Janice And I Pt 1: Didn't Fit


I continued to watch her as she walked up the stairs. She was wearing sports clothes, a tight boob tube and a small pair of tight black adidas running shorts that really accentuated how greater ass she really had. Eventually she disappeared up the stairs and I stopped my drooling and went into the kitchen to make a sandwich. I sat in the living room eating my sandwich and once it was finished I realised that a minute or two had passed and I was still yet to have heard anything from Janice, so I began to make my way up stairs to check on her. As I made my up the stairs I started to her the faint whisper of her voice, it appeared that she was struggling somewhat in her search for her desired item. I entered the door and as I was about to speak my jaw dropped at the sight of Janice down on all fours reaching down the side of the drawers her ass wiggling in the air. It was so well toned and perfectly toned and with it just being there before me swaying in its enticing manner. I was trying to resist reaching out and grabbing it, as it was my kid sister’s friend’s ass after all. “Found it”, Janice said to herself as she leaped to her feet. I looked across to her hand and in it was a pair of tiny white cotton panties, I felt a sudden rise in my pants at this site. Suddenly Janice dropped her shorts down around her ankles revealing her ass to be bare, clearly she hadn’t worn any underwear today so that she could wear out the dirty pair to save herself the embarrassment. She spun around and faced me, I couldn’t move. We stood there staring at each other for about a minute when my eyes dropped and I began to check her out. My eyes surveyed her body closely and finally fell to the area most adored by men, her pussy. She was basically bald although there were traces of very fine blonde present. Seeing her baldish untouched pussy was more than I could ever hope for and gradually my dick reached its full size.

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   Janice’s’ eyes were drawn by the tent forming in the front of my pants. She walked in my direction, as she reached me she instantly grabbed my bulge, we looked at each other and smiled. We jumped into each other’s arms and began to make out. As our tongues wrestled our hands began to caress each other. Janice continued to stroke my cock through my clothes whereas my hands slipped behind her, groping away at her bare ass. My hands slowly began to wonder up Janice’s back when I felt her hand slip inside the front of my boxers. My eyes shot open and I came to the realisation of what was happening, I was about to sleep with a minor who was 6 years younger than me. I knew that we couldn’t do this in my sister’s room just in case we left a mess. “We can’t do this here”, I said as I grabbed Janice’s hand and went into my room to grab a duvet and then finally on into the sitting room. The sitting room was my choice for what we were about to do as I knew my friends would be around at some point and the sitting room had best access to quick exits and was the only room that didn’t have any windows. I lay down the sheet in the middle of the room and crawled onto it, Janice quickly followed. We met in the middle of the sheet and instantly began to kiss each other wildly. My hands wandered as our tongues danced with each other, firstly they ran down to Janice’s ass and then eventually climbed up her back where I began work on taking off her top. Meanwhile Janice was taking off my trousers releasing my meat. Quickly my trousers were on the floor and Janice rushed on to my top and then again in no time at my top was gone, this continued until I was there just in my boxers.

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   Off came Janice’s top and finally I had my first peek of her tiny undeveloped chest. She was probably the smallest bra size available if she actually wore one at all, that suited me as I like my breasts small. She was basically all nipple and what sexy little nipples she had may I add, they were perfect size and the way they were so tiny despite the fact that they were hard just added a certain cuteness. I lay her on her back and parted her legs returning my view of her tiny bald pussy. I fell down on all fours and began to caress her soft eager hole with the tip of my tongue. I started out by circling her pussy following its lips with my tongue, she gasped, and then I moved onto forcing my tongue along her length, this time a moan. I continued just licking her until she began to shake a little and grew very wet. I took her clit into my mouth and began to rub it between my lips. She was quickly groaning and shaking from each touch, she was extremely sensitive which lead me to believe she was getting close to orgasm. “I want you in me”, she said and without any hesitation I moved my head away from her soaking well and positioned my other head over it. I rubbed my end up and down her wet pussy in an attempt to tease her and lubricate myself up, in no time she was fidgeting around pleasure and my sabre was wetter than a lake. I pushed my tip against her entrance delicately but it wasn’t enough to push passed her tight lips. I tried again pushing a little harder but yet again to no prevail. I pushed a third time, this time I pushed as hard as I could and wasn’t going to hold back. Janice began to scream and begged for me to stop, I did.

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      “Clearly Janice this is a sign that we shouldn’t be doing this”, I said as I got up and moved towards the door. “Noooo!” Janice screamed as she dived my way grabbing my throbbing cock and stuffing it all in her mouth. I wanted to leave and stick to what I had just said but my other half was trapped under the spell that she had on my cock. Janice bobbed her mouth up and down on my solid cock as I cupped the back of her head with my hands. My head tilted back and stared at the roof, I was just going to sit back and let the good times roll. Janice continued to deep throat my member. I was in heaven as my manhood slid down her slender throat, the gratification was immense as her throat was so tight and my meat so large. I looked down at Janice as she continued to work away on me, she had a hand around my base and was working the rest of my length with her tongue. I could only see one of her hands, I moved my head to its side when I saw that her spare hand had found its way between her legs. Janice was gently rubbing away along her entrance and on the odd occasion appeared to slide a finger into her tiny wet hole. This image did it for me in everyway and I noticed myself jump a lot closer to orgasm. The effects of her masturbation were clearly bringing Janice closer to climax too. I could she her sexy little but rise at the exhilaration of her own touch and felt little gasps of pleasure from her mouth as she tried to continue with giving me head. My balls sunk up into my body and my eyesight started to blur, I knew I was about to cum. Janice’s pants appeared more often; she was nearly there too.

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       I decided to go for goal; I tightly grabbed Janice’s head and began to heavily thrust my meat down her throat. She was choking and reaching orgasm at the same, the vibrations in her throat of her choking were the final straw. I tilted back and shot my load down her throat, we came together, her screams off pleasure were muffled as she gargled my big flood of juices that I shot down her. Janice fell limp after what appeared to be an extreme orgasm whilst I slowly rubbed my cock off inside her mouth flushing out all my cum that remained. I helped Janice clean up and got her shorts from my sister’s room, I kept her underwear for myself. Eventually we gathered by my front door and we kissed each other. We exchange mobile phone numbers just in case either of us had a free house and wanted to do this again. We kissed once more and she left, instantly her underwear found its way out of my back pocket and up to my nose, she smelt gorgeous. .

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