Jack & Donna.......& Nicole, Chapters 5 & 6


Jack & Donna……. and Nicole
Chapter 5
            Jack had little time to consider the situation he had created as a student teaching assignment took up much of the next few days. He was spending his evenings preparing lessons which left little time to spend with Donna. On Thursday evening she called and told him how much she missed him and asked if could come over for a visit. The tone of her voice told him she was in a romantic mood so he rushed through the preparations for Friday and drove over to Donna’s.
            It was 9:30 when he arrived and Donna greeted him in a robe. She had showered and dressed for bed. He smiled, kissed her and settled into the living room where Nicole was watching one of those crazy reality shows. She was also dressed for bed wearing a long t-shirt over what Jack imagined was just a pair of panties. She seemed perfectly comfortable letting him see her like that.
The three of them sat and talked until 10:00 when Nicole went up to bed. Donna turned down the lights and snuggled into Jack arms. They sat for awhile enjoying the closeness and the quiet. She felt so comfortable and secure with him. She turned and kissed him deeply. “I missed you.

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   I really need you tonight. ”
Untying the belt of her robe, Jack opened it and took a deep breath at the sight of the silky negligee she had chosen to wear. The short top had a plunging neckline which exposed the swell of her breasts and stopped at her waist to reveal a pair of bikini panties. She looked incredibly sexy and he pulled her into his arms. His hands wanted to be everywhere as they kissed and necked. He was feeling her breasts, her ass, and caressing her through the silky panties.
She pulled away and knelt in front him starting to undo his pants. “Let’s see what we have here. ”
“Maybe we should go upstairs. What if Nicole comes down?”
“I’m sure she is in bed. She won’t disturb us. ” She not only undid his pants but slipped them and his boxers off. His ridged cock was standing tall as she slowly stroked him and told him how much she loved playing with him. She was in no hurry and he leaned back watching and thoroughly enjoying the attention he was receiving. When she started to lick and suck him his breathing increased and he told her how incredible she made him feel.

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To the left of the living room in Donna’s small house were the front entryway and a stairway leading upstairs. With the lights turned down in the living room that area was almost dark. As Donna sucked on him, Jack though he detected some motion in the darkness on the stairway. For a minute he thought his mind was playing tricks on him and then he realized it must be Nicole. She was watching them. He had a moment of panic before he realized Donna was standing up, dropping her robe and slipping her panties down her legs.
His attention now fully on Donna, Jack decided he couldn’t worry about whether Nicole was on the stairway or not. Donna stood in front of him and he watched as she caressed her breasts and nipples and then ran her finger through her pubic hair and into her slit. Closing her eyes, her body swayed as she fingered herself for Jack. When she stopped she climbed onto his lap and put her wet fingers into his mouth. “Like the taste?”
“I love how you taste. ” Jack sucked her juices off her fingers and kissed her. She reached down and guided his cock inside her as she lowered herself. Donna moved her hips slowly up and down as Jack sucked on her nipples and grabbed her ass with his hands. His fingers teased her asshole before moving to feel her wet pussy lips stretched around his cock.


As she started to move faster, Jack pulled her close to him and kissed her neck. She was repeating his name over and over as her body began to shake with her orgasm. The initial waves almost caused her body to go limp and he held her and began lifting his hips to pump himself into her. He told her he was coming and he felt the first thick jets of cum fill her pussy. He was still hard inside her when her orgasm stopped and he felt her heavy breathing and heart pounding. Not wanting to stop, he laid her down and moved between her legs, sliding his cock into her cum filled hole. He slowly moved in and out of her until she came again and then they collapsed together on the couch.
It wasn’t until later that Jack thought again about Nicole. If she had been watching they had put on quite a show for her. Donna once again had amazed him. He had never experienced sex like this. Her body was beautiful and she gave herself totally to him. The intensity was almost overwhelming. If Nicole was watching she saw two people who really cared for one another fully experiencing the joys of sex. Not a bad introduction for the young teenager.

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   And yes, he did enjoy it too knowing she was there.
Chapter 6
Jack looked for Nicole online over the weekend but it wasn’t until Tuesday night that he saw her name on his buddy list. He was excited to see her and he wanted to know what she would share with him about the previous week. Maybe he had imagined the whole thing.
Nikki0523: Hi :):)   I was hoping you would be on.
Zack_ZZZ: It’s nice to see you too. It has been awhile since we chatted.
Nikki0523: I know. I missed you :(
Zack_ZZZ: Well, I’m all yours tonight.
Nikki0523: Good. I have a surprise for you.
Zack_ZZZ: Really? What is it?
Nikki0523: You have to wait. I want to tell you something first.
Zack_ZZZ: What is it?
Nikki0523: Remember I told you my Mom was seeing someone.
Zack_ZZZ: Sure, and you listened to them in her bedroom.

