Jason - Chapter 1


Jason - Chapter 1aJason woke early Friday morning with the beginnings of a plan in mind. He had worked hard at College all week so he could take the day off without worries of falling behind. Instead of rolling over and drifting back to sleep, as was his custom, Jason dragged himself out of bed and into a hot shower. With his morning ritual completed, Jason set out from his apartment at 9:00 to drive around the city paying bills and running errands. By noon he had completed all the tasks he had hoped to with only one left to tackle: laundry. On his way home to pick up his dirty clothing Jason decided to stop in at Subway for lunch instead of cooking something back home. Jason ordered his food and sat down at a table near the door and enjoyed the cool breeze while he ate his lunch. Two girls were sitting in a table ahead and to the left of him would whisper back and forth and then burst out laughing. Jason looked over at the two girls and noticed one was looking in his direction. Her eyes were a dark shade of green and long brown hair framed her pretty face. They smiled at each other briefly and returned to their meals. Jason heard the pretty stranger bid farewell to her friend and he tried not to make it obvious that he was paying a little more than a passing interest in the young lady. Jason focused his eyes on his food and listened as he heard steps approach the door and exit the building. With the distraction now gone he remembered just how hungry he was and took a particularly large bite of his sub only to hear a soft voice ask:"Do you mind if I join you?"Jason looked up from his meal to see pretty face of the girl from the other table. "Sure" choked Jason around the large bite of food in his mouth. "My name's Kandace" she said with a smile.

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  "I'm Jason. . I mean, my name's Jason. " he stuttered, trying desperately to regain his composure. Jason was by no means ugly and most would consider him handsome. He had medium length brown hair, dark eyes and a slight muscular build from hard work during the summer. At first their conversation was slow and Jason felt awkward at some points but as they continued they found common points of interests, such as music, tv shows, food and art. Before long those first five awkward minutes were behind them and they were chatting comfortably for almost an hour. Jason noticed that as their conversation progressed he found the distance between himself and Kandace decreased. They both now leaned over the table toward one another. Jason noticed her laughter was usually followed by her hand brushing against his forearm. Before long she had placed her hands in his and was absent-mindedly caressing his hand as they chatted away the afternoon. As perfect as Jason believed this moment to be there was still one thought left nagging in the back of his mind. His first impression of Kandace was of how  young she appeared. His best guess was that she was 17 years old.

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   Two years younger than himself, but still within his own moral boundaries. Always curious, though, Jason couldn't leave the quesiton unanswered"Kandace, I hate to ask but. . how old are you?" Jason asked nervously. "I'll be 15 next month" Kandace repliedJason's mind raced with the realization that she was not 2 years younger than him. Not even 3 years. Kandace was 5 years younger than him. He didn't even think it was possible. She looked like she could pass for 18. Kandace must have realized what Jason was thinking because she leaned in close and almost whispered "Do you want to get out of here?"Jason looked around and he couldn't believe what he was hearing. The girl he had found himself most attracted to in years was suggesting what he thought she was suggesting. Under the table Jason felt Kandace's free hand brush gently across his left knee and slide up his inner thigh until her fingers were gently massaging the crotch of his pants. Jason pushed his hips farther under the table out of site and looked around to make sure no one could see what was happening. Jason felt the pressure of his now fully erect cock forming a tent in his baggy jeans and it only intensified as his eyes met Kandace's which appeared to be dancing with excitement. "Do you want to go somewheres else?" Kandace asked as she gave his cock a gentle squeeze through his jeans.

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  "S-s-sure. " Jason stumbled over the words. "I just need a minute to. . calm down. "Kandace removed her hand from his crotch and smiled in satisfaction as she watched Jason struggle to gain control over his erection. A few minutes passed and, satisfied that he was once again in control, left with Kandace at his side. Once outside Jason has his first chance to admire Kandace's entire body. For someone who was only just turning 15 she was very well developed. Kandace had an ourglass figure that most teenage girls would die for. She wore a low cut tanktop which showed a generous amount of cleavage from her ample breasts and he clearly saw her nipples pressing against the tight cloth of her shirt. Her flat stomach and belly button was exposed with thanks to her high shirt and low rise pants. Kandace had a perfect ass. Her jeans were so tight they looked as if they were a denim layer of skin, conforming to every curve of her young body. Jason noticed small crease in the crotch of her pants indicating cameltoe and he admired the way the jeans conformed to her ass crack and cheeks.

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  Kandace smiled with the knowledge that Jason's eyes were glued to every inch of her body. Especially her erect nipples and swaying hips. "So, where do you want to go?" Kandace asked suggestively. Jason's mind raced with hundreds of possibilities, each more exciting than the next and it didn't take him long to decide on one. Kandace placed her hand into Jason's and they began walking. Five minutes away from where they had first met was a little pub called St. Jame's Gate. Jason had been their once before with some friends and had remembered that the pub wouldn't be busy until well after 10pm. Jason lead Kandace inside and up a small flight of stairs to the pub's washrooms. Jason checked to make sure the bathroom was empty and then beckoned Kandace in. Once inside he locked the door and viewed the surroundings. The room was small, barely 5' by 4' but he chose it because a) the door had a lock, b) the place would be empty for hours and c) there was a $1 condom despenser mounted on the wall. Kandace lowered the seat of the toilet and gently pushed Jason back into a sitting position. She then turned around and gently sat herself down on his lap with complete trust in his actions. Jason pushed Kandace's soft brown hair to one side exposing her neck and he gently placed kisses up and down her collar bone, causing her to shiver in excitement.

