki0523: I should go
      Zack_ZZZ: Me too. See ya.
      Nikki0523: Bye
                  Jack slumped back in his chair and took a deep breath. What the hell was he doing? He just had a conversation about sex with Donna’s 15-year old daughter. Was he crazy? He felt a mix of emotions. It had been very exciting and erotic but there was an underlying sense of guilt.

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         It would be easy to put a stop to it and leave it as a one-time mistake. But he knew he really wanted to chat with her again. There was something about the budding sexuality of a teenage girl that he found to be very appealing. She was beginning to discover the wonder world of sex and he had been given a chance to share in her experience. In spite of the guilt, he knew he would look for her again.