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Nikki0523: Well, he was over last week. He and my Mom were in the living room together after I went to bed. I waited a little while and quietly went to the stairs to take a peek at them.
Zack_ZZZ: What happened?
Nikki0523: It was amazing. I watched them have sex.
Zack_ZZZ: You’re kidding. Could they see you?
Nikki0523: I don’t think so. It was dark on the stairs. At first they were just making out and Jack was feeling her boobs and everything. Then she took his pants off and sucked him. His cock was bigger than Josh’s.
Zack_ZZZ: I can’t believe you watched.
Nikki0523: I know. I thought they would go up to the bedroom but they stayed on the couch. It was so sexy watching.

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   I was rubbing myself like crazy.
Zack_ZZZ: What else did they do?
Nikki0523: She got on top of him and they had sex. Mom was wild. Moving up and down on him, talking and moaning, her body shaking. It was something to see her like that.
Zack_ZZZ: Sex can make us do crazy things.
Nikki0523: I got so wet watching and I made myself cum.
Zack_ZZZ: Sounds like a pretty erotic scene. Not sure who I would have watched, you or them.
Nikki0523: Jack is really sexy. I see why Mom is crazy about him.
Zack_ZZZ: I wonder if you will get another chance like that.
Nikki0523: I hope so.
Zack_ZZZ: So what’s my surprise?
Nikki0523: Hold on. BRB
Nikki0523: You have mail
Zack_ZZZ: What is it?
Nikki0523: Look
(Jack opened the e-mail and to his surprise found a photo of Nicole.

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   She was standing in a pair of shorts and a tight top. She was clearly attempting a sexy pose and Jack admired her small breasts and her nice legs)
Zack_ZZZ: Nice, a very pretty girl. Is it you?
Nikki0523: Yes, I wanted you to know what I looked like.
Zack_ZZZ: Well, you are even sexier than I imagined. Who took it?
Nikki0523: My friend Sarah has a digital camera. I was over at her house and I asked her to take some shots. It was fun. I took some of her too.
Zack_ZZZ: I would love to see all of them
Nikki0523: I don’t know how many I can send. We got a little crazy with the camera.
Zack_ZZZ: Crazy? In what way?
Nikki0523: Well, I was getting ready to take one of Sarah and she took her top off. We were laughing and then I took it anyway with her in her bra.
Zack_ZZZ: That I would love to see.
Nikki0523: You’d like her. She has bigger boobs than me.

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Zack_ZZZ: Your breasts are perfect. What else happened?
Nikki0523: We got a little carried away. She took pictures of me in my bra and then we just kept taking clothes off and taking more pictures.
Zack_ZZZ: Like nudes?
Nikki0523: Yes. We both did. Can’t believe I did it. If my Mom knew she would kill me.
Zack_ZZZ: And you kept them?
Nikki0523: Sarah put them on a CD and made me a copy.
Zack_ZZZ: Has anyone seen them?
Nikki0523: Just me and her.
Zack_ZZZ: You better be careful with them.
Nikki0523: I will. Want to see one?
Zack_ZZZ: Not sure that is a good idea.
Nikki0523: You have mail
Zack_ZZZ: Let me look.
(Jack hesitated. Should he look? It seemed wrong but he had imagined seeing her nude.

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   He opened the mail. Nicole was standing in front of the bed at a slight angle to the camera. Her body was slender with small upturned breasts, small nipples, and a beautiful patch of dark pubic hair between her long legs. He was looking at a younger version of her Mother. At 15, she was already a sexy young woman. )
Zack_ZZZ: Oh my God. You are beautiful. Wow.
Nikki0523: Thank you. I think that one is my favorites. Want to see Sarah too?
Zack_ZZZ: She might not want you to share that with anyone.
Nikki0523: You have mail.
(Jack opened the email. A picture similar to the last one except with Sarah in front of the bed. She was blonde and heavier than the slender Nicole.

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   She was facing the camera and Jack admired her nicely sized breasts and larger nipples. She had a light brown triangle of pubic hair and her pussy lips were visible between her legs. Her hands were on her hips and she smiled at the camera)
Zack_ZZZ: Wow. She’s very pretty too. Thanks.
Nikki0523: We had a lot of fun taking them. Sarah is pretty wild.
Zack_ZZZ: Sounds like you had a good time.
Nikki0523: I’ll send more another time.
Zack_ZZZ: Ok. Maybe Jack would like to see them.
Nikki0523: LOL, I’d let him. But Mom would kill me.
Zack_ZZZ: Well, you’ve seen him nude.
Nikki0523: I sure have.


   Should I tease him when he is around?
Zack_ZZZ: It might be fun. Would he look?
Nikki0523: I think he checks me out.
Zack_ZZZ: I wanted to tell you one more thing
Nikki0523: What?
Zack_ZZZ: You should tell your Mom about Josh
Nikki0523: Why?
Zack_ZZZ: She’s your Mom. She should know. And from what you told me tonight she has a pretty healthy attitude toward sex. She sounds like quite a woman.
Nikki0523: I’ll think about it. I’m going to see Josh again this weekend.
Zack_ZZZ: I think I will let you go. I need some time to admire these pictures.
Nikki0523. Enjoy them. See ya
Zack_ZZZ: Bye