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   Jason moved his hands down to her curved hips and gently ran his hands up from her outer thighs up to the sides of her stomach and back down again. Kandace placed her hands on top of his and laced her fingers between Jason's. Not to control them, just to go along for the ride. Jason now moved his right hand from her outer to her inner thigh and up to her crotch with kandace's hand in tow. Jason gently ran his fingers up and down the crotch of her jeans, feeling the slit formed by her tight pants. As the seconds passed Jason began to increase the pressure on her crotch and Kandace started grinding her hips into his hand in response. Jason moved his left hand up to Kandace's left breast. He cupped the full mound and squeezed gently, loving the feel of Kandace's firm breats. Jason gently tweaked her erect nipples through her tight shirt, much to her pleasure. All the stimulations had once again caused Jason's cock to grow in his pants and he felt the pressure double as Kandace's hot ass ground back and forth across his shaft. Kandace's moans became audible as Jason increased the rubbing of her crotch and as she felt his cock growing between her ass cheeks. Kandace took control of Jason's hands and slowly removed them from her body. She stood up and undid the button on her jeans. As she did this, Jason was firmly massaging her ass cheeks with both hands. He spread her cheeks and marvelled at how deep the jeans was wedged in the crack of her ass.

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  Kandace lowered her zipper and her pants followed suit revealing a pink thong disappearing into her crack. With her pants now around her ankles, Kandace bent over until her body formed an L shape and then arched her back.
    A thin triangle of material was all that seperated Jason from Kandace's exposed pussy. With great care and pleasure Jason grabbed the straps of her thong on either hip and slowly peeled the thong out of her ass crack. Jason caught his breath and felt his cock bulge as he revealed Kandace's clean-shaven pussy lips and just above that, nestled between her ass cheeks was her puckered asshole. Jason started with small licks at the top of her pussy, occasionally probing inwards with his tongue. He increased the length of his licks until they stretched from tip to tip. He reached forward with his fingers and gently parted the folds of her pussy revealing the warm, pink skin inside. Kandace was now breathing hard and using the sink as support as Jason's tongue began assaulting her clit over and over. "Oh god Jason. It feels so good" moaned Kandace. She felt two of his fingers enter her tight pussy while his tongue continued it's attack on her clit. "Fuck my pussy with your fingers. "Jason began feeling adventurous as Kandace's moans became louder. He kept his fingers sliding in and out of her tight, sucking pussy but removed his tongue from her clit.

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       Jason repositioned his tongue just above her pussy. Between her ass cheeks and less than an inch away from Kandace's asshole. Jason felt Kandace shiver as he formed his lips in a seal around her puckered anus and began running his tongue in circles around her opening. With each swirl of his tongue she pushed harder against his face. "Oh god! Stick your tongue up my ass. " begged Kandace. Jason placed his hands on her hips and applied force with his tongue to her tight asshole. With great satisfaction he felt his tongue slip in passed the tight ring of her anus and into her warm asshole. Jason continued probing her asshole for many minutes until his tongue grew tired. He removed his fingers from Kandace's now dripping pussy and stood up. He dropped his pants and boxers in one swift motion allowing his 7 inch cock to spring free of it's confinement. Kandace reached back and guided his rigid shaft to the entrance of her tight pussy. She slid the head of his cock slowly between her pussy lips, lubricating it. Jason once again place his hands on her hips as he slowly pushed his member into Kandace's tight fuckhole. Inch by inch his cock slid into her opening, being massaged by the smooth walls of her vagina.

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       He was not at all surprised when he didn't find any barrier preventing him from pushing his full 7 inches into her pussy. Jason pulled his cock out and repeated the process until his member glistened and dripped with Kandace's juices. Kandace smiled as she felt him remove his shaft from her pussy and lay it to rest at her backdoor. With little need for encouragement, Jason pulled back on Kandace's hips and pushed forward with his own. At first he thought he wouldn't be able to penetrate her tight anus. Kandace bore down and as the pressure increased the head of his cock pushed passed her tight ring and into her warm asshole. With slow, determined stokes Jason made slow progress exploring her anal cavity. Each thrust brought him closer until his entire shaft was buried deep in her ass. He loved the feeling of Kandace's tight asshole massaging the entire length of his cock from base to tip as he gently fucked her. Their momentum increased as they neared climax and his stiff rod was soon pumping in and out with ease. The small bathroom filled with the sounds of their sex. Kandace's moans crescendoed and the audible slap of Jason's balls against her smooth pussy. Jason went rigid as his orgasm overcame him. Kandace continued rocking back and forth, milking his cock for every last spurt of his semen. Kandace, with her asshole stretched and rectum filled with warm cum, began to orgasm.

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       Her motions came to a shuddering hult as the sensations washed over her. Jason stroked his cock twice more and then gently pulled back on Kandace's hips and sat back down on the toilet, his cock still buried deep in her ass. Moments passed as they recovered from the climaxes. Jason ran his hands along the inside of Kandace's thighs, occasionally finger her pussy or feeling his cock penetrating her asshole. Kandace laid back against him for support while she pinched and tweaked her nipples through her sweat-dampened tanktop. Jason licked her asshole clean of his own semen and Kandace sucked his cock clean and without a parting word they left the bathroom and went their seperate ways with smiles on their faces. .

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